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Twitter's Loren Brichter aims for patent on pull-to-refresh

03/27, 5:15pm

Tech already used in many third-party titles

Tweetie developer Loren Brichter, now with Twitter, has a US patent application in review for the pull-to-refresh gesture common in many touchscreen apps, reports note. To get around the interface limitations of some devices, many apps -- such as the Facebook iOS app, or Twitter clients -- will let users "drag" a portion of the interface down to force a feed refresh. Some apps use the same gesture to trigger different commands.


Twitter for iOS developer Loren Brichter quits in surprise

11/04, 9:00pm

Twitter iOS app creator quits unexpectedly

Twitter's iPhone and iPad app developer Loren Brichter revealed a surprise departure from the company. Friday was his last day at the company, and he signaled that he wasn't leaving for another company. He was instead "taking some time to figure out what’s next," according to his own Twitter notice.


Twitter snaps up Bagcheck

08/08, 1:50pm

Site offiers users to share passions

Twitter has acquired the social networking website Bagcheck. Bagcheck allows people to create and share a collection of personal items and explain why they are so passionate about them. Other individuals can then comment or give gold stars to what's "in the bag" if they like it.


FTC investigating Twitter over excess control of mobile apps

06/30, 3:45pm

FTC talks to Twitter over possible abuse in apps

Developers confirmed reports that the FTC was investigating Twitter's policies towards app developers. The exact claims are unknown but are expected by SAI to revolve around its temporarily blocking UberMedia's apps and moves that have prevented rival ad services or have steered users away from visiting third-party hosting sites. Concerns might also exist over Twitter's attempt to discourage the creation of apps that are similar to the official titles and its tendency to buy out competition like Atebits' Tweetie or TweetDeck.


Twitter to keep TweetDeck active, focus on pro users

05/25, 12:40pm

Twitter and TweetDeck deal to keep app

Twitter on Wednesday discussed its buyout of TweetDeck with a promise the existing app would stay. Rather than subsume it as with Atebits, the company planned to keep developing the app "that users know and love." It saw the multi-platform client as a way of giving companies and power users a way to track conversations. TweetDeck founder Iain Dodsworth saw itself as occupying a high-end where the web and the mobile apps covered everyday users.


Official: Twitter buys TweetDeck for $40 million

05/23, 10:30pm

Twitter makes TweetDeck deal official

Multiple sources Monday night confirmed that Twitter has bought TweetDeck. The deal is worth $40 million in a combination of cash and shares. Twitter had yet to confirm the move but is expected to do so within the next day.


Twitter said certain to buy TweetDeck for at least $40m

05/02, 6:15pm

Twitter locked into TweetDeck buyout

Rumors that Twitter would buy TweetDeck firmed up on Monday night after a source said the deal was now settled. The terms reportedly had the app developer being sold for at least $40 million and as much as the $50 million reported earlier. In talking to TechCrunch, the source claimed that it would be formally unveiled within the next few days.


Twitter may snap up TweetDeck for $50 million

04/18, 5:50pm

Twitter in talks for TweetDeck buyout

Sources claimed Monday that Twitter was close to buying a second major Twitter app developer, TweetDeck. The deal is reportedly in the "advanced" stages and worth $50 million. Tipsters for the WSJ didn't glean Twitter's plans, but it would likely roll key features into its apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms.


Future of Tweetie 2 for Mac beta in doubt

10/19, 6:25pm

Developer dodges with "direct statement"

MacHeist buyers who were promised access to the beta for Tweetie 2, a popular desktop Twitter client for Mac, may not see it for a long time if ever, thanks to doubts raised by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams and some light-hearted but vague tweets from Tweetie developer Loren Brichter, TechCrunch has reported.


Official Twitter for iPhone now available

05/19, 2:00pm

Twitter iPhone app expands on Tweetie 2

As promised, Twitter today officially launched Twitter for iPhone (free, App Store). Apple's platform is one of the last modern platforms to get an official Twitter client but is getting a significantly upgraded version of Tweetie 2 following the buyout of atebits. It adds a unified search that includes updates, users and Top Tweets at the same time. Users no longer need to be signed into an account just to read and can sign up from within the app itself.


Twitter adds points of interest, justifies Tweetie deal

04/14, 2:15pm

Twitter to use POIs for location data

Twitter at its inaugural Chirp conference today said it would add points of interest to its geolocation features. Location-aware computers and handhelds will now recognize when they're at a notable location and identify any tweets as coming from that place. The feature could potentially be used to follow all updates from a particular location, such as a convention center or a concert.


Twitter acquires Atebits, will make Tweetie for iPad

04/09, 11:35pm

Twitter hand-picks Tweetie for apps

Twitter this evening caught users off guard by acquiring Atebits, the creator of Tweetie. The deal will put author Loren Brichter in Twitter's mobile team and make Tweetie the official Twitter app on Apple devices. This will include adapting Tweetie to the iPad, Brichter said.


Tweetie 2.1 goes live with geolocation

11/29, 5:05pm

Tweetie 2 update adds new Twitter features

iPhone developer atebits on Sunday signaled the formal launch of Tweetie 2.1 ($2.99, App Store). The update gives the client support multiple features that Twitter itself has added to its microblogging service, including the geolocation feature that now gives all Twitter users the option of marking each tweet with its position. It also acknowledges Twitter's new user lists and the native retweet format.



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