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Hyperkin accused of using no-commercial-use emulators in console

10/01, 5:00pm

Open-source project developer discovers traces of source code in console frontend

Developers behind the RetroArch project, an open-source project for the creation of video game emulators, are accusing Hyperkin of illegal use of open-source and no-commercial-use software in its Retron 5 console. One developer says that two non-commercial emulators are being used in the console, while segments of code from the RetroArch interface are contained within the console's frontend.


Apple quickly revokes hijacked certificate for GBA emulator

02/19, 8:41pm

Former jailbroken software bypasses App Store, poses security risk

A former "unofficial" app that required jailbreaking an iOS device to run its Game Boy emulator has attempted to "backdoor" its way onto non-jailbroken devices by hijacking a legitimate certificate, which has now been disabled by Apple. The app, GBA4iOS 2, offered emulation of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on iOS 7 devices, and included a built-in browser to allow users to pirate ROMs.


Nintendo wins patent for handheld console emulation

04/17, 11:35pm

Patent awarded to Nintendo for gameboy emulation

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently awarded Nintendo patent number 8,157,654 for emulating older handheld consoles. Specifically, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance handhelds are targeted for emulation on external "low capability" computing devices such as airline seat-back displays. It's not immediately apparent what Nintendo plans on doing now that the patent has been awarded.


Retrode 2 retro gaming adapter for Mac and PC revealed

01/03, 5:20am

Retrode unveils its latest retro gaming adapter

Retrode has revealed the Retrode 2, its latest gaming adapter for Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. As the video demo below shows, the device connects to a userís computer and mounts as an external drive allowing users to access game ROMs and game saves on SNES and Genesis cartridges over USB. Users must download and install their own choice of emulator to get up and running.


iMAME arcade emulator pulled from App Store

12/23, 4:00pm

Made it possible to add illegal ROMs

As expected, Apple has now removed the MAME arcade emulator port iMAME from the App Store. The free app used MAME as a method to play ROMs taken directly from vintage 70s and 80s video arcade games. It came with legal demonstration games, but could also (through the use of third-party tools) be used to play copyrighted ROMs that are not licensed or legal. Though no reason for the removal has been offered, the app was in violation of Apple guidelines that forbid apps from running arbitrary emulated code.


MAME comes to iOS with iMAME emulator

12/21, 7:15pm

Includes nine public-domain games

An app that uses Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) technology has appeared on the App Store for iOS devices. Called iMAME, the free emulator includes nine generic games and features a touch-based bottom half that offers both joystick and an ABXY button configuration. The port, which was previous available only for jailbroken iOS devices through unofficial distribution channels, is not officially endorsed.


Kickstarter project aims to emulate iOS on other platforms

08/30, 6:15pm

Aims to emulate the Apple A4 chip in software

A group of programmers are hoping to find public funding for a project which, should they succeed, would bring iOS apps to platforms such as Android, Mac, Linux and Windows through a new emulator built on the open-source QEMU emulator, TechCrunch reports. The project, led by iPhone jailbreak exploit hacker Chris Wade, plans to emulate Apple's A4 chipset as used by the iPhone 4 and first-generation iPad. Wade is trying to raise $20,000 for the project.


PlayStation emulator pulled from Android Market

03/30, 11:05pm

App removed ahead of Xperia Play launch

A PlayStation emulator, psx4droid, has been removed from the Android Market. In a Twitter post, the developer suggested Google pulled the title due to a "Content Policy violation," though it remains unclear if the move was related to conflicts with Sony's intellectual property or that of other developers distributing similar emulators.


CrossOver 10 "The Impersonator" announced

01/27, 7:25pm

"Recipes" to improve installing, launching apps

Codeweavers today unveiled a new version of their flagship product CrossOver for Mac and Linux, a Wine environment that supports running various (but not all) Windows programs without the need to install an actual Windows OS. The new version 10 is now nicknamed "The Impersonator" -- and the staff and guests at their booth at Macworld 2011 have run with the idea that the new version lets Mac and Linux users "put on a Windows costume," as you'll see in MacNN's exclusive pictures.


Apple reconsidering C64 Emulator for iPhone?

08/20, 11:55am

C64 Emulator for iPhone

Apple could be reconsidering allowing the C64 Emulator app onto the App Store, following its rejection in June. The developer, Manomio, recently claimed in a tweet that it was contacted by a senior director at Apple and there is "BIG news coming," although further details have not yet been announced.


Playstation emulator for iPhone in works

12/10, 1:30pm

Playstation on iPhone

One independent software developer is hard at work on a Sony Playstation emulator for iPhone, which will allow iPhone owners to play original Sony Playstation games on Apple's cellular handset. The author says the software will support both the iPhone and iPod touch, and that a beta testing stage is due to arrive in the near future that will allow users who donated money to receive a pre-release test version.


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