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Hands On: Kindle 4.9.1 (OS X, iOS)

06/28, 11:48am

Leading e-reader software gets extremely overdue features

The latest release of Amazon's Kindle software for iOS and Macs is devoted to improving how text looks on your screen as you read. Excuse us? With Kindle 4.9.1, it's five years since the application came to Apple gear and only now it's concerned with how you read on it?


Hands On: PDF Max 4 Pro v4.1.2 (iOS)

04/09, 11:14am

Sign, annotate, read PDFs with this streamlined app

PDFs are wonderfully convenient ways to read eBooks, fill out forms, or just provide users with a high-resolution, easy-to-read format. Apple's iBooks allows users to read PDFs on their iPhone and iPads, but sometimes we feel like it's missing a few key features, like the ability to annotate the PDF you're reading. That's where apps like PDF Max 4 Pro come in, which allow you to do more with all those PDFs you've been stockpiling.


Sony e-reader migration to Kobo commences, many devices left behind

05/09, 9:10am

Only three models of Sony e-book readers will migrate to Kobo

Earlier this year, Sony announced that its Reader e-book store would be supplanted by the Kobo eBookStore. The company has now declared that the process begins today. Users of Sony's tablets and smartphones have been instructed to acquire the Kobo app from Google Play. Readers with a small selection of dedicated e-reader devices, limited to the PRS-T1, T2, and T3, will receive an email in June with instructions on how to transfer library files to a Kobo account.


Editorial: The US judicial system versus modern technology

04/24, 6:40pm

Is the US judiciary serving the people to the best of its ability?

It can be argued that we're always on the cutting edge of technology -- every day there are new advances, and new techniques developed to do legacy tasks some other way. Likewise, hardly a day goes by without a new lawsuit from an entrenched company, claiming that this new way somehow infringes upon, or unfairly penalizes, an old-guard way of doing business. This seems to be the way of things, but as technology marches on, our judicial system doesn't seem to be able to keep in step.


Court: Antitrust monitor Bromwich stays, but with more limitations

02/10, 7:27pm

Apple had wanted monitor suspended while appeal goes forward

Apple on Monday lost its bid to halt or replace court-appointed antitrust monitor Michael Bromwich, a friend of trial Judge Denise Cote which the company had strenuously objected to for a variety of reasons. The court, while rejecting Apple's claim that Bromwich's "overreaching" and obnoxious behavior was causing the company "irreparable harm," did set stronger limits on Bromwich's activities -- curtailing most of what Apple had objected to.


Vellum promises simpler, more elegant universal eBook authoring

12/11, 8:16pm

New development company aims to streamline production of manuscripts

A pair of ex-Pixar employees have formed 180g -- a software development company that has now released an e-book publishing tool, Vellum. The new OS X software package allows authors and small publishers to easily create, modify, and publish elegant e-books compatible with the three major US platforms: Apple's iBookstore, Amazon's Kindle, and Barnes & Noble's Nook.


Apple presents Jobs-sent email to court, refutes DoJ email submission

06/12, 11:24pm

Jobs' tone, content of mail differ entirely than DoJ draft email

In the e-book price fixing case between the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and Apple, the Cupertino manufacturer has submitted the actual sent email from then-CEO Steve Jobs to Eddy Cue, which has both a different tone and substantially different content to the hostile "draft" email (never sent) that the DoJ raised as evidence of an intent to force Amazon to accept higher prices by colluding with the book publishers earlier in the case.


Amazon offers curated Kindle Singles ebooks in UK store

12/21, 2:06pm

Short-form ebooks reach UK after period in US

Amazon has started to offer its short-form Kindle Singles in the United Kingdom. The ebook novellas, with word counts below 30,000, are already available in the online ebook store to purchase, with the initial offerings covering subjects such as video games, Christmas holidays, and an exploration into the history of James Bond.


Google adds Read Aloud text-to-speech to Play Books app

12/19, 1:47pm

Reading feature accompanied by pinch-zoom, bug fixes

Google has updated its ebook app for Android with a feature that reads books aloud for the user. Updated yesterday, Google Play Books (Google Play) also adds the ability to pinch or double-tap to zoom, text-editing features for notes, as well as recommending other titles within the Play bookstore, using the already-owned book collection and popular titles to offer potential titles to purchase.


Sony launching new $130 Reader next month?

08/13, 6:12pm

Reader to include Harry Potter book, 12 dictionaries

Sony may be set to release a new e-book reader sometime next month, according to a leaked advert. According to The Digital Reader, the Sony Reader PRS-T2 appeared in an advertisement by MCX Brands, a company that operates stores on US Marine Corps bases. The Reader is claimed to weigh six ounces and have a six-inch 800x600 E-Ink touchscreen with included stylus, as well as a two-month battery life.


Apple demands challenging in new Latin America e-book market

08/03, 12:10am

Metadata standard allegedly changed three times in a short period

Publishing Perspective reports that Apple is pushing Spanish and other Latin America publishers to get ready for the launch of the iBookstore, but may be making it difficult for booksellers to comply. According to unnamed sources, Spanish-language e-book distributor Libranda is requesting Spanish publishers to update metadata by August 30 to conform to Apple's stringent, and possibly variable, standards ahead of the rollout.


Apple DOJ e-book collusion trial set for June 3, 2013

06/26, 1:16am

Date a compromise between Apple, DOJ requested dates

Judge Denise Cote of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has set the e-book antitrust bench trial, which pits the Department of Justice against Apple and two of the five major book publishers, to June 3, 2013. The date is much later than Apple wanted, but much earlier than the Department of Justice wanted. Apple was hoping to get the trial underway as soon as possible, citing a cloud over the industry and damage to its reputation. The DOJ had pushed for a much later start date, claiming that Federal investigators needed until March 2013 just to gather evidence, and that Apple was rushing the case.


Amazon Kindle library lending starts up in beta

09/20, 12:10pm

OverDrive, Amazon partner to lend e-books

Amazon has taken another step toward establishing the Kindle Lending Library. Announced in April, the system appears to have moved to beta testing at the Seattle Public Library and King County Public Library in Washington. The service is provided by OverDrive, which has agreements to manage ebook lending with 11,000 libraries in the US.



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