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The Pirate Bay raid prompts retaliation from 'Anonymous' groups

12/15, 10:53am

Hacking teams release data, targets attack against Swedish authorities

The shutdown of The Pirate Bay by Swedish authorities has allegedly incurred the wrath of people claiming to be part of the Anonymous hacktivist group. At the same time, the takedown of the site does not appear to have deterred pirates, with one report claiming the takedown may have in fact increased traffic rather than reducing it.


Final Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij arrested in Thailand

11/04, 11:34pm

Neij caught entering country from Laos, transfered to Bangkok to await extradition

The law has finally caught up with all of the founders of The Pirate Bay, as authorities in Thailand arrested co-founder Fredrik Neij on November 3 as he attempted to enter the country. Neij is the final founder of the piracy gateway to be caught, after fleeing Sweden following a 2009 conviction for aiding copyright infringement.


The Pirate Bay debuts 'The Mobile Bay' website, talks new sites

07/27, 2:45pm

Popular torrent site launches easier to use mobile version, looks at new resilient sites

The Pirate Bay, a website linked to illegal torrent downloads, launched a new version of the site last week that aims to make the experience of using the service easier for mobile users. The new website, aptly named The Mobile Bay, revamps the design of the current website to make it friendlier to touch devices and easier to filter content.


Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde arrested during raid in Sweden

06/01, 4:57pm

Swedish Police confirm Sunde's arrest based on warrant issued in 2012

One of the co-founders of the torrent site The Pirate Bay was arrested on this weekend on a warrant issued in 2012. Peter Sunde was picked up in Sweden on Saturday stemming from his conviction of aiding in copyright infringement by a Stockholm court in April 2009. Sunde was thought to have been living in Germany according to Swedish media.


US government indicts 13 suspected Anonymous members for attacks

10/04, 1:58pm

Believed to have performed Operation Payback Denial of Service attacks

The United States has indicted 13 people believed to be members of activist group Anonymous for their part in Operation Payback. Charges against the suspected members of the hacking collective range from allegations of attacking websites connected to the government, lobbyists, and credit card companies, as a protest against the shutdown of The Pirate Bay.


The Pirate Bay celebrates 10th anniversary by launching web browser

08/10, 8:38pm

PirateBrowser to use Tor for circumventing connection blocks

The Pirate Bay has launched its own web browser, as part of its tenth-anniversary celebrations. The browser, dubbed "PirateBrowser," is a combination of Firefox 23 and a Tor client, which the BitTorrent site hopes will allow users to be able to access the site, which is currently blocked from view by a considerable number of Internet service providers.


Dutch ISPs push back over Pirate Bay blocks

05/26, 6:15pm

Demands from anti-piracy group BREIN defied by some ISPs

Internet service providers in the Netherlands are refusing to block The Pirate Bay, following the file sharing site changing its IP addresses. TorrentFreak reports that the addition of a new proxy-friendly version of the site on a new IP address is allowing customers on ISPs blocking The Pirate Bay to access the site once again, with anti-piracy group BREIN attempting to censor the extra addresses to mixed results.


UK orders Internet providers to block The Pirate Bay

04/30, 12:45pm

UK demands Pirate Bay be screened

The UK's High Court decided in favor of ordering The Pirate Bay blockeD on Monday. Internet providers in the country must prevent their users from getting usual access to the site. The measure followed a November call from the music industry's Britsh Phonographic Industry to voluntarily block the site.


UK court moves closer to blocking The Pirate Bay

02/20, 11:40pm

Site accused of violating copyright law

The UK High Court has reportedly ruled that file sharing site The Pirate Bay has violated copyright laws. In a judgement that was presented on Monday, Justice Arnold concluded that "both users and the operators" of the site infringe on copyrights in the UK.


Google results broadly downplaying pirate, locker sites

11/23, 7:10pm

Torrent searches pulled from Autocomplete

Google has reportedly made significant changes to its search algorithms, driving down results that are clearly associated with file-sharing websites. The company appears to have blacklisted some of the most popular sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay, Btjunkie, isoHunt and TorrentReactor, along with locker sites such as FileSonic and FileServe.


FBI raids home of Screen Actor's Guild member for uploading

04/25, 7:40pm

FBI raids home of actor for alleged file sharing

The FBI has reportedly raided the Los Angeles apartment of a Screen Actor's Guild member who is believed to have been the first to upload movies that include The King's Speech, Black Swan and more to The Pirate Bay. The source of the information is court documents, ArsTechnica maintains. The actor in question is Wes DeSoto and the authorities are investigating whether he is linked to prerelease movie uploading group TiMPE.


IFPI sees digital music slowdown, still blames piracy

01/20, 9:15am

IFPI warns Internet music sales only up 6pc

The IFPI tried to raise alarm on Thursday with a warning in its latest annual report that digital music sales were slowing down. Sales through iTunes and other outlets climbed by just six percent worldwide and made up 29 percent of their revenues. The slowdown came both from a maturing of the digital music market but was also blamed on piracy.


Swedish authorities order The Pirate Bay offline

08/24, 4:55pm

The Pirate Bay now offline

The Pirate Bay torrent site, following its loss in a Swedish court, has now gone offline, after the site's Internet Service Provider was ordered by the court to take it offline. The ISP, Black Internet, faced a fine equivalent to $70,600 for not complying with the law. The Pirate Bay operators have found another ISP, however, with the service expected to come back online on Tuesday.


Court rules Pirate Bay out of Netherlands

07/30, 4:00pm

PirateBay loses court case

The Pirate Bay torrent hosting website has lost another court case in Amsterdam, this time at the hands of anti-piracy organization BREIN. According to a Thursday TorrentFreak report, the site is required to cease all operations in the Netherlands in 10 days or face maximum penalties of the equivalent of more than $4.2 million, or $42,300 per person per day after the deadline. Lawyers representing BREIN argued The Pirate Bay is responsible for millions of copyright infringements and needs to be blocked to Danish web users.


Pirate Bay sold, to go legitimate

06/30, 9:50am

Pirate Bay sold for $7.8m

Swedish gaming company Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) on Tuesday announced it is in the process of acquiring The Pirate Bay for $7.8 million. With the process due to be concluded by August, it will see GGF introduce new business models to and make the site legal and keep its owners out of courts. The new owners will also sell shares of The Pirate Bay to investors. GGF will also buy Peerialism and introduce its P2P distribution technology on The Pirate Bay. At the same time, The Pirate Bay will stop hosting and tracking torrents and use a third-party tracker and torrent hosting service.


Pirate Bay defendants move for retrial

04/27, 12:55pm

Pirate Bay retrial motion

Taking action on earlier accusations, lawyers for The Pirate Bay have submitted a petition for a retrial, according to Reuters. Four of the people behind the website were each sentenced to a year in prison on April 17th, as well as paying $3.6 million in compensation to copyright holders. The judge for the case was unfairly biased however, claims Pirate Bay laywer Per Samuelson.


Judge in Pirate Bay case accused of bias

04/23, 9:35am

P Bay Judge Said Biased

The judge that ruled against the Pirate Bay has today been accused by one of the site's attorneys of an unfair bias that invalidates the case. Lawyer Peter Althin in his motion to the Court of Appeal alleges that Judge Tomas Norström is or has been a member of the same copyright support groups as the media companies involved in the lawsuits, giving him an incentive to rule in their favor. Althin plans to demand a retrial and notes that one judge was already excluded from the case in the fall for similar reasons.


Pirate Bay founders served with 1 year in jail, fine

04/17, 11:15am

Pirate Bay founders guilty

A court in Stockholm, Sweden has ruled against the four founders of file-sharing site The Pirate Bay on Friday. Accused of "assisting in making copyright content available," Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Carl Lundström were each sentenced to serve one year in jail and ordered to pay a fine equivalent to about $905,000 each for a total of some $3.62 million by the court. The sum was short of what the prosecution representing recording studios were seeking, though it remains unknown.



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