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Tesla CEO walks back trash talk on Twitter; Apple 'a great company'

10/09, 8:00pm

Half-praises Apple Watch as 'beautiful' but 'not compelling'

Like others recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk felt compelled to walk back some harsh comments about Apple (which may -- or may not -- be a future competitor in electric vehicles) when critics pointed out that his comments were inaccurate. Musk appeared to be trying to unruffle feathers from Apple employees as well as executives with whom he has a relationship -- he and Apple's VP of Design Sir Jonathan Ive have been seen talking on a few occasions -- but may not have been successful.


Elon Musk calls Apple the 'Tesla Graveyard' for former employees

10/09, 2:50pm

Tesla CEO attacks Apple as he speaks out about employee poaching

The head of Tesla, CEO Elon Musk, has attacked Apple for poaching its designers and engineers, suggesting the employees that change sides between companies are Tesla rejects. In an interview with a German newspaper, Musk boasted "They have hired people we've fired," claimed the car manufacturer internally called Apple the "Tesla Graveyard," and that "If you don't make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple. I'm not kidding."


Briefly: Tesla Powerwall output changes, Mercedes-Benz energy storage

06/10, 2:48pm

Tesla doubles continuous, peak output of Powerwall home battery

Electric car manufacturer Tesla is making a change to the Powerwall home battery, allowing it to power more devices simultaneously. According to Ubergizmo, CEO Elon Musk told shareholders at an annual general meeting the continuous and peak power output of the Powerwall will be doubled from 2kW and 3.3kW to 4kW and 7kW respectively. The change is being made without increasing the $3,000 cost for the 7kWh model, nor the $3,500 10kWh version.


Briefly: Tesla Powerwall popularity, Nokia N1 ships in Taiwan

05/07, 6:47am

Tesla receives 38,000 Powerwall reservations, sold out until mid-2016

Tesla's Powerwall home battery has received an "overwhelming" response from consumers, the car company has revealed. Tthe company has received over 38,000 reservations for the home version, exhausting Tesla's production of the battery until mid-2016. The enterprise-focused PowerPack has gained 2,500 reservations, with the average order requesting ten of the high-capacity power storage systems, The Verge reports.


Tesla unveils Powerwall battery pack for homes, businesses

05/01, 6:56am

Powerwall can store generated solar power, charge from grid at cheaper times of day

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has launched a new product, designed for the home. The Powerwall is a large battery connected to the building's power supply that can be used to store excess electricity produced from solar panels for use at a later time when energy generated doesn't cover energy usage, with the ultimate aim of saving its users money in the long run.


Apple, Tesla engaged in job poaching war, report says

02/06, 11:27am

Apple turns to extreme hiring bonuses to recruit Tesla staff

Apple and Tesla are battling to recruit each other's designers and engineers, and Tesla largely appears to be winning, according to Bloomberg. The electric car company has recruited over 150 former Apple workers so far -- including Doug Field, who once oversaw the design of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac, but is now the VP of Tesla's vehicle program. Some of the converts have cited Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, as one of the major incentives to switch. The executive is often considered a wunderkind of both the tech and transportation industries, and will even personally interview high-profile job candidates and chat with them on topics like programming.


Microsoft reportedly plans two more imminent Lumia launches

07/29, 2:18pm

Superman and Tesla Lumia smartphones said to have surfaced in internal Microsoft meeting

Two more smartphones may launch from Microsoft's phone division in the near future, according to a report. Two Windows Phone devices were allegedly revealed during an internal meeting chaired by Microsoft devices head Stephen Elop, with one smartphone described as a "selfie" device with a five-megapixel front-facing camera sensor above a 4.7-inch display.


Tesla founder dances around Apple acquisition talk

02/19, 10:15pm

Hints, but does not say, that 'conversations' centered around battery tech

Following reports that Apple had secretly met with officials from electric car company Tesla to discuss unspecified partnerships, the CEO Elon Musk commented on the rumors -- but phrased his replies in such a way that suggested either he was uninvolved in the talks (which seems unlikely) or didn't want to make clear what the "conversations" with Apple were actually about. Though confirming the meetings, Musk said little about them.


Apple considered buying Tesla in 2013, report hints

02/17, 10:41am

Newspaper also suggests iWatch might be able to predict heart attacks

Apple was at one point considering buying electric auto maker Tesla, a report from the San Francisco Chronicle suggests. The paper cites a source who says that in April of 2013, Tesla CEO Elon Musk met with Apple's head of acquisitions -- Adrian Perica -- at the company's Cupertino headquarters. It's speculated that he might also have met with Apple CEO Tim Cook, a strong possibility given Musk's importance, especially if the two companies were exploring a buyout.


Briefly: Aereo reopens in New York, Tesla gains Rdio in Europe

02/07, 6:29am

Aereo reopens new registrations in New York City after extending capacity

Aereo has re-opened itself to new subscribers in New York, after rectifying its temporary capacity issues in the region. The cloud-based DVR service will not be allowing for new registrations, reports CNet, with a company spokesperson advising those who pre-registered will get priority for joining the service, with others expected once the wait list queue is shortened. Aereo's other service areas remain unaffected.


Tesla hires away Apple Hardware VP Doug Field

10/24, 3:57pm

Working on iMac, MacBooks

Electric car maker Tesla has hired on Apple's Doug Field as its new head of vehicle engineering programs, reports say. While at Apple Field was the company's Hardware VP, working first under Bob Mansfield, and later Dan Riccio. His resume also includes time at corporations like Segway, DEKA, and Johnson & Johnson.


Tesla posts first profitable quarter, cites strong demand for Model S

05/09, 11:35am

Q1 finally profitable after decade in business

Tesla Motors has posted its first profitable quarter since the company was founded a decade ago. The Palo Alto-based company reported first-quarter revenues of $562 million, marking an 83 percent jump over the previous quarter, while managing to turn a net profit of $15 million, according to a LeftLane report.


Tsubame 2.0 supercomputer touts green cred through Tesla GPU

11/23, 6:30pm

Tsubame 2 supercomputer 3.4X more efficient

NVIDIA championed a milestone for supercomputers Wednesday with the launch of a new supercomputer cluster that focuses on eco-friendly power. Tsubame 2.0, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, uses a mix of traditional processors with Tesla cards to dramatically step up the potential maximum performance without having to ramp up the energy it uses. Although it can calculate at up to 1.19 petaflops, it uses a comparatively modest 1.2MW of power, making it 3.4 times more efficient at getting work done than Los Alamos National Laboratory's processor-only Cielo Cray.


NVIDIA beats estimates on strong mobile sales

11/10, 7:10pm

Sales of chips for phones/tablets jump 14 percent

NVIDIA has posted results for its third quarter of 2012 that it credited to the rise of smartphones and tablets using the Tegra 2. Revenue for the quarter was $1.07 billion, up 4.9 percent from the prior quarter, and grew 26.3 percent over $843.9 million recorded in the same period last year. The Consumer Products group, which includes the Tegra 2 chips, saw its revenue grow 14 percent over just the spring alone.


Tesla-based Chinese supercomputer 1st to simulate swine flu

11/10, 4:00pm

Atomic-level computer re-creation maps H1N1 bug

Chinese researchers have used a supercomputer based on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to simulate the H1N1 virus, also known as the swine flu. Researchers at the Institute of Process Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS-IPE) have used the Mole 8.5 GPU as a "computational microscope" to peer into the atomic structure of the virus. In doing so, the researchers hope to better understand the virus and then create the anti-viral drugs which can control epidemics.


Oak Ridge Titan supercomputer aims at record with Tesla card

10/11, 9:40am

Tesla GPUs could deliver up to 20 petaflops

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory will use the parallel processing capability of the NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU in a new supercomputer, a Cray XK6 nicknamed "Titan." The new supercomputer could deliver over 20 petaflops, making it more than twice as fast as the most powerful supercomputer today, the Fujitsu K supercomputer. Titan will also be three times more energy efficient.


NVIDIA starts dev program for Kal-El tablets with Windows 8

09/13, 5:05pm

NVIDIA dev program supports x86, ARM devices

NVIDIA is represented at the currently ongoing Microsoft Build conference, and it has announced the launch of a developer program for tablets running on Windows 8 and with NVIDIA's Kal-El quad-core, next-generation Tegra processor. The company's GeForce, Quadro and Tesla cards will also be covered under the program. Developers will have the tools to create for x86- and ARM-based tablets and PCs as well.


Lithium jelly could lead to thinner, safer mobile devices

09/12, 2:15pm

Leeds U scientists refine lithium jelly batteries

University of Leeds scientists have created a lithium jelly battery that could both shrink notebooks, phones, and cars, but also make them safer. The new technique sheds liquid or solids in favor of mixing a polymer with a liquid electrolyte that fits between electrodes. As developed, it should have the high conductivity and longer battery lives of liquid lithium-ion packs but the safety of a polymer-only lithium pack, avoiding fire incidents.


NVIDIA GPUDirect bolsters live TV special effects

09/09, 4:25pm

NVIDIA offers GPUDirect tech to developers

At the currently ongoing International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam, NVIDIA showed off its new GPUDirect for Video technology that will let app developers create more realistic on-air graphics. It allows industry-standard video I/O devices to communicate directly with the company's pro-oriented Quadro and Tesla GPUs with very low lag. The solution, as NVIDIA sees it, will not only speed up real-time processing of video streams in broadcast and production work but also in manufacturing, healthcare and government agencies.


NVIDIA unveils GeForce GTX 560, Tesla M2090

05/17, 10:55am

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 and Tesla M2090 official

NVIDIA on Tuesday set out to lure more mid-range gamers and professionals by introducing both the regular, non-Ti version of the GeForce GTX 560 as well as a new Tesla card. The new card trips down just enough to drop the price down to $199 with 336 stream (visual effects) processors, 56 texture address units, and at least an 810MHz core clock speed, 1.62GHz effects shader clocks and 1GHz GDDR5 memory. While its core and texture unit counts are similar to the outgoing GTX 460, the newer design and higher clock speeds should make it noticeably faster.


Tesla Model S to get third-party apps

03/16, 6:30pm

Tesla Model S to get third-party app support

Tesla chief Elon Musk at the Cleantech Forum on Wednesday said the Tesla Model S would get third-party app support. He hoped developers would write car-specific apps for the 17-inch, Tegra-powered touchscreen system in the electric sedan. Text-to-speech was cited as a major example at the San Francisco meet as it would help cut down on driver distraction from reading text during a drive.


BMW, Tesla using NVIDIA's Tegra for in-car systems

01/04, 11:15am

BMW, Mini and Tesla Model S get NVIDIA tech

Both BMW and Tesla Motors today both said they would use NVIDIA's Tegra chips for their in-car systems. The faster ARM processor gives them support for much higher resolution screens, up to the large 17-inch display in the Tesla Model S, while still providing 3D visuals and responsive touchscreen input on the Tesla car. Roots in the mobile world also make it well suited to GPS navigation, including real-time traffic.


Chinese supercomputer uses NVIDIA Tesla to crush records

10/28, 5:15pm

Tianhe-1A supercomptuer fastest at 2.5 petaflops

A new Chinese supercomputer, the Tianhe-1A was revealed today at HPC 2010 in China has set a new performance benchmark, at 2.507 petaflops. In doing so, it has become the fastest supercomputer in the world, taking the title from the US-based Cray XT5, which managed a performance of 1.756 petaflops. The Tianhe-1A uses 7,168 NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPUs and 14,336 CPUs, which combined lets it calculate much more in parallel.


Tesla hires former Apple, Microsoft retail vet

07/08, 2:10pm

Microsoft loses Apple retail guru to electric cars

Tesla Motors scored a coup for its dealerships on Thursday as it hired George Blankenship to head up its dealership strategy. The executive is best known for creating Apple's core retail strategy in its early years and was just recently contracted by Microsoft for its own retail stores. Tesla hopes to "revolutionize" how cars are sold and hired Blankenship because he has a reputation for being "on time and on budget," the electric automaker's CEO Elon Musk said.


NVIDIA Fermi performance scaled back?

12/24, 1:50pm

GeForce 300, Tesla may run slower

NVIDIA has quietly scaled back the ambitions of its Fermi-based hardware, a document (PDF) on its own site may have revealed. A specs sheet for the Tesla 20 now shows even the faster hardware using 448 visual processing cores versus the publicly promised 512. It has also ramped down the internal clock for these individual cores to at most 1.4GHz, slightly lower than the current generation.


NVIDIA outs Fermi-based Tesla cards

11/16, 2:20pm

NVIDIA 20 series Teslas appear

NVIDIA today provided details of the first official hardware to use its upcoming Fermi architecture. The Tesla 20 series is even more optimized for general-purpose computing standards like OpenCL or NVIDIA's own CUDA and handles complex math that previously hasn't been as practical, such as ISO standard double-precision math and C++ code processing. Unlike past models, though, the card model also has a video output and works as a video card rather than just as a companion device.


NVIDIA denies x86 chip, pushes Fermi to 2010

11/09, 9:05am

NVIDIA says GPUs still only focus

NVIDIA chief Jen-Hsun Huang has denied rekindled talk of his company making x86 processors. Speaking after a conference call, the CEO claims that his focus is still "very, very clear" and that the focus is on graphics processors and closely related parallel computing cards like the Tesla line. The only full processors that NVIDIA is making are mobile chips like the ARM-based Tegra series for handhelds, Huang tells CNET.


Ionic batteries could multiply battery life by 11

11/06, 4:40pm

Metal-air ionic liquid could extend batteries

A new development by partly government-backed Fluidic Energy could potentially extend the battery life of notebooks, cars and other devices well beyond existing lithium-ion cells. Known as Metal-Air Ionic Liquid (MAIL), it would improve energy storage beyond relatively efficient zinc-air batteries by using an ionic liquid salt to conduct electricity that is much more stable and isn't prone to drying out either by accident or by eventual decay. The move would let battery makers use metals denser than zinc and therefore hold a much larger charge in a given volume.


NVIDIA previews next-gen "Fermi" GPU design

09/30, 5:35pm


NVIDIA this evening provided an early look at the next generation of its graphics processors. Nicknamed Fermi, the architecture for future GeForce, Quadro and Tesla chipsets will jump from 240 cores to a much larger 512 and should be much faster in each core courtesy of some industry-first techniques. Fermi chips will be the first GPUs to have a real cache hierarchy, with Level 1 caches to keep specific information on hand and a single, shared Level 2 cache for larger tasks; they will also have a new GigaThread engine that can transfer data in both directions at once and handle "thousands" of tasks at once.


NVIDIA bows Tesla Personal Supercomputer

11/18, 1:05pm

NVIDIA Tesla supercomputer

NVIDIA on Tuesday announced the availability of its GPU-based Tesla architecture Personal Supercomputer, which, the company promises, has as much as 250 times the computing performance of a PC thanks to NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture and up to 960 parallel processing cores. Along with its partners, buyers can now opt for desktop PCs with the sort of computing power previously reserved for supercomputing clusters.


NVIDIA finalizes CUDA 2.0, Photoshop plugin

08/22, 12:50pm


NVIDIA today formally released the finished version of CUDA 2.0. The second generation of the company's general-purpose programming language for its video chipsets supports 64-bit versions of Mac OS X and Windows Vista and adds support for instructions that can help offload more specific tasks from the main processor to the video card, such as 3D textures and hardware-accelerated interpolation of information.


Microsoft preps OpenCL rival for Windows

07/23, 9:45am

DirectX 11 with GPGPU Tech

Microsoft's next version of DirectX will have its own alternative to the OpenCL standard proposed by Apple, the company revealed yesterday at its GamesFest conference. DirectX 11 will have support for "compute shader technology" that allows modern, more generalized video cards' effects processors to perform tasks other than rendering video, including physics calculations and other chores that would normally be handled by the main system processor.


Apple, GPU makers team on OpenCL standard

06/17, 11:40am

OpenCL Standard

The Khronos Group late yesterday established a new alliance between vendors that could see standards for high performance computing such as OpenCL gain a foothold across many operating systems and hardware platforms. Called the Computer Working Group, the team includes graphics rivals 3DLabs, AMD, and NVIDIA, processor makers such as ARM, Freescale, Intel, and Qualcomm, and end product manufacturers such as Motorola and Nokia, all of whom hope to create and maintain genuinely open and royalty-free standards for using newer graphics hardware to process very demanding compute tasks.


NVIDIA updates Tesla card with GTX hardware

06/16, 4:30pm


NVIDIA on Monday used the occasion of its GTX 200 introduction to quietly update its Tesla line of workstation processor cards. The T10P chipset added to the cards is virtually identical to the 240-core GTX but is her spun entirely towards accelerating high performance computing tasks such as medical research and very high-level math. The very specialized nature of the chip lets it calculate as much as 900 gigaflops by itself, or 73 percent more than the earlier card it replaces.



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