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Inventec building HP's 7-inch webOS tablet for August?

06/24, 4:45pm

Subcontractor leaks production details

HP has reportedly chosen Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Inventec to build the seven-inch webOS tablet, which is referred to as the Opal, a subcontractor has told Taiwan Economic News. The device, which serves as a smaller counterpart to the 9.7-inch TouchPad, is said to be ready for production with an estimated launch time-frame aimed for August.


Late leaks: HP showing Veer, Pre3, Touchpad today

02/09, 12:20pm

HP leak shows Topaz and tiny phone due at event

A last-minute series of leaks on Wednesday has given away HP's plans for its special webOS event in an hour. The launch will include both the Topaz tablet, now believed to be but also a sometimes rumored "smallest" ever smartphone, the Veer. Robert Scoble didn't have many details but said it was the smallest he'd "ever seen" and looked like a "large pebble in your hand."


HP video teases device ahead of February 9 event; Topaz?

02/02, 7:05pm

HP Topaz tablet hinted in teaser video

HP today posted a teaser clip (below) for a device it will show at its February 9 event. The video shows little, but it does point to the Topaz tablet as a possibility through its very curved design and what appears to be a rotation lock. A sleep/wake button and a speaker are also caught in the brief glimpse.


HP: Feb. 9 webOS devices ship in weeks with Apple as target

01/28, 12:15pm

HP CEO hints February 9 webOS devices ship soon

HP's new CEO Leo Apotheker said in an interview late Thursday that at least some of the webOS hardware due at the February 9 event will ship quickly. He promised the BBC that these would be real, near-term introductions and that the hardware would be ready 'just a few weeks later.' The company was backing away from the mistakes of premature announcements that it made with devices like the Slate 500, which was unveiled in early January 2010 but didn't ship until October and had lost nearly all attention to the iPad.


HP webOS tablets may get own music store, Kindle and Netflix

01/27, 12:05am

Rumor gives HP Opal and Topaz music and movie apps

HP's Opal and Topaz webOS tablets may have a heavy media leaning based on rumors this evening of its content deals. Its cloud storage is now thought to be used for a media store. Clayton Morris, the source of past claims, understood that it may initially involve a deal with Amazon for its MP3 and VOD services but could switch to a semi-independent service based on more

Leak shows webOS tablet UI elements

01/24, 5:30pm

WebOS tablet controls detailed early

A follow-up leak has given away how webOS will work on HP's Opal and Topaz tablets as well as future touch-only smartphones. The interface on a larger screen will now be split into panels depending on the screen size of the device. A smartphone would only see a single screen, PreCentral found, but larger tablets would see two or three panels, such as a list of messages side-by-side with the message bodies.


HP Topaz specs leak shows dual-core Snapdragon, 64GB storage

01/24, 2:05pm

HP Topaz tablet gets performance and

HP's Topaz webOS tablet had its detailed if early hardware specifications escape on Monday with evidence of a speed upgrade. The 9.7-inch slate should come with a dual-core, 1.2GHz MSM8660 Snapdragon processor and use the matching, 1080p-capable Adreno 220 graphics. Even with the added speed, PreCentral learned in the leak that the Palm team would be aiming for over eight hours of battery life with two 3,150mAh lithium-ion packs providing power.


HP Opal, Topaz to have iPad resolution, OS cloud sync

01/19, 12:25pm

HP Opal and Topaz to use 1024x768 screens, Beats

More details have popped up for HP's Opal and Topaz tablets that in a leak that shows at least some parallels to the iPad. Both devices will be the only known mainstream tablets outside of the iPad to have 1024x768 screens. Engadget's contacts added that the 9-inch Opal's dimensions will be so close to those of the iPad that it will be just 0.04 inches smaller on average than its Apple counterpart.


HP may ship first webOS tablets in March

01/18, 11:10pm

HP Topaz may ship as soon as March

Supplier insiders claimed Tuesday night that HP would ship its first webOS tablets in March. The Palm team reportedly finished designing its tablets in 2010 but won't have its contractor, Inventec, ship until March. Digitimes' contacts said the delay gave HP and Palm time to test the software and coordinate the launch.


HP hints webOS tablet leak wasn't the latest

01/18, 8:00pm

HP sends 2nd webOS invite vowing more than rumors

HP played a rare game with the media Tuesday night and sent out a second pseudo-invitation to its February 9 event that hinted much more was on the way. The brief notice hinted that leaks of the Opal and Topaz tablets were incomplete or outdated and that much more could appear at the special gathering. "Think you saw the latest on Engadget?" it read. "Think again."


HP 7- and 9-inch webOS tablets leak with 4G, September debut

01/18, 2:25pm

HP Opal and Topaz webOS tablets shown

HP's webOS tablets were finally uncovered for the first time in a leak that has given some of their first concrete details. In addition to the nine-inch Topaz, a seven-inch counterpart known as the Opal is due to arrive with a heavy focus on e-reading. Both of the Palm-designed slates were identified by Engadget as having front facing cameras, micro USB for docking and what may be a unique "premium audio" focus with three speakers.


HP hints wide range of webOS news at February 9 event

01/13, 12:55pm

HP exec talks about upcoming webOS event

A CNBC interview with HP's Personal Systems Group Executive VP has revealed some hints about what can be expected at the planned February 9 event. Todd Bradley confirmed the event will focus on webOS and that a broad public set of announcements can be expected as well. Bradley didn't quite confirm that a tablet will be shown off, but did say HP bought Palm for a strategic reason and webOS was largely the aim.


HP plans webOS event for February 9, tablet a possibility

01/05, 1:20am

HP webOS event scheduled for Feb 9 in SF

HP on Tuesday sent out invitations for a special press event on February 9. The San Francisco meeting was only described as an "exciting webOS announcement" and hinted that there might be "big" and "small" hardware. The gathering is the first in two years from the Palm team to have gone outside of CES.


HP to make major webOS announcement on Feb. 9th

01/04, 4:20pm

Phones, tablet expected

HP is sending out press invitations to a special webOS event on February 9th, reports say. The event will take place in San Francisco, and is being advertised with the slogan "Think big. Think small. Think beyond." Notably missing from the invitation graphic is Palm, which was bought by HP and originally created webOS; HP may be phasing out the Palm name.


HP and Palm recruiting actors for Broadway, Manta and Topaz

12/29, 12:20pm

HP actor call hints Palm Broadway, Manta and Topaz

HP and Palm confirmed in a newly found casting call that at least three previously leaked webOS devices are getting close to launch. Actors who sign up for the role are told they would be starring in web videos for the Broadway and Manta smartphones as well as the Topaz tablet. The Pre Central-intercepted recruiting attempt didn't say what would happen in the ad other than that it would involve under-35 "hip" and "stylish" people.


HP going on webOS hiring spree

12/29, 11:50am

Job postings for webOS support environment

HP and Palm, along with their recruiters, are attempting to hire a large number of programmers and software engineers, as evidenced by job posts on sites like LinkedIn, SimplyHired and Palm's own page. Positions to be filled include a senior software engineer for e-mail sync, a senior manager for information and product security and developers to "deliver compelling solutions and applications for the webOS ecosystem."


Palm tablet nicknamed Topaz, Bluetooth keyboard leaks

12/17, 4:15pm

Palm Topaz tablet leaks out through keyboard

HP's and Palm's webOS tablet was given some of its first more tangible details through a leak of an accessory. Internally, the slate is now codenamed the Topaz and will have a companion Bluetooth keyboard. Details unearthed by Engadget suggested it would take cues from Apple's Wireless Keyboard with a numberpad-free, chiclet layout but also with special function keys that work both for a mobile OS and the desktop, in this case webOS and Windows.



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