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Springy 1.6 archiving software adds 7Z, CAB support

11/19, 8:55pm

Update handles ZIP archives that fail Zip64 specs

Dragan Milic has released Springy 1.6, adding several new capabilities to the archiving software. Springy can open and browse the contents of an archive or a disk image without extracting any files, and can extract all content or specific files from an archive. It can modify an existing archive or disk image, with options to add, overwrite, delete or rename contents. It also supports both extraction and archiving contents via drag-and-drop.


Apps: DMG Master, Redhand, Sync'Em

06/12, 12:20pm

Sunflower, ImageFlow FX

  • DMG Master 2.1 ($20) is a utility that allows users to create standard Disk Image Archives from their own files. Users can select any file or group of files and covert them into an archive that can be recognized by any Mac. New to this release is the option to encrypt archives using either AES-128 or AES-256 encryption. The interface has also received small improvements and several new preference options have been added. [Download - 0.78MB]


  • Apps: Zipeg, iEncrypt, Ultimate DVD Player

    06/05, 11:05am

    R10Decrypt, Tilt2Joystick

  • Zipeg 2.7 (free) lets users quickly preview a ZIP archive without actually opening the file. Files can then be selectively removed from the archive by dragging them to a desired location. The software supports a wide range of archive formats including: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, 7z, TAR, and ISO. Zipeg also features the ability to display image thumbnails in tooltips and can sort contents of folders by name, date, and size. [Download - 2.1MB]


  • Atempo Digital Archive 2.3 adds Mac OS X support

    04/20, 11:20pm

    ADA for Mac ships April 29

    Atempo has released Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) 2.3, an enterprise-class file-archiving application that offers support for Mac-based environments. ADA 2.3 provides full Mac OS X compatibility across all its components, along with a new Mac-specific administration interface and new support for Apple Xsan and other shared file systems. ADA’s also integration with Apple’s Final Cut Server and is optimized for users with storage-intensive media and the entertainment industry.


    Springy 1.5 updates archiving utility for Mac

    04/02, 8:20pm

    Springy 1.5 update

    Dragan Milic has released an update to its archiving utility for the Mac. Springy 1.5 redesigns and enhances the handling and processing of RAR archives, the preview column in column view, and the view preference panes. Support is available for archiving and extracting files that contain extended attributes, ACL lists and quarantine data. New options provide simpler adding and extracting of files, the ability to show a list of files in list view, a search view using alternate row colors, and a path text field that allows positioning to folders in an archive by typing the folder’s full path into it.


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