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Topic: antitrust

Antitrust lawsuits against Facebook will face an uphill battle

12/10/2020, 02:12 pm

A pair of lawsuits from the Federal Trade Commission and a wide coalition of states both face an uphill battle in providing the burden of proof that Facebook acted anti-competitively, legal experts have declared.


FTC, 46 states file antitrust suit against Facebook, seek Instagram & WhatsApp break-up

12/09/2020, 03:12 pm

Facebook on Wednesday was hit by a pair of lawsuits by the Federal Trade Commission and a coalition of attorneys general from nearly the entire United States alleging that the social media giant engages in anticompetitive practices.


Dutch antitrust regulators launch probe into Apple Pay

12/04/2020, 03:12 pm

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets has turned a critical eye to manufacturers that limit access to any smartphone's near-field communications system.


Apple's App Store commission cut applies to about 98% of developers

11/30/2020, 02:11 pm

Apple's new App Store program that cuts in-app purchase commission rates to 15% will apply to the overwhelming majority of all iPhone, iPad, and Mac app developers, data shows.


Google, Facebook facing more antitrust lawsuits in coming weeks

11/30/2020, 10:11 am

Google and Facebook are expected to face new antitrust lawsuits in the United States by the end of January, a report claims, with continued investigations into the activities of tech giants still potentially putting Apple into the firing line of future lawsuit attempts.


UK Digital Markets Unit will regulate big tech like Apple, Facebook, Google

11/27/2020, 07:11 am

The UK is spinning up a new regulatory body, intended to "enforce a new code to govern the behavior of platforms that currently dominate the market."


Apple, others seek to obscure sensitive data in Google antitrust suit

11/20/2020, 08:11 pm

Apple and a number of major tech companies asked a federal judge overseeing the Google antitrust case to hide sensitive information from prying eyes -- namely Google.


Apple invited to discuss proposed EU digital regulations

11/19/2020, 06:11 pm

Apple and a cadre of its big tech peers were on Thursday invited to discuss the European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), proposals that seek to regulate their outsized market power.


Judge limits Apple counterclaims to breach of contract in Epic case

11/10/2020, 08:11 pm

A federal judge on Tuesday tossed a set of Apple counterclaims in its ongoing case with Epic Games, narrowing the tech giant's avenues of relief to breach of contract.


Amazon hit with EU antitrust accusations over third-party retail sales

11/10/2020, 12:11 pm

Amazon has been accused of violating antitrust laws in Europe, with the European Commission alleging that Amazon takes advantage of confidential third-party business data to further its own competing retail business.


Tim Cook reveals 'a few more exciting things' coming from Apple soon

10/29/2020, 05:10 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the company is to bring out more products or services during the rest of 2020 than it has so far announced.


Woman sues Apple for hosting 'gambling apps' after spending thousands on in-game currency

10/22/2020, 08:10 pm

Apple has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that free-to-play games on the App Store that feature in-game currency constitute illegal gambling.


Google says user choice makes DOJ antitrust lawsuit 'deeply flawed'

10/20/2020, 01:10 pm

Google has issued its public response to the Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit filed on Tuesday, defending itself from the "deeply flawed" lawsuit claiming users choose to use Google, rather than being forced.


DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google's search business

10/20/2020, 08:10 am

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, accusing the tech giant of abusing its position to become a "gatekeeper" to the Internet by working to ensure its search service is used instead of its competitors.


Japan joins US and Europe in Apple & big tech antitrust scrutiny efforts

10/19/2020, 07:10 am

Japan will be working with regulators in the United States and Europe to put Apple and other major tech companies under greater scrutiny, as part of an international effort to curb antitrust violations.


Bill Gates says antitrust regulators should scrutinize tech giants separately

10/15/2020, 09:10 pm

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in an interview on Thursday offered his opinion on big tech antitrust issues, saying regulators should examine each company on a case-by-case basis.


Apple on EU 'hit list' of big tech companies that will face stricter rules

10/12/2020, 10:10 am

The European Union plans to impose new and stricter regulations on a "hit list" of 20 large internet companies -- including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.


Justice Department takes aim at Google Chrome for potential big-tech breakup

10/12/2020, 08:10 am

Google could be forced to split its Chrome browser from the core company by the US Department for Justice based on the results of an antitrust probem, as part of lawsuits expected to be launched in the coming weeks.


Apple rebuts House antitrust report, says developers 'primary beneficiaries' of App Store

10/06/2020, 07:10 pm

Apple in a statement issued on Tuesday said it "vehemently disagrees" with a U.S. House Judiciary report that claims the tech giant enjoys a monopoly with the App Store.


House lawmakers call Big Tech's power monopolistic, recommend sweeping changes

10/06/2020, 06:10 pm

The U.S. House Judiciary is recommending sweeping changes to antitrust law after it found that Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google enjoy monopoly powers over their respective domains.