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Apple takes majority of US phone activations in Q4

01/23, 8:00pm

Nearly doubles rival Samsung's sales, equals all combined competition

Apple's share of the US mobile phone market has nearly doubled following the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 in October, a new study has revealed. The report, by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, finds that the iPhone went from 28 percent of the market in the July-to-September quarter to just over 50 percent in the final three months of the year, an improvement even over the same time the year before, when the iPhone 5s was released.


Good Technology reports jump in government, financial use of iPads

08/12, 10:34pm

Apple's iOS very slowly losing ground, but still overwhelmingly dominant in enterprise

A new report from Good Technology on enterprise mobile use has shown that Apple's iOS continues to be the overwhelmingly dominant choice of systems for corporate mobility, with some 88 percent of all business app activations and 90 percent of tablet activations on the platform. However, Android apps climbed to 12 percent of app activations, a gain of four percentage points from the previous quarter, while Android devices climbed to 32 percent of activations versus iOS' 67 percent.


AT&T increases activation fee for two-year contracts to $40 per line

06/13, 10:15am

Increase of $4 makes AT&T most expensive for line activation among major carriers

AT&T has increased the activation fee for new lines taken up by some of its customers. The June 8th increase, from the previous $36 per line to $40, applies to customers signing up for a new two-year commitment with the carrier, with the change in price making AT&T the most expensive carrier to activate a device on out of the four largest in the United States.


Apple's servers straining under load of iOS 7 activations

09/18, 9:30pm

Company issues 'high priority alert' to support staff help unclog queues

In the first test of how well Apple's servers may be able to hand the rush of new iPhone activations that will be coming on Friday, a reliable source has reported that the company is struggling to keep services running smoothly in light of a large number of iOS 7 downloads. The process requires re-activations of devices as they first begin running the new operating system, putting stress on the servers and causing periodic issues with activation or downloading the new update. In addition, it is possible that some pre-order customers may already be receiving iPhone 5c units.


Citrix: Apple tops and gaining in enterprise use, share

03/28, 7:00pm

Study highlights differences in world region use, productivity apps

A new report by business networking giant Citrix has taken a look at the global usage and activation share of the top mobile platforms, and confirms other recent findings that iOS is not only dominant in enterprise, but is actually gaining ground against competitors. The study found some surprising variations in platform patterns in the three primary world regions, but saw Apple as the largest share in all three. It also noted that the iOS versions Numbers and Pages have become popular alternatives to Microsoft Office for many enterprise users.


Activations by iOS, Android smash all previous records

12/27, 6:14pm

Up more than 4x over daily December average, 2.5x over last Xmas

Christmas Day 2012 saw some 2.5 times the number of Android and iOS devices activated compared to the same day last year, analytics firm Flurry reports, with a staggering 332 percent increase in the number of activations on that day compared to the usual average daily activations for the rest of December. Compared to some 6.8 million mobile devices activated last year on Christmas Day, Tuesday's total was over 17.4 million units.


AppProtect 2.0 adds five optional security layers

08/16, 12:00am

App password protects software titles, code

Excel Software has released an update to its software activation and security app, AppProtect. The utility locks software titles with computer ID and serial-number protection, or activates software via an automated activation server, depending on customer preference. It protects source code while allowing the protected software to work properly when using a secure license. Version 2.0 adds five additional options for layered protection, with each layer capable of working independently from the others, on both Mac and Windows files. It also adds static data files for Windows EXE files.


DocProtect offers licensing on non-app files

05/17, 12:00am

Protects HTML, images, video, PDFs, more

Software developers rely on a variety of ways to protect against unauthorized copying and use of their programs, but non-application files also need licensing or anti-piracy protection in some cases. Excel Software's revised DocProtect version 2 offers unique passwords or online activation services to other types of files, including HTML projects, image collections, video and audio files and PDFs. The program works either independently or in conjunction with the company's QuickLicense system.


QuickLicense v5 ships, adds subscription licenses

11/02, 6:35pm

Also features delayed activation, dual licenses

Excel Software today updated their QuickLicense tool to version 5.0, adding subscription licenses, a subscription grace period, delayed activation, quick validation for plug-ins and multi-threaded software, dual licenses and more. The code communications with an activation server under the developer's control or through Excel's own Safe Activation service. The program also checks for versions and current upgrade pricing.


Office 2011 for Mac requires activation?

10/22, 11:00pm

License limited to one Mac, can be "reassigned"

Among the many changes in Microsoft Office 2011 is the arrival of product "activation" done via internet or by phone -- a first for Office on the Mac, a recent blog post from Office for Mac Help has revealed. The site, which is an unofficial resource for Mac Office users, cites the Office 2011 End User License Agreement (EULA) as its source. The activation ties the use of the software to a specific device and reveals other information (such as the IP address and hardware configuration), but can be reassigned to another device any number of times, limited to once every 90 days.


Excel launches licensing titles LicenseSupport, AppProtect

02/01, 11:10pm

Software protects user's software titles

Excel software has announced two new applications geared toward software protection, LicenseSupport 1.0 and AppProtect 1.0. LicenseSupport provides tools for managing customer licenses for protected applications or documents. Users can securely provide an activation code, reset a license or block an activated license. Additional capabilities enable refund distribution or changes to the number of allowed activations for each serial number.


Apple launches buy-at-home program for iPhone 3G

09/23, 4:05pm

iPhone 3G buy-at-home

Confirming anonymous information from yesterday, Apple has officially announced the introduction of a buy-at-home scheme for the iPhone. The Begin at Home program allows buyers to enter billing information through Apple's website, check eligibility and costs, and then pick a carrier plan. Once billing and eligibility are cleared, people can then travel to an Apple Store and pick up their iPhone.


Limited form of in-home iPhone activation to return?

09/22, 10:05am

In-home iPhone activation?

In the near future, potential iPhone buyers may once again be able to handle some of the activation process at home, according to an anonymous Apple Store worker. The new process would not be a resumption of the one for the first-generation phone, which let users sign up for a new carrier subscription from within iTunes; due to people bypassing this en-masse for the sake of unlocking, Apple has settled on requiring iPhone 3Gs to be activated before leaving a shop. This resulted in massive wait times and activation delays during the initial launch weekend.


US, global iPhone 3G launch plagued by problems [u]

07/11, 3:25pm

Global iPhone 3G problems

Apple's iPhone 3G launch has become a stressful day of failed activations, mirroring activation issues during the original iPhone launch last year, accounts indicate. The 2007 launch saw AT&T servers go down in a flood of activations; this year AT&T says that there has been a global problem with Apple's iTunes servers that prevents phones from being fully activated in-store, as had been planned. Customers have been told to finish activating their phones at home, but have faced the same problems there, according to Associated Press reports. While both Apple and AT&T are signing up users for AT&T service, neither company is able to complete activation in-store and both are asking customers to finish their activation at home; unfortunately, until the final iTunes activation, the iPhones are not able to make/receive calls.


Synchronoss loses a 1/4 of business with 3G iPhone

06/12, 12:40am

Synchronoss loses business

With the release of the 3G iPhone, Apple has clarified that all units must be activated at the store for them to be sold, taking away nearly a quarter of Synchronoss' business the company responsible for home iTunes-based iPhone activations. Silicon Alley Insider writes that as the company confirmed the loss of Apple's business in a filing to the SEC, its stock tipped, falling almost 19-percent, as the news lines up with financial expectations given in its first quarter.



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