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Dell gets record profit but sees home PC sales drop

05/17, 5:55pm

Dell Q1 2011 buoyed by enterprise, hurt by home PC

Dell on Tuesday posted results for the winter that at once set a record but also cast doubt on its home PC business. Its net profit nearly tripled year-over-year to $945 million leaning mostly on its enterprise and small business sales, whose operating profits were up 11.3 percent and seven percent each. Revenue in its consumer business, however, was down by seven percent as interest was "softer than expected," the Texas system builder said.


Dell's marketing re-spin kills off Adamo, Studio XPS lines

10/22, 5:15pm

Dell to focus on three brands, kills Adamo, more

With the premium Adamo XPS notebook discontinued and the more recent introduction of XPS notebooks, Dell has rebranded its lineup for greater simplicity. According to Engadget, there will be only three core brands, including Inspiron, XPS and Alienware. Each will be aimed at users who require different performance levels, with Alienware being the top-rung offering.


Redesigned Dell Studio XPS range leaked early, with Optimus

10/18, 7:40am

New 14, 15 and 17-inch Studio XPS models inbound

In anticipation of a formal announcement by Dell, Logicbuy has listed new Studio XPS 14, 15 and 17-inch models as coming soon. The site depicts the official press photos, which highlight the redesign. New design cues include an anodized aluminum display back, brushed aluminum palmrest, and diamond cut trim around the keyboard and touchpad. The XPS 14 and XPS 15 also feature NVIDIA’s Optimus GeForce GT 420M GPUs equipped with either 1GB or 2GB.


Dell to soon bring out Studio XPS 15 and 17?

09/17, 3:25pm

Dell prepping Studio XPS 15, 17 notebooks?

An unconfirmed report originating from French-language forum LesDeLLiens maintains that Dell will soon replace its Studio XPS 13 and 16 notebooks with the XPS 15 and 17, respectively. They are due to show up in the French market sometime in late October or early November, which means they could arrive in the US sometime before then. There are also some leaked technical specs for each flagship notebook, optioned up to their limits.


Dell Studio XPS 7100 packs 6-core Phenom II

05/12, 12:35pm

Dell adds AMD to Studio XPS desktops

Dell helped kick off AMD's 6-core desktop Phenom IIs by launching its first AMD-based performance desktop, the Studio XPS 7100. It uses the familiar chassis of earlier models but scales up to a 2.8GHz Phenom II X6. Systems scale up to a Radeon HD 5670 graphics card but can also carry as much as 16GB of memory and 4TB of disk space from the factory.


Dell shows Studio XPS 16 prototype with OLED

01/07, 4:45pm

Dell OLED concept has 10K to 1 contrast

We toured Dell's suites following its CES keynote and discovered that the company has a prototype of a Studio XPS 16 with an OLED display. The panel gives the notebook a much higher contrast ratio -- Dell claims 10,000:1 -- and slims the panel to about 2mm (0.08in) thick. Response times and battery usage also get better with the swap.


NVIDIA teases Optimus notebook graphics tech

01/05, 10:15pm

NVIDIA Optimus may replace Hybrid SLI

NVIDIA today hinted at a new graphics technology for notebooks that could be key to systems from Apple and others using Intel's mobile Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Nicknamed Optimus, the technology will give any portable with an NVIDIA GPU better battery life without necessarily sacrificing performance. The chipmaker isn't clear whether the technology is directly related to Hybrid SLI, which switches GPUs depending on the power source, or is genuinely new.


Dell fixes Latitude throttling with updates

12/03, 10:20am

Dell issues software fix for Latitude PCs, more

Computer maker Dell has addressed the recently publicized issue with its Latitude E6400- and E6500-series notebook computers through a pair of updates (E6400, E6500). These PCs inexplicably throttled their CPU clock speeds to 1,000MHz, or less than half of their rated 2.2GHz speeds whenever their temperatures raised slightly or the CPU was asked to perform intensive tasks. The fix comes in the form of a BIOS update.


Dell Studio, Studio XPS get Core i7 updates

09/23, 2:05pm

Dell Studio notebooks with Core i7

Dell today backed its Alienware updates with the addition of Intel's mobile Core i7 processor as an option to three of its self-labeled systems. The Studio XPS 16, Studio 15 and Studio 17 all have the choice of either the 1.6GHz or 1.73GHz quad-core processors as a build-to-order upgrade. The high speed choice boosts the price of a Studio 15 to $999, while the larger Studio 17 to $1,099 and the lone Studio XPS update to $1,249.


Dell bows Studio XPS 8000 tower with Core i5

09/08, 9:35am

Dell Studio XPS 8000 unveiled

Dell quickly seized on the launch of Intel's Lynnfield architecture by introducing a new system to take advantage of it. The Studio XPS 8000 is a smaller, less costly counterpart to the Studio XPS 435 (to be rebranded as the 9000) and starts off with a 2.66GHz Core i5 and more modest Radeon HD 4350 dedicated graphics to give most of what higher-end users expect but without having to scale up to a full Core i7 system and mid-range visuals. It continues to share the basic chassis concept of the 435 and has both a tray for peripherals and cooling designed for airflow first.


Dell Studio XPS 13, 16 add Arctic White shell

08/26, 10:45am

Dell Studio XPS Arctic Wht

Dell today quietly added a third color option to its Studio XPS 13 and Studio XPS 16 notebooks. The Arctic White shell complements the existing black and red options and adds a color-matching leather accent at the base of the lid to improve both the aesthetics and grip of the system. As always, the palmrest and the rest of the inside notebook remain the same two-tone black and silver.


Microsoft bends to Apple, tunes laptop ads

07/24, 9:45am

MS Tunes Laptop Hunter Ads

Microsoft has quietly toned down its Laptop Hunter ads to reflect the reduced argument it has against Apple, the company noted late yesterday. While the extent of its changes aren't exactly known, the company has posted a new version of its "Lauren & Sue" ad that omits references to a $2,000 MacBook Pro and now only makes an indirect attack, suggesting that Mac users are "paying a lot for the brand." The ad sees Lauren ultimately buying a $972 Dell Studio XPS 13 and drew criticism for deliberately choosing to include a comparison between this and the larger, faster 15-inch MacBook Pro instead of the then-current $1,299 aluminum MacBook.


Sixth Microsoft TV ad attacks white MacBook

07/08, 9:40am

6th Laptop Hunters Ad

Microsoft has returned to its ad campaign with the first ad in its "Laptop Hunters" campaign in weeks. The TV spot sees couple Matt and Olivia tasked with finding a system at Best Buy with a large screen, long battery life and good support for pictures at $700. They dismiss a 13-inch plastic MacBook as "too small" and too expensive at $1,000, eventually settling on an HP Pavilion dv7 exactly matching their target price. In comparing the Mac and Windows lines, Microsoft is direct and emphasizes absolute price over features.


NVIDIA Ion sequel to be much faster?

07/01, 2:30pm

NVIDIA Ion Sequel Speedup

The sequel to NVIDIA's Ion platform could be much faster than its predecessor when it ships, leaks today would show. While the current graphics and chipset combo is based on the GeForce 9400M and has just 16 visual effects cores, Fudzilla now hears that it will have 32 cores, potentially doubling the amount of simultaneous effects it can handle at once. The difference will have the most dramatic effect on 3D but could also impact general-purpose computing tasks that need CUDA or OpenCL.


Dell to offer ATI HD 4670 GPU in Studio XPS 16?

06/19, 4:30pm

ATI HD 4670 coming to Dell

Dell may soon begin offering a new-generation graphics card for its multimedia-oriented Studio XPS 16 notebook lineup. If true, it would begin offering the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 instead of the current, aging ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670 with its 512MB of dedicated memory. The HD 4670 will most notably double dedicated graphics memory and is based on smaller 55nm manufacturing process.


Dell Studio XPS 13, 16 get Merlot Red option

06/01, 7:35am

Dell Studio XPS Merlot Red

Dell on Monday gave its Studio XPS 13 and 16 notebooks the choice of a Merlot Red lid color. The option gives a matching red leather accent near the hinge and is the Studio XPS line's first color choice outside of black. Changing colors is free for either model and is available immediately through Dell's online store.


Dell income plunges 63% in early 2009

05/29, 9:40am

Dell Income Drops 63pc

Dell late yesterday reported bleak results for the first calendar quarter of 2009 that showed it faring poorly in the economic climate. The Texas PC builder's net income dropped a full 63 percent from the same quarter a year ago to $290 million and was hurt primarily by rapidly shrinking business sales in the world economic collapse. Large, enterprise-level business revenue fell a significant 31 percent, indicating a steep drop in PC shipments, and was nearly matched by a 30 percent drop in small- and medium-sized business revenue.


Dell now offering Ubuntu on Studio XPS 13 notebook

05/25, 1:30pm

Studio XPS 13 gets Ubuntu

PC, notebook, monitor and related hardware manufacturer Dell has recently began offering its Studio XPS 13 notebook PC preloaded with the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system. The 13.3-inch notebook otherwise has the same key specs as its Windows Vista-powered counterpart, including the same 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, though some of the available options between them differ. For example, users can upgrade to a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo on the Ubuntu XPS 13, while those who opt for the Vista system have a choice of a different 2.53GHz and a 2.66GHz CPU.


Samsung preps high-color 15.6in notebook LCD

04/17, 11:45am

Samsung 15in RGB LED LCD

Samsung is developing a very thin but color-accurate 15.6-inch display for notebooks, a rumor today suggests. Unspecified "market sources" for DigiTimes claim the screen will have an RGB LED backlight that will both contribute to the thin dimensions of future notebooks but also improve the color saturation versus other LED backlights, which are often dominated by blue and so reduce the improvement in green and red colors. RGB treats all three colors equally and can change color temperatures to create a much more vivid image.


Apple sees rare Mac shipment drop in Q1

04/15, 5:00pm

IDC PC Share Q1 2009

Apple is poised to ship fewer Macs to the US year-over-year in a quarter for the first time in multiple quarters, according to early estimates from IDC. Researchers believe Apple will have shipped 1.13 million Macs in its home country in the first quarter of 2009, or a 1.2 percent drop versus the same stretch one year earlier. The company will have ultimately gained a slight amount of market share, moving from 7.2 percent to 7.6, but will also been one of only two firms in the top 5 computer vendors to have shipped fewer systems in winter 2009 than in 2008, with Dell being the other exception.


Dell reveals SX2210 1080p LCD monitor

02/27, 4:40pm

Dell outs 22-inch HD LCD

After releasing pricing information for its Studio XPS 435 desktop PC on Wednesday, Dell has also posted a new monitor ahead of its official release on its Canadian site, the 22-inch SX2210. It should offered as an option for the XPS 435 system as well as by itself. The widescreen display is capable of displaying 1080p images, and claims a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000:1. Other specs include a 2ms pixel response time and 300cd/m2 brightness.


Dell ships eco LCDs, prices Studio XPS 435

02/26, 8:45am

Dell G2x10 and XPS 435

Dell on Thursday started shipping its first two consciously eco-friendly LCDs. The 22-inch G2210 and 24-inch G2410 are both tuned to use power only when necessary and have ambient light sensors that auto-adjust the backlight to match the environment. They also have a PowerNap feature that more quickly cuts power use and are built from one quarter recycled material.


Dell outs reworked Studio XPS with up to 24GB RAM

02/25, 7:45am

Dell Studio XPS 435

Dell this morning revealed more ambitious plans for its desktops with an early launch for the Studio XPS 435. Unlike the original, the new version has its own, much sleeker case design with better airflow and more room for expansion: the new system has room for up to 24GB of memory (up from 12GB), holds as much as 4.5TB of storage and carries a 475W power supply that can handle significantly more expansion than most pre-made PCs.


Dell Adamo "world's thinnest" notebook?

12/19, 9:20am

Dell Studio XPS 13 Slips

Further details have surfaced today of a major initiative by Dell to tackle the designer 13-inch notebook market, including more information regarding the Adamo notebook. A leak through Engadget now claims to have confirmed that the Adamo is an ultraportable and will be marketed as the "world's thinnest laptop" in a deliberate bid to chase after the MacBook Air's similar claim; the system will reportedly come in black and silver trim made to present an upscale look.



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