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Analysts downgrade Apple to sixth in China sales, Samsung still leads

05/28, 3:12am

Second China research report this month suggests 6.1M iOS sales

Samsung has sold more than 10 million smartphones in China within a single quarter for the first time, according to a research firm. The same report based on data from US research firm Strategy Analytics also claims that Apple resides in sixth place in the country's smartphone marketplace, one place below a similar report earlier this month that placed the iPhone in fifth place.


iPhone sees user loyalty drop in US, Europe

10/30, 6:43pm

Strategy Analytics finds 13 point drop in Euro loyalty

Loyalty to Apple's iOS platform appears to have dipped in the United States and in Europe, according to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics. For the first time since the iPhone's release in 2007, the research firm has found that the number of iPhone owners stating they will definitely or probably purchase their next phone from Apple has declined in both regions. While loyalty has dipped only slightly in the United States and moreso in Europe, the majority of iPhone owners, according to the report, will remain loyal to the platform.


Digital music set to outsell discs; streaming leads growth

08/16, 1:13am

Streaming revenue growth outpaces downloads by 5x

Digital music revenues are forecast to finally excede physical media sales globally sometime as early as 2015, driven by strong growth from streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. Spending on digital music, including downloads and streaming services, is expected to increase by 17.8 percent to $8.6 billion in 2012, as revenue from packaged sales drops by an estimated 12.1 percent.


Data confirms Apple again tops in smartphones, 8.3% overall

01/27, 7:50am

IHS iSuppli and Strat Analytics show Apple shift

Separate IHS iSuppli and Strategy Analytics studies Friday have backed Apple's rapid return to the top of the smartphone space in the fall. Determining that Samsung had shipped 36 million smartphones, slightly higher than Samsung's preliminary estimates, IHS iSuppli put Apple's 37 million iPhones just on top. Although Samsung nearly quadrupled the amount of smartphones it shipped and moved more year-long, Apple's higher starting point meant it could just double its yearly shipments to stay competitive.


Strategy Analytics: iPad share dropped very slightly in Q3

10/21, 12:20pm

iPad slips only slightly in summer 2011 tablets

Apple only lost about 1.3 percent of tablet market share in the summer as Android tablets hit full swing, Strategy Analytics found in its latest study. The 11.12 million iPads shipped gave it 67 percent of the space, down from 68.3 percent in the spring. Android made up 27 percent of the rest, with the BlackBerry PlayBook making up most of the rest.


Study: iPad cornered 80% of North American tablets in Q2 11

09/27, 7:35pm

Apple has four fifths of North American tablets

Apple had a full 80 percent of the North American tablet market this past spring, Strategy Analytics said in a study Tuesday. Out of the 7.5 million tablets that went to both the US and Canada, six million were iPads. The rest was carved up between Motorola, RIM, Samsung, and other competitors, most of whom used Android.


Apple officially ousts Samsung, Nokia as tops in smartphones

07/29, 7:55am

Analysts put Apple at top in smartphone field

Apple achieved a goal it has likely been aiming to reach for four years on Friday as Strategy Analytics confirmed Apple was now the largest smartphone maker in the world. Its 20.34 million iPhones in spring gave it the lead with 18.5 percent of the market. Samsung, which confirmed just Friday that it shipped 19.2 million smartphones, grew rapidly but was denied the lead at 17.5 percent share.


iPad share said down to 75%, but Android share misleading

01/31, 4:15pm

Strategy Analytics says iPad down to 75pc in fall

Strategy Analytics on Monday claimed that Android had carved deeply into Apple's market share of the tablet market despite new doubts. Devices like the Galaxy Tab had cut the iPad's share from a near-monopoly 95 percent down to 75.3 percent. Android itself claimed 21.6 percent of the market while the remaining 3.1 percent was split between Windows and every other minor tablet platform.


iPhone officially leaps BlackBerry for no. 2 in smartphones

10/22, 11:25am

Strategy Analytics: iPhone no. 2 over BlackBerry

Apple's 14.1 million iPhones were enough for it to comfortably jump over the BlackBerry for market share, Strategy Analytics found today. With an estimated 77.1 million smartphones moved in the summer, the iPhone leapt to 18.3 percent of the market, pushing RIM's 12.1 million down to 16.1 percent. Nokia's 26.5 million kept it out front but also gave it one of the biggest share drops of recent memory, sagging from 37.8 percent to 34.4 percent.


Analyst bets on PS3 to win console battle

03/08, 6:55pm

Platform expected to outlast the Wii by five years

Sony's PlayStation 3 is expected to sell more units than any of its competitors over the lifetime of the current product generation, according to a report issued by Strategy Analytics. Rather than comparing sales numbers immediately following the launch of new devices, the analysts have placed predictions regarding overall shipments across the lifetime of the product.


Strategy Analytics: iPhone battery weakest feature

09/01, 11:25pm

iPhone battery criticized

Strategy Analytics has released research that shows battery life as the iPhone's most dissatisfying feature. The buyer analysis firm concluded that the most common owner of an iPhone falls into the 25-44 age group, with a $50,000+ income -- they are also likely employed full-time and over 80-percent own an iPod as well.


Cellphone shipment decline marks worst ever

04/30, 6:20pm

Cellphone shipments down

First-quarter cellphone shipments showed the worst fall ever, with a 13-percent drop from last year's numbers, according to a Strategy Analytics report. The industry experienced a similar drop in 2001, with a slide of 11 percent. The analysts explained the results as a consequence of retailer de-stocking and lowered consumer spending. All of the top five manufacturers saw a similar decline, although Samsung's sales only fell by one percent.


Global cellphone market to fall 9 percent in 2009

01/23, 4:55pm

Global cellphone drop

After falling 10 percent to 295 million in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same time period in 2007, worldwide cellphone sales are due to be 9 percent lower overall in 2009, says research from Strategy Analytics. The expected 9 percent decline is the first for an entire year since 2001, and is expected to be especially prevalent in the first half of the year, as customer spending is pared down due to the post-holiday season and the weakened economy.



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