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iPhone A6 imaged: boasts three graphics cores, LPDDR2 RAM

09/21, 9:40pm

New Samsung processor expected to double A5 performance

A combined effort between UBM TechInsights and Anandtech has produced deductions about the new Apple A6 processor found in the iPhone 5. A diffusion image of the processor shows two 32-bit memory channels and three GPU cores, with a 95 square mm die size.


New 4G iPad seen costing $310 to make, lowering margins

03/09, 7:45am

UBM sees Apple making less on new iPad

A UBM TechInsights preliminary breakdown of the new iPad's costs has suggested Apple is at least taking a slight price hit to build it. It believed that a 16GB, iPad 4G model cost about $310 in raw components. While it represented a 51 percent margin over the $629 price before many other factors came into play, it was significantly less than an equivalent 3G iPad 2's 56 percent margin when it was new in 2011.


iPhone 4S 32GB raw parts cost pegged at $203

10/04, 10:40pm

UBM estimates iPhone 4S costs on unveil

UBM Techinsights gave a preliminary cost breakdown of the iPhone 4S. Based on past history and estimates, it reckoned Apple's new phone would cost $203 in pure components for a 32GB version. The most expensive component would be the flash memory itself, at $38, followed by the 640x960 display ($31) and the dual-core A5 chip ($26).


A look inside Apple’s new A5 SOC

03/15, 5:50am

Larger die, faster RAM, built by Samsung

An electron microscope “teardown” by UBM TechInsights has yielded interesting details about the new Apple A5 system-on-a-chip (SOC) powering the iPad 2. Recent benchmarking has shown that it significantly outpaces the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor in the Motorola Xoom and other upcoming Android 3.0 tablets by some margin, particularly in its graphics performance. Part of the reason for the performance differential can be found in the cost of the chips to manufacture. Apple has apparently spared no expense by incorporating a chip that currently costs $25 per chip to manufacture. This works out to $10 more per chip to build than the Tegra 2.


iPad 2 estimated to cost no more than $326, less than Xoom

03/13, 10:00pm

iSuppli and UBM estimate iPad 2 at 326 tops

Analysts have provided somewhat conflicting cost breakdowns for the iPad 2 that nonetheless both put the Motorola Xoom in a poor light. iSuppli said Apple's tablet should cost $323.35 in raw parts for a 32GB, Verizon (EVDO) version or $326.60 for its AT&T (HSPA) equivalent. The HSPA version needs chipsets with Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi separate from the Intel/Infineon cellular chip where the EVDO version uses an all-in-one Qualcomm chipset, much like in the Verizon iPhone.


Xoom costs $33 more to make than iPad, priced $70 higher

02/28, 9:20pm

Motorola Xoom costs 275 to make, expensive vs iPad

Cost breakdowns of the Motorola Xoom have suggested that its price is disproportionately higher than what it costs to make. UBM TechInsights estimated on Monday that the Android 3.0 leader costs $278 in raw parts versus $235 for a similarly equipped 3G, 32GB iPad. The difference came even as Verizon charged $800 for the Xoom off-contract where its Apple counterpart cost just $730.



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