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ComScore: Apple's iOS continues to gain share in US against Android

10/07, 11:58am

Android still has majority, but grip is slipping in the US even as LG rises

As with recent quarters, Apple is continuing to erode the marketshare of Android in the US, according to new figures from ComScore. The iPhone moved up to 44.1 percent marketshare for the period ending in August -- a 0.6 percent gain prior to the latest iPhones being introduced, which came at the end of the quarter. The gain came entirely from drops in combined Android sales (down 0.4 percent) combined with smaller drops in share from Microsoft and BlackBerry (0.1 percent each).


Apple's iPhone gains share in US, continues growth but slips in China

08/04, 3:08pm

Steals share from Android in US, loses ground to Chinese makers in China

Apple's iOS platform continued a streak of strong growth in both the US and China, according to new ComScore and Canalys report issued yesterday, taking share away from Android. However, while still seeing extraordinary growth in China, surges in shipments from native Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei meant that Apple was knocked to third place in Chinese market share, having briefly captured the top spot.


Apple gains share in US market, narrows gap with Android

07/03, 12:24pm

Share of iPhone increases by 1.8 percent for second quarter in a row

Matching its performance in the previous quarter, Apple's iPhone again gained nearly two percent market share in the US in the last three months, according to ComScore, widening its lead as the dominant smartphone maker. While Android as a platform continued to hold the top platform position at 52.1 percent, it again suffered an overall decline of 0.7 percent, while iOS surged to 43.5, a 1.8 percent gain matched exactly by losses from Android, Microsoft, and BlackBerry.


Comscore: iPhone increasing share against Android in US

06/05, 8:55pm

Samsung, most other Android handset makers see contraction

Against all odds, Apple is continuing to increase its share of the US smartphone market in a "saturated" region, reports Comscore in its latest analysis of America's cellphone landscape. Apple's iPhone line grew 1.8 percent between January and March, with iOS now claiming 43.1 percent share and dominating as the leading single brand. While Android sales overall claimed 52.2 percent, the figure was down a full percent from the previous quarter, with individual makers mostly seeing declines.


Mac sales up, PC sales down, Apple remains top US smartphone brand

04/11, 8:30pm

Macs up nine percent, iPhone holds steady in US market

Led by gains in the US market both for its Mac computers and its iPhone 6 lineup, Apple continued to gain share where rivals lost it in the latest reports from both Gartner and ComScore. Although Apple actually lost a tenth of a percent in marketshare in smartphones in the US from last quarter, chief rival Samsung dropped ten times more, falling 1.1 percent on weaker demand. Apple now has 12 percent marketshare in the US, a nine percent gain year-over-year.


Hulu will face privacy lawsuit over Facebook viewing history sharing

12/23, 4:23pm

Judge rules Hulu must face privacy lawsuit

Hulu will have to face a class action lawsuit from users angered by the television streaming service's sharing of viewing histories with Facebook and business metrics company comScore. Reuters reported on Monday that U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler rejected Hulu's argument last week that the complainants in the case had suffered no actual wrong due to Hulu's actions. Instead of the case being dismissed, Hulu will now have to face the plaintiffs in court, with the case potentially resulting in damages of at least $2,500 per violation in addition to punitive damages.


Samsung outpaces Apple cell growth by 6x, still trails by 16 percent

06/28, 5:10pm

Both company's leads over competitors continues to increase

Mobile analytics firm Comscore today released data from the MobiLens service, reporting key trends in the US smartphone industry during the three month average period ending May 2013. Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 39 percent market share, with top rival Samsung managing only 23 percent. Google's Android platform overall, however, led as the number one smartphone platform in the US with 52 percent market share.


ComScore: iPhone market share rises, Android still in front

04/05, 6:49am

Apple leads in Smartphone OEM market share rankings

Android is losing market share to iOS in the US smartphone market, according to the most recent ComScore results. In a three-month period ending in February, Android went from 53.7 percent of the market to 51.7 percent, a drop of 2 percent, while iOS gained 3.9 percent from the 35-percent share in the previous 3 months, hitting 38.9 percent.


ComScore: Black Friday e-commerce passes $1 billion

11/25, 8:50pm

Online sales on Thanksgiving also increased

Black Friday e-commerce spending by US shoppers has passed the $1 billion milestone for the first time. The amount of online retail activity for Friday, November 23rd has been called the "heaviest online spending day to date in 2012," with sales increasing 26 percent compared to Black Friday last year.


ComScore: iPhone gains market share, Samsung flat

10/02, 8:13pm

Poll doesn't include iPhone 5 announcement, release

Apple is gaining market share among US phone buyers; its arch-rival Samsung's share remains flat, even as the South Korean company leads all phone manufacturers. This according to the newest figures from comScore, which just released its August report on the US mobile subscriber market. The research firm's August figures found the iPhone maker gaining more share than any of the other top manufacturers, and doing so even before the release of its smash hit iPhone 5.


Google+ traffic rises 66 percent in last nine months

07/27, 3:31pm

Facebook keeps massive lead despite losing traffic

Google+ has 60-percent more unique visitors than nine months ago, according to traffic analytics company ComScore. Public Relations consultant Morten Myrstad shared the figures through the social network, estimating Google+ to have received over 110 million unique international visitors in June, compared to 66.7 million last November, with US traffic increasing from 15.2 million to 27.7 million in the same period.


Comscore Data: Samsung, Android tops, Apple iOS gaining

06/01, 8:30pm

RIM, Microsoft, Symbian all losing marketshare

Comscore's quarterly report on mobile marketshare was released today, and holds few surprises. More than 107 million people in the US owned smartphones in the period ending April 12, up six percent since January. In excess of 234 million Americans aged 13 and over used mobile devices of some type, not necessarily just smartphones, during this timeframe. Apple and Samsung-manufactured phone percentages continue to climb, at the expense of LG, Motorola, and HTC. Subscriber bases show similar trends, with Android and the iOS leading the pack and climbing, with RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian falling.


Smartphones top PCs for time spent on Facebook

05/08, 8:13am

Smartphone users Facebook for longer than PC users

A new analysis undertaken by comScore, using its new Mobile Metrix 2.0 tool, has shown that mobile apps are driving most of the time spent on social networks like Facebook, overtaking traditional computer-based browser access. The typical Facebook user was found to spend 441 minutes of their time accessing the site through their smartphone, which compared with an average of 391 spent by users surfing the site from their computer. A similar trend was seen for mobile-centric brands including Twitter, Pinterest and Foursquare, highlighting the increasingly post-PC nature of Internet use.


comScore: Amazon Kindle Fire is 54.4% of US Android tablets

04/26, 3:55pm

comScore shows Kindle Fire propping up Android

Amazon's Kindle Fire now makes up the absolute majority of the Android tablet platform in the US, comScore found in a fresh study. The e-reader and tablet crossover represented 54.4 percent of all Android tablets sold in the country. At second place, the entire Samsung Galaxy Tab lineup comprised just 15.4 percent of Android slates.


Smartphones outsell keitais in Japan, iPhone growing faster

04/23, 10:00pm

comScore sees smartphone take hold in Japan

Smartphones have broken the reign of the traditional Japanese cellphone for the first time, comScore found late Monday. As of February, smartphones were overall more popular than keitais, the often feature-heavy but complicated basic phones that have dominated Japanese use for more than a decade. Local brands like Sharp still led at 23.5 percent, but they were either flat or down slightly as frequently foreign smartphone brands took hold.


comScore: Android now over 50% of US share, iPhone over 30%

04/03, 1:20pm

comScore February data shows Android tipping point

Android now makes up more than half of all smartphones sold in the US, comScore found on Tuesday. As of February, Google's platform had climbed to 50.1 percent, giving it an absolute majority of the country's smartphone share. The iPhone was still gaining share, however, and was now up to 30.2 percent.


comScore: iPhones use Wi-Fi much more than Android

04/02, 3:35pm

iPhone users more often use Wi-Fi to hop online

iPhone owners are much more likely to hop on Wi-Fi than their Android-using counterparts, comScore found through a look at US and UK owners. About 71 percent of American iPhone owners, and 87 percent of their British parallels, used Wi-Fi along with 3G. Only 32 percent of US Android owners did the same, while 57 percent of UK Android owners do the same.


comScore: Apple near overtaking Motorola in US cell ranks

03/06, 2:10pm

comScore January 2012 data shows Apple closing gap

Apple is near ousting Motorola as the third-largest phone builder operating in the US, comScore found in just-published data on Tuesday. Between the October launch of the iPhone 4S and January, Apple gained two percent of the total cellphone market, putting it at 12.8 percent. A small if continued declined from Motorola has put it at 13.2 percent, raising the chance that Apple will overtake even Motorola's combined share by the spring.


comScore: webmail use sinking as mobile use takes over

02/12, 2:30pm

comScore shows shift to mobile in mail

As part of a larger study, comScore has shown that e-mail is making a large shift away from the web. Among teens and those aged 18 to 24, webmail use dropped by about a third in December from where it was one year earlier. Declines also appeared among the 35 to 44 set (down one point) and 55 to 64 (by seven points).


comScore: iPhone now matching Android in growth rate

02/02, 3:55pm

comScore Q4 2011 has Android at 47pc, iPhone 30

The sustained effect of the iPhone 4S launch has kept the iPhone growing at the same pace as Android in the US. Google's platform grew a collective 2.5 points over the fall to 47.3 percent, but Apple nearly matched it with a 2.2 percent hike to 29.6 percent. As with much of the past year, the two were only really drawing from other platforms, with the BlackBerry down nearly three points to 16 percent.


comScore: iPhone 4S lifts Apple to 29% share in November

12/29, 5:20pm

comScore shows iPhone 4S effect accelerating

The iPhone 4S' effect on Apple's share magnified in November, comScore said Thursday. Apple's three-month US share ending in November grew from 28.1 percent in October to 28.7 percent the following month. The change saw its growth rate improve from exactly one point last period to 1.4 percent now.


iTunes, mobile apps were 20% of online sales on Christmas

12/28, 11:40am

comScore says digital media, apps drove Christmas

Apps and digital media were a fifth of all the spending online during Christmas Day, comScore said on Wednesday. Those paying either individually or through subscriptions for apps, e-books, music, and video shot up from the 2.8 percent average between the start of November and December 26 to exactly 20 percent on December 25. The spike could be directly attributed to a rush of mobile devices, mostly on Apple's iOS, as well as gift cards.


Apple gets more traffic than Walmart, eBay in November

12/22, 11:35pm

Apple helped by Black Friday, iTunes shopping

Early holiday shopping helped push Apple past some of the largest stores online for visitors, comScore said Thursday. Apple's website and iTunes combined got over 79.2 million unique visitors in November, large enough to push it past eBay (72.1 million) and even retail giant Walmart (58.5 million). Other major shopping sites it eclipsed included Best Buy (36.5 million) and Sears (31 million).


comScore: 38% of smartphone owners buy from the device

12/05, 7:30pm

2/3 perform purchase or shopping related activity

A new study has found that a majority of smartphone owners have used their devices to perform shopping activities on their devices. The comScore Mobile Retail Advisor report showed that two-thirds of all mobile users performed some degree of shopping related activity, including comparing products and prices, searching for coupons, taking product pictures, or locating a retail store. About 38 percent have used their phones to make an actual purchase at least once.


comScore: iPhone 4S has Apple gaining share despite Android

12/02, 1:20pm

comScore October 2011 data shows iPhone up to 28%

New comScore data has shown that the iPhone 4S launch helped keep Apple's smartphone share growing in the US despite Android. Although Android grew 4.4 points to a new high of 46.3 percent in the US between July and October, the iPhone grew a point by itself to 28.1 percent. As usual, all of Android's gains were at others' expense, with the BlackBerry dropping as much as Google gained to sink to 17.2 percent.


comScore: Android up to 25% in Canada, iPhone at 30%

11/30, 3:00pm

comScore shows Android taking iOS, RIM share

Android has managed to cut into the once unassailable positions of the BlackBerry and iPhone in Canada, comScore said in a regional breakdown. Having been at 19 percent in spring, Google's platform was up to 25 percent of smartphones sold during the summer. Most of that came at RIM's expense, as even its home country advantage didn't stop the BlackBerry's fall from 38 percent to 35.8.


comScore: one tenth of Americans have an iPhone

11/04, 3:45pm

comScore Sept 2011 shows iPhone up despite Android

Even with Android still on the rise, Apple now represents a tenth of all US cellphones, comScore found on Friday. Android hit a new high of 44.8 percent in smartphones in September, but Apple as an individual cellphone maker crossed the 10 percent mark for the first time to hit 10.2 percent. Among smartphones, Apple was still up at 27.4 percent.


comScore: iOS still trumps Android in real, total user base

10/10, 3:30pm

comScore shows iOS still in front for actual use

Despite common perception, iOS still has the absolute lead in its total installed base in the US, comScore found Monday. Helped by Apple's wide majority in the tablet space, the iPad, iPhone, and oPod touch combined made up 43.1 percent of American use this past August. Android, almost exclusively led by smartphones, was at 34.1 percent.


comScore: Android near 44% share but slowing down

10/05, 2:10pm

comScore August 2011 hints Android slowing down

Android hit a new high in the US this August but has mostly steadied, comScore found in its latest results. Google's platform was up to 43.7 percent of smartphones, a new high, but it grew roughly as much as had in July. Most of the share came from BlackBerry converts, as the platform had lost two points just in the past month to hit 19.7 percent, or five points back from where it was in May.


comScore: Android up to 19% in Canada, iPhone untouched

09/20, 5:30pm

comScore Canada data shows Android hits BlackBerry

Newly unveiled comScore data has shown Android finally gaining significant share in Canada but not necessarily upsetting Apple's position. Google's OS jumped from 12 percent in March to 19 percent this past June. All of that share came at the expense of non-Apple rivals, however, as the iPhone was steady at 31 percent.


comScore: Android past iPhone in Europe, but Apple still up

09/13, 9:40am

comScore has Android up on iPhone in July 2011

Android is now just past the iPhone in European smartphone market share, comScore determined in a Tuesday breakdown. In the five biggest European countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, Android more than tripled its share from a year ago to hit 22.2 percent in July and just pass the iPhone. Apple was still up, however, and had climbed from 19 percent last year to 20.3 percent.


comScore: Android hit 42% in July, still not stopping iPhone

08/30, 1:35pm

comScore July 2011 keeps Apple, Google still up

Android and the iPhone are still the only two smartphone platforms growing in the US, comScore found Tuesday. In July, Google's OS was up to a new high of 41.8 percent share in the US. Apple was nonetheless still growing and moved up exactly one point to 27 percent.


iPhone overtakes Symbian in UK, Android getting close

07/22, 5:50pm

comScore: iPhone just holding on to lead in UK

Apple has orchestrated a symbolic changing of the guard in the UK as new comScore data gave it the lead in the country. A 46 percent spike in ownership over the past year made the iPhone the single largest smartphone platform in the country as of this past May, with about 5.5 million users. Symbian's user base dropped 10 percent over the same space of time and left it with about 4.5 million predominantly Nokia-based users.


comScore: Android up to 38% but iPhone still growing

07/05, 4:20pm

comScore data for May shows

Android continued its climb upwards in US market share, but not at the expense of the iPhone, comScore said Tuesday. Google's platform reached a new high this May to hit 38.1 percent of the US market, up from 36.4 percent a month earlier. Apple also hit a new peak, however, going from a even 26 percent to 26.6.


Android still overtaking iPhone in Japan, but not by device

06/30, 8:55am

comScore shows Android doubling sales in half year

Android is holding on to its place as the most popular platform in Japan, comScore determined on Thursday. Google's platform more than doubled its user base in the country between December and March to hit 4.6 million devices, overtaking the iPhone in the process. Apple also saw its base go up but budged by just over 100,000 phones to reach 3.9 million.


comScore: iPad is 89% of tablet data traffic worldwide

06/23, 1:15pm

Data reveals gap between iPad, Android tablets

The iPad represents the vast majority of Internet traffic from tablets, comScore found Thursday. Worldwide, Apple's tablet made up over 89 percent of use on average during this past May. Android made up almost all of the remaining 11 percent, with the BlackBerry PlayBook possibly accounting for some share in Canada and the US.


comScore: iPhone share past BlackBerry, Android at 36%

06/03, 11:20am

comScore April 2011 shows Apple ahead of RIM

Apple has just managed to push past RIM for second place in market share, comScore found in its study of US market share from this past April. After getting close in February, Apple has now moved up to 26 percent where RIM dropped to 25.7 percent, relegating it to third place. Android gained primarily at RIM's expense as Google's platform climbed up to 36.4 percent.


comScore: BlackBerry dominates Canada, Android at just 12%

06/01, 3:05pm

comScore starts covering Canadian smartphones

comScore on Wednesday revealed some of the first real details of the Canadian smartphone market for the first time. True to expectations, Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM has the largest share in the country with the BlackBerry making up 42 percent of the entire market. The iPhone has a larger share than in the US at 31 percent.


17% of smartphone owners use check-in apps

05/12, 4:30pm

3 in 4 mobile users check-in from a smartphone

comScore, a market research firm that measures trends in the digital world has released a study that shows just how mobile the world has become. Their research reveals that many mobile and smartphone users checked in using mobile apps such Facebook Places, Foursquare and Gowalla. The study, which surveyed users in March, found that 16.7 million, or 7.1 percent of the total US mobile subscriber base used location-based “check-in” services on their phones. 17.6 percent of the estimated 12.7 million smartphone owners now use these services.


iPhone near passing BlackBerry in US, Android up to 34.7%

05/06, 3:15pm

comScore March data has Apple near ousting RIM

New data from comScore for this past March has pointed to Apple nearly passing RIM in smartphone market share for the US. Shipping 18.65 million iPhones helped Apple gain half a point since December to hit 25.5 percent share in its home country. The BlackBerry fell almost five points in the same space of time, dropping to 27.1 percent and close enough that Apple could pass it in the spring.


iOS more than double Android's share in Europe

04/21, 12:30pm

comScore says iOS lead over Android true in Europe

Apple's overall mobile platform lead is larger in Europe than it is in the US, comScore found Thursday. The total iOS platform, including iPads and iPods along with the iPhone, was 116 percent larger than Android at 28.87 million devices in the continent. Android reached 13.37 million devices and 5.7 percent.


iOS overwhelms Android by 59% if MP3 players, tablets count

04/19, 1:45pm

comScore says iOS beats Android when non-phones in

iOS outperforms Android by a wide 59 percent margin when every class of device is considered, comScore found Tuesday. In its first real study of mobile platforms beyond smartphones, the research team saw the iPad, iPhone, and iPod making up a combined 37.87 million devices in the US, or 16.2 percent share. Google's combined share represented just 23.76 million devices, or 10.2 percent of the mobile sphere.


comScore: Android now 33% of US smartphones, iPhone still up

04/01, 5:05pm

comScore says Android at 33pc, iPhone up February

Android is continuing its rise upwards but has yet to take any share away from the iPhone, comScore found on Friday. February, the first month of the Verizon iPhone's availability, saw Android climb up to exactly 33 percent of the US smartphone field, a seven point climb from November. Apple's platform still managed to climb very slightly to 25.2 percent.


comScore: Android past iPhone in US fall smartphone share

02/07, 7:10pm

comScore gives Android edge over iPhone in fall

Android managed to push past the iPhone in US smartphone market share in the fall, comScore found on Monday. Google's OS swung from 21.4 percent in September to 28.7 percent in December, moving it just ahead of Apple. The iPhone also gained at the same time, but its 25 percent share wasn't enough to keep Android at bay.


comScore: Android still pulling ahead of iPhone in US

01/06, 1:00pm

comScore says Android at 26pc share, iPhone 25pc

Google is still moving ahead of Apple in smartphone market share, comScore found today. As of November, Google had jumped 6.4 percent in share just over the past three months, putting it at 26 percent share. The move put it just ahead of Apple, which also grew but topped off at 25 percent.


Canadians lead in web use, lag in Internet TV

12/30, 6:40pm

Country leads in availability of Internet access

Citizens of Canada reportedly spend more time browsing the Internet than any other country, according to data released by the research firm comScore. Over two thirds of Canadians frequently take advantage of their Internet connections, averaging 42 hours each month. France and Britain share the second spot with 62 percent, while 60 percent of Germans report similar habits.


iPad drives big spike in last-minute Christmas shopping

12/20, 7:40am

comScore says iPad driving holiday sales

iPads and e-readers were the key factors in holiday sales this year, comScore found on Monday. The computer hardware category jumped 25 percent compared to last year owed chiefly to Apple as well as a mix of e-paper devices like the Kindle and Nook; notebooks may also have played a role. Overstock of TVs hurt Best Buy but helped the consumer electronics category grow 22 percent by forcing price drops on LCD and plasma sets.


comScore: Android's US share slowing, near even with iPhone

12/03, 12:10pm

comScore October share shows Android slowing down

Android growth in the US is still significant but may have slowed down at the start of the fall, according to new comScore data. Google's mobile OS climbed to 23.5 percent in October, or 6.5 percent more than July, but a more modest 2.1 percent over the past month. If sustained through the rest of 2010, it would still be a high rate of growth but would still represent a rare dip in Android's pace at 6.3 percent.


comScore: Android took share from all but iPhone

11/03, 12:30pm

comScore shows iPhone flat in Q3 2010, Android up

Apple's record iPhone 4 sales helped keep Android from taking its US market share in the summer, comScore said today. Apple's American share stayed flat at 24.3 percent and let it keep its share where every other smartphone maker lost ground to devices using Android. Google has jumped from 14.9 percent in the spring to 21.4 percent now, but all of the decline came from RIM, Microsoft and Palm.


Smartphone app users overtake basic phone users in the US

10/01, 3:20pm

comScore finds smartphone apps now in majority

Smartphone app users now make up the majority of those using mobile apps at all in the US, comScore said Friday. Smartphone apps went from 43.6 percent of use in August a year ago to 60.4 percent today. A similar effect has occurred with web browsers, as 55.5 percent of mobile web use is now on a smartphone where it was 41.4 percent in 2009.



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