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MasterCard offers free travel on London Underground using Apple Pay

11/23, 11:05am

Free Fare Mondays refunds travel costs paid with MasterCard via Apple Pay

Apple Pay users with MasterCard-based credit cards will be able to travel across the London Underground at no charge on certain dates, as part of a new initiative. The "Fare Free Mondays" promotion will refund fares for the transportation network across the UK capital every Monday from today until December 14, but only for daily fares paid for with credit cards that use MasterCard via Apple's mobile payments platform.


Apple starts offering online Personal Pickup in UK Apple Stores

11/20, 9:58am

Personal Pickup expansion to UK follows recent Canada, Australia launches

Apple has expanded the reach of its Personal Pickup outside of the United States to the United Kingdom, in preparation for holiday shopping period. The service, only recently launching internationally after being in operation in the United States since 2011, will allow customers to order products online for later collection from a local Apple Store, with it potentially able to be picked up within an hour of ordering.


Apple Pay supported by two more UK banks, launches in Canada via AMEX

11/17, 8:28am

Tesco Bank, TSB latest two banks to support Apple Pay in United Kingdom

The number of ways iPhone owners can use Apple Pay has increased, with two more financial institutions in the United Kingdom offering support for the payments platform. At the same time, American Express has launched Apple Pay support for its cards in Canada, just as it confirmed yesterday, with support for Apple Pay in Australia expected to start up later this week on Thursday, again via American Express.


Briefly: Amazon Pantry reaches UK, PlayStation Vue on Fire TV

11/13, 2:10pm

Amazon launches Pantry grocery delivery option in United Kingdom

Amazon has expanded its Pantry grocery delivery service to the United Kingdom. Launched last year in the United States, the UK version of the service allows its users to order more than 4,000 food, drink, household supplies, and other products in one delivery, with a fixed price of £3 ($4.50) for a delivery of a single 20kg (44 pounds) box, with extra boxes in the same order priced at £1 ($1.50) each if the physical volume of the original is exceeded.


BBC Store opens in UK with over 7,000 hours of new, classic shows

11/05, 11:13am

UK broadcaster makes show archive available to purchase online

The BBC has expanded the online viewing options for its content, by launching its own digital store for its shows. The BBC Store will allow UK citizens to pay for individual shows from the broadcaster for later viewing, with the opportunity to buy currently-running shows for later viewing beyond the iPlayer 30-day limit running alongside classic programs from the BBC archives, all of which can be bought and downloaded to the user's home collection.


UK government outlines draft bill for collecting Internet history data

11/04, 1:18pm

Proposal requires UK Internet providers to hold browsing records for one year

The government of the United Kingdom is attempting to force Internet service providers to keep a record of a customer's online browsing habits, in order to assist the country's security services. The draft Investigatory Powers Bill, presented to Parliament earlier today, would require ISPs to hold onto logs of websites visited by its users for a 12-month period, letting the police and other security-related agencies legally see where suspects have been online.


Briefly: BBC iPlayer for new Apple TV, New Google Fiber areas proposed

10/29, 8:19am

BBC bringing iPlayer streaming app to fourth-generation Apple TV

The BBC has confirmed it is bringing iPlayer to the new Apple TV in the future, but not at the set-top box's launch. The popular on-demand video streaming service, which allows viewers in the United Kingdom to watch missed content from the broadcaster's collection of TV channels and radio stations, will be arriving on the fourth-generation Apple TV in the coming months according to BBC director-general Tony Hall.


TalkTalk CEO claims ISP not legally obligated to encrypt user database

10/26, 11:31am

ISP had complied with UK data protection law prior to major breach

The head of TalkTalk has dismissed claims it hasn't done enough to protect the data of its users, in the wake of a major breach potentially affecting 4 million customers. In an interview over the weekend, Dido Harding claimed the company was not under any "legal obligation" to encrypt customer data, including bank account details and other sensitive information, and that it had done enough to try and protect their customers under United Kingdom law.


TalkTalk confirms server intrusion, 4M customer accounts at risk

10/23, 5:39pm

Customer identities, payment details may have been accessed during TalkTalk attack

British Internet provider TalkTalk has become the latest victim of a major cyber attack, with a breach involving the details of up to four million customers. The company has confirmed the breach took place on October 21 during a "significant and sustained" attack on its website, with details including names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, payment details and other account information potentially accessed by attackers.


Briefly: News app reaches UK, Spotify on Virgin America flights

10/22, 12:17pm

News app lands in United Kingdom as part of iOS 9.1 update

Apple has rolled out its News app to the United Kingdom, replacing Newsstand in the country as part of the iOS 9.1 update. The Guardian reports the UK version of the newsfeed aggregator will include 14 British newspaper and magazine publishers, including the Times, Financial Times, The Economist, magazines from Conde Nast, and 27 national and regional publications from Trinity Mirror.


Disney launching movie, TV show streaming service in UK next month

10/21, 2:40pm

DisneyLife to offer videos, books, music, expansion into Europe planned

Disney is going to launch a subscription service in the United Kingdom next month, providing users with a variety of content across the media company's properties. Said to be called DisneyLife, the service will cost subscribers £10 ($15.50) per month, though unlike purely streaming services such as Netflix, it will offer access to books and music alongside streaming movies and TV shows from the Disney catalog via its apps.


Game Replay: Rising Tide expansion ships, PS Now changes in UK

10/11, 11:45pm

Gaming news summary for October 11, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the thrice-weekly look back at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN. In today's edition, an ocean-based expansion for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth ships, PlayStation Now's subscription changes in the UK, G2A responds to a Riot Games sponsorship ban, and Stellar Jockeys prepares to bring Brigador to Steam earlier than expected.


Barclays bringing Apple Pay to UK customers early next year

10/07, 2:57pm

Last major UK bank will support Apple Pay months after launch

One of the last major financial institutions in the United Kingdom that currently does not support for Apple Pay in the country will be offering it to customers, though later than expected. Barclays will be joining the roster of UK banks, including Lloyds, HSBC, Natwest, and Santander, in allowing owners of iPhones and the Apple Watch to make payments using their devices, but apparently this will not take place until early next year.


Briefly: Sprint raises plan price, Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay in UK

09/30, 12:24pm

Sprint increasing price of unlimited single-line plan from $60 to $70

Sprint is preparing to increase the cost of its unlimited plan for a single line. While it is currently priced at $60 per month for unlimited calls, texts, and data, the carrier will be raising the plan's monthly charge to $70 from October 16 for new customers. Existing customers on the plan will continue to pay the $60 monthly rate, with Sprint advising they can also activate a new phone and remain on the same $60 Unlimited Plan, as long as they still meet the plan requirements and are either purchasing or financing a phone.


Retail launch of iPhone 6s, 6s Plus reaches UK, Europe

09/25, 6:23am

London Apple Store queues visited by Samsung promotional teams

The retail launch of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus has reached Europe, as its makes its way around the world. Customers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France were able to pick up their new smartphones at Apple stores, carrier stores, and other authorized resellers in the last few hours, with the new iPhones now on sale on sale in the majority of the 12 launch countries, leaving Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States until last.


FreedomPop launches free mobile phone service in United Kingdom

09/24, 8:52am

Free tier accompanied by paid options in UK FreedomPop launch

FreedomPop has made its first major expansion outside of the United States, by launching its free mobile phone service in the United Kingdom. Launching later than originally planned, FreedomPop's UK service is now operational, with its freemium model giving its customers the ability to use a small allocation of minutes, texts, and data to use each month without paying a monthly subscription fee, similar to its original US plan.


BBC plans 'personalized' radio service mixing live, on-demand content

09/10, 5:58pm

Proposal could offer customized radio stations for each BBC listener

Listeners of BBC Radio in the United Kingdom will be able to have their own personalized radio station, if plans from the BBC come to fruition. Controller Mark Friend, managing multiplatform music and radio services, has outlined a potential service where every listener would be able to listen to their preferred radio programming whenever they want, as a single cohesive station, leveraging the broadcaster's existing iPlayer live streaming and on-demand services.


Briefly: UK contactless payments increase, Google+ Collections on iOS

09/01, 8:42am

Contactless payments transaction limit increased in United Kingdom

The limit for contactless payments in the United Kingdom has increased. The new limit of £30 ($46) per transaction, up from £20 ($30), applies to payments using contactless cards as well as Apple Pay, though some retailers may have to update their terminals before being able to use the new transaction cap. Trade organization the UK Cards Association now claims the limit increase is more than the average supermarket spend of £25 ($38), reports the BBC, potentially allowing the number of contactless transactions to increase.


Briefly: Xfinity Share for all Comcast customers, O2 network upgrade

08/21, 10:51am

Comcast makes Xfinity Share streaming app available to all subscribers

Comcast is extending access to an app that allows users to stream from their mobile devices to an X1 DVR-ready set-top box to all subscribers. The app, Xfinity Share for iOS and Android, can be used to broadcast photographs, recorded videos, and live video streams from a smartphone to a suitable cable box, and it is also possible to share the stream with another subscriber's TV. Slashgear reports the app was originally available to just Triple Play package customers, but now it can be used by any Comcast voice, video, home, and Internet subscriber.


Briefly: NFL renews Twitter content deal, GiffGaff alters price plans

08/10, 10:30am

Twitter signs two-year agreement with NFL for extra promoted content

Fans of the NFL will soon see more football-related content in their Twitter feeds. The NFL has signed a two-year deal with the microblogging service, reports USA Today, extending an existing Twitter Amplify program that has offered TV highlights on the service since 2013. As part of the deal, it is expected that "significantly more" content will be posted to Twitter each day, including sponsored tweets, recaps of recent games, as well as footage from the NFL archives.


Carphone Warehouse breach risks data of 2.4M customers

08/10, 6:45am

Sophisticated attack over last two weeks targets UK mobile phone retailer

A major mobile phone retailer in the United Kingdom has become the latest major target of hackers. Carphone Warehouse has admitted some of its servers were breached on Wednesday as part of a "sophisticated cyber-attack" over the last two weeks, with it believing the personal details of up to 2.4 million people may have been accessed, potentially including names, addresses, bank details, and other sensitive customer details.


UK government confirms ripping music from CDs currently illegal

08/06, 10:12am

Ripping CDs in iTunes now illegal in UK, prosecution unlikely

A recent ruling by the United Kingdom's High Court has technically made the copying of CDs illegal in the country. A law that allowed the legal copying of copyrighted content for personal use, put into place only last year, has been overturned in the last few months after pressure from music industry groups, with the country's Intellectual Property Office (IPO) advising this technically makes software functions for ripping CDs to MP3, such as within iTunes, illegal once more.


HSBC, First Direct start supporting Apple Pay transactions

07/28, 7:19am

Major banks add support two weeks after Apple Pay UK launch

Two more banks have started to accept Apple Pay transactions in the United Kingdom, two weeks after it launched in the country. HSBC and First Direct have joined the growing roster of UK financial institutions supporting Apple Pay, with their customers now able to make contactless payments in stores using the Apple Watch or iPhone 6, though there are still a few notable gaps in the collection of banks.


Briefly: Amazon Fresh in United Kingdom, Longer Now TV sports pass

07/17, 7:07pm

Amazon Fresh reportedly close to launch in United Kingdom

Amazon is preparing to launch its grocery delivery service in the United Kingdom later this year, according to reports. According to the Times of London and also Recode, the subscription-based Amazon Fresh service, where customers can order a selection of groceries and other consumable items, is apparently at an advanced stage and could start as soon as September, with London said to be the initial launch area.


Transport for London warns passengers of potential Apple Pay problems

07/16, 9:58am

London Underground users risk penalty fares if devices lose power

Passengers of the London Underground are being warned to make sure they have enough power in their iPhones and Apple Watches to complete the journey when using Apple Pay. Transport for London (TfL) has issued a notice advising users of potential pitfalls when using Apple Pay on the UK capital's transit system, including the possibility of double charging, penalty fares, and being unable to pass through gates.


HSBC UK supporting Apple Pay in two weeks, Morrisons takes payments

07/15, 1:34pm

HSBC confirms it will allow its UK customers to use Apple Pay in near future

HSBC will be joining the ranks of other financial institutions in supporting Apple Pay in the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. While the British arm of HSBC is slow to join the rest of the banks in providing customers the ability to use Apple Pay with their account, one major supermarket in the country has spoken up, claiming Apple Pay will be usable in all of its stores and petrol stations across the UK.


Apple Pay goes live in the UK, lacks support of some major banks

07/14, 6:33am

NatWest, RBS, Santander among first banks supporting Apple Pay in UK launch

Just as previously rumored, Apple Pay has gone live in the United Kingdom, approximately nine months after it first launched in the United States. Usable with existing contactless payment systems in more than 250,000 retailers across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the service includes support for quite a few banks and financial institutions in the country, though there are a few notable banks missing from the initial launch list.


HSBC confirms Apple Pay launching tomorrow in United Kingdom

07/13, 3:57pm

Twitter post matches earlier leak of Apple Pay UK launch date

Apple Pay's launch in the United Kingdom is likely to take place tomorrow, thanks to another leak from a financial institution. A now-deleted post on Twitter by HSBC UK has seemingly confirmed rumors that it will be going live on July 14 in the country, while retailers are also preparing for the launch by placing stickers in their store windows advertising that they will accept Apple's NFC-based mobile payments system.


Briefly: TiVo discount for Aereo customers, Nest Cam reaches UK

07/07, 6:12am

TiVo offers discounted Roamio DVR to ex-Aereo customers

Customers affected by the shutdown and bankruptcy of streaming live TV service Aereo are being offered assistance by Tivo, in the form of a small discount until the end of the month. The set-top box company is providing the TiVo Roamio OTA for use with HD antennas as well as the TiVo Stream for no upfront cost, with a monthly subscription of $20 for two years.


Briefly: EE fined £1M in UK, Unofficial YouTube app on Android Wear

07/03, 11:14am

EE fined by UK telecoms regulator over customer complaint issues

British carrier EE has been fined £1 million ($1.5 million) by regulator Ofcom for failing to resolve customer complaints in a three-year period from July 2011 until April 2014, against Ofcom's Code of Practice. The Next Web reports that EE failed to provide information to consumers about the alternative dispute resolution scheme, a way UK companies and customers can resolve an issue between the two parties by going through an independent body, nor did it send "deadlock letters" to customers when such a stalemate occurs. EE has 20 working days to pay the fine.


Briefly: Sprint Direct 2 You in more cities, Amazon Prime Now in UK

06/30, 6:34am

Spring expands Direct 2 You deliveries to four new markets

Sprint is bringing its Direct 2 You home delivery and set-up service to two new markets. The latest major expansion of the service, Sprint will now be delivering smartphones and transferring files and user settings between old and new devices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver. This brings the total number of cities covered by Direct 2 You to 28, with it expected to roll out to more locations throughout the rest of this year.


Barclaycard expands NFC payments in UK with bPay devices

06/29, 9:58am

New bPay wristband, key fob, sticker provides contactless payments in UK

Barclaycard is expanding the number of ways people in the United Kingdom can make contactless payments, by offering more NFC-equipped items. A bPay sticker, along with a key fob and a wristband, will be going on sale in the country soon, allowing customers to make the contactless payments quickly without having to carry an NFC-equipped smartphone or go through prompts in an accompanying smartphone app.


Game Replay: Star Wars alpha, bug bounties, Fallout 4 bottle caps

06/29, 5:49am

Gaming news summary for June 29, 2015

Welcome to the Game Replay, the twice-weekly look at the wider world of gaming by the staff of MacNN and Electronista. In today's edition, EA gets a closed alpha of Star Wars: Battlefront ready, an early access game on Steam pays a bug bounty, Nintendo offers more Amiibo models in the UK, and someone preorders Fallout 4 in bottle caps.


Briefly: Amazon Prime Instant Video HDR, Netflix gift cards in UK

06/26, 8:21am

Amazon Prime Instant Video starts streaming HDR content

Viewers of Amazon's Prime Instant Video in the United States can now watch some of the service's catalog in a high dynamic range (HDR) mode. The first shows in HDR, Mozart in the Jungle and the pilot of Red Oaks, can be watched on a number of Samsung Ultra HD televisions through the smart TV app, with more programs using HDR and ways to access them said to be on the way.


Briefly: Marvel comics on Kindle, UK Post Office launches carrier

06/19, 12:58pm

Deal brings Marvel comics to Kindle Store

Comic book fans now have more of a reason to go to Amazon, as a deal between Marvel and the retailer has brought more than 12,000 digital issues to the Kindle Store, allowing for comics from the Amazing Spiderman, Daredevil, and other franchises to be downloaded to the Kindle app and Kindle ebook readers. The agreement does not affect ComiXology, the digital comic book service owned by Amazon, nor the ComiXology-powered Marvel Comics platform.


Briefly: BT unveils 4K set-top box, Vermont gains 10Gbps fiber service

06/09, 7:05am

BT releasing 4K-capable set-top box, launching Ultra HD sports channel

BT has revealed it will be bringing 4K content to some of its UK customers, alongside the unveiling of extra sporting coverage on BT Sport. Pocket-Lint reports the set-top box will be an upgraded YouView+ device with 1TB of storage, capable of holding 600 hours of SD recording and 250 hours of HD video. The set-top box will be available only to BT Infinity customers when it is released. As for content, the dedicated channel BT Sport Ultra HD is being created, with it showing games from the UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, FA Cup, and Aviva Premiership Rugby.


Microsoft makes Skype for Web available to all US, UK users

06/06, 11:58pm

Browser-based version of Skype widens beta reach, global availability expected in weeks

Microsoft has opened up Skype for Web to more users, pulling it out of the closed beta and making it available to all current Skype users based in the United States or the United Kingdom. The widening of beta access follows after another web-based Skype change, namely a redesign of how Skype for appears and works for users of the browser-based webmail client.


Amazon alters financial reports in UK to avoid 25 percent tax penalty

05/25, 7:12am

UK sales to be reported via local Amazon subsidiary following government tax crackdown

Amazon is altering its tax affairs in Europe, following pressure from governments and regulatory bodies over the way it and other tech companies attempt to shrink their tax bills. The retailer is starting to run sales it makes in the United Kingdom within the country itself, instead of funneling them through Luxembourg to minimize the amount of tax it pays, a change that is expected to bring in millions in corporation tax to the UK treasury.


FreedomPop launching free mobile service in UK this July

05/13, 8:17am

Free calls, texts, data offered to potential FreedomPop UK users

FreedomPop, the carrier that provides free calls to its customers, has revealed plans for its launch in Europe, after its trial in Belgium last year. The United Kingdom will be the first country to receive the service when it formally launches this July, which will provide 200 voice minutes, 200 text messages, and 200MB of data per month completely free to users, as well as unlimited free calls and texts to other FreedomPop users.


Briefly: Google Play app pre-registration, Possible Tesco Mobile sale

05/09, 3:19pm

Google Play adds option to pre-register for Android apps

Android users are now able to pre-register for apps due for release in the near future on Google Play. According to Android Central, Glu Media's Terminator Genisys: Revolution game currently gives the option to sign up for an alert when the app is released, allowing them to buy it as soon as it becomes available. The same system also allows users who have registered their interest to unregister, if they no longer want a release alert for the app.


Briefly: Tag Heuer smartwatch update, Amazon UK delivery price hike

04/30, 10:08am

Tag Heuer smartwatch may have 40 hour battery life

Tag Heuer's high-end smartwatch will be shipping in October or November, according to a report. More details about the Swiss watchmaker's device received by Bloomberg points to a sale price of almost $1,400, and a battery life of around 40 hours from a single charge. Earlier reports point to it as using Android Wear and using Intel components, though it is believed it will be designed to appeal more tot typical buyers of premium smartwatches instead of technology enthusiasts.


Briefly: Android Trusted Voice, Xbox One price cut in UK

04/14, 6:37am

Trusted Voice Smart Lock option rolling out to stock Android devices

Owners of devices running stock Android will be able to unlock their smartphones and tablets by uttering "OK Google." Following changes to Google Play Services, Android Police reports that the Trusted Voice unlocking option is starting to roll out, appearing in the Smart Lock settings. Users are warned before setting up Trusted Voice that it is "less secure" than a knowledge-based security measure, such as a PIN or a pattern, as "someone with a similar voice or a recording of your voice could unlock your device."


Briefly: EE starts Wi-Fi calling in UK, LG confirms April 28 G4 launch

04/07, 11:22am

EE enables Wi-Fi calling, uses phone dialer instead of separate app

British carrier EE has turned on Wi-Fi calling for its subscribers in the United Kingdom. Launching initially on the Lumia 640, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge set to offer it from April 10 and more devices in the future, EE's version uses the phone's dialer instead of a secondary app, and will allow customers to make or receive calls and texts from both the cellular network and Wi-Fi hotspots. EE expects to have more than five million of its subscribers capable of using Wi-Fi calling by the summer.


UK Diverted Profits Tax in effect today; $1B to flow into UK coffers

04/01, 2:23pm

Contested tax code a patch for decades of tax law allowing Irish loophole

As previously reported, the Diverted Profits Tax, also known as the "Google Tax," has come into effect in the United Kingdom today with very few changes to the proposed law. The tax law requires companies to list revenue and profit from other countries, aiding officials to determine if profits are being transferred elsewhere against UK tax code and making them subject to the tax.


Briefly: Nest UK daylight savings glitch, Chrome OS beta update

03/30, 8:28am

Nest thermostat owners in UK complain about British Summer Time glitch

Owners of the Nest thermostat in the United Kingdom are complaining about a glitch where the device fails to respect this weekend's change to British Summer Time. Posts on the Nest support forums spotted by The Register note that the thermostat does recognize the change in time, but the schedule effectively does not take it into effect, with changes being performed one hour later than intended. While Nest works to fix the issue, one user has managed to get around the problem by changing the thermostat's settings, temporarily relocating it in software to Belgium.


Briefly: Licensed Uber service in Germany, PlayStation TV price cut

03/29, 8:56am

Uber launching licensed taxi services in Germany following ban

Uber is going to launch a new service in Germany, following its ban by a local court this month. The court banned Uber over its use of unlicensed cab drivers, reports Reuters, and intends to fine Uber drivers violating local transport laws. A new service will be launching this summer, with Uber paying the commercial passenger transport licenses and to register drives as taxi companies at a cost of between 250 euro ($270) and 400 euro ($435) per driver, most likely under the UberX brand.


BT becomes a carrier again, offers discounted SIM-only contracts

03/26, 9:30am

Existing BT Broadband customers get discount on new mobile plans

British telecommunications giant BT has started its return to the mobile phone market earlier than expected, by offering its customers cellular connections. Becoming a carrier once again, after spinning off what would become O2 in 2001, BT is providing modest SIM-only contracts to consumers, with existing home broadband customers getting a monthly discount on their plan.


Briefly: Amazon Prime Now Dallas, Channel 4 rebrands 4oD as All4

03/26, 8:02am

Amazon expands Prime Now one-hour deliveries to Dallas

Amazon Prime Now, the retailer's high-speed delivery service, is opening up in Dallas. Just as with its other Prime Now locations, Prime subscribers in the fourth location will be able to use a mobile app on iOS and Android to place orders for groceries and household goods, between 8am and 10pm seven days a week, with TechCrunch reporting it still costs $8 for one-hour deliveries, while two-hour deliveries are free.


Telefonica agrees to sell O2 UK to Hutchison Whampoa for £10.25B

03/25, 8:00am

Acquisition of rival carrier by Three owner could create largest UK mobile carrier

The owner of British carrier O2 has agreed to sell the company to Hutchison Whampoa, the result of negotiations between the two owners which started in January. Telefonica, the owner of O2, has confirmed it will be handing over the carrier for £10.25 billion ($1.53 billion), with the deal still to receive regulatory approval before it can close completely.


Amazon updates Fire TV streamers, ships Fire TV Stick to UK

03/24, 3:17pm

Fire TV range adds external USB storage support, hidden PIN entry

Amazon has made a number of changes to its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick media streamers, as part of a software update. Changes to the devices, including the notable addition of support for external USB drives for extra local storage, come just in time before the retailer releases the Fire TV Stick in the United Kingdom, six months after the Fire TV shipped in the country.



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