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HP unveils Spectre XT, Envy 4 Windows 8 multi-touch laptops

08/30, 12:07am

New models first Windows 8 offerings from HP

HP has announced a pair of consumer-grade notebooks, amongst the first products from the manufacturer that will ship with Windows 8. The HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook and the HP Envy Touchsmart Ultrabook 4 feature multi-touch displays, third-generation Intel Core processors, and all-metal construction.


HP boosts 3D: Wireless TV Connect, TouchSmart 620 3D, 2311gt

11/07, 7:45am

HP unveils trio of 3D-aware devices and PCs

HP started off the week with a push into 3D in areas it doesn't normally touch. Its media hub, the Wireless TV Connect, now has a new model that has the still-rare ability to stream 3D video from a PC to a TV. It's now much smaller but can still take the footage directly from a PC's HDMI adapter, up to 1080p with 7.1-channel surround, over a WHDI stream with "virtually no latency" to its own wired HDMI connection.


HP adds two new business class all-in-one PCs

09/07, 10:10am

Space saving form factor features Intel Core CPUs

HP has introduced two new all-in-one desktop PCs for the business market, the HP Pro 3420 and HP TouchSmart Elite 7320. Both computers incorporate backlit LED widescreen HD displays, 7200 rpm SATA drives with up to 1TB capacity and up to 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM. A 6-in-1 card reader, gigabit ethernet, headphone, microphone and line out connections are standard. An optional wireless LAN card tucks into a half-height PCIe expansion slot.


HP remakes all-in-ones: TouchSmart 320, 420, 520, new Omnis

09/07, 9:40am

HP intros five home all-in-ones with new designs

HP on Wednesday remade its TouchSmart all-in-ones for the home with five new models. The 20-inch TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch TouchSmart 420, and 23-inch TouchSmart 520 all have a completely new design with a weighted base that lets them freely tilt the computer and LCD while creating a sense of space. Beats Audio processing comes along with an optional Pulse Subwoofer for the 520 that can give it deeper bass without needing an entirely separate set of speakers.


Leak shows much thinner HP TouchSmart 520 all-in-one

08/12, 12:25pm

HP TouchSmart 520 spoiled early

HP is planning a major, much slicker redesign of its TouchSmart all-in-ones. An escaped promo video shows the TouchSmart 520 having a considerably slimmer design more akin to the iMac but with its own design touches. The easel-like frame intercepted by Engadget would change to use "sweeping support arms" that would allow for easily pivoting the display.


Firm sues Apple, HP, Intel over processor power patents

06/01, 11:10am

X2Y sues Apple, HP, and Intel in patent case

Relative unknown X2Y Attenuators on Tuesday sued Apple, HP, and Intel for allegedly copying its power technology. The Pennsylvania-based lawsuit claims that the three violate five patents for energy conditioning in processors, including the interposers that bring power from a chip's grid array to the chip circuits themselves. Multiple products violated the patents, but it singled out Apple's 27-inch iMac, HP's TouchSmart 610 all-in-one, and Intel's Core i7 processor as examples.


HP preps quad-core TouchSmart 610 all-in-one on Sunday

02/25, 1:45pm

HP TouchSmart 610 goes quad-core February 27

HP on Friday promised a major speed update to its range-topping all-in-one, the TouchSmart 610. The new Quad trim will jump from dual-core to either a 2.93GHz or 3.06GHz quad Core i7. The kick should improve their performance for gaming or heavy-duty HD video editing.


New HP TouchSmart PCs answer Apple's desktop touch worries

02/07, 7:45am

HP TouchSmart 610 and 9300 boast reclining touch

HP unveiled a pair of TouchSmart PCs that should be the first computers to address Apple's complaints about fatiguing desktop touch. The TouchSmart 610 and its business-focused 9300 sibling have a reclining screen that slides down as far as 60 degrees. Making the switch gives the all-in-ones a natural, tablet-like interface for using touch apps for hours without tiring one's arm and still having the option of an upright display.


HP unveils Omni 100, TouchSmart 310 all-in-ones

09/20, 11:45am

HP intros Omni 100, TouchSmart 310 all-in-one PCs

HP has introduced two new all-in-one PCs this week, with the TouchSmart 310 and Omni 100. Both include 20-inch screens with a 1600x900 resolution, though only the former's is touch-enabled to take advantage of HP's latest TouchSmart software. Th front end lets them access free and subscription-based apps from the web, and lets users easily drag apps, music, photos, videos and other content from the web onto the desktop, like fridge magnets.


HP quietly adds ULV Core i5 option to TouchSmart tm2

07/21, 3:00pm

HP TouchSmart tm2 gets Core i5 with Hyperthreading

HP raised the ceiling on the TouchSmart tm2 today by providing an option for a Core i5. The system doesn't advance past the 1.2GHz base clock speed of its regular Core i3 but now supports Hyperthreading and will behave like a quad-core notebook with the right apps. Other options, such as the Mobility Radeon HD 5450 graphics or the maximum 8GB of memory, remain intact.


iPad triples tablet sales in Europe as PC prices go back up

07/09, 12:50pm

iPad overwhelms Tablet PC in Euro sales

The iPad nearly tripled sales of tablets in Europe during just its first month on sale, Context Research estimated this week. Apple's tablet was only available from May 28 in the continent, but by itself grew the market by 257 percent. The figure is one of the few specific to the continent and suggests that the combined Windows tablet PC market in Europe for spring was well below the hundreds of thousands of iPads likely to have been sold.


HP Touchsmart tm2 may get Core i3, i5 in June

05/07, 2:55pm

Touchsmart tm2 to get Core i3, i5 in June?

HP's convertible notebook, the HP TouchSmart tm2, will soon get a performance upgrade courtesy of Intel's Core i3, Core i5 chips. To date, the 12.1-inch notebook has used a CULV-based, low-power Core 2 Duo processor. According to a German leak, the new notebooks arrive in June, though when they make it to North America remains to be seen.


HP intros iMac-like All-in-One 200, updates TouchSmart 600

04/21, 12:00am

HP patterns AIO more directly after iMac

HP as part of its desktop updates this morning updated its All-in-One lineup with a new model and faster speeds for existing PCs. The new PC, the All-in-One 200, drops the easel designs of most of HP's all-in-ones for a monitor-like design not unlike the iMac. HP's system is oriented to the budget side, however, and has a design that can swivel the display independently of the base, not just pivot up or down.


IDC: iPad won't benefit Windows tablet PCs

03/08, 10:45am

Analysts see no effect on Windows from iPad

Apple's impending launch of the iPad won't have a "rising tide" effect on sales of Windows-based tablet PCs, IDC said in a new estimate today. While the Apple tablet could well be successful, the analysts don't expect that success to spill over to devices like the HP slate or the Lenovo IdeaPad U1. Windows tablets like these will get publicity but no large sales, IDC said.


HP TouchSmart 600 Quad jumps to Core i7

02/03, 10:15am

HP 23-inch AIO gets quad-core, GT 230M video

HP in mid-week has upgraded its best all-in-one with a tangible speed upgrade. The TouchSmart 600 Quad still has a 23-inch screen but leaps from a Core 2 Duo to a quad-core 1.6GHz or 1.73GHz Core i7. Video performance gets its own lift as the system comes with a dedicated GeForce GT 230M replacing the integrated G210 from before.


HP EliteBook tablet possibly slated for spring refresh

01/18, 6:20pm

HP EliteBook 2740p could ship in spring

HP may finally have an update for its older EliteBook tablet in store, as an inadvertent post by Michigan's Mercy High School has potentially spoiled the PC builder's plans. The unisex school is planning a computer bundle that will give students an EliteBook 2740p tablet despite knowing the system won't ship until spring. Other than confirming that it will remain a pro notebook, the EliteBook doesn't get additional hardware details.


HP tablet 'confirmed,' but Courier "far off"

01/06, 4:30pm

Microsoft keynote may not bring Courier

An HP tablet is coming at tonight's Microsoft keynote but may not be the rumored Courier tablet, multiple sources indicate today. A contact for Reuters says to expect a media-centric, multi-touch device from HP at Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer's keynote, but doesn't provide details. Journalist Kara Swisher adds, however, that her own contacts are adamant it won't be the dual-screen Courier and instead will be a slate that runs Microsoft software.


HP TouchSmart tm2 gets Netflix, 9-hour battery

01/06, 12:00am

TouchSmart tm2 upgrades HP's tablet PC

HP's TouchSmart convertible tablet has received an upgrade in the form of the tm2. It now has a sleeker, unibody-like design much like the Envy 13 and has made a switch from AMD to low-power Intel Core 2 Duos to extend the battery life; HP claims up to 9 hours even on the stock battery. An option for Mobility Radeon HD graphics give it a lift in video.


HP slip confirms new Intel CPUs, Radeons

12/09, 12:05pm

Intel Arrandale, Clarkdale and Radeon 5x00 seen

A leaked document from HP has confirmed some roadmap details for both Intel and AMD. As part of a plan to update its all-in-one PCs with a new Pavilion model in April, the company says it expects to use dual-core Core i3 and i5 desktop processors and reiterates their key features. The Core i5 will have Turbo Boost to shut down some cores and overclock others and will also have hardware acceleration of AES encryption; Core i3 goes without but is based on the same architecture.


HP gives all-in-ones multi-touch, Hulu and Netflix

10/13, 12:00am

HP launches TouchSmart 300 and 600

HP early today is making an aggressive push into touchscreen PCs with two key updates to its TouchSmart home all-in-ones. The TouchSmart 300 and 600 add true multi-touch input and have significantly expanded use for the technology: they can not only use pinch-to-zoom, flicks and other gestures in the general operating system thanks to Windows 7 but in several new touch apps for the systems' custom front end. They can now navigate Hulu or Netflix streaming video, stream Pandora or Rhapsody music, or update and follow Twitter feeds all primarily using touch.


HP updates tx2 tablet, intros 9100 all-in-one

10/13, 12:00am

HP TouchSmart tx2 and 9100 made for Win 7

HP in gearing up for Windows 7 added two newer touchscreen PCs to its mix. The TouchSmart tx2 convertible tablet now makes better use of its multi-touch display both in the OS as well as in the new apps specific to HP's TouchSmart front end; users can watch Hulu or Netflix from the touch interface as well as update Twitter or stream Pandora and Rhapsody music. Unlike most such screens, the tx2's input isn't solely finger-oriented and will work with a stylus as well.


Dell intros Latitude XT2 multi-touch tablet [U]

02/10, 8:25am

Dell Latitude XT2

(Updated with pricing) Dell as promised has launched the Latitude XT2 as the second-generation of its convertible tablet PC. The new version comes with multi-touch support out of the box and uses pinches, swipes and other gestures to zoom and scroll through apps that support the features, such as web browsers and photo viewers. It also continues to carry a second digitizer and will work with a bundled stylus for more precise control or for drawing.


HP intros business TouchSmart desktops

01/12, 4:40pm

HP intros business PCs

At CES, HP introduced its dx9000 TouchSmart Business PC, based on the current HP TouchSmart PC for home users. While the hardware is identical to the existing TouchSmart PCs, HP is already working with DNA Digital Media Group, GuestMVP, Interactive Multimedia Artists and Uniguest to develop business-oriented applications for the new PC. In the future, the computer-maker hopes to expand upon this group.


Microsoft a major investor in touchscreen firm

01/12, 10:20am

Microsoft Invests N-Trig

Israeli touchscreen maker N-Trig today revealed that it has received a total of $24 million in funding from a group of investors led by Microsoft. The American developer is the largest contributor and says its undisclosed amount is there to encourage the use of multi-touch technology with Windows 7, which is the first desktop Windows platform to be built with touchscreens in mind.


N-trig multi-touch tech to expand beyond Dell, HP

11/26, 4:20pm

N-trig applications expand

The N-trig multi-touch technology will remain confined to mobile PCs, as per N-trig's VP of Business Development, Lenny Engelhardt, according to a Tuesday CNET report. Currently, the N-trig interface is available in Dell's Latitude XT tablet PC and, more recently, the HP TouchSmart tx2 tablet, with the interfaces sporting some minor manufacturer-specific differences. N-trig uses a thin and transparent capacitive touch sensor with its circuitry located on either side of it.


Apple to intro quad-core iMacs in January?

11/19, 7:50am

Quad Core iMac in January

Apple is waiting on a special round of Intel chips to update its iMacs with quad-core processors, according to claims by PC makers. The California company is reportedly hinging its move on a new set of desktop Core 2 Quad processors due in January that are specifically power-optimized for all-in-one desktops, dropping the thermal peak power from a too-high 95W down to 65W. They would have the same performance characteristics as existing processors and include a 2.33GHz Q8200 with 4MB of Level 2 cache, a 2.66GHz Q9400 with 6MB of cache and a 2.83GHz Q9550 with the full 12MB of cache.


HP beats Apple to home notebook with multi-touch LCD

11/19, 12:00am

HP TouchSmart tx2

HP today became the first PC maker to incorporate a multi-touch display in a home-focused notebook with the TouchSmart tx2. Stylistically similar to the tx2500 series convertible tablets, the new model now accepts two-finger gestures to pinch, rotate and otherwise control media both in the MediaSmart front-end (which also makes its first notebook appearance) and in general apps such as the Office suite. Users can drag objects or flick to scroll quickly, and still have the option of falling back to a stylus for handwriting or more precise actions.


HP touchscreen notebook due by year's end

10/16, 10:05am

HP Touch Notebook Due Soon

HP's promised touchscreen notebooks could be available by the end of this year, say sources of the Wall Street Journal. Similar to the company's recent TouchSmart desktops, at least one unnamed portable will come with HP software specifically made to use a touchscreen interface. The system will join what HP hopes will be a whole family of touchscreen devices, the newspaper says.


HP confirms TouchSmart notebooks, denies work on OS

09/16, 4:30pm

HP denies OS development

While speaking to the press at a consumer event in London on Tuesday, Hewlett Packard’s vice president of the Personal Systems Group Eric Cador again confirmed the company will soon release notebooks with TouchSmart technology and software. As per a report from Pocket-lint, HP unveiled a new TouchSmart desktop at the event. In addition to confirming the new notebooks, Cador dispelled a myth about HP’s developing an operating system that would be an alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Vista.


HP ups TouchSmart to 26 inches, Blu-ray

09/16, 12:00am

HP TouchSmart IQ800

HP tonight updated its TouchSmart all-in-one PCs to push them into high-end home theater territory not covered by earlier models or rivals such as the iMac. The IQ800 series carries a 25.5-inch, 1920x1200 display that converts the touchscreen PC into a near home theater; accordingly, the system comes with a Blu-ray combo drive in one model while all of them have 1080p-capable video and ATSC/NTSC TV tuners. To match the HTPC focus, either system also has new ambient lighting on their chins that either illuminates the wireless keyboard on a desktop or just sets the mood.


HP developing own home OS to avoid Windows?

09/12, 11:15am

HP Developing Own OS

HP is exploring development of its own Linux variant designed just for the home, according to insiders speaking with BusinessWeek. The software would be simpler than most Linux distributions and would be specifically designed to avoid a dependence on Microsoft's Windows operating systems on consumer systems, which have been forced to move to Vista despite a poor reaction to the platform. Details of the operating system are otherwise unknown.


HP plans touchscreen notebook in 18 months

08/06, 7:25am

HP Touch Notebook in 18 Mo

HP intends to have a notebook with a touchscreen display on the market within the next 18 months, the company has told the Wall Street Journal. The company was one of the first to introduce a mainstream, touchscreen desktop in the TouchSmart series but now says that it sees enough interest in the format to be one of the first with a portable PC offering a heavily touch-driven interface. The company has already introduced a tablet PC for the mainstream through the tx series but still depends on a stylus inside a conventional interface and would like to change the interface to a more natural one for future devices.


Next-gen HP TouchSmart hits retail

07/14, 11:00am

HP TouchSmart at Retail

HP today said that the second generation of its TouchSmart PC should now be at retail stores across much of the US. The 22-inch all-in-one desktop should be available both in the base IQ504 model ($1,299) with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB of memory, and 320GB hard drive as well as a deluxe IQ506 model ($1,499) with a 2.16GHz processor, a TV tuner, dedicated GeForce 9300M GS video, and a 500GB hard disk for extra space.


HP TouchSmart update tackles iMac, Gateway

06/10, 4:00am

HP TouchSmart IQ500

HP on Tuesday completely replaced theTouchSmart PC with a new design more conspicuously aimed at the iMac and a recent crop of Windows-based all-in-ones such as the Gateway One. The IQ500 series expands from the earlier 19-inch screen to a 22-inch model that also eliminates the separate floating display: the entire computer is stored behind the main display and uses a slot-load optical drive as well as side-mounted ports to keep the design thin. The touchscreen interface has likewise been given a makeover with a new Cover Flow-like fan layout for choosing music from album covers, an enhanced image editor, and an application tray that gives users access to many more touchscreen-driven apps than the original.



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