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Dell formally quits smartphones in US for now

03/28, 11:35pm

Dell exits another mobile category

Dell in a statement confirmed that it had backed out of smartphones in the US. At least at present, the Android-running Venue and Windows Phone-based Venue Pro had "run their course," PCWorld paraphrased a Dell representative as saying. There would be mobile devices later into 2012, but Dell was unclear if there would be more than tablets at the time.


Dell exec: our Windows 8 tablets better for work than iPads

03/16, 4:05pm

Dell CCO Felice shrugs off iPad

Dell's chief commercial officer Steve Felice in a sweeping interview on Friday tried to downplay the effect of the iPad, and Apple as a whole, at work. He contended to Reuters that iPads and iPhones still raised "a lot of concerns" in the corporate world, where compatibility with the rest of the office, device management, and security might still be problems. Dell would be in the "best position to meet those," he said, although Felice didn't say how his company would be different from other Windows supporters.


Dell Streak 5 gets Android 2.3, Streak 7 won't get 4.0

12/22, 11:15am

Dell Streak 5 gets official Android 2.3 update

The official Android 2.3 update for the discontinued Dell Streak 5 tablet has now been released. The ROM can be downloaded through a link shared by a helpful member of the XDA-Developers forums, though it's meant for Korean Streak 5s. To install the 155MB update, users need to have version 350 of the stock recovery preloaded onto their tablets.


Dell drops Streak 7, backs out of Android tablets in US

12/05, 8:40am

Dell quits Android tablet arena in short term

Dell on Monday confirmed that it had stopped selling the Streak 7. The tablet is no longer available online and is withdrawing just months after Dell axed the Streak 5. In a statement, it said it would still be involved in the mobile space but conspicuously referred to the Streak 7 in the past tense, suggesting it was being phased out.


Dell scales back CES presence in hint of move from home PCs

11/30, 6:45pm

Dell at CES 2012 shifts away from home focus

Dell is whittling back one of its staple practices at CES in a sign of a reduced focus on the home for 2012. New leaks Wednesday hinted to AllThingsD that the company would drop its near-traditional occupation of a whole floor at The Palms off of the Las Vegas strip in favor of the hotel suite invites and meeting rooms common to companies that don't have major products to unveil at the show. If would instead attach itself to a keynote from one of its partners, implying Intel or Microsoft.


Lenovo preps five-inch Android rival to Galaxy Note, Streak

11/22, 9:55am

Lenovo IdeaTab to try crossover phone, tablet

Lenovo is trying its hand at the crossover phone and tablet category headed up by the Samsung Galaxy Note and Dell Streak, a new leak has uncovered. To be badged as an IdeaTab in most of the world and a LePad in China, the five-inch Android device seen by Engadget would be designed as a phone first and tablet second. Little is known about what's inside, although the presence of capacitive buttons at the bottom casts doubt on whether or not the IdeaTab will have Android 4.0 when it ships.


Atmel sales drag as iPad rivals Samsung, Dell slump

11/02, 12:20am

Atmel touchscreen chips struggle in Q3

Atmel gave an outlook on Tuesday for the fall that was one of the few cluews as to how well iPad rivals were faring in the market. It expected its touchscreen contoller chip sales to drop 12 to 16 percent, as low as $402.7 million, at a time when shipments were normally up. Some of the company's tablet customers, including Dell and Samsung, had higher than usual inventories that pointed to a lack of sales.


Streak becomes first US defense-certified Android device

10/31, 11:15pm

Device meets DISA criteria

Dell's Streak 5 tablet has reportedly become the first Android device to receive official certification for the US Department of Defense. Although the device is no longer sold to the general public, Dell has reworked the tablet software to improve security. The adaptations have enabled the device to meet Defense Information Systems Agency criteria for use with secure but unclassified communications.


Dell, HP Windows 8 tablets reportedly aimed for summer 2012

10/17, 12:25pm

Dell and HP clue into Windows 8 release plans

PC builders involving Dell and HP are focusing their energies on Windows 8 tablets for next summer, early rumors claimed Monday. While shy on what those models would involve, Digitimes understood that at least Dell was trying to shift its attention to pro tablets and away from the home. They wanted to get out from under "fierce competition" in the Android space, where the Amazon Kindle Fire has triggered a race to the bottom in a crowded field, according to the tips.


Dell 'very' in step with Windows 8, disappointed by Android

10/13, 11:10am

Dell CEO downplays Google at own conference

Dell's founder Michael Dell used his own Dell World conference as an unusual platform for talking down Android while putting faith in Windows 8. While he pledged loyalty to Microsoft and said the company was "very aligned" with it, he said Google's OS had "not developed to the expectations" Dell had. Steve Felice, president of the consumer division, tried to minimize the company's lack of success, claiming that the Streak tablets, Aero, and Venue phones were shipped in small numbers to "see customer reaction and behavior."


Dell Streak 7 may already have Android 3.2 update

10/01, 6:20pm

Dell Streak 7 may have Honeycomb update early

Dell's promise of an Android 3.2 update to the Streak 7 may have come true early after multiple anecdotes of the update. A handful of owners, so far of the UK version with unlocked 3G, have reported getting the new OS. While one has said the upgrade looks "great," another pointed out that it was "glitchy" and might have been rushed.


Samsung might not sell Galaxy Tab 7.7, Note in US

09/02, 10:25am

Samsung may be spooked by Apple on Tab 7.7

Samsung might opt out of selling both the Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the Galaxy Note in the US, a spokeswoman claimed at IFA. The company reportedly has "no plans" to sell either in the US. She wouldn't speculate to GottaBeMobile as to the reasons why.


Samsung Galaxy Note tries phone, tablet mix with pen support

09/01, 8:25am

Samsung Galaxy Note has 5.3in HD Super AMOLED

Samsung's most unique launch at IFA on Thursday was the Galaxy Note, an attempt to blur the lines between phones and tablets. Its centerpiece is a 5.3-inch, 1280x800 Super AMOLED screen that's both extremely crisp but also optionally takes pen input. Called the S Pen, the bundled stylus can be used to draw, handwrite notes, or to annotate screen captures.


Dell: Windows 8 tablets 'pretty encouraging' so far

08/17, 4:20pm

Dell optimistic on Windows 8 tablets

Dell during its fiscal results call late Tuesday was optimistic about its prospects for Windows 8 tablets. Founder Michael Dell characterized initial work on slates for the new OS as "pretty encouraging." He added that he only saw Android as the other practical alternative, although he couched it in terms of options available to Dell, not relative to the iPad.


Dell lowers expectations for year as PC sales flatten out

08/16, 5:25pm

Dell Q2 2011 shows effects of iPad, economy

Dell on Tuesday epitomized the tough conditions for Windows PC builders with flat results and a poor outlook. Its overall revenue, as well as its home and large business PC revenues, were up just one percent over a year earlier. While its net income was up 60 percent to just over $1 billion, the company warned that its summer performance would be flat and lowered its growth expectations for the whole year, down from five to nine percent to just one to five percent.


Dell discontinues Streak 5 Android tablet

08/11, 7:55pm

Device may be incompatible with new Android builds

Dell appears to have discontinued its Streak 5 tablet, which has been on the market for nearly a year. Although the company last month pulled the five-inch tablet from retail shelves, the device was rumored to be facing temporary unavailability as the company rolled out a software update. The website for the device, however, points to a final farewell.


iPad owners happiest with their tablets, now 79% of users

07/29, 7:30pm

iPad tops Android in tablet recommendations

iPad owners are the most likely to recommend their tablets than any other, IHS discovered in a fresh study. Out of 10, Apple users gave their tablets a typical 8.8 rating, making them very likely to suggest an iPad. Unusually, ultra-cheap tablet maker Zenithink was second by the slimmest margin, while Samsung, Archos, and Motorola were near equal.


Dell Streak 10 Pro spied ahead of possible imminent launch

07/28, 3:05pm

Dell Streak 10 Pro may ship in China tomorrow

The Dell Streak 10 Pro has just been spotted in China, and the tablet is expected to be released as soon as tomorrow there, VR-Zone found. The tablet seems production-ready from the photo. The device, like most Android 3 tablets, has a 10.1-inch display with a 1280x800 resolution and a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. It runs on Android 3.1.


Dell's Stage UI for phones, PCs gets iCloud-like syncing

07/27, 4:35pm

Dell gives Stage syncing to compete with Apple

Dell hoped to preempt Apple Wednesday by adding its own rough parallel to iCloud. An updated Stage UI now includes SyncUP, a Nero-developed sync service that both automatical spreads files and streams music, photos, and videos between computers and mobile devices. The service is cross-platform and can see Android and Windows devices, though it won't share copy-protected content.


Dell temporarily pulls the Streak for an update

07/21, 11:05pm

Tablet/phone to be back on shelves in August

Dell has pulled its 5-inch Android-powered Streak from retail shelves as well as Dell's online store. Although rumored to be discontinued, Engadget reports that sales of device have been temporarily halted while Dell gives it an update. The Streak is expected to be back for sale sometime in August.


Leak shows Dell tablet with split, slide-out QWERTY keyboard

06/09, 8:30am

Dell prepping split-keyboard tablet with unknown O

Dell gave away plans for another but more unique tablet design late Wednesday through a leak. The unnamed seven-inch model would have a slide-out keyboard like Samsung's Sliding PC, but it would address a common complaint of tablets by splitting the layout so it could be used for thumb typing. What photos were captured in the Engadget tip didn't show it booted, but it will have at least a rear camera.


Dell Streak gets hacked Android 3.1

05/23, 4:55pm

Streak runs on Android 3.1 with a few bugs

The Dell Streak has been successfully hacked by DJ_Steve from the XDA developers forum to run on Android 3.1. The tablet-optimized OS is a big step up from the device's stock Android 2.2 OS. Details on the hack weren't released, as there are still a number of bugs that need to be worked out.


Dell to intro MacBook-rivalling XPS 15z on Tuesday

05/22, 11:05pm

Dell XPS 15z leak gives Tuesday release

A leak late Sunday confirmed that Dell's XPS 15z would formally launch on Tuesday. The 15.6-inch system had already been teased and its $999 price leaked but now had a relatively close announcement. The WSJ also backed suspicions of a heavy Apple influence with an assertion that the 15z was made to "better compete against Apple's popular Macbook [sic]" and that it would be the thinnest notebook of its size "on the planet."


Dell Streak Pro seen in promo shots, using current Tegra 2

05/18, 1:10pm

Dell Streak Pro gets sighting and more specs

Dell's Streak Pro tablet has been seen in earnest through a Dutch leak on Wednesday. The 10-inch Android 3.0 tablet is now known to be very slim at 0.35 inches thick, though relatively heavy at 1.6 pounds. Performance could be a letdown, as Tweakers understood the Streak Pro would use just a regular 1GHz Tegra 2 like every other Android 3.0 tablet and not the 1.2GHz Tegra 2 3D.


Nielsen: iPad still 82% of tablets, cutting into PC use

05/05, 12:05pm

Nielsen gives iPad 82pc of tablet share in spring

The launch of a wave of Android-based tablets has so far done little to cut into the iPad's share, Nielsen found in a new study. Apple had a combined 82 percent share of US tablets at the start of the spring split almost evenly between 3G and Wi-Fi models. The newcomer Motorola Xoom had two percent, but even established Android tablets like the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab had just three and four percent respectively, the study said.


Dell CEO didn't see tablets coming, expects Android to lead

04/25, 12:10pm

Dell CEO admits not expecting tablet

Dell CEO and namesake Michael Dell in an interview Monday acknowledged that the iPad had caught him off guard. He was most surprised by the quick growth of the tablet and admitted he "didn't completely see that coming." Dell has been in the Windows Tablet PC market for years but had been immediately passed by Apple after the iPad outsold all Tablet PCs ever made in less than a year.


Dell 10-inch Android 3.0 tablet spotted as Streak Pro

04/23, 6:05pm

Dell Streak Pro to incorporate Tegra 2 3D chip

Dell’s forthcoming 10-inch Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) tablet has been spotted as the Dell Streak Pro. In a further revelation uncovered by Android Central the device will be fitted with an NVIDIA Tegra T25, which is marketed as the NVIDIA Tegra 2 3D. While the chip is known to clock up to 1.2GHz, and is 3D-capable, it isn’t yet confirmed that the Streak Pro also sports a matching 3D display.


Alienware open to tablets, investigating Thunderbolt

04/19, 7:20pm

Alienware talks tablets and Thunderbolt at event

Alienware during the same event that brought the M14x and M18x opened the prospects of a branded tablet. During a question and answer session, division GM Frank Azor was careful not to commit to a design but was considering "all form factors" for the future. Parent company Dell already has the Streak and Streak 7 on the market, but Alienware has so far been limited to PCs.


Amazon carries Wi-Fi only Dell Streak 7

04/19, 2:25pm

Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi arrives at Amazon for $380

The Dell Streak 7 has now shown up on Amazon and is immediately available for purchase in Wi-Fi only guise. It comes despite the Wi-Fi Streak 7 having yet to get a Dell announcement for the US. The company's updated product page does now say that the model is coming soon.


Dell insists tablets having no effect on PC in enterprise

04/18, 12:20pm

Dell pays for study to steer business from tablets

Dell on Monday published a study it had conducted in hopes of steering companies away from tablets. The results, conducted by Forrester in February, had just eight percent of workers considering an iPad or Android tablet one of the two devices they'd want to have. A similar amount wanted a Windows tablet, but demand for smartphones and computers ranged from 41 percent to 59 percent.


Dell set to show 10-inch Android tablet in mid-June

04/05, 6:10pm

Dell 10-inch Android tablet said showing in June

Dell's burgeoning tablet plans could see it launch its promised Android tablet, likely the Streak 10, well ahead of the Windows equivalent. A leak Tuesday said Dell's talk of a 2012 launch was conservative and that the Android slate might be ready to show by mid-June, about three months before the Windows model would surface. Marketing details haven't yet settled, and Forbes' contact described the 10-inch tablet as so far "unbranded."


Dell insists iPad can't succeed in enterprise

03/29, 9:00pm

Dell exec certain iPad will fail in enterprise

Dell's head of global enterprise marketing Andy Lark told CIO in an interview Tuesday that he was certain the iPad would be overtaken in the enterprise by Android and Windows. He saw the runaway sales as having created the market for tablets in the office but that a "diverse, open, connected" approach would ultimately win. Dell would succeed because it had a "very considered" approach that included more than one operating system and addressed the workplace, not just the home, like Apple.


Dell Streak 7 with Wi-Fi up for pre-order, in testing

03/18, 8:35am

Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi at Amazon and in Wi-Fi cert

A Wi-Fi only version of the Dell Streak 7 has effectively been made official through store listings and testing. Amazon already has a pre-order page for the Android 2.2 design that lists it as costing $380, or about $70 less than the HSPA+ 3G version on T-Mobile. Amazon didn't give a clue as to when the tablet would ship.


Dell Streak 5 on AT&T, Rogers gets bump to Android 2.2

02/23, 4:35pm

Dell outs Android 2.2 for AT&T, Rogers Streak

Dell on Wednesday began sending out the over-the-air Android 2.2 update for the Streak 5 tablet sold through AT&T and Canadian provider Rogers. The update brings with it Flash support, Dell's Stage UI and support for apps that require Android 2.0 or later software. A native Twitter app is also preloaded, as is Skype.


Dell Streak internal PR campaign gets employees arrested

02/16, 4:40am

SWAT responds to panic alarms at Dell offices

Two Dell employees have been arrested by the Round Rock, Texas police according to a report. Bryan Chester (48) and Daniel Rawson (36) are both facing the misdemeanor charges of Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conduct after an internal PR stunt backfired. Chester and Dawson ran through Dell offices dressed in black wearing masks and causing what was described by police as “controlled panic” amongst employees, several of whom triggered panic alarms. A video report of the story is embedded below.


Dell Streak 7 official for T-Mobile on February 2 for $200

01/31, 9:20am

Dell Streak 7 finally priced, dated for T-Mobile

T-Mobile today confirmed the launch details for the Dell Streak 7. The carrier's first HSPA+ tablet should be in stores this week, on February 2, for $200 on a two-year contract and with a $50 rebate. T-Mobile confirmed to Electronista that off-contract buyers can pick up the device for $450 and use it with a prepaid data plan.


T-Mobile slides show Streak 7, Galaxy S 4G, G-Slate dates

01/25, 4:55pm

T-Mobile Streak 7, Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate dated

T-Mobile's plans for its 2011 devices were given more definite details through a leaked memo on Tuesday. The company is now expected to launch the Dell Streak 7 relatively quickly and could have it in stores February 2 for $300 on contract, TmoNews found. The Galaxy S 4G would be next and ship on February 23; its price wasn't known but would likely sit at $200 on contract.


T-Mobile hints Dell Streak 7 may cost $330 on contract [U]

01/20, 2:25pm

T-Mobile to sell Streak 7 for $330 on contract?

(Update with T-Mobile response) T-Mobile's product page for the upcoming Dell Streak 7 reveals the device may cost just $330 when purchased on-contract. There are three payments of $82.50 required after a down payment of $82.50 is put down, which mimics the pricing scheme for other T-Mobile devices purchased on contract. The scheme is called the Equipment Installment plan, and allows buyers to make the purchases interest-free.


T-Mobile CEO confirms 4G Sidekick, Galaxy S 4G due

01/20, 11:35am

4G Sidekick, 4G Galaxy S due at T-Mobile: CEO

At a press event on Thursday, T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm confirmed that a Sidekick and a Samsung Galaxy S phone with HSPA+ support will arrive at the carrier soon. The Sidekick news was already covered, and both handsets will carry a 4G suffix. According to a PCMag report, the two devices will be joined by the known Dell Streak 7, T-Mobile G-Slate tablet with Android 3.0 and a USB modem capable of 42Mbps speeds in the first half of this year.


Dell Streak 7 may ship to T-Mobile on February 2

01/17, 3:55pm

Dell Streak 7 may reach T-Mobile stores February 2

T-Mobile may have planned a quick turnaround for the Dell Streak 7 as an uncovered memo has given it an imminent launch. The launch and promo material should go up on February 2, less than a month after the Android slate was made public. Its price still hasn't been revealed in the TMoNews scoop, but it's likely to remain competitive with the Galaxy Tab and other same-size tablets.


Dell officially unveils Streak 7 tablet, gaming PCs, Venue

01/06, 3:45pm

Dell brings out Streak 7 tablet, teases 10-incher

The expected Dell Streak 7 tablet has been officially revealed by Dell on Thursday. Nearly at the same time as the Dell Streak 7 was confirmed by T-Mobile, Dell held its own off-site press conference in Las Vegas at CES. It will be the first 4G tablet in the US, the company announced.


Motorola Cliq 2 may ship earlier, 'Kodiak' mentioned

12/31, 4:00pm

Information in leaked T-Mobile screenshots

A new report has pegged the launch of the Motorola Cliq 2, also referred to as the ‘Begonia’, for January 5 ahead of the previously rumored January 19 launch. TmoNews has also received information that appears to confirm that the upcoming Dell Streak 7 Android tablet, referred to as the ‘Kodiak’, will launch on January 19. The information comes courtesy of a leaked T-Mobile Training Update screenshot showing that staff training for the Motorola Cliq 2 will take place on the day of its launch, while the training for Dell Streak 7 launch will take place at the same time, well ahead of its launch.


Dell Streak 7, Moto Cliq 2 may ship January 19

12/28, 6:00pm

Dell Streak 7 and Moto Cliq 2 get leaked date

An as yet unconfirmed rumor on Tuesday night has pinpointed the T-Mobile launches of the Dell Streak 7 and possibly the unannounced Motorola Cliq 2. Both would reportedly ship on January 19 and might be unveiled at CES on January 6. The date is tentative even for the source and might change, TmoNews was told.


Dell Streak 7 spotted for T-Mobile, at FCC with AT&T support

12/27, 8:35am

Dell Streak 7 gets T-Mobile and ATT clues

Dell's Streak 7 could be its first multi-carrier tablet in the US after a pair of official and unofficial slips. An FCC filing has shown the device under its M02M model number with a 3G modem that supports both AT&T and T-Mobile bands. It reveals relatively little besides the frequency support, but it does confirm the 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an SD card slot.


Dell's Streak 7 tablet, new slogan confirmed in ad leak

12/23, 6:10pm

Dell Streak 7 gets ad treatment

Dell's plans for a seven-inch Streak were confirmed today as a leaked treatment for a TV ad has given away some of the details. Now known to be called the Streak 7, the larger tablet will still use Android 2.2 with Dell's custom Stage UI. The primary differences Engadget spotted in the ad copy should be the addition of Blio Reader for e-books and fast graphics for gaming.


Dell 7-inch Streak tablet gets Wi-Fi cert, Vaja case listing

12/23, 1:55pm

Dell 7-inch tablet hits Wi-Fi Alliance and Vaja

Dell's plans for its Streak tablet sequel were firmed up on Thursday with official and semi-official listings. A Wi-Fi Alliance certification (PDF) lists the M02M, a number up from the Streak's M01M and a direct successor as a result. The clue reveals the presence of 802.11n Wi-Fi that the existing Streak doesn't have.


Hybrid Audio sues Apple, Dell, HTC over MP3 processing

12/22, 1:55pm

Hybrid Audio sues Apple, Dell and HTC

Hybrid Audio LLC late Tuesday joined in a spate of recent lawsuits by suing Apple, Dell and HTC. The Tyler, Texas-based complaint accuses all three of violating a patent for processing MP3 songs using a tree-structured array. The lawsuit claimed that Apple's iPad, iPhone 4, iPod nano, iTunes and MacBook Pro all violate the patent; Dell's Adamo, Alienware, Inspiron, Studio and XPS systems have been similarly named, as have its Aero smartphone, the Streak tablet and HTC's Evo 4G.


Dell already dropping Streak tablet to $400 unlocked

12/22, 11:35am

Dell Streak gets price cut in US

Dell has quietly instituted a large price cut on the Streak in the US to fuel sales. The unlocked versions have been slashed by $180 to reach $400. Versions of the Android tablet tied to AT&T still have similar prices at $550 and $650 for their respective 16GB and 32GB of storage.


Study: 78% of corporate buyers want iPad so far, 9% PlayBook

12/15, 2:45pm

ChangeWave says iPad work demand jumping in 2011

Over three quarters of corporate buyers planning to buy tablets in early 2011 still plan to get iPads, ChangeWave said in a new study. About 78 percent of those committed to tablets in the first three months of next year were intent on getting an iPad. Although RIM saw an improvement as it edged closer to release, only nine percent expected to get its BlackBerry PlayBook, which was now tied with Dell tablets like the Streak and the upcoming seven-inch Looking Glass.


Best Buy: Dell Streak drops from $499 to $100

12/15, 5:55am

5-inch Android smartphone/tablet discounted

Best Buy has listed the Dell Streak Android smartphone/tablet hybrid for $100 upfront on a two-year contract. The device recently received an over-the-air update to Dell’s customized ‘Stage UI’ version of Android 2.2. This firmware update brought with it additional features such as Swype text entry and the ability for the interface to function in both landscape and portrait modes.



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