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TomTom Bandit action camera creates highlight reels after shaking

04/30, 8:42am

Onboard media server on TomTom Bandit allows for on-device editing before video transfers

GPS producer TomTom has unveiled its own take on the action camera, one which offers on-device editing and highlights creation. The TomTom Bandit has a built-in media server that allows it to process videos before sharing them with a smartphone, and is able to create a highlights compilation from available video clips whenever the user shakes the camera.


TomTom launches Golfer GPS watch pre-orders in Europe

09/26, 9:41pm

TomTom Golfer stores, regularly updates data for over 34,000 golf courses

GPS manufacturer TomTom has launched a sports watch in a similar vein to its Runner devices, aimed at golfers. The aptly-named TomTom Golfer can provide players with information about their next shot, including how far the pin and hazards are from the ball, the best approach to the green, and also keeps track of the score, distance, and time for the round.


Briefly: Convoi audio conference app, MySports app for TomTom watch

01/30, 11:50pm

Citrix Convoi iOS app combines text with audio conferencing

Citrix's text with audio conferencing app, Convoi, was released this week -- offering secure group text and voice communication for iOS. Users can execute free team chat and call service, facilitating interactions without the need to share one's phone number. Originally released as GoTogether last month, the app was pulled for a revision to its audio quality. Now renamed, Convoi has improved its audio, and added a real-time audio quality connection icon, so users can be aware of their own and their group members' connection status.


Briefly: TomTom's MySports app, new Percent Mate calculator for iOS

12/02, 5:31pm

TomTom's GPS watches' new MySports mobile app, offering easy data upload

TomTom, a GPS gadget producer, has announced its latest software release to compliment its GPS watches. TomTom MySports offers flexibility to runners, cyclists and swimmers in respects to their interactions with their performance data. Users of the Sports Watch can upload and access their key performance information to the app without needing to connect to a computer.


Briefly: Nook price cuts in UK, TomTom adds traffic alerts

09/04, 8:05am

Barnes & Noble discounts Nook HD, HD+ in United Kingdom

Barnes & Noble has cut the price of its Nook tablets in the United Kingdom, in what appears to be a stock clearance. The Nook HD, with a seven-inch display, will cost £79 ($123) and £99 ($154) for the 8GB and 16GB models respectively, while the nine-inch Nook HD+ will go for £129 ($201) for the 16GB model and £149 ($232) for the 32GB version.


TomTom refreshes GO GPS, reveals new sports watches

04/17, 12:41pm

Simplified range, new maps, lifetime traffic updates

TomTom has updated one range of its dedicated GPS devices, and revealed a new line of GPS sports watches. The TomTom GO adds a new interactive map as well as more information for drivers, while the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport marks a departure by the company from its previous Nike-branded efforts.


Skype, TomTom, Vimeo iOS apps get major updates

11/28, 10:56am

Skype allows merging Messenger, Hotmail, Outlook contacts

Several key iOS apps have received major updates today, most notably Skype and Skype for iPad. The pair can now access Messenger, Hotmail, and contacts after a person has entered their Microsoft account info. People who haven't used Skype before can now finally create an account from within the app, and instant messaging has been improved with selectable emoticons, and the ability to edit messages by tapping and holding. On the dialpad, saved phone numbers can be edited without having to visit a separate window.


TomTom brings offline navigation app to Android devices

10/04, 10:14am

TomTom Android app is lacking support for some of the latest Android devices

TomTom has gone ahead and delivered its promised navigation app ($50, Google Play) for Android-powered mobile devices. The app brings offline navigation capability as well, making it suitable for driving to new and remote places. It's largely the same app as the one offered for iOS users, and includes radar camera warnings in some countries, free map updates, and traffic guidance, among others.


TomTom iOS app updates with Foursquare, Bluetooth hooks

08/21, 3:07pm

Tweaks route, destination selection options

TomTom has updated its iOS navigation app, available for a number of different regions, to v1.11. Several improvements have been made, such as Foursquare integration, which lets users find places to go via the service with or without logging in; after logging in, though, the app also lets users check in at a location. Another upgrade is Bluetooth A2DP support, which lets users stream audio to any paired speaker nearby.


Briefly: Velocomp phone mount, Team GB S III, Roku Pandora

08/01, 2:43pm

Velocomp unveils iBike Moto iPhone motorcycle mount

Velocomp has launched a new motorcycle mounting system for the iPhone, the iBike Moto. The mount is made of machined aluminium by motorcycle specialist Techmount, attachable to the handlebars and capable of swiveling 360 degrees. A water- and shock-resistant case covers the iPhone, closed by a Click-Latch mechanism. The included iBike Moto App acts as a digital dashboard and fuel gauge, as well as the mapping system. The iBike Moto is on sale for $80.


TomTom offers up iPhone, Android hands-free car kits

07/31, 7:49am

TomTom releases new iPhone, Android hands-free car kits

TomTom has offered up two new hands-free car kits, one for the iPhone and the other for Android smartphones. The iPhone version integrates the 30-pin adapter, while the Android version includes a microUSB charging cable to allowing it to accommodate a wide range of devices. TomTom says it has built-in a noise and echo cancellation function over a 2-watt speaker to boost call clarity when driving.


TomTom serves up Map Share service free to all devices

06/28, 9:08am

TomTom opening crowd-sourced map data to all users

TomTom is making its Map Share service available to users of all its devices for free. Users can choose to update their device on a daily basis for the latest map information served up by fellow TomTom users. As the video below shows, updates available include crowd-sourced information on speed zone changes, different street names or blocked roads.


iOS 6 Maps turn-by-turn to require iPhone 4S or iPad 2

06/12, 11:18am

TomTom confirms deal to supply mapping data

Two Maps-related features in iOS 6 will require at least an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2 to function, despite requirements for the rest of the OS, Apple has quietly revealed. A check of the official Maps page shows the fact mentioned only in a footnote. "Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will be available only on iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later," the page reads, adding that "some features may not be available in all countries or all areas."


iOS 6 Maps app uses TomTom mapping data

06/11, 6:05pm

Also uses data from anonymous 'others'

The iOS 6 Maps app, revealed today, actually uses TomTom data as its primary source of mapping data, screenshots show. A check of the Acknowledgements section lists TomTom under copyrights. The app's corner menu, meanwhile, mentions "Data from TomTom, others."


RIM hires TomTom for HD Traffic service in phones

05/08, 1:41pm

TomTom brings its HD Traffic service to RIM smartphones

RIM on Tuesday announced it has partnered with TomTom to bring the latter's HD Traffic service onto the former's smartphones. BlackBerry apps including Traffic, Maps, and Locate Services will get TomTom's touch, and even developers will have access to mapping and traffic for integration into their own apps. HD Traffic provides real-time traffic information to platforms.


TomTom updates iOS apps with social networking functions

04/11, 1:30pm

Adds hooks for Twitter, Facebook

GPS maker TomTom has released an updated edition of its flagship iOS app. Version 1.10 implements several promised social networking features, most notably Facebook integration. Users can choose to navigate to places and events listed on the website, and optionally share destinations and arrival times with others.


TomTom fixes leap-year GPS bug over the air

04/04, 4:15pm

TomTom issues leap-year GPS bug fix

Portable navigator device maker TomTom has issued an over-the-air software fix for its so-called leap-year GPS issue. The Go Live and many other units were affected, and haven't been able to find their location since March 31. Users were met with a grey screen or poor signal message instead.


TomTom to make iOS app social, reorganize GPS lineup

01/11, 1:00pm

Future iOS app will guide to network contacts

TomTom has announced a series of upcoming product changes at CES. Of special note is the company's iOS app, which will see a v1.10 update later this quarter. The new app will sport an unusually high level of social network integration, allowing people to pull information from Facebook and Twitter to navigate to friends, places, and events. Working in the other direction, people will also be able to share destinations and arrival times, whether via Facebook, Twiiter, email, or SMS.


Renault to install R-Link tablet in two cars next year

12/09, 1:15pm

Renault seeks developers for telematics platform

Over in Europe, French carmaker Renault has said it will install R-Link, a seven-inch, voice-activated tablet into two new models due out in 2012. It will give users the ability to control it using their voice, the touchscreen or a steering wheel-mounted remote control. The system will link to user's smartphones and the cloud as well, for accessing social networks.


TomTom to cut 10% of jobs as smartphones take over

12/08, 7:50pm

Standalone navigation devices struggle to compete

TomTom has announced plans to make significant cuts to its workforce, a move that will leave 10 percent of its current employees out of work. The layoffs are expected to help the company reduce costs as it struggles to survive in a market that has encountered difficulty maintaining hardware sales.


TomTom updates iOS GPS app to support iPad

10/21, 11:35am

iPhone 3G to lose out on any future features

TomTom has released a new version of its GPS app for iOS, bringing the software up to v1.9. The title is now a universal app with a new iPad interface. The most attention has been dedicated to a new driving layout, which lets iPad users see the driving view and lane guidance images at the same time. Menu options, similarly, can be brought up without cutting away from the map screen.


Tom Tom unveils Top Gear Edition featuring Jeremy Clarkson

10/09, 7:15am

Tom Tom Top Gear Edition out now

Tom Tom has taken the wraps of its in Top Gear Edition GO Live GPS navigation system featuring the voice of co-host Jeremy Clarkson. It joins a range of devices now featuring the Clarkson’s unique take on driving (audio embedded below) including the PS3’s Gran Turismo 5 and the Xbox 360’s forthcoming Forza Motorsport 4.


LightSquared claims to have fix for GPS clash with 4G

09/14, 6:20pm

LightSquared has tech to solve GPS-4G interference

LightSquared during a call on Wednesday that it had developed a fix for its GPS interference complaints. Working with an unnamed top GPS company, it hoped to rebuff GPS industry criticism with an example of GPS technology that could get an accurate position lock without running up against LightSquared's LTE wireless. The change runs on existing hardware and is "affordable," executive regulatory VP Jeff Carlisle said.


TomTom puts out Go Live 1535M with full app platform

08/29, 8:25pm

Apps include Yelp, Twitter, Expedia

TomTom has introduced its latest navigation device, the Go Live 1535M. The standalone GPS unit is claimed to be the first to offer a full app platform, enabling users to take advantage of travel apps and social networking features that have been available on various smartphone platforms. The Live connected services will include Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Expedia.


TomTom bleeds GPS share faster than expected due to phones

06/27, 1:30pm

TomTom loses North American share fast in 2011

TomTom issued a warning Monday that its GPS units were losing share to Android and iPhone hardware faster than it first thought. Its North American stake was seeing a "faster rate of decline" than it saw at the start and would plunge 30 percent for all of 2011. Europe was seeing an expected 10 percent drop, but more of these GPS navigators were entry models and fewer were being stocked in stores.


Anonymous TomTom data used for Dutch speed traps

04/27, 4:00pm

TomTom data used for speed traps in Europe

Location data users choose to share with TomTom also ends up being shared with the police in the Netherlands, according to Dutch news outlet AD. The authorities use it to see which areas are the fastest travelled, and therefore where to set up speed traps. While data is anonymous and users cannot be identified when they're speeding, it still poses a possible fine to motorists.


TomTom ships Go 2535, 2545 GPS mappers to US

04/11, 12:15pm

TomTom ships Go 2535 M Live with HD Traffic in US

TomTom has began a widespread shipment of its Go 2405 and Go 2505-based GPS navigators in the US with the Go 2535 M Live, Go 2535 and Go 2545. The Go 2535 M Live first showed up at CES as the Go 2505 M Live while the latter pair shipped in February and sports voice recognition. The connected, five-inch Go 2535 M Live for the first time gives US users access to TomTom's HD Traffic services.


TomTom ships slim VIA GPS units to US shores

04/01, 9:25am

TomTom VIA 1405, 1505 ship to the US

Following its brief tease at CES, TomTom on Friday shipped its overhauled VIA GPS navigators to the US. The 4.3-inch 1405 and 1435, as well as the five-inch 1505 and 1535, all have a much slimmer design with an EasyPort mount that more easily grafts on to the dash or the windshield. They mark the formal launch of a reworked interface, both on the touchscreen and through a new natural-language voice command system.


TomTom denies rumor of selling map group under pressure

03/24, 12:15pm

TomTom rebuffs rumors of map unit sell-off

TomTom executive committee member Taco Titulaer on Thursday rejected a rumor started by analyst group Mergermarket that it was selling off its map content division. The former Tele Atlas group would stay intact and wasn't on sale at all. Its navigation data was "core to [TomTom's] strategy and product offering," Titulaer told Reuters.


TomTom licenses speed camera database to developers

03/23, 12:50pm

Data to be used for avoiding enforcement

TomTom has announced that it is now licensing its speed camera database to third-party developers. The content includes more than 50,000 warnings spread across 24 different countries. Fixed speed cameras serve as the primary focus, but the data also includes locations of red light cameras, speed averaging systems, and 'black spots' surrounding high-risk areas that have a history of high accident rates.


TomTom quietly slips out new GO 2435, 2535 navigation units

02/22, 1:50pm

New TomTom navigators get voice recognition

GPS maker TomTom has introduced new portable navigation devices, broken up into two ranges. The Go 2435 and the Go 2535 editions both sport a thin design and get the same capacitive touchscreen introduced on the Go 2505TM. A newfound feature common to both lines is the intuitive Voice Recognition that lets users speak destinations while driving.


Nike intros Nike+ SportsWatch GPS

01/06, 6:30am

Boosts performance with GPS tracking

Nike has introduced its new Nike+ SportsWatch GPS at CES 2011. It leverages the shoe-based Nike+ sensor to track time, pace, distance, calories burned and heart rate. Using Tom Tom navigation technology, the SportsWatch GPS will track what a user does, how they do it, and then motivates the user to improve on previous performances over the each route.


TomTom brings VIA series to North American markets

01/05, 3:05pm

Options include 4.3- and 5-inch displays

TomTom has announced that it will bring its VIA-series GPS navigators to the North American market. The new offerings will include the 4.3-inch VIA 1405 and 1435, along with the 5.0-inch VIA 1405 and 1435. Each of the devices features a slim design paired with an EasyPort mount that adapts to windshield or dash mounts and a range of viewing angles.


TomTom updates 5" Go 2505 GPS with Live traffic, weather

01/05, 2:45pm

GPS offers updated fuel pricing

TomTom has introduced an updated version of its 5-inch Go 2505 M standalone GPS navigator. The latest edition connects with the company's range of Live services, which provide a variety of real-time information. US users will be able to access updated traffic information, fuel prices, local search, and weather forecasts.


Garmin cuts losses, formally quits smartphones

11/03, 8:10pm

Garmin Q3 marks exit from smartphone business

Garmin while discussing its summer fiscal results today confirmed that it was quitting the smartphone business. The company decided after considering its position that it "cannot reach the scale necessary" to compete with others in smartphones and was shutting down its efforts. Staff involved in research and development would be moved to the in-car GPS team and other areas where the company was still growing, it said.


TomTom Go 2405, 2505 bring major new UI, instant rerouting

11/01, 9:30am

TomTom Go 2405 and 2505 get non-stop rerouting

TomTom today unveiled a significant overhaul of its GPS navigators for the US through the 4.3-inch Go 2405 TM and the five-inch Go 2505 TM. Both have TomTom's newer user interface, which at once speeds up getting to core info and supports multi-touch. A capacitive glass touchscreen lets users pinch to zoom and swipe between screens.


HTC Desire HD, Z using TomTom maps for GPS

10/20, 11:45am

HTC smartphones to ship with TomTom maps app

GPS device maker TomTom and smartphone producer HTC have announced on Wednesday a collaboration that will bring the former's mapping software to HTC hardware. As such, the HTC Locations app will be preloaded onto smartphones throughout Europe and Asia. It is already and initially available on the Desire HD and Desire Z.


TomTom GPS gets custom art, roadside help

10/12, 4:15pm

TomTom adds custom art option, roadside help plan

TomTom on Tuesday opened the customization of new navigators purchased online. Through a partnership with CafePress, TomTom lets users pick from hundreds of available designs, custom artwork and even uploaded personal photos. There is no indication how much, if anything, this option adds to the price of a device.


Sony switches to TomTom to power new in-dash GPS

09/30, 10:00am

Sony 660BT and 770BT GPS goes with TomTom

Sony today made a sharp break from its past insistence on in-house GPS and revealed two AV and navigation units that use TomTom for GPS. The six-inch XNV-660BT and seven-inch XNV-770BT take advantage of TomTom's mapping to bring in IQ Routes, which picks the quickest route based on historical traffic rather than just distance, as well as community-sourced points of interest through MapShare and lane guidance. Either unit gets a full set of maps for North America along with a year's worth of map upgrades.


TomTom Go Live 1000, future Magellan GPS units hit FCC

09/16, 6:05pm

TomTom Go Live 1000, Magellan flagships hit FCC

The FCC has leaked word of two new including the Magellan RoadMate 9020/9055 as well as TomTom's Go Live 1000. More is known about the latter device, as it will be based on a WebKit interface, which is new for TomTom. It will sport a capacitative touchscreen, a magnetic mount and connected services such as real-time traffic updates.


TomTom offers up free iPhone 4 adapter for GPS car kit

09/09, 6:15pm

TomTom offers free iPhone 4 adapter for car kit

TomTom is now offering a free adapter to owners of the car kit to mount the iPhone 4 in their vehicle. Kits shipped starting in September include the new mount, while those who purchased the kits before that can claim the mount starting on September 10.


TomTom and Garmin add Yoda, KITT voices

07/08, 6:30pm

TomTom adds Yoda, Garmin gets KITT voice

As promised, TomTom has made Yoda's voice available for download for its compatible portable navigation devices. The speech pack is the third in a series of Star Wars character voices already on tap, joining C-3PO and Darth Vader. Han Solo's voice will be added in August.


Nokia research lead jumps ship for TomTom

06/25, 12:40pm

Nokia head of R&D team goes to TomTom

Nokia Head Technologist Charles Davies is leaving the phone maker in favor of TomTom, it was learned on Friday. Davies led a strategy and architecture team of 200 for Nokia research and development, and there is no word on who will replace him. TomTom confirmed the move, but has not yet released any specific information.


TomTom updates app for iOS 4 multitasking

06/22, 7:55pm

Users can now take calls while navigating

TomTom has announced that its iPhone app has been update to take advantage of multitasking support in iOS 4. Users can now make and answer calls without interrupting navigation, as visual instructions are still presented even when a call is in progress. Version 1.4 also provides audio navigation instructions in the background if a user needs to switch to a different app.


Navigon shows multitasking iOS 4 GPS app

06/18, 6:00pm

Navigon iOS 4 app keeps directions active

Navigon today showed a version of its Mobile Navigator app with iOS 4's multitasking fully built in. The version 1.6 app now won't stop tracking position when the user switches away to another app and will provide voiced guidance even when another app is in the foreground. Calls also now won't disrupt the experience, although it carries the risk of a turn interrupting a conversation.


TomTom adds Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob GPS voices

06/17, 1:45pm

TomTom brings Dora, SpongeBob voices to GPSs

Navigation device maker TomTom on Thursday added two downloadable voices from Nickelodeon. Parents can now put the voice of Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants onto their navigators, allowing children to listen to their favorite TV cartoon characters while traveling. The two voices will say turn-by-turn driving directions, with other phrases from the cartoons thrown in.


Magellan puts out GPS units with lifetime maps

05/18, 4:25pm

Magellan brings map updates to GPS devices

Portable navigation maker Magellan has joined competitors TomTom and Garmin in offering free map updates on its GPS models. Some models, such as the RoadMate 3045-LM, get lifetime map updates, while others, such as the RoadMate 3045-MU, get only a single update.


TomTom slips out XL 350, XXL 550 in US

05/07, 11:50am

TomTom brings XL 350, XXL 550 PNDs to US

TomTom has quietly added two new portable navigation devices to its US lineup, the XL 350 and XXL 550. The models will have the same simplified interface as the TomTom EASE GPS. The two 4.3-inch devices are also based on the XL IR Routes edition2 models available in Europe.


TomTom adds Star Wars voices to GPS

05/04, 4:00pm

TomTom offers Star Wars character voice to GPSs

TomTom has teamed up with Lucasfilm and VoiceSkins to bring official Star Wars voices to its portable navigation devices. The first available voice will be that of Darth Vader, which has launched on Tuesday and can be downloaded immediately. The voice of C-3PO arrives in June, with Yoda's arriving in July and Han Solo's joining the fray in August.


TomTom to make app store to fend off Apple, Google

04/29, 2:55pm

TomTom to use WebKit UI for outside apps

TomTom chief Harold Goddijn in a presentation said his company would create an app store for its GPS units. The company lead explained on Thursday that the new WebKit-based interface on the Go Live 1000 and future navigators would let developers roll out apps well-suited to driving. Augmented reality was floated as a possibility, although Goddijn expected it would only be a minor feature; it would require a camera to work properly.



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