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Hands On: Leaping Lemmings 1.2 (iPad)

10/15, 8:55am

Control your own army of cliff-diving rodents in this cute board game port

If you know someone who is a little intimidated by board games, we think that we've checked out a game be a good way to get them into the genre. Leaping Lemmings is a cute game that is far less complex than many of the other board games that get ported to iOS.


Hands On: Dominant Species 2.0.2 (iOS)

10/06, 7:32am

Compete with other species for dominance in complex strategy board game

One of the nice things about the iPad is that if you're a board game enthusiast, there's a ton of great games that have been ported to this portable platform. Having a collection of board games that you can toss into your bag for easy gaming without having to tote around giant boxes is fantastic, and makes on-the-go gaming far more plausible than before. If you're looking for a new game to try out at your next game night, allow us to suggest the recently re-released Dominant Species.


Hands On: Bang, The Official Video Game 2.1.6 (iOS)

05/05, 10:34am

The games you play waiting for an Apple delivery

Hey now, steady down there, Slim. Got no beef with you today. Just moseyed on in to town to wait for the stagecoach that's a-bringin' me my Apple Watch. Think I might take a pew here and play myself some cards. Barkeep! Quit polishin' that glass and fill it with some firewater. I got me a copy of Bang, The Official Video Game version 2.1.6 and I mean to have me some fun.


Xbox dash upgrade set for August 11

07/21, 3:45pm

X360 Dash Update Aug 11

Microsoft today said that its promised Xbox 360 dashboard update should go live for most users on August 11th. The software change primarily centers on Netflix and supports full queue management from the console as well as the party system for watching videos with friends. When it goes live, the patch will also have some full Xbox 360 games available to buy through Games on Demand.


Apple expands board to 12, adds Mac, iPhone Senior VP

06/05, 7:20pm

Apple expands board to 12

Apple recently expanded its executive board from 10 to 12 members, adding to the board a senior vice president of Mac hardware development, and a senior vice president of iPhone software. AppleInsider reveals that the iPhone position was filled by Scott Forstall formerly the president of iPhone software while Bob Mansfield was elected to fill a void created by Tim Butcher, who left his position as the Mac development lead in 2004.



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