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Windows Phone to lose Zune store portal, require 7.5

04/24, 7:40pm

Windows Phone shopping to be web or phone only

Microsoft in an update instituted two major changes in how Windows Phone owners would get apps. It was now planning to pull the Windows Phone Marketplace option from the Zune desktop app on Windows PCs. Customers now had to either browse the web store, and push apps to their device, or else shop directly from the phone.


Windows Phone Marketplace cracks 60,000 apps

01/23, 5:10am

Windows Phone reaches new milestone in quick timeT

The Windows Phone Marketplace has reached its latest milestone, cracking the 60,000 app barrier. The figure comes some 14 months after the launch of Windows Phone 7 in October 2010 when it launched with just 1,000 apps. It had reached its previous milestone of 50,000 apps at the end of December showing a sudden acceleration as it has added a further 10,000 apps in just the past 25 days.


Windows Phone Marketplace cracks 50,000 apps

12/27, 1:05pm

Windows Phone Marketplace now at 50,000 apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace has now surpassed the 50,000 mark, jumping by 10,000 in about a month and a half. Data from All About Windows Phone's monitoring has the total at 50,126. Microsoft expected to reach the mark by the end of January, but growth has grown quicker than envisioned over the past month.


Windows Phone Marketplace now at 40,000 apps

11/21, 5:50am

Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 40,000 apss

The Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace has now reached the 40,000 app milestone. New apps are being added to the store at a rate of 165 apps a day. A breakdown of the apps submitted over the past 30 days shows that games comprise only 15 percent of apps submitted, while 68 percent of all apps were free, 23 percent paid, and 9 percent paid with a free trial.


Microsoft curbs Windows Phone app spam with daily 10-app cap

09/29, 7:45pm

Microsoft toughens Windows Phone app caps Sept 30

Microsoft's Todd Brix warned Thursday that the company would be tightening its cap on the number of apps a Windows Phone publisher can post to the Marketplace every day. Starting September 30, publishers can post no more than 10 per day unless they have a previous deal allowing more. The OS developer plans more of a crackdown as well and will be more "proactive" in enforcing caps, ranging from pulling the apps to banning a publisher temporarily or even permanently.


Microsoft works to mitigate confusion over Mango app updates

09/20, 4:50pm

Updates to v7 apps to be supported in October

Ahead of the full Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' rollout, Microsoft is still encouraging developers to submit apps for the latest version of the mobile platform. In a blog post, Microsoft's senior director of the Windows Phone Marketplace, Todd Brix, admits that some developers have already complained about potential problems with the upgrade, which require separate app releases for the v7.0 and v7.5 editions.


Windows Phone 7 hits 25,000-app milestone

07/01, 11:35am

Averaging 1,000 new apps per week since May

Sources say the Windows Phone Marketplace continues to grow at a rapid pace, with 25,000 applications available for the US market. The app store got a boost in March, when Microsoft changed its app submission policies. Since the switch, the number of apps on Windows Phone Marketplace has almost tripled.


Windows Phone 7 policy changed to stop inflated app counts

06/03, 5:25pm

Microsoft curbs maximum WP7 app submissions

Microsoft took a step to make its Windows Phone 7 app growth more realistic on Friday with an outreach to developers. App certifications would now be capped at 20 per day. Developers will still have the option of submitting as many as they like all at once, but any more than 20 will be staggered over the course of multiple days, the company's Todd Brix said.


Windows Phone 7 nears 15,000 apps, accelerates

04/26, 1:25pm

Windows Phone 7 near 15K apps in six months

New statistics have suggested that Windows Phone 7 is near crossing the 15,000 app mark but is also seeing its catalog accelerate quickly. WP7applist as of Tuesday afternoon showed 14,946 apps having been added in the half-year since WP7's October 2010 launch, about 955 of which were no longer active. The rate could see it reach 15,000 active apps by the end of the month.


Amazon promo gives free Appstore credit with Verizon phones

04/24, 3:50pm

Amazon to give Appstore credit with Verizon phones

Amazon is hoping to spur demand for its Appstore portal through a unique tie-in with its own cellphone store, the online retailer said on Sunday. A promo starting Monday will give those buying Android-based Verizon phones a $25 credit towards Appstore downloads. The week-long promo is evidence of how tightly Amazon can work with carriers, the store's wireless head David Camp told AllThingsD.


Nokia Ovi Store tops 5m downloads per day, still lags some

04/12, 4:00pm

Nokia reaches 5 million app downloads per day

Nokia celebrated itself on Tuesday by announcing that its Ovi Store is now seeing about five million downloads per day. It has grown eight-fold over the past year as Symbian-powered smartphone owners downloading the offerings from the online storefront. The milestone is significant, as the company has more than doubled the three million downloads per day it saw in November.


Microsoft rejects Windows Phone 7 app in ironic block

04/01, 11:10am

Microsoft rejects WP7 app Imagewind despite use

Microosft in a rare step not only rejected a Windows Phone 7 app but did so two weeks after it had been published. Imagewind, a Twitter photo scraper app, was approved on March 3 and again with an update on March 16. Early last week, however, Neowin notes Microsoft was at first silent on a pinch-to-zoom update, and on Friday told Imagewind it had to be taken down for lacking a filter to screen out the "too graphic" content that sometimes populates Twitter.


MS touts 11.5k WP7 apps, trashes Android, iOS, PlayBook

03/31, 9:20am

Microsoft attacks Android and PlayBook in app wars

Microsoft marked the one-year anniversary of Windows Phone 7 development details with an attack on Android, iOS, and RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. The company's Brandon Watson said WP7 had reached 11,500 active apps by focusing on "quality over quantity" where other rivals had been padding. Google's willingness to accept almost anything as an Android app, Apple's ban on trial apps, and RIM's decision to emulate Android apps on the PlayBook were all hiding the number of meaningful apps, Microsoft's Brandon Watson said.


Microsoft rolls out NoDo update to Windows Phone 7

03/22, 4:55pm

Microsoft NoDo update reaches

Microsoft helped kick off CTIA in earnest by posting the long promised NoDo update to phones that don't already have it preloaded. Phones like the Samsung Focus can now copy and paste text either by tapping a word and then dragging handlebars or else a tap-and-hold to bring up a menu. Pasting text is simple and uses an icon on the text suggestion bar to paste in.


Microsoft loosens Windows Phone 7 app policies, cracks 9,000

03/08, 3:45pm

Microsoft improves WP7 app submission policies

Microsoft spurred on Windows Phone 7 developers Tuesday with policy changes as well as a milestone for its apps. The company is now getting closer to Android and iOS policies and will let publishers certify a free app as many as 100 times without paying the developer fee a second time. It had previously capped the limit at five and discouraged publishers from offering more than a few feature additions or fixes.


Apple says Microsoft hypocritical in App Store trademark war

03/01, 2:40pm

Apple calls out Microsoft on App Store trademark

Apple stepped up its language late Monday in a push to have a court ignore Microsoft's motion to dismiss an Apple filing for an App Store trademark. The iPhone creator directly accused Microsoft of hypocrisy and said it was trying to use the same argument it had rejected during the original fight over the Windows name. If Microsoft could argue that Windows was a proprietary name based on how most people used the term, it couldn't object when more people associated the App Store name with the iOS and now the Mac, Apple explained in the filing.


Dell's Venue Pro defects remaining unresolved?

01/21, 6:10pm

Users still report the same problems

Although Dell has already resumed shipping its Venue Pro handsets, the company may not have fully resolved the defects that plagued the first run. The primary issue, which appears to affect the 16GB variant, causes the phone to freeze when the user is attempting to download large apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Microsoft challenges Apple's App Store trademark

01/12, 8:00am

Microsoft says App Store trademark too generic

Microsoft has filed a formal motion (PDF) for a summary judgment to dismiss Apple's trademark filing for the term App Store. The Windows developer claimed the concept of an app store was "generic" and that any fame associated with its formal title was secondary. It pointed out that Apple's own Steve Jobs used the term "app stores" as an unofficial term to refer to Android portals.


Microsoft rushing "thousands" of apps for WP7 launch, has 80

10/12, 12:10pm

MS insists WP7 to have thousands of apps on launch

Microsoft as part of its Windows Phone 7 launch has added that it's expecting "thousands" of submissions for Windows Phone Marketplace by the time the European launch kicks off on October 21. The company is pushing them to submit their apps early to the newly created App Hub and has a special process for those who get in before October 13.


Samsung's i8700 Windows Phone 7 spotted in video

09/14, 3:10pm

Samsung i8700 with WP7 stars in early video

The Windows Phone 7-powered Samsung i8700 that was spotted in photos last week has now shown up in a video, courtesy of a user submitting a clip to DailyMotion. The video confirms that the handset will have multi-touch input support and there is clear evidence of access to Windows Phone Marketplace for purchasing apps. The overall interface and responsiveness of the OS is impressive as well.


Android dev rejects rogue app claims, still highlights risks

07/30, 4:35pm

Android app maker says spyware claim false

Mobile app developer Jackeey Wu defended himself against claims of producing Android spyware apps today while also underscoring some of the risks of Google's mobile OS. He noted that some of the permissions his Wallpapers allegedly requested, such as for the web browser history and SMS message records, aren't in the actual app. As requesting private information automatically flags the app in Android Market before the install, it's virtually impossible to collect such information in secret, Wu said.


Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 is chasing "Apple’s line"

04/12, 12:35pm

MS admits WP7 will follow iPhone strategy

Microsoft's Charlie Kindel in a Dutch speech Sunday acknowledged that Windows Phone 7's development was similar to that of the iPhone. He was quick to acknowledge that the new mobile OS was often pursuing "Apple's line." While he tried to cast the decisions as coincidences, Kindel said that many of the tough choices in OS policy ended up mirroring those made for the iPhone and App Store.


Win Phone 7 to have same remote app disabling as iPhone

03/17, 3:15pm

Microsoft can shut down WP7 apps at will

Microsoft on the last day of MIX10 has confirmed that it can remotely disable Windows Phone 7 apps sold through the Windows Phone Marketplace. As all apps have to be given a license to run in the OS, the company can prevent them from running by revoking the license. The method would likely only be used in an emergency in case of a virus or other rogue behavior, the company's Istvan Cseri said in a presentation.


Microsoft shows WP7 Marketplace, says no outside apps

03/15, 4:45pm

WP7 has unified music and app store

Microsoft today provided full details of its previously hinted at Windows Phone Marketplace. The store is an improvement on the Zune Marketplace and puts not just apps and music in the same place but breaks out app updates, games and podcasts on the top level. Windows Phone 7's "panorama" layout remains intact and uses the space to both highlight a featured app as well as to delve into specific categories.



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