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Apple reportedly switching over to OLED for iPhone panels in 2018

11/27, 7:08am

Report claims Apple likely to move to OLED for mobile devices in coming years

Apple may switch away from LCD for its iPhone displays, in favor of organic LED (OLED) panels in the future, according to a report. It is claimed Apple is considering the move in display technology starting in 2018, but while this may give potential display panel suppliers like LG and Samsung time to fine tune their manufacturing processes to cope, there is the suggestion that LCD may still end up being used in a proportion of iPhones made in that year.


First Look: 27-inch Retina iMac with 5K P3 display, Intel 'Skylake'

10/27, 9:41am

New iMac is more powerful, faster and has an even better new 5K display

Apple recently revamped its iMac line up with brand new displays and processors, and we have our hands on the entry-level 27-inch model. Although only introducing a 5K Retina display for the 27-inch iMac line last year, Apple has upgraded it with support for the P3 color space, bringing with it an uplift in color saturation of 25 percent. Also new is the latest in Intel 'Skylake' silicon, along with upgraded AMD Radeon GPUs, faster RAM, and faster flash storage. Read on for our initial impressions.


Apple patent application reveals system to protect device displays

10/22, 1:51pm

Retracting bumpers could engage during a fall to protect phone screen

Smartphone displays may become better protected in the future, if Apple puts into production an idea revealed in a recently-published patent application. The "Active Screen Protection for Electronic Device" application suggests a way for a display to avoid being cracked or smashed in the event of a drop or a hard knock, by triggering the appearance of retractable bumpers around the screen that takes the force of the impact instead of the glass.


Pointers: Add photos to recent contacts (OS X, iOS)

05/18, 11:01am

Stop that toothless grin look in iOS multitasking

Apple's iOS 8 introduced the very handy and surprisingly-controversial feature that when you press the Home button twice to swap between applications, you also see a row of your recent and favorite callers. The controversy is just that some people don't like the idea that anyone can pick up their iPhone and see who they've been talking to. We can help you with that, but we'd much rather sort out the Horrible Gap: the way that if you don't have a photo of a recent caller, iOS 8 displays their initials in a gray circle.


CES: new laser-backlit 4K TV from Philips promises richer hues

01/06, 2:37am

Built-in speakers and smart TV apps accompany new color-boosting technology

Philips' new Smart Laser Backlight Ultra HDTV isn't like all those other 4K displays you'll see at CES this week, the company says. Rather than using white LEDs to backlight the picture (and correcting the standard bluish cast), a red laser and cyan LEDs combine to give the image what Philips hopes customers will find to be a richer, more accurate look. Along with backlighting technology, the new model comes with side mounted vertical full-range (but wired) speakers which can be detached.


Briefly: Philips' efficient displays, Dulux's paint visualizer app

06/28, 2:22am

Philips' two new PowerSensor displays reduce energy consumption up to 80 precent

Philips has announced two new PowerSensor displays that detect user presence so as to conserve energy consumption. By automatically reducing monitor brightness when users step away from the display, the PowerSensor displays reduce energy usage by up to 80 percent. Available in 24- and 27-inch screen sizes, the displays utilize LCD backlighting for dimming control. The 24-inch display is priced at $250, and the 27-inch at $350.


Canonical CEO claims Apple cornered market on sapphire screens

02/20, 1:00am

Bought up 'entire three-year supply' of 4.5-inch super-tough material

Ubuntu developer Canonical has told investors and analysts in a conference call that part of the reason it had been unable to produce a planned 4.5-inch smartphone running the Linux-based OS was because (in addition to financial issues) Apple had "scooped up" the entire three-year supply" of sapphire screens the company had planned to use. While not a confirmation that Apple plans to create a 4.5-inch display in a future iPhone, the quote seems to reaffirm that Apple is planning to incorporate the practically-unscratchable material in its future products.


Apple patent filings detail quantum-dot displays, 'layered map' UI

12/19, 11:37am

Filings hint at future product features

The US Patent and Trademark Office has published several Apple patent applications, including separate filings for an "interactive map" interface and "quantum dot-enhanced display." The map application, spotted by AppleInsider, details an interactive interface that dynamically adjusts map content based on a chosen mode, with different modes for a range of activities or interests.


Qualcomm demonstrates Mirasol display with 2560x1440 resolution

05/22, 7:27am

Mirasol prototype screen measuring 5.1 inches offers 577ppi pixel density

Qualcomm has shown it is still working on Mirasol displays, by demonstrating a prototype screen at SID Display Week in Vancouver, Canada. The 5.1-inch display had a resolution of 2560x1440, giving it a pixel density of 577 pixels per inch, and was accompanied by a 1.5-inch panel used in an "always-on" smartwatch.


Reports: US Mac mini production, IGZO to be default displays

12/27, 1:30am

Foxconn to handle stateside production, AU Optronics to do IGZO

A pair of unconfirmed reports from the sometimes-accurate Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes claims that Apple is exploring the idea of moving Mac mini production to a Foxconn Electronics facility in the US, and that Apple is evaluating switching its iOS devices to IGZO display panels in a rollout of revisions across 2013. Sharp, the company behind the IGZO technology, has allegedly licensed Innolux Corporation and may possibly add AU Optroics to help produce displays.


Report: high-res displays for mobile devices on the rise

12/19, 6:53am

2013 to be the year of high-res mobile displays

A new report by Digitimes Research examing developments in the flat panel market shows that a major trend expected in 2013 will be a shift towards much higher resolution displays for mobile devices. The report estimates that smartphone panels with 400 pixels per inch and higher, which only began in this quarter, will reach around 78 million units by this time next year. Conversely, panels with 150ppi and less will start to decline as users demand better displays on their devices, a trend started by Apple with the iPhone 4 in 2010 that featured a display with a pixel density of 326ppi.


BenQ asymmetrical monitor boasts Macintosh-specific modes

10/24, 10:45pm

Two sizes of eco-friendly displays available at launch

BenQ America today introduced its latest monitor line -- the VW30 Series of vertical alignment (VA) LED monitors. The VW30s will connect to any MacBook through an M-book mode, recreating authentic MacBook picture quality, gamma, and whitepoint on either the 21.5-inch or 24-inch displays. Additionally, a new Reading Mode is implemented, giving the monitors automatic adjustments to simulate the warmth of reading paper. 


Sharp to ship new iPhone displays to Apple this month

08/02, 8:23am

Sharp ramping up next-gen mobile display production

Taking a leaf from Sony President Sir Howard Stringer, who let it be known that it was supplying camera sensors to Apple, Sharp President Takashi Okuda has done likewise. Speaking to journalists following Sharp's $1.2 billion loss for Q1, Okuda touted that its new mobile displays headed for the new iPhone "will start in August." However, Okuda wouldn't be pushed beyond revealing that the displays were now ready for OEMs.


Apple releases FAQ on Retina display MacBook Pros

06/26, 10:13pm

Addresses 'low resolution mode' fix, Windows issues

Apple has published a FAQ page dealing with questions regarding the new Retina MacBook Pro models, mentioning a fix for some programs that may not run correctly in the high-resolution mode, tips for working with more than one display, and answering concerns about Boot Camp and other multi-boot environments. The FAQ also reveals how to coax alternative resolution settings out of the Displays panel.


Foxconn, Sharp to build China plant for iPhone displays

05/24, 1:56pm

May bring new display tech to future products

Just two months after Foxconn bought a 10 percent stake in Sharp, the two companies have announced a collaboration on a plant in Chengdu, China that will be used to build iPhone displays and potentially displays for other products. Foxconn will build the plant, and Sharp will assist by supplying technology, which may be used to further expand its ability to produce displays using its IGZO formulation, along with possible poly-silicon LCD screens.


Matrox debuts DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition adapter at NAB

04/18, 2:00am

Enables two external monitors for mobile Macs

Matrox has refined its DualHead2Go product that lets Mac notebook users add a second external monitor to now incorporate MiniDisplayPort or Thunderbolt in the DualHead2Go Digital Mac Edition (ME). The breakout box enables a single port to now run two external DVI-based displays at up to 1920x1200 resolution. The unit comes bundled with PowerDesk software to help users manage and arrage multi-display setups and supports Lion's full-screen application mode.


Sony halts investment in LCD joint venture with Sharp

03/28, 8:35pm

Companies amend partnership agreement

Sony and Sharp have announced that they have amended their partnership agreement for the joint venture known as Sharp Display Productions Corporation (SDP). Although the companies had been considering further investment, primarily involving new funds provided by Sony, the plans appear to have been put on hold amid uncertainty surrounding Sharp's operations.


Acer ports freshly-styled desktop LCDs to US

03/13, 1:00am

LED-backlit TN panels in a variety of sizes

Acer has imported four of its European LED-backlit LCD monitors to the US, a total of five models that range from the 20-inch S200HL to the 27-inch S271HL, which sports full 1080p HD resolution (1920x1080). The monitors, all using TN panels, range from $139 to $329 and will be available in April. All five feature eColor management buttons, have tilt bases and sport a 1,000,000:1 contrast ration and a 5ms response time, all while using 68 percent less power than florescent-backlit LCD displays.


Conflicting rumors say Sharp may be out as iPad 3 supplier

01/12, 7:00pm

Samsung, LG step in to provide new displays

A new rumor (amid conflicting reports) now contradicts an old rumor: Sharp, said to have been the beneficiary of a long-term investment worth nearly $4 billion by Apple at the beginning of the year to make new-technology screens for future devices, is now reported to be out of the running for screens on the expected iPad 3 due to either a failure to meet supply requirements or simply didn't make the cut in terms of quality. Samsung and LG are said to now be providing new higher-rez displays for the iPad 3.


Hitachi preps low-cost 4.5-inch, 720p mobile display

09/28, 6:50am

New process to develop lower-cost mobile displays

Hitachi is prepping a high-resolution 720p capable 4.5-inch mobile display. Although delivering a Apple Retina display beating 329 pixels per inch and using IPS technology, the display is manufactured using more cost-effective processes. Instead of using a low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology as most LCD displays, Hitachi is using a new approach that is amorphous silicon-based and which is cheaper to make.


SunBook netbook brings Pixel Qi display for use in sunlight

01/31, 10:20pm

New display raises price up to $795

Clover Systems has introduced a new netbook, the SunBook, featuring a 1024x600 Pixel Qi display that can be viewed in direct sunlight. In bright ambient lighting without the backlight activated, the Pixel Qi display takes on an appearance similar to that of e-book readers with grayscale electronic-paper displays. When the backlight is used under dim lighting or dark environments, users can then view content in full color.


Dell intros ST2210 and ST2310 LCD monitors

09/17, 7:35pm

Displays boast 1080p resolution, 50,000:1 contrast

Dell has quietly introduced several new monitors, the 21.5-inch ST2210 and the 23-inch ST2310. Both displays feature 1080p resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio, along with an anti-glare coating on the panel. The company also lists a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 250cd/mē brightness and 5ms response time.


Apple deals: refurb displays, iPod classics

06/20, 5:55pm

Apple displays

Apple certified reconditioned displays in 20-in., 23-in., and 30-in. sizes are now available at the Apple Store ranging from $499 to $1,499.  The 20-in. model ($499) features 1680 x 1050 resolution while the 23-in. ($749) and the 30-in. ($1,499) models both feature HD screens with 1920 x 1200 resolution on the 23-in. and 2560 x 1600 resolution on the 30-in. Each display also includes two FireWire 400 ports and two USB 2.0 ports. 


Apple files for head-mounted display patents

04/17, 12:05pm

Apple head-mounted display

The US Patent and Trademark Office today published several applications by Apple, two of which are connected to a concept unusual for the company, that of a head-mounted display (HMD). The first describes the HMD itself, which unlike most such displays, would use a laser light engine to render the images displayed in front of the user's eyes. Furthermore, this engine would actually be separate from the necessary glasses, thus reducing their size and weight as well as the effect of heat. To project the laser light, a fiber-optic cable and special wedge optics would be be used. Images could be full-color, and presented with a stereoscopic effect.


Adapter allows DVI-over-USB connections

03/19, 2:25pm


Gefen has introduced a new USB to DVI Graphics Adapter that allows users to connect additional displays Mac OS X systems. This tiny adapter allows a plug and play connection of a DVI or VGA display to any USB 2.0 port so you can add digital video displays or projectors to your laptop and personal computer for simultaneous video delivery without needing a DVI port. Output video is delivered in the DVI-I format, allowing for either VGA or DVI display compatibility.


Matrox offers Mac GXM control panel

01/29, 2:30pm

Matrox GXM software

Matrox Graphic has released a new software utility for Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs) operating under Mac OS X. The control panel enables additional resolutions for the DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go Digital Edition products, offering enhanced multi-display support for compatible Mac notebooks and workstations. GXMs are small black boxes that connect externally to a system's monitor output to achieve an ultra-wide desktop across two or three displays. The software is a a free download available for DualHead2Go Digital Edition and TripleHead2Go Digital Edition.


NEC adds high-color 30-inch LCD display

01/14, 4:55pm


In addition to its 42-inch curved display, NEC today unveiled one of its largest conventional displays yet in the form of the LCD3090WQXi. The 30-inch display is built for video editors or nearly any user concerned with faithful above all else. Through new 12-bit color processing and a new backlight, the screen accurately paints 102 percent of the NTSC color gamut and nearly 98 percent of the Adobe RGB space, by NEC's estimates. It also actively corrects color uniformity problems and other issues.


ViewSonic shows new displays, LCD frames

01/07, 8:05pm

ViewSonic displays

ViewSonic has introduced the VP 50 Series -- 22-inch widescreen VP2250wb, 26-inch widescreen VP2650wb and traditional 4:3 19-inch VP950b -- displays, which include up to 110 percent color gamut based on the National Television System Committee (NTSC) guidelines and OptiColor technology for better accuracy and more detailed images in any viewing environment. To compliment the increased color gamut, the displays have quick response time, dynamic contrast ratio and four USB ports. Priced at $380, the VP950b combines 1280x1024 native resolution, 2ms response time, 280 nits of brightness (typ). The VP2250wb, priced at $450 ESP, sports a 1680x1050 native resolution, 2ms response time and 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The VP2650wb boosts a 1920x1200 native resolution, 3ms response time and a 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typ) providing the ability to display true high definition 1080i or 1080p content. The VP2650wb will be sold for $580.



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