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Teardown of Apple Pencil reveals it is utterly unrepairable by users

11/19, 1:48pm

Stylus designed for iPad Pro scores one out of ten from iFixit for repairability

The Apple Pencil is an impressive technical marvel, details revealed during an iFixit teardown of the accessory have suggested. While it includes the smallest logic board the technical outfit has ever seen, among other interesting aspects, the compact nature of the internals makes the Pencil an extremely unrepairable device, scoring one out of ten on iFixit's repairability, worse than the three out of ten scored by the iPad Pro.


The Big Deal: Save 25% on the Pencil stylus by FiftyThree

10/30, 10:15am

Stylish connected stylus for iPads heavily discounted in MacNN Deals

Every so often, MacNN finds a deal that is too big or important to go into our usual deal lists, and is deserving enough to be highlighted in its own Big Deals post. If the launch of the iPad Pro and its pressure-sensitive Pencil stylus is making you jealous, have a look at the Pencil from FiftyThree, a stylus that can be used on any capacitive touch device, but also includes a number of extra features for iOS devices thanks to a Bluetooth connection.


Hands On: Kit Precision Stylus

09/17, 10:00am

It's not a Pencil, but it's good

Before you read even a pixel further, know this: the Kit Precision Stylus is currently only available in the UK. Well, doubtlessly you can import it from Amazon UK, the way we over here regularly have to buy things from the US store. Officially, though, it is UK only for now. America and the rest of the world isn't missing out on a life-changing piece of engineering, but if you're looking for a stylus for your iPad, then this is a good piece of work, and it has certain advantages.


Editorial: All Stylus, No Surface

09/10, 4:37pm

Steve Jobs would've been fine with Apple Pencil

Of course you can't ever know what someone who has died would think of anything, but sometimes you can guess. This week, a lot of people are guessing that Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave, but we're going to say no to that. He wouldn't. We think he'd agree with the new Apple Pencil stylus -- and we know we do.


Wacom Bamboo Fineline 2 digital pen revealed with updated design

09/03, 6:28pm

Pressure sensitive stylus for iPad gets more comfortable design

Wacom has unveiled a new stylus at IFA, alongside its other graphics tablet-based launches earlier today. The Bamboo Fineline 2 takes after the original launched last year in being a stylus for normal tablets, one with pressure sensitivity allowing apps to react to how hard the user presses down with the nib, and in turn letting users be able to make more refined and detailed drawings on their tablet compared to using their finger.


Hands On: Bamboo Paper 2.5.1 (iOS)

05/19, 10:46am

Wacom offers well-designed, albeit simple drawing app to pair with stylus lines

Design giants Wacom are known for their line of drawing tablets, which they've been producing for the better part of two decades. Because of this, they've become an industry standard when it comes to graphic design and digital illustration. Seeking to extend their market, Wacom recently made the leap of producing a line of Bluetooth-enabled styluses for the iPad, and with it came Bamboo Paper, a stylus-compatible drawing app designed for the iPad.


Olympus adds night photography modes to Stylus SH-2 compact camera

03/11, 7:18am

Stylus SH-2 has same five-axis stabilization, 16MP sensor as SH-1

Olympus has launched an update to the Stylus SH-1 it revealed last year, with relatively few changes. The Stylus SH-2 compact camera has the same classic retro stylings as its predecessor, as well as a similar 16-megapixel sensor combined with the TruePic VII image processor and a 24x optical zoom providing a 35mm equivalent of 25mm to 600mm, but this time Olympus has added more functions related to night photography.


Hands On: Expert Shield Shortee Stylus (cross-platform)

01/07, 8:30am

Stop the screen-stick with the Shortee Stylus

When a person thinks of a stylus, largely they all think of the same thing: a lightweight, short, stubby plastic tube with a rubberized tip. There generally isn't much difference between a $3 stylus and a $30 stylus for the most part, and their faults are many. They're too lightweight, they're not comfortable to hold, and their rubber tip sticks easily to the screen of tablets and smartphones. There is one contender, though, a stylus that we feel actually breaks the mold: Shortee, by Expert Shield.


LG reportedly scaling back smartphone launches, registers G Pen mark

12/09, 8:19am

LG smartphone, smartwatch, stylus rumors surface before end of 2014

LG may be scaling back its smartphone launches for 2015, lowering the number of devices it will ship in the first half of the year, following similar moves by Sony and Samsung. At the same time, there is word that the South Korean electronics producer may be looking to include stylus input in a future device in a more meaningful way than before, as well as another addition to its smartwatch line.


Wacom revamps iPad stylus line with three new models

09/04, 11:31am

One combination pen and stylus released, two Bluetooth pens shown

Wacom has unveiled a series of new devices at the German IFA show this week. Starting the reveals are the third-generation Bamboo Stylus Solo and Bamboo Stylus Duo as a combination with a traditional ball pen for use on capacitive devices and paper. Also revealed are the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 for sketching, drawing and painting on an iPad. Finally, the Bamboo Fineline is a smart stylus with new "thin tip" technology for precise work with an iPad.


Briefly: AluPen Digital ultra-fine stylus, Moment usage tracker app

06/27, 6:36pm

Just Mobile releases ultra-fine stylus for smartphone and tablet displays

Just Mobile has announced the release of a new stylus pen for tablets and smartphones. Featuring a 1.8mm tip, the AluPen Digital aims to provide a writing experience comparable to that of a ballpoint pen on paper. The stylus is accompanied by a wider, 8mm tip, intended for use with drawing. Its charge-amplified circuitry does not require Bluetooth pairing or companion apps to function. Powered by a AAA battery, the stylus automatically turns itself off after idling for three minutes. Priced at $50, the AluPen Digital is now available.


Olympus reveals Stylus SH-1, Tough TG-3 cameras with 16MP sensors

03/31, 7:27am

Pair of compact cameras launching in May, June for $350, $400

Olympus has unveiled a pair of compact digital cameras. The Stylus SH-1 point-and-shoot camera uses a similar five-axis image stabilization system to the one employed by the E-M1 and others, while the Stylus Tough TG-3 is a ruggedized shooter that is able to alter the photographs it takes thanks to the use of screw-on lens attachments.


Olympus adds SP-100 super zoom, ruggedized TG-850 to Stylus range

01/29, 6:26am

Dot-sight for tracking moving subjects, ruggedness touted in new Olympus cameras

At the same time as launching the OM-D E-M10, Olympus has unveiled two more cameras it will also ship in March. The Stylus SP-100EE is a super zoom camera with a dot-sight for subject tracking, while the Stylus TG-850 is a ruggedized, waterproof compact camera with a 180-degree flipping LCD monitor for simpler self portraits and more shooting options.


Review: Adonit's Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus for iPad

11/09, 8:58pm

Scribbling down our thoughts on a new iPad stylus

There are any number of keyboard cases for Apple's bestselling iPad devices, as well as the devices' in-built software keyboards, but there's still something about actually scribbling down notes that is appealing. That keeps us at MacNN on the lookout for new stylus devices, ever hoping that we can get our hands on a competent writing implement for our favorite tablet. Popular note-taking app company Evernote has teamed up with iOS accessory maker Adonit to produce the Jot Script Evernote Edition, a fine-tipped stylus that promises more precise notes, thanks to a specialized app. How well do they pull it off? Read on to our in-depth look at the device to find out.


Olympus launches Stylus 1 compact camera for DSLR users

10/29, 5:23am

Uses same 12MP CMOS sensor as XZ-2, uses 28-300mm zoom lens

Olympus has launched a new camera designed to appeal to DSLR users wanting a compact second camera. The Stylus 1 premium compact houses a 12-megapixel 1/1,7-inch BSI CMOS sensor, the same one found in last year's XZ-2, assisted by the TruePic VI image processor, and a 28-300mm f/2.8 I.ZUIKO zoom lens that can retract fully into the body and behind an automatic lens cap.


Adobe promises to deliver Mighty pen, Napoleon ruler tools for iPad

09/17, 5:25pm

Launch slated for 2014

Adobe has confirmed that its Project Mighty digital stylus and Project Napoleon ruler tool are set to arrive on the market in the first half of 2014. First introduced at the company's MAX conference last May as a product concept for further consideration, the Adonit accessories are specifically geared for the current range of Creative Cloud mobile apps available on the iPad and iPhone.


Wacom intros Bamboo Pad touchpad, second-generation Bamboo styli

09/10, 9:13am

Touchpad supports gestures or stylus input

Wacom has introduced the Bamboo Pad touchpad, along with a new line of Bamboo styli. The pad doubles as a traditional touchpad, capable of registering gestures such as pinch-to-zoom and two-finger scroll, or a graphics tablet when used in conjunction with the included pressure-sensitive digital stylus.


Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots leak, confirm 6.4-inch display

06/20, 8:02am

Sony takes on Galaxy Note III with Xperia Z Ultra

Screenshots from Sony’s forthcoming Xperia Z Ultra have been leaked and confirm that the device will sport an oversize 6.4-inch 1080p display with a density of 342 pixels per inch. The screenshots also show that that the device will also be among the first to run Qualcomm’s Snapgradon 800 quad-core processor clocked at an impressive 2.2GHz. The Xperia Z Ultra is due to be revealed at forthcoming launch event on July 4 already teased by Sony and will sport a similar design language to its Xperia Z 5-inch flagship smartphone.


Nvidia CEO demonstrates Tegra 4 stylus input, pressure sensitivity

06/04, 8:04am

Pressure sensitivity shown using capacitive, non-active stylus on tablet

The CEO of Nvidia used Computex to demonstrate how Tegra 4 could be used to improve stylus input on a tablet. Jen-Hsun Huang drew on a Tegra 4 reference tablet with a basic capacitive stylus, and appeared to show the tablet being able to detect some level of pressure sensitivity, without the aid of an active stylus and digitizer.


Adobe reveals Project Mighty and Napoleon drawing tools for tablets

05/06, 3:19pm

Pressure-sensitive stylus and digital ruler still in development

Adobe showed off a hardware project for drawing it has been working on at its MAX Conference. Project Mighty is a pressure-sensitive stylus for tablets that is connected to the Adobe Creative Cloud, while Napoleon is an accompanying ruler that effectively works as a protractor for Project Mighty to work with in the tablet app.


Giveaway: Sensu touchscreen artist brush

01/23, 1:05pm

Win a Sensu touchscreen artist brush!

The digital age has changed many things, including the way that we view as well as create art. Almost every touchscreen device currently on the market is able to run some kind of painting software, and now creating art on these devices has become a little easier with the Sensu Brush artist brush and stylus for touchscreen devices. Electronista has three to give away to our readers, so read on to find out more about this brush, and how you can enter to win.


Sony applies for friction-based haptic feedback patents

11/22, 1:34pm

Roller design uses actuators to alter stylus tip resistance

Sony has recently filed a number of patents related to haptic feedback via friction, instead of the vibration method that most devices use. A "rolling contact ball gripping mechanism" on the end of a stylus uses actuators to increase or decrease the ball's resistance to rolling, making it easier or harder to move the stylus across a screen.


Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive stylus for iPad ships

10/02, 5:40am

Pogo Connect, first iPad stylus to pair over Bluetooth 4.0

The Pogo Connect pressure-sensitive stylus for iPad by Ten One Design is now shipping for $80. It is the first pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad that uses the latest ultra-low power Bluetooth 4.0 specification that also makes pairing with the Bluetooth 4.0 compatible third-generation iPad automatic, when in range. Although the device ships with a large nub, the tip is removable and will be compatible with a range of interchangeable tips set to arrive in the near future.


Hands on: Applydea Maglus stylus for iPad

09/30, 2:01am

Applydea magnetic Maglus stylus opens up possibilities for iPad users

Although Apple chose to avoid the utilization of stylus technology for the iPad, a significant number of iPad users are still interested in using a stylus for productivity or content creation. Indeed, a large third-party market for stylus accessory makers has sprung up around the iPad. This is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Samsung, which is aiming to leverage this space in the market with its Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets with native stylus support. Applydea hopes to offer a native-like stylus experience for iPad users with the Maglus.


Wacom launches Bamboo Stylus pocket for on-the-go sketching

09/18, 12:45pm

Stylus expands, attaches to tablets

Wacom today announced the availability of its new Bamboo Stylus pocket, a new stylus designed for portability. The new pocket stylus collapses, making for easy stowing in a pocket, and it attaches directly to iPads and Android tablets. The new stylus is also compatible with the Bamboo Paper - Notebook app for iPads.


Apple submits surprise optical stylus patent application

05/24, 8:06am

Apple files for optical stylus patent

In a surprise, an Apple patent application for an optical stylus has turned up on the USPTO website. Steve Jobs had derided the stylus as an input method for the iPhone and the iPad once famously saying that ‘If you need a stylus, you’ve already failed.’ However, Jobs was well known for throwing the opposition a curve ball from time to time speaking out against an idea, only to have been developing a concept behind the scenes. One example was when he said that consumers liked having a separate iPod while also carrying their phone, only to reveal the ultimate convergence device in the iPhone a couple of years later.


Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo combines stylus with pen

04/10, 11:10am

Double ended stylus available later this month

Today, Wacom has launched the Bamboo Stylus duo for capacitive tablet users. The successor to the Bamboo Stylus solo, the duo has the same rubber tip that will work on most tablets and a ball-point pen on the opposite end.


Epson intros Stylus NX430 Small-in-One printer

09/06, 4:30pm

Stylus NX430 printer allows for PC-free printing

Epson just introduced the Stylus NX430 Small-in-One printer that the company said offers the most features for its size. It can print without the need for a connected PC thanks to integrated memory card slots, wireless technology and a 2.5-inch color LCD. It can scan and copy as well.


Accessories: new styluses for iPad, tablets, smartphones

08/24, 7:10pm

Bracketon, GreenBulb, Primary Case, Ten One Design

Though Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously said, "if you see a stylus, they blew it" referring to tablets, there are occasions and certain types of software that benefit from stylus use, particularly handwriting, photo-editing and drawing apps. As users continue to find specific uses for styluses on iOS products (and particularly competitor touchscreen devices), a small but significant market has sprung up to meet demand. Four of the latest styluses to hit the market are highlighted below.


Samsung intros docks, cases, adapters for Galaxy Tab 10.1

06/22, 12:35am

Key accessories slated for mid summer

Samsung has introduced a wide range of accessories built for the company's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, which recently arrived on the market. Owners will be able to choose from several docking options, including a multimedia dock and a keyboard dock, along with three different cases, an HDMI adapter, a travel charger, car charger, stylus, Bluetooth keyboard, and an SD card adapter.


Pogo Stylus updated for iPhone 4 with Travel Clip

10/08, 6:30pm

Travel Clip doubles as a stand

Ten One Design, makers of the popular Pogo Stylus for iOS devices, are taking pre-orders for a new version designed for the iPhone 4. Available in Black, Hot Pink, Burnt Orange and Cactus, the styluses offer greater accuracy than a finger, while the black Travel Clip that keeps the stylus in place doubles as a stand in both landscape and portrait mode.


Targus, STM Bags launch cases, accessories for iPad

09/15, 3:55pm

Targus iPad Stylus requires no software or power

iPad owners have some new options today as Targus has launched a number ofaccessories for the iPad and STM Bags has launched its iPad org board. Targus has released two cases, a charger and a stylus. The Spruce EcoSmart Mini Messenger for iPad is made of recycled polyester with environmental bonuses of PVC- and nickel-free manufacturing. It protects and stores an iPad, with pen loops, a business card holder, and a mesh pocket for other small accessories in addition to two zippered compartments. It arrives with an adjustable, padded, removable shoulder strap and ships in black with green lining.


Olympus intros 30X ultrazoom, new Stylus Toughs for PMA

02/02, 8:35am

Olympus outs SP-800UZ, 600UZ, Stylus Tough updates

Olympus' turn at early introductions for the PMA imaging expo were headlined today by two long-zoom SP series cameras as well as two hardened Stylus Tough updates. The SP-800UZ is one of the longest-range compacts ever with a 30X stabilized lens that can reach well into telephoto range. Olympus also promises a level of detail in capture and playback with a 14-megapixel sensor, 720p movie recording and a 3-inch LCD.


RadTech intros Styloid 2.0 for iPhone, iPod touch

08/12, 11:05am

Styloid 2.0 for iPhone

RadTech has announced Styloid 2.0, its latest soft-tip precision stylus for the iPhone and iPod touch, or other touch-control displays. The Styloid is designed to resemble the style of a pen, and provides users with a tool for either controlling their touchscreen or pressing small buttons. They stylus is made from a hard-anodized aluminum barrel with polished stainless steel accents, and finished with a satin black color coating. The device also is free from any sharp edges to help prevent scratching the users display.


Olympus shows rugged cam with art filters

07/17, 9:00am

Olympus mju TOUGH-6010

Olympus chose Friday to introduce a new generation of its hardened TOUGH-series compact cameras. The mju TOUGH-6010 (to be called the Stylus TOUGH-6010 in the US) is superficially a standard 12-megapixel camera with 3.6X zoom but is waterproof to a depth of 9.8 feet, withstands drops up to 4.9 feet and will avoid freezing at temperatures as low as 14F. Magic Filters are new to the 6010 and, like the Art Filters on the E-P1 and full DSLRs, can either simulate real effects like a pinhole camera's or else strictly artistic visuals like an Andy Warhol-style Pop Art filter.


Briefly: Internet Evolution contest, Pogo Stylus

02/03, 9:35pm

iWebTemplate updates

In brief: Internet Evolution is holding a contest to find its readers best ideas for an iPhone application. Users can post their ideas and a winner will be announced in early March. Ten One Design has announced that it is reducing the price of its iPhone compatible stylus to $15. Meanwhile, iWebTemplate has update its offerings with several new iWeb Themes from iPresentee and Miamiou.


Olympus intros new ultrazoom, Stylus, FE cams

08/25, 10:50am

Olympus SP-565UZ and More

Olympus on Monday swept through its camera line with several updates ahead of the Photokina expo. The SP-565UZ ultra-zoom keeps the 20X, 26-520mm equivalent lens range of the 570UZ but is both smaller and lighter than the earlier camera. It makes a few minor sacrifices to reach this goal, including a smaller 2.5-inch preview LCD (down from 2.7); in exchange, the camera gains a microSD adapter to use the normally cellphone-oriented cards to store photos.


Olympus readies 7X zoom Stylus, new FEs

08/19, 2:15pm

Olympus Stylus 1060 UK

Olympus on Tuesday gave a preview of updates to its camera lines ahead of Photokina with European announcements of cameras that should appear in the US. The µ[mju:] 1060 (Stylus 1060 in the US) is unusually long-ranged and boasts a 7X zoom, 37-260mm equivalent lens that helps compose distant landscape shots. Both hardware- and software-based image stabilization keep the resulting 10-megapixel images steady and are backed by a very high-speed mode that shoots at nine frames per second in exchange for lower-resolution three-megapixel shots.



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