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Hands On: Microsoft Outlook 2.0.0 (iOS)

10/28, 6:26pm

Spot the difference if you can

Microsoft made no secret of how it had bought the companies behind calendar app Sunrise and email app Accompli. Now it's making a big deal of how it will be taking the best features from those and putting them right into its own Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 2.0.0 for iOS is the start of this process and for all the promise of what's coming next, it is just a start. If nobody told you, you might not spot for quite a while that anything is different at all -- unless you used the old Sunrise app.


Pointers: fix iOS Calendar's tap bug

10/02, 8:48am

When you can't tap on a day in month view

File this under "simple, short and a workaround" while Apple fixes a bug. Since at least iOS 9, possibly earlier, there have been sporadic reports of a problem with Calendar on iPhones. If you go to the month view, tap on a date and nothing happens, you've got the bug. Fortunately, we've got the solution: double-tap instead.


Pointers: Go Further with Syncing Google and Apple Calendars

06/29, 8:33am

More on making Apple Calendar and Google Calendar play nice

Last week Pointers covered scratching an itch that had come up for us: the need for certain people to see our calendars despite their being on Google and our being on Apple Calendar. The short version is that you can do it but it's a bit fiddly and involved a workaround. It turns out, though, that we need a longer version because all that worked fine when these people were in our group company Google Calendar. Now the people who needs to see it the most are not: they're remote workers and what they really require is to have our calendar appear alongside their own.


Hands On: Google Calendar 1.1.0 (iPhone)

06/24, 10:58am

Walk, don't run to this update

Sometimes, Apple's automatic updating of apps is handy because there are versions you know you ought to have, but you'll get around to it later, or when they add something big. Google Calendar 1.1.0 for iPhone is not a big update. It's a good one, but it's not compelling. It's also still on iPhone alone, not iPad, which is a curious omission.


Pointers: Syncing Google and Apple Calendars

06/22, 3:10pm

How and why to get them working together

Stop us if you've heard this one: we want to share our calendar with someone, but we don't want them to know precisely what we're doing. We need them to know we're a bit busy on Tuesday morning but, on balance, we'd rather they not be able to tell that it's our DUI court case. To be fair, they don't want to know either.


Hands On: Fantastical 2.3 (iOS, Apple Watch)

06/03, 3:08pm

Brings two big improvements to Apple Watch

We were only just saying that Calendar is one of the few little disappointments on Apple Watch, and now Flexibits has released Fantastical 2.3 for iOS, which solves two of those little letdowns in one fell swoop. They're big enough that this is a reason to buy Fantastical, but if you get it for the Apple Watch, then you are also getting an excellent iPhone calendar.


Pointers: Apple Watch Calendar

05/11, 9:59am

It doesn't work quite how you'd expect

One of the many fine things about Apple Watch is how it can show you what your next appointment is. Right there on the watch face, you can choose to see what's coming up next for you. It is gorgeous and handy but there is a whole Calendar app on Apple Watch and that's not as completely, entirely, totally wonderful. It's limited as you might imagine but the problem is that it doesn't do things quite the way you expect. Here's how it does what it does – and how to get the most out of it.


Hands On: Horizon Calendar 2.1.2 (iOS)

04/02, 1:28pm

Calendars don't have to be costly to be useful

You don't have to buy the big, powerful, and comparatively costly calendar apps like Fantastical 2 and BusyCal on OS X: you can get better than Apple's own offering with cheap, and even free, alternatives. Don't get us wrong: Fantastical, BusyCal and more are superb -- and you won't get their power with a free app. However, there is a middle ground between those and Apple's iOS Calendar that is rich and useful. We're going to recommend you take a gander at Horizon Calendar, for instance, and not because it's free.


Hands On: Fantastical 2 (OS X)

03/25, 9:30am

Powerful and, frankly, beautiful calendar app for Mac

This was worth the wait. The Mac version of calendar app Fantastical has lagged behind its iOS counterparts for quite some time, but now they're the ones that need to catch up. Fantastical 2 for OS X is fast, very easy, very powerful, and hands down the best-looking calendar on the Mac. Other than that, it's fine.


Hands On: Google Calendar 1.0.2 (iOS)

03/12, 2:23pm

At last it's on iOS – though it could be better

Be grateful for -- well, if not exactly small things, then things that could be bigger than they are. Google Calendar has finally landed on iOS, and if you use this calendar online, you should be running off to download this new app right now. For everyone else, it has promise. The key, killer feature of Google Calendar for iOS is that it is Google Calendar and it is on iOS: its very presence on the platform is a great thing. Beyond that, it is a good-looking app and it's quick to set up with your Google account.


Hands On: Fantastical calendar app (OS X, iOS)

02/18, 8:46pm

Superb complement to and improvement on Apple's Calendar

Fantastical is a calendar app, and there are separate versions for iPhone, iPad and OS X. If you read this late one horrible night, if you read it when your head is spinning from all your commitments and meetings and appointments, buy Fantastical -- even if it is not on sale. Yes, for all three device platforms (as you need). In other words, this program is so great that you shouldn't wait for the occasional sale price; we wouldn't be raving about it if the sale prices were the best bit.


Microsoft confirms acquisition of cross-platform calendar app Sunrise

02/12, 6:31am

Sunrise purchase believed to cost Microsoft at least $100M

Microsoft has confirmed it has acquired calendar app creator Sunrise. Rumored last week, the purchase provides Microsoft with a powerful calendar tool for iOS, Mac, Android, and a web-based version, and when combined with the earlier deal to buy Acompli, appears to show Microsoft is trying to improve its Office suite by incorporating already-successful third-party apps, rather than developing its own solutions.


Pointers: OS X Calendar

02/09, 9:42am

Get more from Apple's own Calendar

The Calendar app in OS X doesn't get the respect it deserves. Weirdly, in the years that it wasn't the most reliable thing, and it didn't have many features, it effectively stopped all rivals just through how it was included with every Mac. Now that it is much stronger and is the backbone for syncing calendars across our Macs and iOS devices, suddenly it is getting a lot of competition. You might benefit from trying the others, but you don't have to: you just need to see how powerful Calendar is.


Report: Microsoft acquiring calendar app producer Sunrise for $100M

02/05, 11:51am

Calendar app purchase echoes earlier acquisition of Acompli

Microsoft has made another acquisition of an existing mobile productivity app, according to reports. Sunrise, the producer of calendar apps of the same name, is allegedly being acquired by the software giant, and based on the results of its last major third-party app acquisition, could end up adding the software to its Office app collection.


Briefly: SoundHound adds Grammy's feature, new Staccal 2 calendar app

01/25, 8:50pm

SoundHound announces dedicated page for Grammy Awards night content

Music search app SoundHound has announced its addition of Grammy Awards content, featuring real-time awards show information as well as details regarding Sunday night's performers and award nominees. During the show, users watching the broadcast live on TV can use SoundHound to obtain the names of the artists performing, as they perform. Additionally, the service will provide real-time updates of award winners, and the latest tweets from the official "#grammys" hashtag.


Vietnam publisher creates Steve Jobs memorial calendar

11/15, 2:00am

2012 12-month calendar features quotes

A Vietnamese publishing company has created a 2012 calendar honoring Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, using 14 selected portraits and a number of quotes of the legendary technologist, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in October. The quotes are printed in both English and Vietnamese, with several directly related to Jobs' thoughts on death, many expressed in his famous Stanford commencement address in 2005.


Little Marauder challenges iCal with Caliander

01/08, 4:05am

Timeline-based cal uses natural-language parsing

A developer who was dissatisfied with iCal and some of the alternatives has created his own vision of how a personal calendar should work, named it Caliander and put it on the Mac App Store. It uses a refreshing "timeline" type interface that allows panning and zooming, a perceptual mode, faster event creation using plain English and a global keyboard shortcut to allow adding events while in other applications.


Calendar alerts now available on MobileMe

12/23, 8:05pm

Alerts can be shown in Safari as well as devices

A small holiday present arrived today for MobileMe members as Apple has included the ability to set and edit alerts directly from within the web Calendar app.


IBM brings Lotus communication app to the iPad

06/08, 8:35pm

Lotus Notes Traveler available as free app

IBM has announced that its Lotus messaging and collaboration utility will be available on the iPad. Lotus Notes Traveler will allow users to connect with enterprise e-mail, calendar and contact information from Lotus Domino servers and other mobile devices.


Google Sync adds (push) support for iPhone, Windows Mobile

09/22, 1:50pm

Service transfers Gmail and Calendar information

Google on Tuesday announced that it has expanded its Google Sync service to support the iPhone and other handsets running on either the Windows Mobile or S60 platform. Users can configure the function to automatically push Gmail messages to the phone's native e-mail application. Other synced content includes Calendar information and contacts.


Apps: AudioBook Builder, iWatermark, TrailRunner

05/18, 1:25pm

uAlbum, DateLine

  • AudioBook Builder 1.1 ($10) is a tool for combining multiple Audiobook CDs into a single iPod-friendly Audiobook file. Users can tag their created Audiobooks with a title, author, genre and cover art, and set up custom chapter stops with custom artwork. Version 1.1 no longer limits part lengths to 12 hours and includes new build options with additional settings for splitting audiobooks into different parts. The update also allows users to adjust the audio format before building an audiobook along with several other small bug fixes and improvements. [Download - 1.9MB]


  • Google adds iCal support to Calendar

    12/02, 9:45am

    Google Calendar and iCal

    Google has officially announced public support for the CalDAV protocol in Calendar, its online scheduling application. The update means that Mac owners can now integrate Calendar with iCal, which in turn should allow sync between the two programs, the ability to operate offline, and answer invitations from other users. It should also be possible to track the free/busy information of colleagues.


    Tungle calendar syncing for iPhone

    05/28, 12:05am

    Tungle sync for iPhone

    Tungle on Wednesday unveiled a new iPhone interface for its free business-class meeting coordination service, designed to allow busy individuals to synchronize meetings across several calendar platforms. The service supports calendars such as iCal, Google Calendar, Lotus Notes, and BlackBerry, and syncs with the calendar program on the iPhone. Because the service is so widely supported, Tungle says that individuals dont have to necessarily be a member to use it.


    Calgoo offers cross-platform iCal syncing

    05/07, 8:00pm

    Calgoo iCal synching

    Calgoo on Wednesday announced its cross-platform calendar sharing programs are now compatible with Apple's iCal application. The announcement affects Calgoo Hub, Calgoo Connect, and Calgoo Calendar, and will allow users to synchronize their iCal calendars with users of Google, Outlook, Sunbird, as well as a host of other cross-platform mail clients. Calgoo Connect and Calendar Pro annual subscriptions start at $30, with several licensing options available.


    Apps: ProjectForum, MacBreakZ

    05/01, 6:15pm


    • ProjectForum 6.1 ($80) a wiki-based software application that supports collaboration within and between professional workgroups. Version 6.1 introduces a new "mail to wiki" feature, and improves support for outgoing email notifications. This version also includes many smaller enhancements and bug fixes. CourseForum 6.1, a version of the ProjectForum application targeted for online learning applications, was also released. [Download - 2.4MB]

    • MacBreakZ 4.8 ($30) Personal Ergonomic Assistant designed tpromote healthy and productive computer use by reminding the user ttake a break. Based on your actual keyboard and mouse use and the time you have spent in front of the screen, MacBreakZ suggests rest and microbreaks at appropriate intervals. The new release adds Apple Help Book format documentation for mobile users. Previous versions relied exclusively on online documentation. [Download - 5.2MB]

    • Agenda 4.0.2 ($40) an application that keeps track of your events and tasks, lets you enter your thoughts, and easily create calendar or journal websites. This update makes further improvements and fixes to the iCal import feature based on user feedback. [Download - 4.4MB]

    • Today 1.0.1 ($15) a event and task management application for Mac OS X. Today shows you all the events and tasks that are stored in Apple's iCal in a small, easily navigable window. Today 1.0.1 is a maintenance release that addresses several minor issues reported users who downloaded the application since launch last week. Today 1.0.1 also adds the ability to create new tasks without a due date. [Download - 1.2MB]

    • Vox 1.2 ($40) provides natural-sounding voices for multiple languages that work with virtually any Speech Manager compliant Mac OS X application. This release adds a pronunciation editor that allows users to add abbreviations or change the pronunciation of words. It also introduces a number of new voices and languages: Eliska and Sabrine for Czech, Ania for Polish, Snorri for Icelandic, Sanna for Finnish, Elin for Swedish, and Baris and Ceren for Turkish. The Czech, Polish, Icelandic and Turkish voices require Mac OS X 10.5. The other voices require 10.3.9 or later. [Download - form]


    Apps: FmPro Migrator, Sitemap Automator

    04/28, 4:35pm


    • FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 4.14 ($200) for migrating FileMaker databases. The new release as been enhanced with an automated 2-pass dependency resolution feature for FileMaker table consolidation conversion projects. Additionally, the XML code defining each layout can now be exported as a raw XML file, containing all of the embedded images, and layout object definitions. Layout XML files can be post-processed separately and used for projects in which FileMaker Layouts need to be re-purposed for other development projects. [Download - 16MB]

    • Google Sitemap Automator 1.9.5 ($30) helps web-masters get their web site listed in Google, Yahoo and MSN search. XML Sitemap files were first introduced by Google in 2005 and adopted by all major search engines, including Yahoo, MSN/Live and shortly after. With version 1.9.5 RAGE Sitemap Automator can now find every single web page on an iWeb created website and automatically publish your XML Sitemap file to your iDisk. [Download - 7.9MB]

    • EarthDesk 4.2 ($25) replaces the static desktop with an image of the Earth showing current sun, moon and city illumination, as well as real-time global cloud coverage, allowing users to track hurricanes and other weather systems. EarthDesk 4.2 adds an option to allow use as a screen saver only rather than strictly a desktop, and is fully compatible with Leopard (and Tiger). It also improves communication between the EarthDesk prefpane and the rendering engine. [Download - 6.9MB]

    • VideoDrive 1.4.4 ($15) a new application to easily add your video collection to iTunes. VideoDrive supports all current video formats and will import your videos fast and without reconversion, so you can easily manage and watch them from within iTunes and Front Row, or export them to iPod, iPhone and AppleTV. VideoDrive will analyze your videos and browse online for metadata and cover art, cleanup file names, merge multiple video parts and add season and episode numbering to TV Shows. [Download - 5MB]

    • Agenda 4.0.1 ($40) an application that keeps track of your events and tasks, lets you enter your thoughts, and easily create calendar or journal websites. The new release includes fixes and improvements when exporting to and importing from iCal files and also fixes a character encoding issue in the iEvents feature when building or previewing a calendar or journal website. [Download - 4.4MB]


    Agenda, Magic Dice get updates

    04/21, 5:15pm

    Agenda, Magic Dice has updated two of its flagship products, Agenda and Magic Dice. Agenda is a calendaring and event/take management tool. The new release, version 4.0, features multiple calendar view, repeating events, task management, a reminder application, journal editor, built-in iEvents to create calendar or journal websites, quick searching, monthly scenes, multiple window sizes, iCal import and export, and more. For a limited time users who purchase Agenda 4 will get a free Magic Dice registration code. The tool is priced at $40. Registered Agenda 3 and iEvents 2 users can also enter their existing code into the registration window for a discount.


    Fruux: social networking meets .Mac, beta available

    02/22, 1:45pm

    Fruxx sync services

    Fruux, a cross between social networking and .Mac's sync service, is currently in beta testing and looking for people to help test the service. Fruux synchronizes address book, bookmark, and calendar files with each computer someone owns, and also gives the user the ability to synchronize contact information with others. This allows users to stay in contact with friends, business partners, and family, even if the contact information changes.


    PandoCalendar 7.0.6 offers new features, bug fixes

    02/08, 7:25pm

    PandoCalendar 7.0.6

    Panda Systems today unveiled PandoCalendar 7.0.6, an update to its desktop calendar application, adding several new features and bug fixes. In addition to increased Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility, users can also browse through all recurring events by group in a dedicated window. Two new File menu options allow users to create new notes and appointments, while a popup menu with preset snooze times has been added to the reminder window. PandoCalendar is available for free from Panda Systems' web site.


    First Look: BusySync, iCal syncing app

    12/31, 8:05pm

    First Look: BusySync

    Apple's .Mac is a service based on a paid yearly subscription of $100. It offers users many different functions, such as calendar and mail syncing, backup, email, online storage, among others. Many users only require one portion of the service, however, and can not justify the yearly cost for things that they feel they have no use for. BusyMac looks to address one of those needs with BusySync, an application that is designed to synchronize iCal calendars across a local area network. This makes it an idea candidate for office situations, since the one-time cost of the application (minus any major version upgrades in the future) is more manageable than maintaining several yearly subscriptions.


    First Look: Daylite productivity suite

    12/21, 8:50pm

    First Look at Daylite PS

    With the compatibility provided by their new Intel processors, and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's secure nature, Macs are slowly making their way into the business sector, replacing their Windows-based counterparts. As businesses adopt the Mac platform, there is a greater need for productivity software, something which Windows computers have no shortage of options. Marketcircle's Daylite Productivity Suite gives users a full-featured business application that allows users to plan and coordinate their work day with others, while integrating Apple Mail's powerful features with projects and contacts.



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