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HTC Vivid gets Android 4.0, carries hybrid old and new Sense

03/15, 7:05pm

HTC Vivid gets new OS upgrade

HTC pushed out its first US Android 4.0 upgrade on Thursday with a delivery to the Vivid. Although not yet automatic, AT&T subscribers can dial *#*#682#*#* and get what appears to be a finished build on the 4G smartphone. AT&T hasn't yet said when the update rolls out on a wider basis.


AT&T exclusive with Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable on March 11

03/05, 5:05pm

AT&T To beging carrying Beats audio gear soon

AT&T on Monday revealed it will exclusively offer the Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox Portable on March 11. The wireless audio system connects to smartphones through Bluetooth or, with iPhones and iPods, directly through an Apple Dock Connector. A 3.5mm audio input handles older phones or other audio sources.


Vodafone to kick off German LTE with HTC Velocity

02/08, 9:10pm

First Android/LTE phone to hit Europe

Vodaphone will soon launch Europe's first smartphone to support both Android and LTE in the continent's first real adoption of 4G. The carrier has confirmed that it will soon begin shipping the HTC Velocity in Germany, with other countries arriving soon afterwards. It represents a white colored variant of the HTC Vivid being sold in the US by AT&T, and elsewhere as the Raider.


HTC has no plans to further shrink fall guidance

12/07, 8:05am

HTC says Q4 not toned down despite November

HTC stated Wednesday that it had no plans to further drop its low fall outlook. In spite of a steep November drop, which was down 30 percent month-to-month and 20 percent year-over-year, it still saw revenue down 23 percent from earlier estimates, or roughly the same as a year ago. The company's share price has plunged 40 percent in just over a month over jitters that HTC had stopped growing.


HTC Raider 4G revisits FCC in hint of Vivid name change

12/01, 5:35pm

AT&T Still continues to show it as the Vivid

HTC has submitted the Raider 4G once more in an FCC filing for approval. The unusual submission comes for a phone that's already on sale in the US, the Vivid, that AT&T began selling in the US in early November. The reappearance may have been a response to HTC being targeted by a cease and desist notice from adult filmmaker Vivid Entertainment, which claimed potential phone buyers could mistakenly associate the phone with its videos.


HTC cuts forecast 23%, expects sales to shrink

11/23, 12:05pm

HTC dims expectations as Android dream cools

HTC acted as a possible bellwether for Android on Wednesday after it cut its outlook further beyond earlier predictions. The company in a filing lowered its revenue estimate by 23 percent to give it the same $3.4 billion in revenue as a year ago. It also now predicted the first sequential slowdown in sales in roughly two years.


Adult movie house Vivid says HTC Vivid violates trademarks

11/16, 2:35pm

HTC Entertainment sues HTC over Vivid name

The HTC Vivid smartphone has now been targeted by adult film maker Vivid Entertainment over its name. Vivid Entertainment's legal team has sent a cease and desist notice to HTC. It gives the phone maker until Monday, November 21 to change the name or face legal action.


HTC revenue dips in October due to iPhone 4S effect

11/07, 1:30am

HTC sees rare decline owing to iPhone 4S

HTC saw its October revenue take a rare sequential decline believed to be owed to the iPhone 4S. Although up just over 36 percent year-over-year, the $1.46 billion in revenue was down 2.8 percent versus September. Apple's quick launch in 29 countries helped, Taiwan's Commercial Times said.


Focus Flash, Focus S, Skyrocket, and Vivid on sale at AT&T

11/06, 11:10pm

ATT ships LTE Android phones, new Windows Phones

AT&T had one of its bigger non-Apple phone launches in recent memory on Sunday after it launched four headlining smartphones. Its first two LTE smartphones, the HTC Vivid (reviewed) as well as the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, headlined the group. Both run Android 2.3 on 4.5-inch screens and with eight-megapixel back cameras; the Vivid has the slower 1.2GHz dual-core processor but a 540x960 screen, while the Skyrocket's 480x800 screen is made up for through a dual-core 1.5GHz chip.


Review: HTC Vivid and Raider

11/06, 1:05am

HTC Vivid, Raider 4G dual-core phones tested

HTC has been on a relentless tear through 2011, releasing new, faster (or bigger) phones seemingly every month, but it has never truly cracked AT&T: even phones like the Inspire 4G are outsold by the cheapest iPhones. With that in mind, the Vivid (known as the Raider elsewhere) is theoretically a powerhouse: 4G LTE, a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, and a massive 4.5-inch screen. But are sheer numbers enough to dislodge Apple and give AT&T a reputation as an Android carrier? With our HTC Vivid review, we'll not only look into whether it's worth getting over an iPhone but whether the Samsung Galaxy Nexus threatens to undo HTC's hard work.


Last-minute leaks show HTC Rezound press shots, tests

11/03, 1:20pm

HTC Rezound spoiled hours before intro

A last-minute catch has shown the official, complete look of the HTC Rezound. Due to show this afternoon, the Android 2.3 device shown by PocketNow very closely resembles the Vivid at AT&T but with signature HTC-at-Verizon red cues and a more rounded design. Its Beats Audio and 4G logos are clearly in sight, although the shots don't give away what's on screen.


Hands-on with HTC Raider, Vivid: AT&T's iPhone alternative?

11/02, 1:40pm

We try HTC Raider and Vivid with LTE

We just received our review unit for the HTC Raider, better known to Americans as the Vivid. With HTC just passing Apple in the US smartphone market based on its successes at Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, it's this phone that's expected to take the crown at AT&T. But with LTE-based 4G and a giant 4.5-inch screen, is it enough to finally give Android the edge at the iPhone's main carrier? We'll give a quick opinion in a hands-on below.


AT&T rolls 4G LTE phones: Galaxy S II Skyrocket, HTC Vivid

10/31, 10:25am

ATT ships first LTE phones November 6

AT&T started the week by revealing its first two LTE-equipped smartphones. The HTC Vivid is its adaptation of the Raider and merges a 4.5-inch, 540x960 screen with a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon. An eight-megapixel camera with a very wide-aperture f2.2, 28mm equivalent lens helps it shoot better in low light and with shallow depth of field.



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