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Google buys out social media marketing startup Wildfire

07/31, 4:30pm

Wildfire buyout by Google is believed to be worth more than $250 million

The giant that is Google has made its later acquisition, having purchased Wildfire, a four-year-old company that tracks the presence of its clients on social networking sites that include Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. The deal is reportedly worth about $250 million not including earnouts, employment agreements and other miscellaneous costs, said AllThingsD. Wildfire will likely be integrated into Google's social marketing efforts, though neither company has gone out and said this.


Review: BlackBerry Curve 9380

12/18, 3:55pm

We review the smallest BlackBerry ever

RIM has usually tried to chase the high end of the smartphone market when it adds a touchscreen: the Storm, the Torch, and the newest Bold phones are all aimed at the same crowd as the iPhone and top Android hardware. With only a limited amount of success, then, it's taken a fresh strategy of bringing a touchscreen to the Curve line for the first time. We'll see in our review of the BlackBerry Curve 9380 if shrinking down and aiming for cost has given RIM a chance at carving out a lead in a young category.


T-Mobile gives Wildfire S, free SMS to keep iPhone defectors

10/17, 1:30pm

T-Mobile tries to hold subs as iPhone 4S arrives

T-Mobile has been giving staff a flurry of options to try and keep customers from jumping ship for the iPhone 4S. New staff memos have shown the carrier giving out 500,000 text messages to existing T-Mobile subscribers who have unlocked iPhones. This would be to address those between October 18 and 20 who have a "high likelihood to churn" because they want a new iPhone, TmoNews saw.


HTC: we're not out to kill the iPhone

09/12, 10:55pm

HTC exec says no need to clash with iPhone

HTC's American president Martin Fichter touched on his earlier interview with a rare follow-up elaborating on his position. He claimed that he not only didn't see HTC setting out to make an "iPhone killer" but that he actively discouraged the idea in the office. The goal was not to replace Apple but to target those people who didn't fit in Apple's world.


T-Mobile's HTC Wildfire S confirmed, ships August 3 for $79

07/21, 2:55pm

HTC Wildfire S official for T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile silenced rumors Thursday afternoon by detailing its version of the HTC Wildfire S. Its adaptation of the starter Android 2.3 phone is largely stock other than a distinctive white-and-chrome hue as an option alongside a more sober black. The edition's customizations are light and mostly cling to HTC's own Sense 3.0 layout.


HTC Marvel shows at FCC with T-Mobile 3G

07/05, 3:20pm

HTC Marvel with T-Mobile 3G spotted at FCC tests

An upcoming handset from HTC has been spotted undergoing FCC testing. Referred to by its PG76240 model name only, the device is believed to be the codenamed Marvel, which has been leaked in a T-Mobile roadmap earlier this year. This lines up with the details unveiled by the FCC listing, as it supports T-Mobile's HSPA+ frequencies.


HTC Wildfire S spotted for T-Mobile USA

05/04, 6:35pm

HTC Wildfire S seen in T-Mobile US garb

A sighting at a T-Mobile event has helped confirm that the HTC Wildfire S should come to the US through the carrier. While devoid of T-Mobile badging, the phone codenamed as the Marvel was put side-by-side with the Sensation. A guest relaying the info to TmoNews didn't get the shipping schedule or the price.


HTC: older phones will miss some of Sense 3.0

04/14, 1:35pm

HTC warns only newest phones get full Sense 3.0

HTC in a pair of updates on Twitter said that only some of its new Sense 3.0 interface would work on older phones. Only its newest and fastest devices, like the Evo 3D, Evo View 4G, Flyer, and Sensation, will get the fully customized home and lock screens. HTC was planning on including those features in the new version of Sense that would work on the older devices.


HTC profit triples in winter, company silent on shipments

04/08, 8:05am

HTC Q1 2011 profit triples thanks to Android

HTC on Friday said it had a banner first quarter of 2011 after its profit tripled compared to a year ago. Its net profit grew about three times to $513 million. The company declined to say how many phones it had actually shipped, but it had predicted in January that it would deliver 8.5 million devices between then and the end of March.


HTC updates Desire, Incredible and Wildfire with S versions

02/15, 5:00am

Refeshed line of HTC Android smartphones launched

Among the slew of new devices launched by HTC today as part of their World Mobile Congress presentation were revamped versions of the HTC Incredible, Wildfire and Desire, which have now been given the S treatment. The new HTC Desire S and Incredible S are HTCs flagship Android devices, while the HTC Wildfire S is its entry-level variant. Both the new Desire S and Incredible S are now powered by a second-generation 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 system-on-a-chip (SoC) paired with an Adreno 205 GPU.


HTC Wildfire sequel caught in official video

02/09, 5:00am

New video pushes HTC "innovation"

A new HTC commercial has given a quick glimpse of the likely sequel to the HTC Wildfire. The new phone has a very similar appearance to the current model, but is missing the optical trackpad. The ad, embedded below, is aimed at boosting the image that HTC is an innovator and features several of its Android-based smartphones including the T-Mobile G2, HTC Evo 4G and the Droid Incredible.


HTC Wildfire getting Android 2.2 in Europe

12/20, 1:50pm

All HTC Wildfires to get Android 2.2 by February

HTC, on its Facebook page, revealed that its entry-level Android-powered handset, the Wildfire will get a software update to Android 2.2. Wildfires in Europe will begin receiving the update this week, with a global rollout done by February. European carrier Vodafone confirmed the news, tweeting that Android 2.2 has been rolled out Monday morning.



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