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Canon Vixia mini brings 'selfies' to video

07/31, 7:52am

Canon launches Vixia mini to capture a slice of the self-imaging craze

Spotting a new niche in the video camcorder segment, Canon has brought the art of 'selfies' to video. The new Canon Vixia mini has been designed with an emphasis on users taking self-portraits by hand, while it also has a built-in stand allowing users to place it on the ground at different angles to take action footage as well. The device is also relatively compact, allowing users to carry it in a pocket, while still packing a number of Canon's imaging technologies.


Canon unveils six new flash-based VIXIA camcorders

01/09, 12:45pm

Models offer Wi-Fi, DLNA support

Canon has announced six new VIXIA-series camcorders. All of the units support HD resolutions up to 1080p, and rely on flash memory, instead of discs or hard drives. Three top-end models include the HF M52, HF M50 and HF M500, which together share 10x lenses and identical CMOS sensors, as well as 3-inch touchscreens, and the ability to record in MP4 format, a standard often used by iOS and other mobile devices.


Canon outs eight new VIXIA camcorders

01/05, 1:05pm

New tech includes SDXC, better sensors

Canon has unveiled eight new camcorders in its VIXIA line. Two main technology changes in the lineup include the introduction of the 1080p-capable HD CMOS Pro Image sensor, which measures about a third of an inch and uses larger, more sensitive pixels said to improve dynamic range and low-light performance. All of the cameras have dual SDXC slots, significantly increasing potential storage space.


Alcatel-Lucent firm sues Apple, LG, TiVo over video patents

12/21, 1:40pm

Alcatel sues Apple, Canon, LG, TiVo over videos

Alcatel-Lucent's patent holding group Multimedia Patent Trust on Monday sued Apple, Canon, LG and TiVo for allegedly violating patents on AT&T video codecs. The Southern District of California complaint accused the companies of violating as many as four patents with their hardware and software. Virtually all Apple devices and software are allegedly copying the patents, including its Mac line, Final Cut apps, iLife, QuickTime and most iPads, iPhones and iPods.


Canon Vixia HF M32 camcorder packs 64GB, SDXC slot

07/14, 7:55am

Canon Vixia HF M32 doubles storage, adds tricks

Canon upgraded one of its higher-end home camcorders today in the form of the Vixia HF M32. The design closely follows that of the M31 but doubles the built-in flash to 64GB and upgrades the card slot to support SDXC. With a lower bitrate, Canon believes the camera could hold a full day of video in built-in memory alone and another day again with a 64GB SDXC card.


Canon takes wraps off nine VIXIA camcorders

01/05, 2:10pm

Changes include touchscreens, less sensor noise

Canon has announced nine new camcorders in its VIXIA line, based around flash storage. Each new model relies on a CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV III processor, which have together been improved this year to reduce noise and display better blues and purples. Image stabilization has likewise been upgraded with a Powered mode, and new touchscreen displays can be tapped to select a subject and track it automatically.


Canon touts 64GB Vixia HF S11 camcorder

08/19, 11:40am

Canon Vixia HF S11

Not content to stop with still cameras, Canon today added a lone HD camcorder to its range. The Vixia HF S11 is treated as the new flagship and is regarded as the closest to a professional video camera. It adds a new extra long-range optical image stabilization system that corrects the image across all of the lens' reach, and extra manual controls for focus and gain give veterans more input as to the final image. Internal memory has been given a lift to 64GB and gives the HF S11 enough storage for up to 24 hours of HD with enough compression; SDHC cards are an option for more.


Canon prices, dates 2009 camcorders

02/05, 3:40pm

Canon 2009 Vidcam Prices

Canon today followed up on promises made at CES by setting out launch details for its 2009 camcorders. The VIXIA series HD line has been pushed back slightly and will see the flash-based HF S100 and HF S10 sell for $1,100 and $1,300 respectively when they ship in early March. The HF200 and HF20 will sell for $750 and $900 but are now set for early April despite using partly older technology. The lone DV tape entry, the HV40, arrives last and sells for $1,000 in early June.


First Look: Canon's 2009 VIXIA camcorders

01/12, 7:15am

Canon 2009 camcorders

Canon launched its 2009 VIXIA line this year at CES with several storage options that range from pure flash to hard drives to MiniDV. The line-up includes the HF S10, a 32GB internal flash memory camcorder with an external SDHC slot, the HF S100, the HF S10's cousin which lacks the internal flash memory, using only an SDHC slot for storage, the HF20, offering 32GB internal flash memory and an SDHC slot, and the HF200 is similar to the 20 without the external SDHC slot. All four flash-based models get built-in face detection, which alerts the auto-focus mechanism to track people's faces and they all record at 24Mbps, the fastest bitrate possible for the AVCHD format.


Canon rolls five HD VIXIA cameras for CES

01/05, 10:25am

Canon VIXIA at CES

Canon this morning unveiled a complete overhaul of its camcorder line starting with its VIXIA HD camcorders. The HF S10 and HF S100 are both the first Canon video cameras to sport the new DIGIC DV III chip and produce better overall image accuracy while adding support for live face detection, an improved auto exposure system and the ability to capture 8-megapixel still photos. Either can also record 1080-line AVCHD (H.264) video at up to the maximum 24Mbps supported by the spec.


Kingston ships mid-speed 32GB SDHC card

08/12, 3:10pm

Kingston 32GB Elite Pro

Kingston today has set a new ceiling for its storage with a 32GB version of its Elite Pro SDHC card. The capacity is enough to store as many as 6,000 10-megapixel JPEG shots or six hours of low-bitrate HD video; users of Canon's new VIXIA camcorders can still shoot nearly three hours of full-quality footage. The card is fast enough to handle both formats without stuttering with a guaranteed Class 4 (4MB per second, or 32Mbps) transfer speed.


Canon brings VIXIA HD cam updates to US

08/07, 9:35am

Canon VIXIA HF11 and HG21

Canon has quickly followed up on earlier Japanese releases with North American versions of its new VIXIA HD camcorders. The new models are all Canon's first to record their AVCHD (H.264) video at a full 24Mbps bitrate that produces better detail and color accuracy. Appropriately, the flagship HF11 doubles the capacity of its predecessor with 32GB of built-in flash memory, which is enough to hold two hours and 55 minutes of full-quality 1920x1080 video. It also has an SDHC card slot to potentially double that storage without the extra girth of hard drives or tapes.


Canon previews HF11, HF21 HD camcorders

07/22, 9:50am

Canon HF11 and HF21

Canon gave Americans an early preview of the updated VIXIA line on Tuesday with the Japanese launch of two new versions of the HD video cameras. The HF11 is unusual among camcorders for building in a large amount of flash-based memory: it incorporates 32GB of the motionless storage and gives videographers as much as 12 hours of HD shooting in the AVCHD (H.264) format without skipping or adding the bulk of a full hard drive. Full-quality 1920x1080 nets about two hours and 55 minutes, but an SDHC card slot allows recording time to potentially double.


Canon intros VIXIA HD camcorder line

01/07, 12:25pm

Canon VIXIA Camcorders

Canon's time at CES has been spent introducing a completely new line of HD video cameras and upgrading its standard-definition models. Called VIXIA, the premium range is entirely HD-capable and relies largely on tapeless storage. The HF10 serves as the flagship by using 16GB of internal flash memory and offering an SDHC slot that can accept as much or more storage in removable form. This allows it to capture as much as six hours of HD video in AVCHD format just on built-in memory while offering the instant response and skip protection of the flash format. A second model, the HF100, shares the same features but uses only removable SDHC cards for video.



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