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Cowon R7 tablet has1080p, makes odd trip back to Windows CE

12/04, 11:50am

Cowon R7 tablet stays offline with 1080p video

Cowon made an unusual step sideways this weekend by unveiling the R7. The seven-inch tablet and media player crossover carries Cowon's usual broad format support, showing up to 1080p video (over HDMI out) with 3GP, Flash, MKV (Matroska), and other formats. In an odd step, though, it runs a heavily modified, artistic version of Windows CE 6.0 and doesn't have Internet access, taking a step back from the smaller but more aware Android-based D3.


Motorola puts out tough ET1 Android tablet for pros

10/10, 1:55pm

$1,000 ruggedized tablet targets enterprise market

Motorola has brought out a new, ruggedized seven-inch tablet targeted squarely at pro users. The ET1 Enterprise Tablet is built for rough handling and includes special features such as Corning Gorilla Glass, which the company claims is 30 percent thicker than conventional home tablet displays. The tablet will run Android 2.3 instead of the latest Android release, Honeycomb (3.0), but has incorporated several enterprise-specific apps and features.


Light Blue Optics' pico touchscreen projector hits the FCC

08/09, 1:50pm

Uses holographic laser to create touchable image

Light Blue Optics' pico projector has reached the FCC for approval. The Light Touch uses a combination of holographic laser projection (HLP) and infrared sensors to create a virtual WVGA touchscreen on any flat surface. The image can be up to 10.1 inches in size.


Meizu M9 launches to iPhone-level lines

01/01, 4:35pm

Meizu M9 launch queues reach hundreds

Meizu kicked off the new year by launching the M9 on a wider scale in its native China. Reports and photos from Meizu stores in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen showed lineups that would typically be reserved for Apple launches in Europe and North America, with queues reaching into hundreds or thousands. Some were known to have cued as early as 8PM the night before.


ASUS teases Eee Pad EP101TC, keyboard dock before CES

12/28, 12:05pm

ASUS previews Eee Pad EP101TC in photos

ASUS today geared up for its CES unveilings by providing a teaser of the smaller of its two Eee Pads, the EP101TC. The 10-inch slate should be relatively thin and upscale, with a carbon-effect textured back. Also on show at Style are HDMI, USB 3.0 and a keyboard attachment, likely a dock, that should follow the basic philosophy of attachments like those for the iPad and Galaxy Tab.


Sketchy shot shows 'iPad mini' in Taiwan star's hands

12/21, 10:55pm

Taiwan pop star holds up supposed iPad mini

A post by Taiwan celebrity and race driver Jimmy Lin has drawn attention this evening as he showed what appeared to be a small iPad. The photo of a "toy iPad mini" showed what appeared to be an almost literally shrunk 3G iPad with very few changes. While the photo was too small to show whether or not iOS is on the screen, it did show a working device using an interface layout consistent with what Apple uses.


Windows for ARM may show at CES as just Embedded Compact [U]

12/21, 3:35pm

Windows for ARM tipped at Microsoft CES keynote

(Update with extra leaked details) Microsoft is planning to show at least some form of Windows written for ARM processors at its tablet-driven keynote event, a pair of sources leaked on Tuesday. The mobile-optimized version would last longer on battery and would be better-tuned to tablets. What hardware if any would be attached to the platform wasn't mentioned by Bloomberg's insiders, but at least one device is likely.


Cowon releases world’s first glasses-free 3D PMP

11/30, 4:55am

Runs Windows CE 6.0 PC/Mac compatible

Cowon has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first glasses-free 3D Personal Media Player, the Cowon 3D. The device runs Windows CE 6.0 and centers on a 4.8-inch 800x400 widescreen display. In addition to its 3D capability, it is also capable of 1080p output via its HDMI port.


Microsoft resurrecting Kin as feature phone

11/11, 9:40pm

Kin One and Two reappear on Verizon roadmap

Microsoft's ill-fated Kin One and Kin Two are returning to Verizon, a leaked fall roadmap revealed tonight. Despite having sold just 8,810 phones, the phone designer is bringing the two devices back as the OneM and TwoM. PPCGeeks' copy of the roadmap would have both sold as basic feature phones and consequently dodging the $30 smartphone plan requirement widely credited for killing the popularity of the devices in their brief six-week initial run.


Steve Jobs: Meizu "stole our ideas"

10/10, 1:05pm

Apple's Jobs explains Meizu shut down

Apple chief Steve Jobs responded to questions surrounding the freeze of Meizu's M8 sales in an e-mail late last evening. The executive, whose e-mail headers were verified through MeizuMe, offered just a terse response that accused the Chinese company of deliberate theft. It's "because they stole our ideas and intellectual property," Jobs said.


Apple has Meizu freeze M8 sales over copycat claims

10/09, 1:45pm

Apple stops Meizu over M8 cloning dispute

Meizu chief Jack Wong today reported that Apple had effectively stopped sales of the similar-looking M8 in China after claims of design copying. The American company initially struck a deal with Meizu to stop just production of new models but allegedly turned on the deal and ordered Meizu to stop selling any models that were already in store. China's Intellectual Property Office wasn't legally enforcing the deal but could shut down factories without a warrant if it felt the move necessary.


CVS set to offer $100 Sylvania netbook, $179 e-book reader

08/19, 7:35pm

Leaked marketing materials detail sales

CVS is reportedly planning on selling a $100 netbook and $180 e-book reader, both built by Sylvania. As expected, the netbook does not run Windows 7 or XP. The budget device will be powered by Windows CE, according to leaked marketing materials posted on Engadget. Additional hardware specs remain unclear, although the advertisement highlights e-mail, web browsing, social networking and video streaming functionality.


Microsoft's Menlo platform shown running test app

08/08, 6:20pm

Microsoft Menlo spotted early

Microsoft's largely mysterious Menlo project has been caught running through a newly discovered research paper (PDF). A 4.1-inch, capacitive touch prototype said to be Menlo, although also identified as using Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2, has been used to show an example of an app codenamed Greenfield that would use an accelerometer, a barometer and more to provide in-building navigation. What's special about Menlo isn't detailed, but the app would give directions involving stairs and elevators rather than just 2D positioning.


Microsoft licenses ARM to influence chip design

07/23, 8:00am

Microsoft may chase Apple, servers with ARM

Microsoft surprised the industry on Friday by becoming an ARM licensee. The deal gives it access to the ARM architecture and the rights to develop processors based on the technology. What exact aims weren't explained, but the license would "enhance [its] research and development activities for ARM-based products," according to general manager KD Hallman.


Cowon puts out 1080p-capable V5W media player

07/08, 9:55am

Cowon outs 1080p-capable portable media player

Korea's Cowon has released its latest portable media player, the V5W. Video is its focus as it can play back 1080p video onto external displays thanks to an HDMI output. Its own touchscreen is limited to 800x480 but, at 4.8 inches, is large enough for handheld viewing. The Wi-Fi-equipped device runs on Windows CE 6.0 with a proprietary user interface and contains a few document apps, games, dictionaries and more.


Rover unveils five tablets based on Android, Windows CE

07/06, 12:10pm

Rover shows five tablets wtih Android, Windows CE

Russian Rover Computers has revealed five new tablets, ranging from 5- to 7-inch models. The processors are also varied and include Samsung ARM chips, while the range-topping RoverPad TegA W70 gets NVIDIA's Tegra CPU. All five are likely rebadged OEM offerings, with the TegA W70 based on the Compal Tegra tablet.


Microsoft Kin's death pinned on exec's "jealous" infighting

07/02, 6:00pm

Microsoft's Lees blamed for Kin's early demise

More details have emerged today of the circumstances that led to the premature death of the Kin that suggest it was endemic to the project. Project Pink was originally led by famed Xbox leader and now departed J Allard but was effectively hijacked by the Windows Mobile team's lead, senior VP Andy Lees. He was "jealous" of the resources he saw being drawn away, according to Engadget sources, and not only took control but forced a change to a Windows CE foundation that conserved resources but doomed the project.


Witstech tablet dual boots Android 2.1, Windows CE

07/02, 4:25pm

Tablet ships for just $199

Witstech has fulfilled its promise of a dual-boot tablet, the A81-E, which allows users to run either Android 2.1 or Windows CE 6.0. Running both operating systems allows users to take advantage of Google's range of apps and Microsoft's Office Mobile suite. The device is based on the A81 introduced last year, with both models sharing a 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 and a seven-inch 800x480 touchscreen.


Microsoft using Kin death to unify mobile on Windows 8?

06/30, 8:05pm

Kin's exit to lead to desktop OS-level mobile

Microsoft's decision to cancel the Kin may ultimately lead to a unified, desktop-level OS strategy for mobile, if a detailed leak from within the company said tonight. Windows division president Steven Sinofsky is said to be angling for control over the mobile group and would be shifting the entire company strategy to settle on a unified Windows 8 platform. The Engadget tip didn't say how close Sinofsky was to achieving his short-term goal.


Mesada intros Windows CE 5-inch Internet tablet in China

06/25, 4:40pm

Mesada to out 5-inch Internet tablet in CHina

Chinese GPS device maker Mesada is showing off this 5-inch Internet tablet. Sporting a touchscreen with an 800x480 resolution, the tablet is uncharacteristically quick with an 833MHz ARM Cortex-A8 based Samsung processor, and there is 512MB of RAM along with up to 32GB of built-in flash storage along with a microSDHC slot. There is also Wi-Fi, 3G support for voice and data, and the capability to playback 720p HD video through and HDMI output.


Springteq brings out WeGo HUD navigation device

06/10, 4:45pm

Springteq brings first car navigator with HUD

Taiwanese company Springteq is showing off a unique in-car navigation device that uses a heads-up display to provide visual navigation information. Its WeGo HUD Navigator throws up a virtual readout onto the windshield of the car, which drivers can read without taking their eyes of the road. The eyes' focus needs to change, however, as the information appears about 3.3 feet in front of the driver.


Microsoft "Menlo" may put desktop Windows on mobile devices

05/04, 11:30am

MS Menlo would drop Win CE for Win NT core

Microsoft is engaged in a project that would bring the core of its desktop OS to smartphones and other mobile devices, an investigation revealed today. The strategy would replace the Windows CE core used in Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 and Zune HD with the same Windows NT foundation that has persisted even up to Windows 7. A graphics layer known as Experiment 19 would scale the experience down to handheld sizes.


Toshiba tablets may use Win Phone 7, newer Tegra chip

04/19, 1:40pm

Toshiba may have first WP7 based tablet

Toshiba's upcoming tablets could include the first-ever tablet based on Windows Phone 7, a claim today said. Without citing a separate source, DigiTimes asserted that the dual-screen Windows tablet would actually use Windows CE 7, or likely a non-phone version of Windows Phone 7. It's unknown if this would actually be a Courier journal or Toshiba's own design.


Apple snaps up iPad trademark from Fujitsu

03/26, 6:05pm

Apple settles possible dispute with deal

Apple has quietly but quickly resolved a possible trademark dispute with Fujitsu by successfully negotiating the rights to the iPad name. A USPTO filing showed that the iPad trademark was transferred over to Apple on March 17th. The American company had tried to legally force the switch after Fujitsu had technically abandoned the trademark last year but appears to have settled the matter early.


Toshiba plans home tablets for late 2010

03/10, 11:55am

Toshiba hopes to rival iPad early

Toshiba is developing tablets of its own to get into the category being established by the iPad, the company's US notebook lead Jeff Barney said in comments today. He anticipates a line of devices to arrive either by late this year or early 2011. No details were given to Fortune of what the devices would involve, but Barney acknowledged that Toshiba would likely have to move fast to claim a stake in the market before Apple and others risk crowding it out.


ARM expects over 50 ARM tablets in 2010 alone

03/10, 8:00am

ARM exec sees tablet use exploding

The number of touchscreen tablets running on ARM chips is set to explode even in 2010, the company's global mobile device ODM manager Roy Chen said today. While the iPad is the most conspicuous of these, Chen anticipates over 50 shipping in 2010. The first are due in the spring and will largely be attached to cellular carriers. There will be "a lot more" in the summer, the manager said.


WP7 "very easy" for devs, getting new apps by launch [U]

03/06, 12:40pm

Microsoft says WP7 to have broad app base

(Update: unified Windows/Xbox gaming added) Microsoft on Friday outlined some of its hopes for Windows Phone 7 in an interview (viewable below). The company's Charlie Kindel argues that third-party app development for the Silverlight-, Windows CE- and XNA-based is "very easy" and has already shown off some of the first non-default apps for the platform. Flashlight, level, and weather apps have been shown and, in the case of the level, have direct access to the phone's accelerometer in a way not possible with Windows Mobile 6.


Microsoft Pure, Turtle to be low-end but use Tegra

02/15, 10:55pm

Firmware unearths some MS Project Pink specs

Microsoft's Pure and Turtle media phones have been given more tangible details thanks to the discovery of their firmware and the image creator that makes their firmware possible. The Sharp-made phones will be far from the specs needed for Windows Phone 7 and carry resolutions of 480x320 for the larger Pure and just 320x240 for the squat Turtle. Both will still be at least moderately quick using some variant of NVIDIA's Tegra, though whether this is the original or the dual-core Tegra 250 isn't known.


Meizu: no plans to clone iPad

02/03, 2:55pm

Meizu wants no trouble in shadowing Apple tablet

Meizu chief Jack Wong as quietly put down speculation that his company might produce a clone of Apple's iPad. Although the M8 was created as a direct response to the iPhone, Wong said he doesn't have the "slightest interest" in making a tablet version. He told fans that he would rather not "lose face" by creating such a design.


Fujitsu: iPad name "is ours"

01/28, 10:00am

Fujitsu mulling whether to fight Apple on iPad

Fujitsu PR head Masahiro Yamane today said his company doesn't believe Apple has the rights to the iPad trademark. The director noted that the Japanese company applied for an iPad trademark in 2003 and that its current business PDA fits the mobile communicator description Apple would likely have to use. Fujitsu lost its trademark this spring but still believes it can lay claim to the name through is earlier development.


Meizu iPhone clone's sequel to pack 1GHz CPU, 3G

01/23, 10:45am

Meizu chief gives early M9 details

Meizu chief J. Wong today told fans through a forum post of early details for the M8's sequel, tentatively named the M9. The early Chinese iPhone clone's new model should be slightly thinner and taller but will be more notable for its performance; it should carry a 1GHz ARM processor made by Samsung as well as 512MB of RAM. Previously hinted-at 3G is not only expected but should reach WCDMA networks (via HSPA), CDMA (EVDO) and TD-SCDMA at the same time, covering both China and and the world.


Tri-OS SmartQ V5 MID goes on sale in China

12/31, 2:30pm

SmartQ V5 MID ships with Android, Linux, Win CE

SmartQ has launched its V5 mobile Internet device (MID) in China recently. The V5 has a 4.3-inch resistive touchscreen with 800x480 resolution and can play back 3D graphics and video thanks to its hardware acceleration, though exactly what type isn't being specified. The company does reveal, however, that the device is powered by a 600MHz ARM11 CPU which can be overclocked to 800MHz thanks to a firmware update. Most interestingly, the V5 ships with Android, Ubuntu Linux and Windows CE 6.0 preloaded.


Viliv prepping N5 UMPC with Windows 7 for CES

12/23, 3:05pm

Viliv N5 clamshell UMPC and S10 netbook soon

Viliv on Wednesday teased its plans for next month's CES with word it will introduce two devices at the Las Vegas show. The N5 will be its most advanced notebook-style UMPC and should pack a very dense 4.8-inch, 1024x600 screen along with 3G and GPS. Like competitors from UMID and others, it should serve as a full computer and run Windows 7, though whether it uses a Pine Trail Atom or an older but lower-powered model, like the 1.2GHz Atom Z515.


Meizu's iPhone clone to get its own app store

12/09, 6:20pm

iPhone cloner Meizu to borrow app strategy

Meizu executive Hailiang Hua has M8 initially followed Apple's iPhone design closely, the unnamed shop will initially follow a similar model that gives M8 owners software designed for the originally Windows CE-based Chinese smartphone. It should go so far as to replicate the 70/30 split in revenue as an incentive to developers.


NVIDIA working with Google on Chrome OS Tegra netbooks

09/24, 4:30pm

Tegra-based netbook with Google Chrome OS coming

An NVIDIA executive on Thursday confirmed the company is working with Google to introduce a netbook containing Chrome OS and NVIDIA's Tegra mobile device platform. This is in addition to systems based on Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Google Android, all of which have been appearing. Quoted in a Wednesday JkOnTheRun report, NVIDIA GM of Mobile Business Mike Rayfield said his company is working closely with Google in developing such a product.


Zune HD demo reveals app store

08/23, 11:40am

Zune HD Apps Confirmed

A weekend demo campaign at Best Buy stores has inadvertently betrayed Microsoft's plans to offer third-party app support for the Zune HD. A visitor briefly given control of the player by a representative has captured footage (shown after the jump) of a conspicuous "apps" menu item alongside music and made it clear the production player can download and install third-party software. The in-store unit's Wi-Fi was "blocked," however, and made it impossible to enter that section and see whether a true store is available and what titles are complete.


MS luring iPhone developers for Zune apps?

08/14, 9:00am

Zune HD 3rd Party App Leak

Microsoft is actively trying to poach iPhone developers to give the Zune HD a true third-party app platform, according to assertions by one developer. The producer of an unnamed Twitter client for the iPhone tells John Gruber that he was asked earlier this year to port his app to a Microsoft platform with the promise of "a bucket of money" in compensation. The Windows firm's plans weren't clear at this early stage, but it's reportedly "certain" this was for the Zune HD rather than just Windows Mobile.


Next mintpad to use Google's Android OS?

07/27, 9:55am

mintpad 2 may get Android

The second generation of the small multimedia device from mintpass, the mintpad, may use the Android operating system rather than the current model's Windows CE OS, says a Monday Pocketables report. The original device sports a 2.9-inch touchscreen and plastic body, with other planned improvements to the new device including a larger screen, metal body and the additions of WiBro (Korean WiMAX) and GPS.


NVIDIA's own netbook to be called Firefly?

07/24, 10:10am

NVIDIA netbook is Firefly

The previously promised NVIDIA netbook, which spawned a prototype built by Mobinnova, will be called the Firefly, according to a recent SemiAccurate report. The nettop will reportedly be powered by the Tegra chip that is also being used in Microsoft's Zune HD, and unnamed netbook manufactuers claim a September launch date. The Tegra chip itself is already known to be delayed beyond NVIDIA's own 2008 timeframe, however, and has cast doubts on the new timeframe.


Microsoft OneApp hints at Zune/Win Mobile store

07/16, 9:25am

Microsoft OneApp Trademark

Microsoft has quietly filed for a trademark that may allude to a unified app store for both Zunes and Windows Mobile phones. The filing for the name "OneApp" would cover not just an app download store for cellphones and media players but would also address a developer kit for the same platform. Among the apps suggested possible through the service would include games, media playback, messaging and mobile payments.


NVIDIA Tegra phone due from "big five" firm

06/29, 3:05pm

Tegra Phones in Fall

A major smartphone manufacturer is due to launch a phone based on NVIDIA's Tegra platform, the company has let slip in interviews. One of the "top five" smartphone producers should have a phone based on the advanced graphics technology before the end of the year. The company has also said in a discussion with CrunchGear that it should reach AT&T and T-Mobile for about $199.


Microsoft confirms Zune HD with multi-touch

05/26, 8:40pm

MS Confirms Zune HD

Microsoft tonight confirmed the existence of the Zune HD, its first-ever touchscreen media player. The company readily acknowledges that the player is meant to compete against the iPod touch and will have a 3.3-inch, 480x272 OLED screen with a multi-touch interface. It earns its name through the first inclusion of a portable HD Radio tuner for digital broadcasts as well as HD video playback through a special dock. For the first time on a Zune, the HD will also use its Wi-Fi to browse the web and should come with a special version of Internet Explorer designed for touch.


Atheros chip turns phones into Wi-Fi hotspots

05/19, 3:35pm

Atheros Wi-Fi Hotspot Chip

Atheros today unveiled a new cellphone chipset that could let cellphones host Internet connections as easily as with a typical wireless router. The AR6002 can run its Wi-Fi as a hotspot and can share its connection without the manually configured, ad hoc tethering over Bluetooth or USB normally needed to make the link. It can potentially save battery life for the devices connecting to the phone as it lets them idle or go to sleep where tethering requires both to be constantly alert.


Meizu promises updated M8 with 3G, GPS

05/15, 4:55pm

Meizu M8 Upgrade Coming

Meizu's planned sequel to the M8, its at times controversial shadow to the iPhone, is now said by company chief J. Wong to be a significant but more evolutionary upgrade. In place of a complete overhaul, the Chinese executive says the phone will support both China-native 3G through the TD-SCDMA standard as well as GPS. A camera upgrade is also due with a 5-megapixel sensor and an LED flash.


mintpass touchscreen media, web pad to reach US?

03/24, 1:55pm

mintpass mintpad for US

Relative fledgling company mintpass has revealed that it intends to launch its mintpad mini tablet outside of its native Korea, potentially including the US. The device centers on a nearly 2.9-inch touchscreen and is unique outside of Apple devices in focusing as much on its Internet features as on media playback. Likely using a Wi-Fi connection, it can not only browse the web with full Adobe Flash but also has a heavy community component with blogging and IM among its features. Streaming Internet video is equally an option.


NVIDIA vows $99 1080p MID, Tegra for Android

02/16, 11:25am

NVIDIA 99 Dollar 1080p MID

NVIDIA today made ambitious claims for handheld devices centering on its Tegra all-in-one processors. The graphics company now believes that its Tegra 600 chip can result in a mobile Internet device (MID) that costs just $99 and yet which has features normally off-limits to more expensive MIDs and even smartphones. Combining a 750MHz ARM processor and graphics acceleration lets it support both full web browsing and other high-end mobile apps but also play back 1080p HD video without requiring a separate graphics component.


Cowon launches L3 touch player

02/13, 4:35pm

Cowon launches L3 player

Korea's Cowon has finally released its L3 multimedia player, which first appeared back in August. The L3 sports a 7-inch, 800x480 resolution display and runs on Windows CE 5.0. The only details released on its CPU is that it has dual cores. The device has 128MB of SDRAM and ships with 4GB of flash storage space. It can, however, be expanded via an SD memory card slot.


Fujitsu to ready Android for media players, more

01/30, 9:45am

Fujitsu Built for Android

Fujitsu has revealed that it plans to push Google's Android platform deep into home electronics with a new initiative known as Services Built for Android. The program will see the Japanese company offer its consulting, engineering and other expertise to help run the open-source mobile OS on embedded hardware. This could include media devices like portable media players as well as cellphones, GPS devices, set-top boxes and even thin-client PCs, according to Fujitsu.


Maxian intros M1T portable player with DMB TV tuner

12/18, 3:55pm

Maxian M1T portable player

Korea's Maxian has announced the upcoming release of its M1T Pocket Multi TV media player on Thursday, which features a 3.5-inch, 480x320 touchscreen and includes a stylus. About the same length as an iPhone but thicker and wider, the M1T uses Windows CE 5.0 as its operating system. It can play back all popular video files including DivX and XviD and the majority of common audio formats along with not-so-common OGG, AAC files. It differs from Maxian's identical looking M1 Edu device revealed just over a month ago with the inclusion of its DMB TV tuner.


Meizu M8 unboxing shows Apple influence

11/28, 7:55am

Meizu M8 Unboxing

Meizu's M8 touchscreen phone will bear similarities to the iPhone in more than just the hardware design, a first look from a Chinese publication shows. Confirming the shipping-ready status of the device, the report shows both the extremely derivative design of the M8 itself but also the packaging and accessories, which mimic Apple's black box and white accessories. This includes earbuds and a USB sync cable patterned as closely as possible to the iPhone pack-ins.



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