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Symantec confirms pursuit of split into two independent companies

10/09, 8:03pm

Two publicly traded companies will emerge in areas of security, information management

Rumors of Symantec's possible company split look to be true, as the company announced today that a plan was voted on to break the company up. The company, which is known for its line of Norton security products, said that its board of directors unanimously approved a new plan that would create two publicly traded companies, each with their own focus.


Symantec condenses security line-up into one suite, Norton Security

08/20, 4:15pm

Software line drops nine different programs, new software launches September 23

Symantec announced earlier this week that it would be issuing a sweeping change to its line of antivirus software to offer consumers a single solution. Starting September 23, the company will begin offering Norton Security for around $80 per year. The change effectively ends releases of Norton Antivirus, the company's main product line that has seen annual releases since the early 90s.


China increases domestic security suppliers, removes foreign software

08/04, 1:38pm

Kaspersky, Symantec said to be excluded from procurement lists, could be due to security concerns

One of China's state-sponsored media channels is indicating that the government has removed all foreign-made software from its list of approved security software purchases. Newspaper The People's Daily posted on Twitter yesterday, indicating that Kaspersky and Symantec are now excluded from the country's government procurement channels.


Anti-virus 'is dead' says Symantec VP, company to change direction

05/06, 8:15pm

Software makes 40 percent of revenue, future growth to come from initiative change

Symantec's Senior Vice President of Information Brian Dye says that anti-virus "is dead" in a recent article from the Wall Street Journal. The company plans to shift its outlook away from anti-virus software to take on the ever-evolving world of cyber attacks and malware. The intent will be to follow the new protection mindset that focuses on less of preventing, and more on containing the damage.


Symantec dumps CEO Steve Bennett amidst slow innovation, revenue

03/22, 1:10pm

Move comes as company struggles to keep up with mobile landscape

The anti-virus software maker Symantec fired its CEO this week, adding to the list of troubles for the ailing firm, which has seen revenues decline as the PC market cools and more competitors enter the fray. The termination of Steve Bennett marks the most recent high-profile exit for Symantec, which has seen five other senior executives part ways with the company since July.


Briefly: MacPractice 4.4 launches, Free 50GB space for MobileMe users

09/27, 2:45pm

MacPractice adds Time Clock, Inventory Tracking

MacPractice has announced the release of a 64-bit release MacPractice 4.4 to new purchasers of MacPractice MD, DDS, DC and 20/20. Providing doctors with client-oriented practice management, the latest version features new revenue cycle management tools, enhanced insurance verification, supplementary Internet backup, digital imaging integrations, third party cloud EMR/EHR options, and expanded connectivity for providers as well as their patients. Requiring Mac OS X Mountain Lion or later, MacPractice 4.4 also introduces Time Clock and Inventory Tracking. Inventory Tracking works with bar code readers and integrates with the practice's fee schedules and patient ledgers. Prospective users of MacPractice can register online to view demonstrative videos of the software as well as third party integration.


Huawei management of adult content filter for UK ISP a security risk?

07/26, 7:44am

Chinese firm under more espionage-related scrutiny in UK government proposal

One of the adult content filtering systems being used at a large Internet service provider (ISP) in the UK has come under fire in reports, due to close ties with the Chinese government. Homesafe, the filtering system used by TalkTalk and praised by Prime Minister David Cameron in his online child protection proposal speech earlier this week, is being managed by Huawei, a company that has been accused of being a security risk by authorities in both the United Kingdom and the United states.


Symantec: Android app 'leaking' phone numbers back to Facebook servers

07/01, 8:15pm

Facebook claims to have never used, no longer be retaining numbers

Norton Mobile Insight, a division of Symantec, has flagged the Facebook application for Android as a security threat. According to the security researchers, the first time the app is launched, the device's phone number is sent over the Internet to Facebook servers, even without logging in, and regardless if the user even possesses an account on the social network.


Microsoft, Symantec take down central Bamital botnet servers

02/07, 1:36pm

Users of infected machines warned about malware

Microsoft and Symantec have shut down the Bamital botnet, after obtaining a court order to seize the network's controlling servers. The network, dedicated to redirecting users of computers infected with malware to incorrect search results and online advertisements, is estimated to have earned around $1 million per year for it's operators.


Symantec acknowledges anti-virus bug crashes computers

07/15, 2:39pm

Update for Endpoint Protection 12.1 crashes Windows XP

Computer security firm Symantec has acknowledged that a programming bug in a recent anti-virus software update can cause some Windows PCs to crash and become inoperable. As Reuters reports, Symantec has yet to reveal how many PCs are affected by the bug, but it appears limited to PCs running Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. The company is said to be working on a solution to the bug.


Malware charges for free Android apps through Google Play

05/21, 6:00pm

Android.Opfake reemerges, now pushing fake free apps

Symantec has discovered a novel implementation of the Android.Opfake malware, one that takes users through a fraudulent app-download process before charging them for what was initially billed as a free app. The malware is notable because it actually directs users through the Google Play app store in the process of defrauding them of money.


Former Symantec chief joins Microsoft's board

02/20, 4:30pm

Microsoft adds John W. Thompson to board

Microsoft revealed on Monday that it has brought John Thompson onto its board of directors, reinstating it to its full 10 members once again. Thompson is the CEO of Virtual Instruments and was once chairman and CEO of Symantec. He also served at IBM, in the sales, marketing, and software development divisions as well as being the general manager of IBM Americas.


Hacker releases Symantec antivirus source code

02/07, 8:25pm

Hacker tried to extort $50k to "humiliate" company

Symantec has revealed that a hacker has followed through on a threat to release the source code for the company's pcAnywhere utility software. The hacker, known as YamaTough, took the action after negotiations via e-mail for a forced payment of $50,000 failed. The exchange, it has been revealed, was actually between the hacker and police in a sting.


Windows zero-day Duqu exploit uses corrupt Word files

11/01, 5:15pm

Microsoft confirms Duqu exploit in Word files

Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed that a Windows kernel vulnerability does indeed exist in Duqu malware and is working to patch it. The zero-day kernel exploit could allow hackers to remotely execute code in an infected system, CrySys and Symantec found. Duqu can be installed by modified Word documents and can potentially slip by.


Briefly: SoundCloud goes Universal, Norton gains Mac support

10/27, 11:15am

NortonLive Ultimate Help Desk Mac support

SoundCloud has released an update for its self-titled mobile application that allows users to share and discover original music. The v2.0 update has been released as a Universal application, bringing a new interface designed specifically for the iPad. A new waveform design is also included, along with simplifications to the process of posting and viewing comments. In addition, users can choose to receive push notifications for new followers and activity on posted sound files.


Symantec: Android and iOS more secure than PCs, iOS better

06/28, 6:25pm

Symantec says Android slipping vs iOS on security

Symantec in a study Tuesday (below) gave Android and iOS an advantage over computers in security but gave Apple the edge. Both the Apple and Google mobile platforms are more secure than on many computers, especially Windows, since they prevent "drive-by" app installs and often can't get as many privileges. The presences of app signatures on either adds a layer of security that desktop platforms don't always have.


Symantec: Facebook leaking access to user information

05/11, 6:25pm

Social network downplays impact of error

Security firm Symantec has issued a report claiming that Facebook has inadvertently provided third parties, such as advertisers, with access to personal information from user profiles. The social network was said to be using a flawed authentication system that sent access 'tokens' to advertisers, essentially opening user accounts to be combed for data.


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet leaks with Android 3.0, pro apps

04/24, 7:40pm

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet to use Honeycomb and pens

Lenovo's plans for Android tablets beyond the Le Pad should take it into professional models based on a leaked presentation from Sunday. Called the ThinkPad Tablet, it would be the first known Lenovo slate with Android 3.0 and would make software customizations beyond just including the PC builder's already known Family UI interface. This is my next's copy of the slides showed "seamless integration" with corporate environments that would load up Cisco remote security tools, Computrace to find stolen tablets, as well as local security tools from McAfee and Symantec.


Drobo kicks off business line with 12-bay, SAN options

02/08, 7:55am

Drobo for business targets big users

Drobo on Tuesday brought out its first range of Drobo business drives aimed both at companies and at home users with very high demands. The eight-bay B800fs and B800i, as well as the 12-bay B1200i, are speed-optimized beyond their regular counterparts and have new management tools along with extra after-the-sale support and services. All have been greenlit to work with Citrix, Exchange, SharePoint, Symantec backup, and VMware.


Patent firm Intellectual Ventures sues tech companies

12/08, 7:35pm

Company dismisses "patent troll" label

Patent holder Intellectual Ventures has initiated lawsuits against a long list of tech companies that failed to establish licensing agreements. One of the suits targets security software makers Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro and Check Point. A second suit is aimed at memory manufacturers Elpida Memory and Hynix Semiconductor, while a third suit has been filed against component makers Altera, Lattice and Microsemi.


Intel to buy McAfee for on-chip security

08/19, 9:10am

Intel acquires McAfee for nearly 8 billion

Intel today surprised the tech community by acquiring antivirus developer McAfee for the equivalent of $7.68 billion in stock. The deal will open the door to tougher hardware security in processors themselves as well as tighter integration between chips and software in stopping security threats. Intel is most interested in security for mobile and embedded hardware, which often aren't as secure as full-size computers.


Patent troll sues Apple, Google, RIM over spam filtering

07/21, 9:50am

InNova claims Apple and others copy spam filter

Little-known patent holder InNova hoped to seize on the success of others today as it filed a lawsuit claiming that a large range of companies violate a patent on e-mail spam filtering. It accused high-profile technology firms such as Apple, Google and RIM as well as 3Com, AOL, Dell, Ericsson, HP, Symantec and Yahoo of copying technology allegedly invented by InNova founder Robert Uomini 15 years ago. Companies as diverse as Capital One Auto Finance and Frito-Lay were also implicated in the suit.


Jobs: lack of Flash is about technology, not control

04/29, 10:50am

Steve Jobs posts open letter about Flash dispute

Apple chief Steve Jobs today posted an open letter explaining his company's reasons for not supporting Adobe Flash on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. He argued it had nothing to do with control at all but that it was instead "based on technology issues." Flash is too proprietary, prone to crash, a major security risk and not at all suited to touchscreens, he said.


Norton readying iPad app to access online backup services

02/18, 10:50pm

Beta not promising iPad any security protections

Symantec has released details of its upcoming Norton 360 app for the iPad. The service allows users to back-up data online, including documents, music, photos and videos. Users will be able to access the data and share it with others via URL links. Norton has yet to confirm if users will be able to play video, view photos or listen to music directly from the app interface. The utility also appears to lack protection tools for viruses or other security threats.


Group Logic, Symantec announce Mac file system archival

10/07, 4:45pm

New archiving option

Group Logic has announced a partnership with Symantec in developing a file system archival (FSA) scheme for Mac-based organizations. The arrangement combines Symantec's Enterprise Vault with Group Logic's ArchiveConnect, and promises to reduce storage costs as much as 60 percent.


Microsoft's own antivirus to launch soon

06/11, 9:35am

MS Antivirus Launches Soon

Microsoft late Wednesday said it's nearing the release of its first self-made antivirus software. Although mentioned in the past under its Morro codename, the new software is now known to compete directly with software from Kaspersky, McAfee, Symantec and other relatively low-cost apps. It will only focus on removing spyware, trojans and viruses as the company already has a built-in firewall for Windows.


McAfee, Symantec exploring iPhone software

05/18, 11:50am

McAfee, Symantec on iPhone

Both McAfee and Symantec have confirmed work on iPhone-related software, according to Reuters. McAfee says it is specifically working on new security programs, described as part of a "comprehensive suite for the Apple family," including its usual Mac focus. Though the company has declined to provide specific details, including even a release timeframe, it is best-known for anti-virus software, and was last year spotted working on an iPhone app called iVirusScan.


Symantec: Flash exploit in widespread use

05/28, 11:10am

Widespread Flash exploit

Hundreds of thousands of webpages have been affected by a vulnerability in Adobe's Flash Player, says security vendor Symantec. Since at least Monday, approximately 220,000 pages have been been hacked to add redirection scripts, which send Flash users to some 57 servers that attempt to deliver malware, including botnet code and apps that steal World of WarCraft identities and passwords. Only Flash Player versions and appear to be at risk; the attack also seems to be directed primarily at Windows, says Symantec, although problems may yet arise on other operating systems (including Mac OS X) unless Adobe can close the exploit.


First Look: Norton AntiVirus for Mac

03/25, 4:30pm

First Look: AntiVirus

If you use any version of Windows, an antivirus program is an absolute necessity to protect your computer. If you use a Macintosh, an antivirus program is an option. Although a handful of Macintosh viruses exist, the main purpose of any Macintosh antivirus program is to screen out Windows-specific viruses that you may accidentally pass on to Windows users. If you never share files with Windows users, you probably donít need an antivirus program. If you regularly share files with Windows users, you may need an antivirus program like Norton AntiVirus for Mac.


Symantec ships AntiVirus Dual Protection

03/11, 9:15am

AntiVirus Dual Protection

Symantec has released a new anti-virus suite, AntiVirus Dual Protection. The package actually contains two pieces of software -- AntiVirus 11 for Mac and AntiVirus 2008 for Windows -- and is intended for owners of Intel Macs, who may use the Boot Camp feature of Mac OS X Leopard to run Windows XP or Vista on a separate partition. Each application is tailored to the specifics of its platform, requiring the two versions.


First Look: Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 11

12/11, 3:25pm

First look at NAV 11

Viruses have been of little concern to most Mac users since OS X made its first appearance in 2001. Apple's switch to Intel processors, and the various virtualization processes that exist for running Windows, have eroded that confidence for some users. Although Apple is usually on the ball with fixing system vulnerabilities, some larger problems can go for several days or weeks before a proper fix is available. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 11 aims to compliment the Mac OS' natural sturdiness by providing anti-viral services and fixes for security holes while Apple works on a true solution for the problem.


Norton Antivirus 11 for Mac ships

12/10, 12:30pm

Norton Antivirus 11 ships

Symantec today released a new version of Norton Antivirus (site not updated) that is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. The software features new vulnerability protection technology designed to prevent attacks occurring through applications connected to the internet. Norton AntiVirus 11 for Mac also includes a sleeker redesigned user interface alongside enhanced performance. The software is priced at $50 (system requirements were unavailable).


QuickTime exploit circulates on Web

11/30, 1:20am

QuickTime 7.2 exploit

Symantec has notified DeepSight customers that a bug in QuickTime's Real Time Streaming protocol can lead towards the execution of malicious code on any computer running QuickTime 7.2 or later, and that a working proof-of-concept set of code being circulated on the internet. Computerworld reports that the bug was originally posted on, and that the exploit code had worked when tested against Windows XP and later in Vista. Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard are said to be vulnerable as well, but took considerably more time for researches to craft a reliable, working exploit.



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