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Pointers: Fix Emails that won't load on iOS

08/07, 8:03am

Read those stubbornly unreadable messages

It happens when you're in a poor signal area: your iPhone tells you there's a new email message but it won't show it to you. You can see who it's from, you can see the subject heading but when you go into it Mail gets stuck on the word "Loading". It's annoying but not unreasonable when you remain in that poor signal area but then you leave there for some Wi-Fi oasis and still that message will not get beyond Loading. Now what?


Pointers: Tethering to your iPhone

07/20, 7:18am

When you simply have to get online

This is the most dangerous Pointers tutorial we have ever done. It's not like it will risk your life and limb, it's more that it will risk ours if you do this and it goes wrong. For this is how to connect your MacBook or your Wi-Fi-only iPad to your iPhone in order to use the latter"s cell signal -- and your service provider may not like you for that. Worse, they may like you for it a lot, and be rubbing their hands as you pile on the devices and add to your bill and their hopes of a yacht this month at your expense.


Hands On: Wi-Fi Priority (iOS)

02/22, 5:43pm

New utility scratches a Wi-Fi itch for techies

Wi-Fi Priority is a small app that does one particular thing: it lets you decide which Wi-Fi networks your iOS device will join. That doesn't sound like a big deal but in certain circumstances it is, and if you hit those regularly -- and you're maybe a little more techie minded than the average -- this is a good app for you.


Briefly: Uber update adds fare splitting, NYC Parks gain WiFi

07/16, 2:46pm

Uber app will now split cab fares among friends

Uber, a private taxi service available in 35 cities around the world, has launched an update for its iOS and Android app that includes new fare splitting functionality. Previously, payments could only be charged to a single customer, forcing groups to split the fare manually before or after the ride. In the latest release, a user can now add any friends they want to split the payment with from directly in the app and each will then receive a text linking them to the Uber app and requesting to split the fare.


Intel demonstrates WiGig inter-device connectivity

09/14, 9:10am

Claims future without docking, data cables

Intel has demonstrated wireless docking using WiGig at the Intel Developers Forum. Also known as 802.11ad, the technology uses wireless speeds of up to 7Gbps to connect a monitor and various peripherals to a computer without the need for wires. Using the 60GHz band, it has a throughput multiple times that of 802.11ac and is backwards compatible with all current standards.


Latest Kodak EasyShare camera has built-in WiFi

01/09, 8:20pm

M750 uploads wirelessly to social media, email

Kodak has announced the latest addition to its EasyShare line, the Kodak EasyShare M750 Wireless Camera. The M750 has built in WiFi to simplify photo sharing and syncing with home networks, wireless printers, email or social media. It shares many of the same hardware and photo effects as its predecessor, the EasyShare 5370. These include a 16-megapixel CCD sensor that is also capable of shooting 720p HD video, a 5x optical zoom lens, and a 3.0in capacitive LCD touchscreen with auto brightness control.


Eye-Fi X2 series cards offer geotagging, hotspots, RAW

05/03, 2:40pm

X2 series cards: Class 6 speeds in 4GB, 8GB

[Sponsored Post] Eye-Fi recently has organized its new generation X2 line of Eye-Fi WiFi SD camera cards, with each adding specific capabilities as the price increases. The cards allow users to effortlessly take of the "chore" of uploading photos automatically to their computer or specific websites. The Connect X2, Explore X2, Geo X2 and Pro X2 all work to move images off a camera's SD card wirelessly, but then they each specialize from there. All the cards offer wireless ranges of 90 feet outdoors and 45 feet indoors and support protected WiFi networks, including 64-/128-bit WEP and WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK.


iPad: piracy machine? WiFi signal stregth weak?

04/22, 10:50am

iPad actually performs well in 5GHz band

The iPad's screen capture capability has created some controversy among comic book companies. Comic book reading has been a major selling point of the iPad with full color high-resolution comics now available on the platform. The iPad's screen capture -- achieved by clicking the power button and home button concurrently -- has allowed users to grab the high resolution imagery which could then be easily pirated and distributed against the wishes of the copyright holders.


D-Link's new dual-mode 802.11n wireless router

06/23, 10:05pm

D-Link wireless DIR-628

D-Link on Monday unveiled a new dual-band RangeBooster N router that offers 802.11n WiFi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The DIR-628 features D-Link's Quality of Service management engine to improve performance, while being able to switch to either 2.4GHz signals for low-intensity network throughput, or 5.4GHz for intensive file sharing and media distribution. D-Link is currently selling the DIR-628 through select retailers for $120.


Ambrosia bringing Aki Mahjong to iPhone

06/06, 5:05pm

Aki Mahjong for iPhone

Ambrosia is currently adapting its first iPhone game, Aki Mobile Mahjong, and is running a closed beta test as it works to release the game. Little is revealed on Ambrosia's development page, but it has already said that it is making use of Core Animation to select between levels, as well as EDGE and WiFi to download new levels. Aki Mobile Mahjong will also allow players to pause the game to take a call, and when the game is relaunched, they will be right where they left off.


Sipgate allows VoIP access for iPhone users

06/04, 6:05pm

Sipgate VoIP for iPhone

Sipgate on Wednesday unveiled a new free application which allows iPhone users to interact natively with any VoIP service that uses industry standard SIP. Users can place or receive VoIP calls over WiFi, with the service offering rates as low as 1 per minute. The service also allows users to maintain both domestic and international numbers in one place, so they do not have to keep track of separate services. Sipgate is offering the iPhone VoIP application directly on its website.


WiFi bridge links sites up to 5 miles apart

05/22, 2:15am

Bridge links WiFi for 5mi

HD Communications Corp has introduced a wireless network extender system that allows users to bridge a WiFi up to five miles. The $318 HD26200 system, which requires direct line of sight, is a complete outdoor wireless network bridge in the 802.11 b/g 2.4GHz band that uses two high performance Ubiquiti network radios with integrated 17dbi dual polarity antennas. The HD26200 bridge is powered over ethernet, allowing a single outdoor CAT5 cable to bring both data and power to the radios.


Researchers fool WiFi positioning on iPhone, Touch

04/14, 5:10pm

Researchers fool WPS

The iPhone's WiFi positioning system can be fooled into providing false results, a report claims from researchers at ETH Zurich. According to TG Daily, researchers were able to circumvent the Skyhook-owned service in a "fairly simple manner". The technology traditionally relies on detected MAC addresses that relay information to the central server, and by spoofing a real access point, users can generate any number of false points, as well as jam up real ones.


Forums: WiFi encryption, SMB printing, more

04/10, 10:50pm

Forum roundup, WiFi, SMB

Forum roundup: MacNN forum members are discovering what encryption methods others use to protect their WiFi networks. Users are discussing why they feel one is superior to the other, while a poll is currently tracking the amount of users who encrypt with WEP, WPA-1/2, or other methods, or if they use none at all. Some members are also touting the benefits of using an access control list to govern overall network access.


Hawking: customizable USB WiFi for Macs

03/28, 8:05pm

Hawking USB WiFi for Macs

Hawking Technologies today unveiled the HWUN1A Hi-Gain USB Wireless-300N Adapter for Mac, featuring two removable antennas, which can be changed for the company's Hi-Gain antenna. The adapter communicates over USB 2.0, and when combined with the Hi-Gain antennas, can boost wireless range by over 600-percent. Hawking is shipping the HWUN1A through several online and commercial retailers for $100.


RokAir: inexpensive WiFi USB adaptor for Mac

12/10, 3:05pm

RokAir for Macs

Rokland recently unveiled the RokAir WiFi USB adaptor for Macs using OS 10.3 or higher. The RokAir is billed as an Airport alternative, and uses 802.11b and g to communicate with routers. Rokland says that users can expect to see a 100- to 200-foot area of reception from the device, which is flash drive-shaped and simply plugs in to a vacant USB port. The Rokair comes with a built-in heatsink, so that it can be used for long periods of time without overheating. Rokland is selling the adaptor for $30, plus shipping, and is available now.


New 802.11n/g/b ExpressCard wireless adapter

12/03, 10:10am

ExpressCard wireless n/b/g

QuickerTek Monday introduced a wireless upgrade for MacBook Pro owners. The new ExpressCard wireless adapter adds 802.11b/g/n WiFi access for maximum networking compatibility using triple antennas located outside of the "wireless signal-degrading (but beautiful) 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro case." In addition, the wireless upgrade also works with all Apple AirPort Base Stations including the 802.11n AirPort Extreme from Apple. The company said that the triple antennas provide the highest speed MIMO specification wireless performance and that virtually any wireless network running 802.11b/g/n equipment on 2.4GHz range is available. The MacBook Pro Wireless ExpressCard is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor and is available now for $150.



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