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Java vet says Google 'slimed' Sun as Oracle trial phase ends

04/30, 2:05pm

Java vet docks Google for tactics with Java

Java pioneer James Gosling has criticized Google for the tactics it used in going without a Java license for Android. He argued that, despite former Sun chief Jonathan Schwartz saying Sun couldn't sue Google, the decision to skip a license still hurt the company. Google "totally slimed" Sun, and even Schwartz was tolerating the action rather than endorsing it.


Ex-Sun chief says Android could use Java tech freely

04/26, 2:10pm

Former Sun CEO Schwartz supports Google view

Oracle may have run into an obstacle in its lawsuit against Google during testimony by former CEO Jonathan Schwartz. Despite Oracle's own CEO Larry Ellison being unsure if Java was free to use for Android's framework, Schwartz said the programming interfaces were always cleared for free use and weren't proprietary. Sun didn't sue Google over its early Android use as it didn't feel it "had any grounds" to take action, he testified.


Oracle, Google made to talk settlement before April 9

03/23, 11:40pm

Oracle and Google may be made to settle faster

Oracle and Google may be pressed into settling a lawsuit over Java patents faster after Judge Paul Grewal ordered more settlement talks. Despite having dramatically lowered damages earlier in the week, at least Google's mobile VP Andy Rubin and Oracle CFO Safra Catz would have to meet before April 9. The sides had to choose a date and were encouraged to be as flexible as possible.


Oracle may get as little as $32.3m in Android lawsuit

03/20, 5:50pm

Oracle steered to much lower Google patent sum

Requests for Oracle to lower its damage requests in its lawsuit against Google have pushed its claims on Android damages far lower than it originally wanted. Having wanted figures that approached $2.6 billion, it has come to the view that the total damages it's owed are less than $50 million. Even when using a method that favors Oracle, the two patents and group of copyrights would claim damages of $46.6 million.


Eolas' patent on the web ruled invalid

02/09, 11:40pm

Eolas sees web patent lawsuit claim tossed

Eolas' attempt to patent the "interactive web" may have been dealt a permanent blow after a jury in the normally patent lawsuit-friendly town of Tyler, Texas ruled that the patent was invalid. The decision negated both any attempts at claiming damages and also negated three future trials. The rejection came in part after testimony from the spiritual creator of the web, Tim Berners-Lee, as well as individual creators whose work predated that of Eolas owner Michael Doyle.


Mystery Nokia 710 pops up with 1.4GHz chip, may get WP7

10/17, 8:35pm

Nokia 710 specs slip early

The profile (since pulled). Badged only as the as yet unannounced 710, it has the same 1.4GHz single-core, ARM Cortex-A8 chip and 3.7-inch display. Its specs appear to be incomplete as it's described using Nokia's old tablet OS but having an "undisclosed" browser and a micro SIM card slot that would never have been attached to Nokia's old platform.


Oracle, Google CEOs, Sun vets to testify in lawsuit

10/08, 2:10pm

Oracle-Google lawsuit sees testimony of top execs

Both Google and Oracle will have to bring out some of their top current and former executives to testify in the ongoing lawsuit over Android's use of Java patents. Along with Google's Larry Page, its chairman and one-time Sun CTO Eric Schmidt is also being called by Oracle and fill in details on negotiations with Sun and later Oracle over Java as well as the business strategy for Android. Java pioneer and recent Google worker James Gosling is being asked to talk about Java's invention and patents, and the author of a potentially condemning Google e-mail, Tim Lindholm, is being asked in hopes of pushing him to admit Google ignored needed patent deals.


Google admits, downplays similarity in Java for Oracle suit

09/07, 2:55pm

Google testimony may show Java copied directly

Newly public elements from Oracle's lawsuit against Google have uncovered testimony that Google may have lifted some code from Sun's Java implementation. Former Sun engineer and Google's Chief Java Architect Joshua Bloch said it was "likely" based on code structure that he had accessed Sun code and used it to make a system sort borrowed from the Python language, TimSort. He downplayed it as only reproducing a "little function" and said it was important that it behave in the same way, according to a discovery by Florian Mueller.


Oracle tries to hide Sun blog posts backing Java in Android

07/23, 1:35pm

Oracle deletes pro-Android Java posts

Oracle has tried to cover up some of Sun's support of Android in its attempts to back its lawsuit against Google. The company deleted a blog post from 2007 (cached) from the then head of Sun, Jonathan Schwartz, not only accepted Google's use of Java in Android but gave "heartfelt congratulations" for its use. Visiting the direct link now produces a 404 error.


Google may want to settle in Oracle's Android lawsuit

07/20, 8:10pm

Google hopes to speed along Oracle Java suit

Google in a joint reply Wednesday gave signs that it was willing to settle Oracle's lawsuit over Java in Android. After repeatedly trying to reject any claims, Google asked for the case claims to be narrowed down so it could negotiate an "informal resolution," or a settlement. It's unclear whether Oracle was at all receptive to the idea.


Gartner: Windows, OS X gained share by revenue in 2010

04/30, 5:15pm

Gartner breaks down 2010 desktop OS share by cash

A unique breakdown of the OS market by revenue share published by Gartner on Wednesday has revealed moves up in revenue market share by Apple, Microsoft, and some Linux developers last year. Windows as expected stayed on top and gained share by its cash intake, up almost nine points to 78.6 percent and $23.85 billion dollars' worth of sales. Apple only moved up a tenth of a point to 1.7 percent total share, but the growth had it moving twice as quickly and jumping 15.8 percent to $520 million.


Oracle says Google throwing Android users 'under the bus'

02/09, 1:30pm

Oracle accuses Google of deceiving users

Oracle in a memo sent to a District of Northern California court accused Google of directly deceiving Android users. The statement argued not only that Google's objections were unnecessarily prolonging the case but that it was misleading those running Android just what was involved. It implied that Google was either not ready to take legal responsibility for who owned Android patents or that it was simply hoping open-source exempted it from any fault if a phone designer or a user violated the patents.


Analysis: Android files likely to worsen Google's case

01/21, 9:50pm

Android Java file study hurts Google's chances

A dispute erupting over the legitimacy of claims that Google more directly copied Oracle code in Android may have been settled on Friday with a study. Following assertions that the files were just for testing and in some cases had already been deleted, Engadget's Nilay Patel argued that the technical issues were irrelevant and the files' very existence could make Google liable. Even if removed from the current code tree, inserted automatically or absent from current phones, the attempts to change the licenses may have violated Oracle's copyrights.


More evidence shows Google may have copied Oracle in Android

01/21, 10:40am

Discovery shows Android may have copied more Java

Oracle's claims that Google copied Sun's Java code without permission in Android may have gained fuel on Friday. A separate search by Florian Mueller of the code (ZIP) has found more files than Oracle itself cited that appear to lift code directly. Among them, six files attached to Android 2.2 and 3.0 appear to have been extracted from Sun's Java source code using a decompiler and simply grafted into the just-in-time Dalvik engine Android uses at its root.


Gmail pioneer: Chrome OS will die or join Android

12/14, 5:15pm

Gmail vet predicts Chrome OS dies in 2011

Gmail's core developer Paul Buchheit today said in a prediction that he expected Chrome OS to die in 2011. The former Google employee and FriendFeed creator expected that it would either be ended outright or else "merged" with Android. In a defense on FriendFeed, he noted that there was no point to Chrome OS and argued that even the Cr-48 netbook was a mistake.


Google accuses Oracle of hiding code in Android lawsuit

11/12, 1:10pm

Google says Oracle deceptive in Android case

Google has filed a response to Oracle's claims that Android 2.2 copied Java that accused Oracle of deliberately manipulating code. The search firm argued that Oracle had either deleted or hidden copyright headers and "expressive material" to make it look like Android's Dalvik virtual machine was a copy. Outside of the Harmony libraries, all of Dalvik and the rest of Android was developed independently, Google said in Groklaw's copy of the answer.


Apple, Oracle team on open Java project for Mac OS X

11/12, 9:40am

Apple and Oracle plan OpenJDK for Java in Lion

Apple and Oracle today set out plans for a new version of OpenJDK to keep bringing Java to Macs. The deal will see Apple give the tools and resources needed to bring Java SE 7 to Mac OS X, such as class libraries, networking, a visual client and both 32- and 64-bit HotSpot-based virtual machines. The Oracle project will make the technology ready to be used by open-source developers that could add to or improve Java on the Mac.


Google asks Oracle to toss Android lawsuit as hypocritical

10/05, 1:30pm

Google says Oracle Android suit disingenuous

Google today formally responded to Oracle's anti-Android lawsuit by motioning to dismiss the case. The search firm accused Oracle of violating the "doctrine of unclean hands" by willingly changing its approach after buying Sun. Oracle as late as 2009 had been calling for Sun to open-source the Java code at the heart of the suit but, having acquired Sun, is now refusing to do the same and suing now that it has a vested interest in profiting from patent disputes.


Oracle may buy a chip maker to get into hardware

09/24, 6:30pm

After acquiring Sun, silicon makes sense

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has indicated he may acquire a chip maker to bolster the company’s long-term position, despite its ranking as the third largest software manufacturer in the world. Following Oracle’s acquisition of Sun earlier this year for $7.4 billion, Oracle is branching out from developing database management software, and is now also competing in the high-end server market. Recent years have had Sun using off-the-shelf x86 processors and struggling to compete against alternatives.


Google contradicts itself on question of stock Android

09/24, 2:00pm

Google chief says Android can't be forced as stock

Google chief Eric Schmidt in an interview posted today (video below) from from the Zeitgeist conference provided contradictory answers on why the company refuses to require an option for unaltered Android on smartphones. He insisted to Search Engine Land that the company couldn't make carriers or phone designers give the choice since it would be "violating the principle of open source." The principle demands that everyone have control, even if it means options being locked out for end users.


Google calls Oracle lawsuit "baseless" as conspiracies mount

08/13, 3:45pm

Oracle accused by Google of opportunism

Google today responded to Oracle's patent lawsuit with an intention to defend itself. It called the anti-Android dispute "baseless" and argued that the complaint wasn't just attacking Google but anyone using open-source Java. Work would keep going on Android during the lawsuit.


Oracle sues Google over Java use in Android

08/12, 10:30pm

Oracle could freeze Android in Google lawsuit

Oracle tonight sued Google for allegedly infringing on seven patents as well as copyrights relating to Java. The software pioneer claimed that Google had ignored Sun's patent portfolio since the middle of last decade and had even hired parts of Sun's Java team in the years before Oracle's buyout of Sun last year. The patent fringing was allegedly damaging as Android was competing directly with Java as a phone platform, whether for apps or the OS itself.


Former Sun CEO claims Jobs threatened lawsuit in 2003

03/09, 7:45pm

Exec responded with his own threats

Former Sun CEO and president Jonathan Schwartz claims to have received a lawsuit threat several years ago from Apple CEO Steve Jobs. After Schwartz unveiled the prototype Linux desktop titled Project Looking Glass in 2003, Jobs allegedly called to personally notify Sun that its graphical effects were "stepping all over Apple's IP," according to Schwartz's personal blog.


ZFS dropped from Snow Leopard over licensing?

10/26, 11:35am

Sour negotiations may be to blame

Support for ZFS was ultimately dropped from Snow Leopard as a result of licensing issues, claims Jeff Bonwick, a project team leader at Sun. The technology was initially expected to be a highlight of Snow Leopard, for instance providing image-based backups, and eliminating the need for drive partitions. Hints that ZFS had been removed came in June however, and the technology is nowhere to be found in shipping copies of the OS.


Apple ceases efforts to bring ZFS support to Mac OS X

10/23, 4:25pm

Company may be working on its own alternative

Despite previous efforts to bring support for the ZFS file-system to Mac OS X, Apple has dropped the project. Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz several years ago publicly claimed Leopard would utilize ZFS instead of HFS+, although Apple only provided limited support for the new technology. Even the read-only functionality was dropped with the transition to Snow Leopard.


Apple, Google, others named in patent infringement suit

10/06, 10:50am

Case involves embedded web apps

Research and development company Eolas Technologies has filed a lawsuit against over a dozen companies, including major technology businesses such as Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Google, eBay and Sun. Eolas accuses the companies of violating two US patents, 5,838,906 and 7,599,985; the broadest of these is the first, which allegedly covers all "fully-interactive" embedded web applications. The second is an extension, specifically covering embedded apps using plug-in and AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) code.


Oracle considering netbook following Sun deal

06/03, 11:50am

Oracle Considers Netbook

Oracle chief Larry Ellison late Tuesday said (registration required) his company may jump into the netbook field in the aftermath of its buyout of Sun. While referenced casually at the JavaOne conference, the expansion into computers is considered a logical offshoot by Ellison given Sun's experience in hardware and other fields outside of Oracle's preferred database apps.


Oracle to buy Sun for $7.4 billion

04/20, 8:25am

Oracle to Buy Sun

Oracle today said it would buy Sun for about $7.4 billion, or $9.50 per share. The move gives Oracle both a significantly stronger position in databases, letting it produce the servers that run its apps, as well as access to Sun's software. Oracle will have access to Java as well as Sun's Solaris operating system and promises to invest heavily in both.


Sun willing to resume IBM talks? [U]

04/16, 11:05am

Sun May Resum IBM Talk

A pair of sources claim Sun is willing to return to discussions with IBM over stalled takeover talks, according to Bloomberg. The insiders say Sun's main condition is that IBM make a stronger commitment to closing the deal, which might be subject to anti-monopoly investigations of the combined server business if a deal is struck. Whether Sun is willing to accept a lower offer, which was also considered a sticking point, isn't mentioned.


Microsoft gets 2nd delay on EU browser response

04/15, 3:40pm

Microsoft 2nd EU Delay

Microsoft today said it had been given a second extension by the European Commission to prepare a response against antitrust charges that it has unfairly controlled web browsers. Having already been given a first extension that gave it until April 21st, the American firm has until April 28th to provide its own stance and early defense against the claims. Why the added time is required hasn't been formally explained.


Apple leads S&P 500 in market cap rankings

04/07, 11:10am

AAPL leads in market cap

Apple is so far at the forefront of 2009's S&P 500 market cap ratings, figures show. Market cap is a relative reflection of company value, in terms of stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares; as of April 3rd the company's cap had grown by approximately $27.425 billion, easily surpassing that of IBM, which nevertheless managed a cap increase of $24.081 billion. Another notable tech company on the list is Google, which placed in fourth with $19.719 billion.


IBM retracts $7 billion offer for Sun Microsystems

04/06, 3:35pm

IBM pulls $7B Sun offer

IBM on Sunday pulled its $7 billion offer for Sun Microsystems, three people close to the talks indicated, the New York Times claimed on Sunday. The withdrawal came one day after Sun's board members rejected a much lower offer during negotiations, believed to be near $6 billion. IBM's intention to buy Sun was first heard of in mid-March, with a final decision that was expected by today. The $7 billion offer was much higher than the value of Sun's shares, and the deal's dissolution raises questions about the future of the computer workstation and server manufacturer.


IBM deal to buy Sun may come Monday

04/03, 8:25pm

IBM Sun Deal Maybe Monday

IBM's rumored deal to take over Sun may close as soon as the start of next week, multiple sources indicate. Initially thought by sources of both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal (one, two) to be worth as much as $7 billion, the Financial Times now says negotiations and the market have tentatively pushed that number down to $6 billion but that a deal could be made public as early as Monday. Discussions are characterized as hectic and have the price changing from moment to moment.


IBM to buy Sun, create Linux powerhouse?

03/18, 9:25am

IBM May Buy Sun

IBM is discussing a deal that could see it buy Sun Microsystems for about $6.5 billion, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The takeover would be worth twice as much as Sun's current stock value and would give IBM a significantly larger influence on Internet businesses, where both companies' preferences for open-source and cross-platform technologies like Linux and Java would give them better clout against Microsoft's closed software as well as give them further independence from Intel or other x86 hardware.


AMD intros low-power 45nm quad-core Opterons

01/26, 9:00am

AMD Opteron HE Quad Core

AMD early Monday upped its claims to performance with a new set of Opteron HE quad-core processors. The new chips are the company's first of the type built on the current 45 nanometer "Shanghai" architecture and use just 55W of average power while also reportedly consuming about 20 percent less power than an equivalent Xeon when idle. The semiconductor firm touts the technology as ideal for servers but also makes it available for workstations.


Apple's Steve Jobs ranks near top of CEO survey

12/22, 11:35am

Steve Jobs on CEO survey

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has placed near the top in a list of most-liked bosses, according to the user review site Glassdoor. In compiling its first annual CEO rankings, the site lists Jobs in second place with a 90 percent approval rating; to qualify for the list a company must have at least 50 reviews, and Apple presently has over 290. Number one in the rankings -- at 93 percent -- is Art Levinson of the biotechnology firm Genentech, who also sits on Apple's board of directors.


Addonics unveils USB-to-NAS adapter

12/11, 4:35pm

Addonics NAS Adapter

Addonics on Thursday announced the release of its NAS Adapter that lets users add USB-based storage devices to local area networks. The USB storage device can then be shared by any user on the network and up to eight outside users with an Internet connection via FTP access. The adapter is compatible with SMB and open-source Samba network protocols, and can be configured as a printer server or BitTorrent downloader.


Sun releases final version of StarOffice 9

11/17, 12:05pm

StarOffice 9 final release

After brief period of beta testing, Sun says it has released the final version of StarOffice 9, its work suite aimed directly at competing with Microsoft Office. Unlike the Microsoft software, StarOffice is open-source, being based on OpenOffice 3.0; StarOffice 9 is also the first version of Sun's program to be coded natively for the Mac, and allows users to read Microsoft's Open XML format, though not save in it.


Sun posts StarOffice 9 beta for Mac

08/04, 12:25pm

StarOffice 9 beta released

Sun Microsystems has released a beta version of StarOffice 9, the first edition of its office suite to natively support the Mac. StarOffice includes presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software, as well as programs for drawing, databases and HTML editing. The v9 upgrade includes better Microsoft Office filters, support for OOXML files, and a new PDF import option with improved export options to match.


xVM VirtualBox supports Mac OS, Solaris, more

05/09, 12:55pm

xVM VirtualBox 1.6 update

Sun Microsystems on Friday introduced a new update for xVM VirtualBox, adding support for Mac OS X and Solaris, making it the first open sourcevirtual machine to support both operating systems. According to The Inquirer, Sun is offering both a free open source version which has no usage restrictions, as well as a free licensed version with more features for individual home users. Business customers are required to pay for licenses, should they want the full version.


Sun demonstrates JavaFX scripting language

05/06, 4:35pm

Sun demos JavaFX language

Sun Microsystems on Tuesday announced it will soon be releasing JavaFX Rich Client Technology, a family of products for creating Rich Internet Applications without resorting to complex programming associated with Java. The announcement took place at the 13th annual JavaOne Conference. JavaFX programs will allow easier access and therefore appeal to more people who wish to create Java applications, the according to Sun's executives.


Sun vows Java on iPhone

03/08, 11:00am

Sun Wants iPhone Java

Sun intends to use the newly established iPhone SDK to provide a Java virtual machine for the device, the company's Java marketing VP Eric Klein said late Friday. The company hopes to implement a native version of Java Micro Edition that would provide a direct framework for most any application that can run with the mobile-optimized virtual environment. Implementing the engine should allow the Java games that often land on most phones as well as business-grade tools such as customer relations management and enterprise resource management software, Klein adds.


Sun acquires MySQL in $1 billion deal

01/16, 10:05am

Sun Acquires MySQL

Potentially creating a major ripple effect in software, Sun today said it would acquire MySQL in a deal worth roughly $1 billion. The buyout gives Sun control over the most significant open-source database in the world but will also give MySQL distribution deals with Dell, IBM, and Intel that it would never have had otherwise, according to the two merging companies. Although the maneuver is expected to help Sun's preferred Linux and OpenSolaris systems integrate the database, the acquisition is also reportedly aimed at improving development of MySQL for Mac OS X and Windows.



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