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ASUS makes just 350K Eee PCs due to iPad, 'killer' model due

05/09, 11:30pm

ASUS Eee PC sales down to 350K, new models

ASUS has had to whittle back its Eee PC shipments after sustained impact from tablets like the iPad, tipsters said Monday evening. It moved just 350,000 netbooks in April after tablets still "significantly impacted the demand," Digitimes claimed. In response, it would shoot back with a "killer" new Eee PC in June and an ultra-budget model at below $199 to widen the price gap with Apple and others.


AMD said hiring to add Android support, no threat to iPad

04/07, 10:40pm

AMD recruiting for Android work

A slip detailing Computex show launch plans may have given away AMD's plans to get into Android in earnest. Industry contacts claimed AMD has been recruiting engineers to write Android drivers. The move is likely the first step before offering chipsets for notebooks and more likely tablets that work with Google's platform, Digitimes also heard.


MSI shows AMD-based WindPad 110W, Android 3.0 110A next week

02/24, 11:20am

MSI WindPad 110W and 100A due at CeBIT

MSI plans to escalate its tablet ambitions at the CeBIT tech show next week, sources said Thursday. The company would improve on its WindPad tablets with the 110W, an upgraded Windows 7 slate that will switch from an old Intel Atom to AMD's new Fusion-based, dual-core 1GHz C-50 chip. The update seen by Digitimes would finally give it full DirectX 11-class graphics, Aero Glass in the Windows interface and better support for HD video.


MSI WindPad 100W now on sale in the UK

01/28, 6:15am

Windows 7 Home Premium slate PC, with Atom

The MSI Windpad 100W is now on sale through the UK’s Simply Electronics. The Windows 7 tablet, based on the Intel “Menlow” platform is said to have battery life “over 6 hours”. This makes it more competitive than some other Wintel Atom tablets such as HP’s Slate 500, which delivers less than 5 hours of battery life.


Hands-on with MSI's WindPad 100 tablets, Angelow, Butterfly

01/08, 10:25pm

Electronista tries MSI's Android-based WindPad

MSI's tablet plans at CES were surprisingly modest and focused mostly on production versions of the prototype WindPads as well as its all-in-one Angelow and Butterfly concepts. We managed to get our hands on the genuinely changed tablet, the Android-based WindPad 100A, as well as the 100W and both of the unique desktop concepts. Read ahead for our impressions of both and why the WindPad may prove problematic.


MSI's Windows tablet shown ahead of CES, underwhelms

12/29, 8:50am

MSI WindPad 100W unchanged since June

MSI at a Taipei preview of its CES plans had a demonstration (below) of the WindPad 100W. Despite plans to launch it in 2011, the Windows 7 slate is entirely unchanged from its May appearance at Computex and still runs a 1.66GHz Atom Z530, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD. The processor is reportedly the best MSI could manage on a Windows tablet without having to use a noisy fan, NetbookNews was told in its look.


MSI vows both WindPads, U270, Sandy Bridge at CES

12/27, 11:25pm

New 10.1-inch offering for Android

MSI has confirmed plans to formally unveil a variety of new products in January at CES, including an ultraportable and several new tablets. The WindPad 100 tablets, which were teased earlier in the year, will both be based on 10.1-inch displays. The 100A tablet offers a full range of standard Android equipment including a digital compass, GPS, accelerometer, and Wi-Fi.


Google may ship Honeycomb in March, MSI waiting to go

12/23, 4:30pm

Android Honeycomb tipped for March in MSI plans

An off-hand remark in a leak today may have given away the launch timing for Google's Honeycomb build of Android. MSI has reportedly stalled its plans to launch its first Android tablet until April or May as the OS wouldn't arrive until March. As such, Digitimes heard from sources, MSI would only have its Windows-based WindPad 100 to show at CES next month.


MSI's 10-inch WindPad 100 tablet set to arrive in January?

12/16, 10:35pm

Wintel-based tablets to arrive before Android 3.0

MSI is reportedly preparing to launch its 10-inch Wintel-based tablet in January or February, ahead of the company's Android-based models, according to a DigiTimes report. Several other Oak Trail-based tablets are also said to be set for formal introduction at CES early in January.


MSI: Intel's Oak Trail 'not significant' help for tablets

12/13, 1:25pm

MSI vows tablets at CES, says Oak Trail no help

MSI in a talk on Monday promised to more formally introduce its WindPad tablets at this year's CES but cautioned that Intel might not play the biggest role. Although Intel is placing most of its faith on the Oak Trail Atom platform, North American Sales Director Andy Tung said to Engadget that the battery life and speed increases were "not extremely significant" compared to existing designs. The WindPad 100 was being improved to use Oak Trail but would keep the 10-inch, 1024x600 touchscreen, an accelerometer, mini HDMI and USB connectors as well as an SD card slot.


MSI's Windows tablet given vague delay, Android coming first

10/20, 11:25pm

MSI WindPad 100 gets long term delay

MSI's Windows based WindPad 100 has been delayed past the launch of its Android counterpart, the company said. Originally due to ship as soon as this past summer, it now won't arrive until after the Android-based WindPad 110 ships in March. The reasons for the delay weren't clarified, but they were clarified by Digitimes as being sensitive to "market status" and pushed back to the second wave of hardware.


MSI WindPad shows in near-final renders

10/18, 6:05pm

MSI WindPad images show two designs, HDMI, more

MSI has once again showed off renderings of its upcoming WindPad tablet, brought out by Blogeee. While no specs accompany the images, it can only be assumed they are the same as before, including a 10.1-inch display, 1.66GHz Atom Z530, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB solid-state drive with a full version of Windows 7. And Android version should also be available but is likely to use an NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip.


MSI: Windows tablet not due until 2011, netbooks in decline

08/23, 3:45pm

MSI says Win 7 WindPad needs Oak Trail Atom

MSI this afternoon said it wouldn't ship its Windows 7 tablet, the WindPad 100, until next year. The company's Andy Tung told Engadget that the slate won't ship until Intel's Oak Trail Atom platform is ready at the start of 2011. Current Atom hardware is too battery-hungry and slow for MSI's goals, he said.


MSI WindPad 100 seen in full renders

08/16, 10:10am

Companion dock adds full connectivity

Official renders of the upcoming MSI WindPad have emerged showing its full-featured companion dock. Other than the appearance of the dock, the key specifications announced at Computex earlier this year remain unchanged. As expected, it packs in a 10.1-inch display, 1.66Ghz Atom Z530, 2GB of RAM a 32GB solid-state drive with a full version of Windows 7.



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