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Wisconsin jury finds Apple guilty of infringing UW patent

10/13, 6:25pm

Company could face damages of up to $862M over A7 component

Apple has been found guilty in a Wisconsin court of infringing on a patent for a "table-based data speculation circuit for [a] parallel-processing computer," granted in 1998 to the University of Wisconsin -- a patent actually cited by Apple in its own filings for a similar patent. Should the ruling not be overturned or modified on appeal, Apple could be facing damages of up to $862.4 million. The university also successfully sued Intel over the same patent, receiving an undisclosed sum in 2008.


Judge reverses $532.9 million verdict in Apple v. Smartflash case

07/08, 3:54pm

New trial to determine damages to patent troll set for September 14

A federal judge in the notoriously patent-friendly Eastern District of Texas has suspended a jury's award of half a billion dollars to a non-practicing patent entity (colloquially known as a patent troll) who sued Apple after reviewing his own instructions to the jury which may have created a "skewed damages horizon" that they responded to with the large award. The change does not reverse the overall finding that Apple infringed on Smartflash's patents, or a possible future patent invalidity finding, but a new damages-only trial is now set for September 14.


USPTO rejects Apple claims from second Apple-Samsung trial

08/07, 6:21pm

Finding unlikely to affect judgement or payout, will take years to resolve

A claim asserted against Samsung in the second Apple-Samsung patent trial in California, which had already received a summary judgement of infringement by US District Court Judge Lucy Koh, has been rejected alongside other claims in the same patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office -- the same body that initially granted the patent. The finding, which is a preliminary rejection that is part of a long process, has already been brought up by Samsung in an effort to get out of paying part of the $119 million judgement against it.


USPTO exhibit at Denver Public Library honors Steve Jobs

06/23, 7:22pm

Exhibit foreshadows opening of USPTO satellite office in Colorado capitol

A week or so ahead of the grand opening of a new US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) building in Denver, Colorado, the central library branch of the Denver Public Library is hosting a USPTO-created exhibit featuring life-size models of the some of the many inventions and patents that are jointly or solely credited to Steve Jobs, the co-founder and twice former CEO of Apple. "Patents and Trademarks of Steve Jobs: Art and Technology that Changed the World" will run through September.


Report: Apple working on new optical image stabilization system

05/08, 11:48pm

Multiple pics as camera shakes blended into 'super resolution' image?

A new patent application discovered by AppleInsider may hint at future technology that would be used in iPhones or other camera-based products. Using a concept called "optical image stabilization" (OIS), Apple's patent application proposes a method of capturing multiple samples from a camera taken nearly instantaneously and blending them intelligently into a high-density, "super-resolution" image.


Ex-Google head of patent strategy Michelle Lee to lead USPTO

12/12, 4:10pm

Executive formerly ran USPTO satellite office in Silicon Valley

A former senior attorney once on Google's payroll has been named to run the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) until a new permanent director is selected. Michelle Lee was the former deputy general counsel and head of patent strategy at Google before her departure to head the Silicon Valley office of the USPTO.


Nokia patent, video show multi-screen 'Facet' smartwatch prototype

10/17, 12:55pm

Prototype integrates six displays

Nokia recently submitted a patent filing for a smartwatch concept that features modular display components. The application describes a wearable device with up to six displays, each capable of showing separate content as the band is rotated around the wrist.


Apple patent filing describes location-based speech recognition

09/12, 9:54am

Geolocation used to improve service

Apple is currently seeking patent protection for technology that is designed to improve speech recognition through location awareness. A Thursday filing titled "Automatic input signal recognition using location based language modeling." describes a system that automatically associates voice input with location-specific language models and geographic information such as nearby businesses and street names.


Briefly: Google GPS patent filing, EE expands 4G in UK

03/28, 3:15pm

Google patent application details GPS-based camera settings

Google has filed a patent application with the USPTO for using a GPS to alter the settings on a camera. The abstract in the filing suggests that a weather report based on a specific physical location could give the camera important data to optimize its settings for a photograph or video recording, such as how much ambient light there is to work with, reports Engadget. While it is possible that the method may not make its way into digital cameras, it is possible it could appear in a Google-produced handset, like the X Phone, in the future.


Apple awarded patents for Retina MBP, haptic feedback

02/19, 9:40am

Localizing feedback, distinct cooling system among innovations

A clever way of making sure haptic vibratory feedback is restricted to a specific area, the overall design of the Retina MacBook Pro and the structure-strengthening design of the RMBP's vents have all been given patent protection by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The latter patent complements one already awarded earlier for the asymmetrical fans used in the RMBP to suppress fan noise, while the haptic feedback patent hints at future changes for iOS devices.


Microsoft applied for 'inconspicuous mode' patent with USPTO

01/11, 7:07am

Mode automatically reduces screen contents, brightness

Microsoft has filed a patent application for a mode that will make a smartphone less obtrusive in certain situations. The application for "Inconspicuous Mode," filed in July 2011, would reduce the amount of information on screen, as well as lowering sound volumes and altering other phone settings, depending on the environment the phone finds itself in.


Apple seeks to patent Universal Connector

10/25, 5:21pm

Universal connector described matches Lightning

Apple has filed a patent covering the technology behind its Lightning connector cables. The patent is titled "Universal Connector," and it purports to describe "circuits, methods, and apparatus that limit the number of types of connectors needed by an electronic device." The technology is aimed at reducing "the number and types of connector receptacles needed on an electronic device."


Google receives 'seeing with your hand' glove-gesture patent

08/21, 11:05am

Technology similar to optical mice adapted for use in gloves

Google has been granted a patent from the USPTO for glove-based gesture control. Patent number 8,248,364, entitled "Seeing With Your Hand", uses a hand-mounted sensor that records the environment through a detector and can work out what motion occurred. In theory, this would allow for gesture controls on surfaces that do not have a touchscreen.


RIM lands patent to block behind-the-wheel texting

07/11, 4:44pm

Flawed patent uses combination of speed and captcha

Research In Motion has been granted a patent to help prevent texting while driving. Approved by the USPTO, the patent halts the creation of outbound messages when it is in motion in a certain range of speed, preventing drivers from being distracted by responding to incoming messages, albeit with a minor flaw.


HP patents transparent display using reflective slats

07/06, 1:24pm

Concepts based on the technology offered to Real Steel producers

HP has been granted a patent for a see-through display, opening up more possibilities for augmented reality computing. Originally filed in 2006 with the USPTO, the patent describes a way for people to see both an image on-screen and whatever lies behind the monitor itself, using a system of light-reflective slats on a transparent panel, according to the BBC.


Anonymous patent challenges filed against Facebook, Apple

05/29, 7:10pm

USPTO 'ex parte' requests all made last week, involved in current suits

Three anonymous ex parte requests challenging the validity of noteworthy patents held by two tech giants were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last week. Two were filed against Apple, while a third challenged a Facebook patent. One was filed versus Apple's patent numbered 7,479,949 for touchscreen interfacing. The second against Apple was patent 7,469,381 in regards to document presentation on a touchscreen display. Facebook's patent involves a dynamic news feed about a user of a social network. The instigators of all three complaints are unknown.


Google files patent for Project Glass finger-ring control

05/18, 6:26pm

Google patent application suggests ring-based control to Project Glass

Google has applied for a patent on an input system that relies on a finger ring to control for technology such as Project Glass. The application, made public by the USPTO on Tuesday, describes a “wearable marker for passive interaction” in the form of a ring, artificial fingernails or other wearable items that could interact with a head-mounted display, following another recent application for the glasses design.


Nintendo patents console-tracking system

05/04, 1:28pm

Zelda creator behing latest Nintendo patent

A newly discovered USPTO patent from Nintendo reveals the video game hardware and software maker may be working on a new tourist-guiding system. Thought up by Shigeru Miyamoto of Legend of Zelda fame, the patent talks about tracking users carrying a portable game console, a DS Lite in this case, by way of overhead infrared transmitters. The console would then communicate with a server that would light up signs built into the building to guide the user.


Apple patent details touchscreens with variable textures

05/03, 2:44pm

Future Apple touchscreens may form shapes, textures

A newly-discovered USPTO patent from Apple reveals some interesting technology that could grace future iPhones and iPads. Unlike some of the company's older haptic feedback patents, this one takes things a little further by introducing variable textures and other feedback translating to a user's finger. The patent, called Methods and Systems for Providing Haptic Control, talks of a stacked haptic element set-up.


Microsoft patent application: User mood alters search result

04/20, 3:50pm

User following engine patent application surfaces

A patent application from Microsoft for customizing a search engine's results has been made public by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The application from 2010 appears to describe a “user-following engine” which monitors the user and people they follow on social networks, altering the experience and results based on user interests, characteristics and mood.


Nintendo wins patent for handheld console emulation

04/17, 11:35pm

Patent awarded to Nintendo for gameboy emulation

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently awarded Nintendo patent number 8,157,654 for emulating older handheld consoles. Specifically, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance handhelds are targeted for emulation on external "low capability" computing devices such as airline seat-back displays. It's not immediately apparent what Nintendo plans on doing now that the patent has been awarded.


Samsung trademarks even more Galaxy device names

04/06, 7:45pm

Names could end up on future Android phones

Samsung has filed trademark applications for three more Galaxy device with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Named in the filings were the Galaxy Lift, Galaxy Perx, and Galaxy Sire. As is often the case in its trademark applications, Samsung provided no details about the devices other than they fell under the "Mobile telephones; Smartphones" classification.


Apple patents packaging with built-in electronics

04/05, 3:15pm

Future Apple packaging may have sensors?

A new US patent from Apple suggests the iPhone maker wants to rethink the way products are packaged. Hardly an indication of a product due to ship anytime soon, the patent describes an "electrical trace" molded into or printed onto the packaging. The so-called "active electronic media device packaging" will also require at least one method of wireless power transmission to light up the package.


Sony hints at future with Xperia Duo trademark

04/04, 10:00pm

Filing with USPTO foretell dual-core phone

Last summer, leaks and images of a higher-end dual-core processor Sony phone, the Xperia Duo emerged. At the time, the phone was reported to be on its way for released September, but that did not happen. Recently, however Sony applied for a trademark with the USPTO for the Duo name, hinting that the smartphone could become a reality in the not to distant future.


Microsoft files patent for 3D virtual-reality eyewear

03/19, 11:25pm

Tech allows viewer to focus beyond glasses

Microsoft has filed a patent application for a "laser-scanning virtual image display," which is described as a compact display system that can be built into glasses, helmets or goggles. Head-mounted displays are not new, however the patent application describes a method for projector-based presentation rather than placing a small LCD panel directly in front of each eye.


Nokia patents tattoo that lets you know who's calling

03/15, 5:10pm

Technology creates tactile ringtones on the skin

Nokia has applied for a US patent that lets a user feel who's calling. The technology can be used in a skin patch adhered to a person's arm or embedded into a tattoo. When called, the system vibrates and uses haptic feedback to indicate whether its an incoming call rather than a text message, or even to identify who is calling.


Nokia patent allows slide-to-unlock without Apple dispute

03/14, 7:50pm

Nokia patented slide to unlock on iPhone launch

A just-published but long in the making Nokia patent filing has revealed that Nokia has been working on a slide-to-unlock patent of its own. The approach would have users slide an icon on the screen to 'uncover' app icons. By then moving to an unlock area, users would have a two-stage unlock that could launch any app accessible from the home screen.


Samsung applies for patent for smart 'skins' for devices

03/13, 6:10pm

Creates image on changeable wrap-around film layer

Samsung has applied for a patent with the USPTO for a flexible image display technology. Using it, an individual could easily create a 'skin' on a smartphone or tablet that could change the appearance of the device on demand. Although it might have uses elsewhere, Samsung has specifically limited the scope of its patent application to mobile devices.


Samsung patents device with flexible display

03/07, 7:35pm

Bending/folding displays could hit future devices

Samsung has applied for several patents with the USPTO involving flexible display technology. Using the technology, the company could possible create new designs for smartphones, wearable displays or large-size pull out screens. As often the case with patent applications, there is no certainty as to whether this specific technology will end up in any actual product.


Apple patent directly touches on iPhone with NFC payments

03/06, 8:40pm

Apple patent would have iTunes-based NFC wallet

A newly granted USPTO patent has lent credence to notions that Apple is looking to implement NFC in iOS. The technique describes a way to define how a payment is made when an iPhone with an NFC chip is brought up to a terminal to pay. It would set rules for the deal, such as payment limits, requiring permission for specific vendors in their online and offline modes, and adding restrictions for buying alcohol or other kinds of goods.


Google patents continuous gesture tech for touchscreens

02/24, 3:05pm

Google patent details gesture-based web searches

Google has filed a new patent with the USPTO that relates to touchscreen-based web searches on mobile devices. Rather than copying and pasting some text into a search engine, the tech will initiate Google web searches when users draw a lower-case 'g' on the screen and then continue on to circle the text or image they want to learn more about. The patent also makes mention of searching other sources such as Yahoo or Wikipedia by tracing the shape of the letter 's' on the screen.


Samsung goes for Awaken, Axiom, Heir, Rite phone trademarks

02/22, 7:05pm

No indication if/when phones will hit market

Samsung has submitted applications for trademarks for four mobile phones with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company is trying to protect the names Awaken, Axiom, Heir and Rite. Filing for a trademark is a preemptive move, and is no guaranty that phones carrying any of those names will actually make it to the market.


Google now known to be patenting own phone unlock techniques

02/16, 11:20pm

Google tries for Android unlock by voice, icons

Google is now known to have been actively seeking patents on unlock techniques that would help avoid the legal clashes with Apple that have hurt Motorola and others. The patent filing for an "Input to Locked Computing Device" includes multiple possible techniques to get access to an Android phone. One of the core techniques would be a reverse of the ring unlock technique in HTC's Sense 3.0: users would drag an app icon to a screen area that then launches the app.


Sony patents Wii U-like tablet controller

02/06, 10:05pm

Application initially submitted in 2010

Sony has filed a patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a tablet-like game controller. The Position-Dependent Gaming, 3D Controller, and Handheld as a Remote in many ways conceptually resembles Nintendo's Wii U's tablet-like game controller. Sony actually began the application process for the technology in July 2010, almost a year before Nintendo showed the system.


Apple 'macroscalar' US trademark hints at looming chip tech

02/06, 5:55pm

Apple gets closer to using macroscalar name

Apple late last week quietly filed for a US trademark that shows it possibly getting closer to having its own chip architecture. After having slowly filed trademarks in countries outside the US, such as Trinidad and Tobago, the joint USPTO and Hong Kong application caught by Patently Apple suggests that Apple has been continuing development on a project it could be willing to show soon. Mentions of work had started as early as 2004.


USPTO invalidates key Rambus patent, may lower tech costs

01/27, 5:50pm

USPTO rules last of 3 core Rambus patents invalid

Rambus' litigation campaign suffered a possibly fatal setback Friday after the USPTO pushed word that it had invalidated the final patent out of three the company has been using to sue a large part of the technology industry. Having quietly made the decision on Tuesday, the patent office's appeals board left Rambus without any of the patents it has been using to sue NVIDIA, Hynix, HP, and others. The first two had been scrapped in September.


Apple wins patents for Siri, non-rectangular batteries, more

01/19, 8:30pm

Another patent may hint at a quiet acquisition

Apple has been awarded a patent for its implementation of Siri, crediting original Siri inventor Thomas Gruber and others with the technology, which covers both its original format and its current Apple-enhanced incarnation. The company was also granted two patents related to battery technology, including a certification on non-rectangular battery shapes that may herald future devices. There's also a hint that Apple has quietly bought another company.


Apple wins patents on 'smart garments,' trackpads, more

01/17, 8:00pm

52 patents published in the last week alone

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued some 52 patents to Apple in the course of the last seven days, including 22 awarded on January 10th, an additional eight awarded on the 12th and a further 22 patents today. One of the most interesting is a "smart garment" patent that may foretell an expansion of the Nike+iPod line, along with a patent that hints at a future Apple TV. Others of note include a longer "trackbar" for notebooks with secondary zones, and what may end up being another Apple attempt at a headset for the iPhone.


USPTO tosses some Oracle patent claims at Google request

12/27, 11:15am

USPTO gives Google a break on key patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office gave Google a rare break late last week in further scaling back Oracle's limited patent claims in a lawsuit over Android's code. A total of 17 of the 21 claims of the patent were rejected, including one claim that Oracle had been leveling against Google. Oracle has until February 20 to challenge the rejection.


Google counters Apple with patent on Android pattern unlock

11/18, 2:50pm

Google patents its own Android unlocking gesture

Google has followed Apple's footsteps in getting a patent at the USPTO for the unlocking gesture for touchscreen smartphones running its Android operating system. While Apple has patented a slide to unlock gesture, Google uses a more involved pattern. The patent is called Touch Gesture Actions From A Device's Lock Screen.


Patent awarded for Upper West Side NYC Apple Store exterior

11/15, 9:00pm

Steve Jobs credited as one of the designers

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent for the striking exterior of Apple's Upper West Side store in New York City, just over a year after the patent was first filed. The patent recognizes the unique design of the store, and credits the late Steve Jobs as one of the designers. The Upper West Side store, not to be confused with the iconic glass "cube" of the Fifth Avenue store, features a large glass storefront, along with a curved glass atrium-style roof.


Apple denied trademark for the term 'multi-touch'

09/26, 8:00pm

Apple multi-touch may be victim of its own success

Apple was handed a rare loss with the US Patent & Trademark Office in a refusal to grant the company a trademark on the term "Multi-touch" in a decision reached by the Appeals Board on September 23rd, upholding the initial refusal earlier this year, reports MacRumors. Perhaps ironically, both the initial decision and the appeal based their refusal on the widespread adoption of the term throughout the industry -- an adoption Apple itself fostered with its early success.


Patent trolls may have cost US companies $500 billion

09/20, 6:30pm

Unmeasured costs could be much higher

Three Boston University researchers have put a price tag on the cost of patent trolling in the US. The amount is a staggering $500 billion since 1990. In the past four years, the cost has averaged about $83 billion annually, amounting to more than 25 percent of US R&D spent over the time period.


Obama signs patent reform legislation into law

09/16, 4:45pm

Laws expected to mitigate patent trolling

After passing a Senate vote by a margin of 89-9, the America Invents Act has become law after receiving a signature from President Obama. The legislation is hailed as the first major reform of the patent system in decades, bringing a wide range of changes, including a first-to-file system, that have been commonplace in many other countries for years.


Study: mobile patent lawsuits up 25% a year since 2006

09/10, 3:30pm

Lex Machina shows patent lawsuits spiking

Patent lawsuit analyst group Lex Machina has published a study showing a huge spike in patent lawsuits, especially in mobile, in the past few years. Since 2006, the number of mobile-focused patent lawsuits filed has gone up 25 percent every year. As of August this year, eight percent, or 24, of the 294 patent lawsuits filed in the month related to smartphones or similar technology.


Senate passes bill that may curb patent trolling

09/08, 8:20pm

Senate clears America Invents Act

The US Senate passed in an 89 to 9 vote a bill originally put through Congress that could theoretically curb patent troll lawsuits. It will let the USPTO get more control over its fees and reduce the instances of its budget being diverted somewhere else. The bi-partisan vote was made with the hope of recruiting more examiners and modernizing equipment, both to speed up the process and to prevent overly broad patents from slipping through and being used to sue for dubious reasons.


HTC files trademarks for Enamor, Rhyme

08/17, 1:05pm

Early stage in releasing new smartphone or tablet

HTC has filed for trademark protection for two names with the USPTO. The company submitted two applications each for Enamor and Rhyme. If granted, the names could be used on either a mobile phone or tablet, HTC said in its categorizations.


Google finally defends developers against Lodsys lawsuit

08/13, 12:50pm

Google asks USPTO to invalidate Lodsys patents

Google has at last taken steps to try and protect Android developers from the wide-ranging Lodsys lawsuit, the company's general counsel Kent Walker stated Saturday. The company has asked the USPTO to reexamine the validity of two patents for in-app purchases that "should never have been issued," according to Walker. The approach described to Wired would either narrow the scope of the complaints or invalidate the patents entirely, likely forcing Lodsys to either limit the reach of lawsuits or toss them out entirely.


NTP wins reviews of patents in lawsuits vs. Apple, Microsoft

08/01, 3:15pm

NTP gets USPTO review of patents in key cases

Patent licensing house NTP on Monday won a ruling (below) that would give it a chance at continuing its wireless e-mail patent lawsuits against several major companies. The Washington, DC Federal Court of Appeals said the US Patent and Trademark Office should review the validity of seven of the eight patents in the cases, which targeted Apple, Google, Microsoft, and major US carriers, among others. Officials decided that interpretations might be too broad.


Apple patents physics metaphors for multitouch input

07/08, 2:30pm

Apple patent details physical gestures for inputs

Another Apple patent filing with the USPTO has surfaced, this one titled Intuitive, Gesture-based Communications with Physics Metaphors. It details using physical gesture that are similar to real-world actions to communicate between devices. Specifically, the concept tackles file storage and transfer commands.



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