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Hands On: Trello 3.0 (Apple Watch, iOS)

06/09, 11:56am

Visual To Do manager adds Watch features

Trello is a To Do app that works like you have all your tasks written down on a giant whiteboard -- and now also written on your watch. Trello 3.0 for iOS has added the ability view certain tasks, and create new ones, on your Apple Watch. If you're not already a Trello user, then you won't switch to it because of these Watch features -- but they are good and well done. What will make you become an existing Trello fan is that it is a visual task manager.


Hands On: The Hit List 2.3 (iOS, Apple Watch)

06/06, 3:55pm

To Do app adds excellent Watch features

The Hit List is a task management app, a To Do application, and previously we've spoken of it as occupying an interesting middle ground in the market. It's much more powerful than the majority of To Do apps but, we felt, not as strong or indeed as complicated as the heavyweight OmniFocus and Things. That's broadly still true, but The Hit List 2.3 just leapt ahead because of its Apple Watch features.


Hands On: Fantastical 2.3 (iOS, Apple Watch)

06/03, 3:08pm

Brings two big improvements to Apple Watch

We were only just saying that Calendar is one of the few little disappointments on Apple Watch, and now Flexibits has released Fantastical 2.3 for iOS, which solves two of those little letdowns in one fell swoop. They're big enough that this is a reason to buy Fantastical, but if you get it for the Apple Watch, then you are also getting an excellent iPhone calendar.


Hands On: The Hit List (version 1.1.10 for OS X, version 2.1 for iOS)

02/12, 12:17pm

Strong To Do app with tags and timers

No, you're wrong: we do need another To Do app. If we didn't always have more To Do apps to try out, we might have to actually start doing things. The Hit List enters a very crowded field, and after a tumultuous, prolonged and controversial beta, but it does so with verve -- and brings good features in a smart pair of Mac and iPhone apps.


Vitamin-R breaks down large projects into short time slices

04/20, 11:30pm

Productivity tool works with Things, OmniFocus has announced its new productivity tool, Vitamin-R. The software is a collection of tools designed to help organize large projects by breaking them down into manageable tasks. Tasks are reduced down to 10-30 minute slices, each focusing on one specific event or objective. The software also features a 'now and later board' that allows users to jot down ideas to work on later, aiding in keeping focus on the current objective.


Gmail Tasks launched for iPhone, Android platforms

02/02, 5:30pm

Gmail Tasks on iPhone

Google has expanded the reach of Gmail Tasks to include the iPhone, Android or any other XHTML-enabled platform. The mobile version provides an interface that has been optimized for the lower resolution and size of smaller screens. Users can access the lists by navigating to from the handset browser, where entries can then be added, edited or checked off. The service automatically syncs with the version of Tasks in Gmail Labs.


Shareware utility promises a zippier Mac

06/25, 8:35pm

Altomac releases Speedy Ma

Altomac has announced its new Speedy Mac utility speeds up the process of opening documents, folders, applications and even websites. The company says Speedy Mac uses a “totally new approach,” creating lists of recently visited webpages and documents. Favorites are grouped by site, and documents according to the applications used to create them. The utility also includes a “task” menu providing quick access to common workflows such as quitting all applications, creating new folders, and ejecting all removable and external disks. With support for Automator, users can create their own tasks and share them with other Speedy Mac Users.


New SDK beta opens background processes?

04/25, 4:50pm

SDK beta opens BG process

Apple's newly released SDK build could potentially support background processes to allow for a richer user experience, and allow intricate applications to run properly. The Unofficial Apple Weblog reveals that the SDK supports the UIApplication delegate class, which includes methods that apply to gaining and resigning "active" status. While not officially confirmed in any documentation, the revelation could indicate support for background tasks.


First Look: Daylite productivity suite

12/21, 8:50pm

First Look at Daylite PS

With the compatibility provided by their new Intel processors, and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard's secure nature, Macs are slowly making their way into the business sector, replacing their Windows-based counterparts. As businesses adopt the Mac platform, there is a greater need for productivity software, something which Windows computers have no shortage of options. Marketcircle's Daylite Productivity Suite gives users a full-featured business application that allows users to plan and coordinate their work day with others, while integrating Apple Mail's powerful features with projects and contacts.



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