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Hands On: Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy 1.1.4 (iPad)

10/06, 1:35pm

Study art and human anatomy at the same time with these famous da Vinci sketches

We've covered a few different art museum-type apps here before, but they're generally databases of a vast swath of famous artworks that are picked for their, well, artistic value. Today we're going to show you something a little different -- the Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy app, an art app that is every bit as educational to look at as it is gorgeous.


Hands On: Zen Brush 2 1.0 (iOS)

09/16, 8:36am

Try your hand at inks with this simple, sleek app

Ink drawing can be a bit intimidating to get into, and a bit expensive if you're not sure you're going to stick with it. Thankfully, once again the App Store has come to the rescue. We checked out Zen Brush 2, a slim and slick app for artistic expression.


Giveaway: win one of five copies of Rebelle

06/16, 5:37pm

Win 1 of 5 copies of Rebelle

Making the jump from art in the physical to the digital world can be difficult for many people, and the software that is available out there for this isn't always geared for traditional artists to use. Last week, we published a review of Rebelle 1.0.1, which was designed to help the artists who are looking for something that provides a bit more realism to digital art. We have obtained five redemption codes to give away to our readers.


Hands On: Scrapbook Crafter 1.0.2 (OS X)

06/12, 2:33pm

Digital collecting with scrapbooks you can share

Crafting is a thing. It's a big thing, but it's practically by definition a big thing in paper rather than digital: you create books using your photos and your drawings and your artwork. There are entire crafting exhibitions and conferences where rows upon rows of firms sell a thousand different types of paper and tools from stencils to pens. Scrapbook Crafter 1.0.2 wants to recreate the appeal of crafting without the fire hazard.


Hands On: Rebelle 1.0.1 (OS X, Windows)

06/11, 10:02am

Ultra-realistic artist program designed to emulate watercolor and more

If you started out life as a traditional artist, it can be hard to make the leap to digital art. Dragging a brush around in Photoshop or Manga Studio feels artificial, and tends to look fairly "digital" as well. It's great if you're a cartoonist, or you're going for a digital feel, but if you're trying to find something that feels more traditional, you're were out of luck until now. We took a look at Rebelle, an artist program that was created to put a traditional spin on the digital medium.


Hands On: Monodraw 1.0 (OS X)

05/26, 1:57pm

Very, very niche but well done tool

You're not going to need this often, but let's work it out. What Monodraw 1.0 does it let you produce ASCII art -- and already if you're blinking at that, you're not the market for this -- like those images you've seen that are made up entirely of letters. They used to be done on typewriters because we knew no better, they were then done on computers because we were young. The makers of Monodraw want you to do ASCII art because it will last forever. They're right.


Hands On: Autodesk Sketchbook 3.1.2 (iOS)

05/20, 7:22am

Feature-packed illustration app closely mirrors desktop versions

When it comes to art apps for the iPad, there's a ton of choices. When it comes to good, functional, and worthwhile art apps for the iPad, there's significantly less. That's why Autodesk, famed designer of AutoCAD, had created Autodesk Sketchbook. The idea was to provide a great app designed with features for illustrators and designers, and we're here to show you just what this app can do.


Hands On: Paper by FiftyThree 2.5.1 (iOS)

05/15, 11:44am

Paper by FiftyThree gets a business-minded update

We took a look at Paper a while back, a slick little drawing app by FiftyThree. It was an instant favorite, especially when paired with FiftyThree's Bluetooth stylus, Pencil. We loved the ease of use, the stylish design, and the ability to easily create new drawings within collections of notebooks. Recently, Paper recently was the recipient of a significant new update and we decided it was time to revisit the app to see what changes have come about since our last look.



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