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Hertzfeld: Jobs movie takes 'liberties,' but exposes 'greater truths'

10/02, 2:40pm

Another Apple Macintosh veteran endorses Sorkin-Boyle biopic

While the new movie from Universal Pictures, Steve Jobs, has won nearly universal raves from critics and a key endorsement from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (who worked as a consultant on the film), it is always interesting to see what other key team members from the early days of Apple think of this latest effort to capture the quixotic nature of both the company's late co-founder. Andy Hertzfeld, the chief architect of the original Mac OS, has weighed in with a qualified endorsement of the film, calling it a "fine" movie that "deviates from reality everywhere" but serves to "expose the deeper truths" about Jobs.


Apple execs cameo at Apple Stores to celebrate iPhone launch [u]

09/25, 1:57pm

Joswiak in New York, Ahrendts in London, Wozniak in California

[Updated with Tim Cook spotting] At least three of Apple's executive team, and its co-founder, have been spotted at various Apple Stores as part of the celebrations surrounding the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus around the world on Friday. Apple's retail chief, Dame Angela Ahrendts was at the Covent Garden store in London, while CEO Tim Cook was spotted in Georgetown, and VP of iPhone Marketing Greg Joswiak appeared at the icon "glass cube" Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The day also marked the debut of new gray t-shirts for the worldwide retail team. Steve Wozniak, as is his custom, stood in line with fans in Santa Clara to get his new iPhone.


Critics, Wozniak hail 'Steve Jobs' film as 'brilliant,' 'must-see'

09/07, 12:12pm

Big-budget biopic stars Michael Fassbender, will open to public on October 9

(Warning: minor film spoilers are contained in this article) Early reviews of Steve Jobs, the two-hour Danny Boyle-Aaron Sorkin collaboration for Universal Pictures that stars offbeat casting choice Michael Fassbender in the title role, are in and are uniformly positive about the film. The movie presents Apple co-founder and former CEO Jobs as "both an iconic visionary and a monster with a silicon chip where his heart should be," but uses history, Jobs' daughter Lisa, and an ensemble cast to create an "astonishingly brilliant" film that even won raves from another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.


Briefly: working Apple I auction, Brussels store opening September 19

09/04, 11:49am

Bonhams to auction early working model, expects $500,000 or more

Bonhams in New York City will auction another rare, fully-working Apple I computer said to be in "fantastic" condition in October, said to be one of the first 50 hand-constructed by Steve Wozniak and one of only six or seven units known to still be functioning. A number of the few remaining working units have been turned over at auction in recent years: Bonhams is expecting to fetch $500,000 or more for this latest unit, but others have sold for much more.


Universal issues first full 'Steve Jobs' movie trailer

07/02, 6:28pm

Features dialog, snatches of performance from star Michael Fassbender

Universal Studios has released a full-length, two-and-a-half-minute trailer for its upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, which is set to open on October 9 and features Michael Fassbender in the title role, along with Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, Jeff Daniels as John Sculley, Kate Winslet as Mac marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, and Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, the mother of Jobs' first child, Lisa.


Pictures from Jobs biopic shooting with stars emerge [U]

02/04, 2:00pm

Fassbender as Jobs, Rogen as Wozniak, Daniels as Sculley spotted

[Updated with October 9 release date] A few photos have emerged from the principle photography that is in progress for the Universal Studios biographical drama Steve Jobs, showing actors Michael Fassbender (as Jobs) and Seth Rogan (as Steve Wozniak), with another photo capturing actor Jeff Daniels portraying former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film, which saw numerous changes and drop-outs while still in pre-production, is filming in and around Cupertino.


Apple co-founder Wozniak joins Primary Data as Chief Scientist

11/20, 1:01am

Woz re-united with colleagues from Fusion-io, working on data virtualization

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined Primary Data, a data virtualization company made up of several colleagues from Fusion-io, as Chief Scientist -- the same title he held at Fusion-io. In his new position, Wozniak will be both advise the company on tecnology trends, vision and architecture as well as serve as the firm's ambassador. Chief Marketing Officer Rick White, who worked with Woz at Fusion-io, noted that "with Woz on the team along with [CEO] Lance [Smith] and David [Flynn], we now have the band back together."


Seth Rogen tapped to play Steve Wozniak in upcoming Jobs biopic

10/30, 4:42pm

Jessica Chastain could take unidentified role

Actor Seth Rogen may have been cast to star as Steve Wozniak in Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell Variety. Rogen is best known for his comedy roles, starring in movies like Neighbors and This is the End, but he has also appeared in dramas such as 50/50. The sources add that Jessica Chastain is under consideration for the movie as well, but what role she might play is unknown.


Wozniak on the iPhone 6: 'I've gotten rid of my Android phones'

09/19, 1:42am

Apple co-founder makes the pitch for switchers in airport interview

Approached by a stalking producer fresh off a flight, Apple co-founder and member of the Inventor Hall of Fame Steve Wozniak spoke briefly about his enthusiasm for Apple's latest products, including the iPhone 6. While he didn't specify which model he has, he apparently already has at least one of them, as he has "gotten rid of all [his] Androids," he told the reporter.


Wozniak writes open letter to FCC asking to keep Internet open

05/18, 1:45pm

Apple co-founder relays how important keeping Internet open is to country

Inventor and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has penned an open letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) emphasizing the importance of the agency to the people of the United States, and its role as a protector of the open Internet. The letter, published in The Atlantic magazine, chronicles Wozniak's history with telecom and the headaches he's run across at various times because of the monopoly companies have had as a result of government policies.


Wozniak: revolutionary products 'don't happen every year'

08/27, 10:00pm

Also says Microsoft 'resting on' its core markets, not 'nimble'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was interviewed by the BBC yesterday and spoke on a number of topics, including Apple and its rivals, Microsoft and Samsung. He gave his backing to current Apple CEO Tim Cook, saying that "Steve Jobs ... chose Tim Cook to be in that role, in that position" and that the company has remained "nimble and innovative" over the years. He also weighed in on retiring Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.


'Jobs' rakes in $6.7M on opening weekend, takes critical drubbing

08/20, 1:16am

Audiences, early Apple employees both give film mixed ratings

The opening weekend haul of the independent biopic Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher as the Apple CEO and co-founder fell short of distributor Open Road Films' hopes, bringing in $6.7 million across 2,381 screens in North America -- less than the $8-$9 million expected, but more than half of the estimated $12 million cost of the film. Critics and Apple fans tended to give the movie harsher notices -- noting the lower production values, shortcuts in the storytelling and focus more on Apple than Jobs himself, while mainstream audiences generally viewed Kutcher's portrayal of Jobs and Josh Gad's portrayal of Steve Wozniak with somewhat more favor than critics.


Original Apple I computer sold for $387,750 at Christie's auction

07/09, 9:00pm

One of the earliest surviving units, but non-functional

A rare Apple I computer, hand-assembled by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, was sold on Tuesday for $387,750 at auction -- less than auctioneer Christie's had hoped for but well above the minimum bid, and still representing an increase in value for a non-functional unit. The bidding on this unit started at $300,000, and is believed to be the 25th model ever assembled, according to an ink inscription on the unit. Originally designed by Wozniak, the unit originally sold for $666.66. A working Apple I was bought in Germany earlier this year for $671,400.


Woz: Kutcher 'Jobs' movie probably not accurate, but could be good

06/25, 9:00pm

Worries that Jobs to be shown as 'a saint' even in earliest days

Steve Wozniak, the legendary engineer and co-founder of Apple who earlier made some harsh remarks on the forthcoming independent film Jobs based on a pre-released scene, has softened his tone on the film starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Woz. He still worries, however, that Jobs will be portrayed as always having been a visionary "saint" who was always right, rather than "one of the key people who led Apple through failure after failure" before coming back to Apple as a more mature leader.


Ashton Kutcher 'Jobs' movie to debut in cinemas August 16

06/12, 6:32pm

Debuted at Sundance, film has met with mixed reviews so far

Jobs, the independent biopic covering a key period in the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is now officially set to open in theaters across the US on August 16 -- four months after the originally-scheduled debut, according to distributor Open Road Films. The movie, which has seen mixed reviews overall though generally garnered praise for the effort put in by lead Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, covers his life from approximately 1971 to 2001 and also stars Broadway actor Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak.


Apple 'somewhat behind' on phone features, says Wozniak

02/07, 1:20pm

'Loyalty is not given,' co-founder warns

The iPhone has fallen "somewhat behind" in terms of smartphone features, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The comment emerged during Businessweek's Best Brand Awards. "I am proud that we have such loyal fans," he said. "But this loyalty is not given, the need to have the best products is always there. Currently we are in my opinion somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business. Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products."


Kutcher, Gad discuss 'jOBS' movie at MacWorld

02/01, 12:10am

Actors intended 'the utmost love, admiration and respect'

The stars of the independent theatrical movie jOBS took the stage on the first day of the MacWorld/iWorld conference today in San Francisco, discussing their roles in the film, which premieres nationally on April 19. During their talk, Ashton Kutcher (who played Steve Jobs) and Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) discussed their involvement, their take on Apple and the men they were chosen to portray, the accuracy of the film in general and other issues surrounding the movie, which focuses on the formative years of Apple.


Independent 'jOBS' movie to debut at Sundance January 27

12/03, 9:43pm

Stars Ashton Kutcher as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs

The low-budget independent feature film jOBS, covering the early years of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' early adulthood, will premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival on January 27, according to the Hollywood Reporter. While the film will not be in competition, it will have a prestigious spot as the closing movie of the festival. The film stars Ashton Kutcher as Jobs, with Book of Mormon star Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak. The festival is based out of Park City, Utah.


Wozniak: new Maps 'disappointing' but problems overblown

09/25, 3:30am

Claims he may become Australian citizen due to broadband network

Fusion-io Chief Scientist and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak commented on Apple's Maps debacle during a company event in Sydney, Australia, saying that he was slightly disappointed with the new application, but that it was primarily because he more luck with the "better database" used by Google maps on his Android phones in his own testing. Woz, who owns numerous phones and took advantage of being in the country to be among the first to get the iPhone 5, added that he felt the severity of the flaws in Apple's Maps app have been exaggerated, Australian media reports say.


Briefly: Mobile Me, White House botnets, Woz backs out

05/31, 6:10pm

Mobile Me ending

Users of Apple's soon-to-be-defunct Mobile Me cloud service have reportedly begun receiving notifications from Apple that the service is on its last legs. A tweet reblogged by 9to5mac shows what appears to be a screenshot of a notification from Apple, warning a user that his Mobile Me service will be expiring at the end of June. The Notification directs the user to visit in order to migrate data to an iCloud account.


Sorkin comments on Jobs biopic, Wozniak hired as advisor

05/17, 11:12pm

Movie will not a be a full biography

Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter behind 2010's The Social Network and the TV series The West Wing told reporters earlier today that he has little idea about what he's going to write so far in Sony's planned biographical film on the life of Apple co-creator and former CEO Steve Jobs. He did reveal that the movie won't be a "straight ahead biography" and that Steve Wozniak has been hired as an advisor.


Wozniak: Windows Phone trumps Android, carries Apple spirit

04/28, 10:45am

Steve Wozniak compliments WP7 and Lumia 900

Habitual smartphone experimenter Steve Wozniak in a podcast (embedded below) gave strong compliments to Windows Phone. Having picked up a Lumia 900 weeks earlier, the Apple co-founder still picked the iPhone as his favorite but argued to aNewDomain that Windows Phone was better than any Android phone. It had the "most beautiful" visual experience of any platform, Wozniak said, and its presentation made him feel like he was "with a friend, not a tool."


Book of Mormon star tipped for Woz role in indie Jobs movie

04/26, 11:00pm

Production hopes to commence next month

While Apple fans debate how well lead actor Ashton Kutcher will (or won't) do portraying Steve Jobs in the upcoming independent bio-pic Jobs, Broadway star Josh Gad from The Book of Mormon is in talks to portray Steve Wozniak, Apple's other co-founder, says The Hollywood Reporter. The movie, which is planning to start shooting next month, will cover a section of Jobs' life from his student days up to the founding of -- and subsequent 1997 return to -- Apple.


Apple II marks 35th birthday with no Apple fanfare

04/17, 1:00am

Computer debuted at retail later that summer

Thirty-five years ago, the public got its first look at what has since been called "the most visionary of the early personal computers -- the one based on the clearest idea what a PC should be, and where it should go," writes Harry McCracken for Time online. The machine he refers to was the Apple II, being demonstrated at the West Coast Computer Faire on April 16th and 17th, 1977 by Apple co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.


Jobs biography movie details emerge, shooting starts May

04/15, 3:55pm

First Jobs biopic to stop at year 2000

The first Steve Jobs biographical movie has had some of its initial details revealed in an interview with the producing company Five Star Institute's Mark Hulme. Tentatively titled Jobs: Get Inspired, the movie outlined to Neowin won't cover the entirety of his life, instead starting from when he began edging towards technology in 1971 and ending in 2000, just a few years after his return to Apple. Hulme characterized these as the "up and down years," before the iPod arrived and Apple's growth exploded.


Nimoy, Wozniak to mind-meld on technology at conference

01/05, 2:10am

Fusion-io springs surprise guest at Woz talk

Freaks, geeks, nerds and dorks of all variations may converge upon the Temple nightclub in San Francisco tomorrow evening for an unusual meeting of minds -- Apple co-founder and inventor Steve Wozniak will host a talk at a DEMO conference on technology's past, present and future with special guest Leonard Nimoy, an actor and photographer best known for his role as "Spock" in the Star Trek franchise of TV shows and movies.


AP reveals Standford University's Apple Collection

12/29, 11:00am

Material originally intended for Apple museum

An Associated Press report has exposed some of the contents of Stanford University's Apple Collection, a part of the Silicon Valley Archives. The material was originally preserved by Apple with the intention of creating a corporate museum, but shortly after the return of Steve Jobs as CEO in 1997, the company contacted Stanford about donating to the SVA. In all Stanford collected two moving trucks' worth of books, photos, documents, software, marketing, and videos from Apple's Cupertino headquarters.


Adman who encountered a young Jobs, Woz called them 'flakey'

12/23, 1:30am

Hard-bargaining, suspicious Jobs called a 'joker'

More evidence has emerged of the young Steve Jobs as a difficult, hard-bargaining, secretive entrepreneur who was already convinced he and Steve Wozniak were onto a good thing when a letter written by advertising agency owner Mike Rose to his business partner describing his encounter with the pair in June of 1976 was printed by Bloomberg on Thursday. Jobs had been referred to Rose by Regis McKenna, but Rose was unimpressed with Jobs, calling him a "joker."


Founding Apple documents sell at auction for $1.35 million

12/13, 3:45pm

Bids soar despite low attendance

(Updated with new price from Sotheby's) The documents used to found Apple have sold at a Sotheby's auction for $1.35 million, says Fortune. An original contract in the bundledates back to April 1st, 1976, and sports the signatures of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, as well as Ronald Wayne, who within less than a month withdrew his partnership, sacrificing a stake that would eventually become worth billions. It was Wayne, though, who preserved the documents and sold them to a manuscript dealer, who eventually sold them to Sotheby's.


Founding Apple contract to go on auction at Sotheby's

11/28, 12:00pm

Value estimated up to $150,000

A document used to formally establish Apple Computer will go up for auction at Sotheby's on December 13th, Bloomberg reports. The contract measures three pages, and dates back to April 1st 1976. More importantly perhaps it bears the signatures of co-founders Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne. The item is estimated to fetch between $100,000 and $150,000 during Sotheby's books and manuscripts sale.


Steve Wozniak picks up Galaxy Nexus early at Google HQ

11/18, 5:55pm

Woz shows cross-discipline in getting Galaxy Nexus

Google Android browser engineer Nicolas Roard in an unusual sighting saw Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak picking up a Galaxy Nexus at Google's Mountain View headquarters. The pickup is superficially ironic but also shows Wozniak's influence in the industry, as he's getting the Android 4.0 phone before it's officially available in the US. It may not reach Verizon until early December.


Wozniak says he learned about Jobs' death from reporter

10/06, 1:10pm

Compares moment to hearing of JFK assassination

Fellow Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak learned about Steve Jobs' death through a reporter, an Associated Press interview reveals. "I was so stunned because I have very dramatic memories of where I was when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, when I heard that JFK had been shot, and this...I'll never get that memory out of my head, just where I was, getting a phone call, from a reporter, and they just said 'Have you heard the news?' And I instantly knew what that meant..and that was just a total shock," Wozniak recalls.


Woz reflects on his experiences with Steve Jobs

10/06, 6:40am

Apple co-founder Woz reflects on Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak has reflected on his experiences with Steve Jobs in an interview conducted by CNET. Looking back on his relationship with Jobs, Woz recalled the early days when the they founded Apple and the type of entrepreneurial thinking that the two were engaged in at the time. He said, that if they were to see where that would have ultimately taken Apple, Jobs and he would have been gob smacked.


Steve Wozniak: Jobs the 'best business leader of our time'

08/24, 9:35pm

Woz chimes in on Jobs resignation from CEO

Apple's other co-founder, Steve Wozniak, offered early commentary in a Bloomberg phone interview on Wednesday night following the resignation of Steve Jobs. His lack of direct connection gave few insights as to the exact reasons for the timing of the departure, but he expected that Jobs would leave one of the largest legacies of recent memory. Jobs might try to guide the company, 'Woz' said, but won't necessarily have to for a lasting impact.


Woz: Paul Allen should stop 'that patent troll thing'

05/04, 11:35am

Wozniak chastises Paul Allen for Interval suits

Frequent public speaker and Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak in a speech at the Embedded System Conference openly chastised former Microsoft pioneer Paul Allen for his anti-Internet patent lawsuits. Allen's Interval Licensing case was frankly described as "that patent troll thing" and something Wozniak wanted to discourage. Patents themselves were "not worth that much," he said, and Allen was simply hoping to profit from destructive lawsuits rather than be creative and produce something meaningful.


Wozniak willing to consider return to Apple

04/08, 3:25pm

Says Apple 'could be more open'

Steve Wozniak says he would "consider" going back to work at Apple if he was asked, according to Reuters. Wozniak helped found Apple in 1976 with the help of Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, and was responsible for building the Apple I and the Apple II. While continuing to receive pay, however, he has not had an active job with the company since 1987.


Wozniak to give MSU commencement, receive degree

04/07, 4:00pm

Apple co-founder to get honorary Eng. degree

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is scheduled to give the commencement speech at Michigan State University this spring. As noted by the Detroit Free Press, Wozniak will share duties with TIAA-CREF president and CEO Roger Ferguson Jr.; Wozniak will take the stage May 6th at 1PM for the undergraduate ceremony, and Ferguson will be present at the 7PM advanced degree ceremony. The undergraduate event will take place at Michigan State's Breslin Center, located on campus at Kalamazoo Street and Harrison Avenue.


Woz: iPad is what Steve Jobs would have made from the start

04/05, 1:40pm

Wozniak says iPad Jobs' vision of PCs for normal

Steve Wozniak at a speech late Monday at Storage Networking World saw the iPad as the culmination of Steve Jobs' goals for design. The Apple co-founder told those gathered in Santa Clara that Jobs likely wanted an ultra-simple computer "from the day we started Apple" but that technical reality had meant it was impractical until now. Technology had to catch up to create the ease of use he wanted, IDG heard Wozniak say.


Wozniak: Apple can function 'pretty well' without Jobs

03/11, 10:25pm

Day-to-day operation is in capable hands, Woz says

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told the press in Singapore that Apple can continue without the day-to-day presence of CEO Steve Jobs, Bloomberg is reporting. Wozniak also described Jobs' latest medical leave of absence only a "partial" leave, since Jobs is still involved in major strategic decisions and has even issued press releases and hosted the introduction of the iPad 2 while on medical leave.


Woz backs white iPhone camera issue, compliments Android

01/30, 9:55pm

Wozniak talks white iPhone and gives Android edge

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak during his time as a guest on the Engadget Show supported suspicions that the white iPhone 4's numerous delays might be blamed on the camera. Having bought the official but never shipped original parts from Fei Lam, he found that any photo taken with the flash on looked as though it were taken through cellophane from the spilled-out light. Earlier rumors had the white-painted glass both leaking light and possibly reflecting too much of the light.


Briefly: Wozniak to deliver keynote, MacTech Conference 2011

01/21, 5:45pm

MacTech Conference to merge with NSConference

UBM Electronics has announced that Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will deliver the opening keynote speech at ESC Silicon Valley 2011. The conference is set to take place between the 2nd and 5th of May at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. The conference brings together a community of designers, technologists, business leaders, and suppliers, and provides a number of sessions focusing around embedded systems. Those interested can register online with packages ranging from $400 for a single day, up to $2000 All Access Conference passes.


Steve Wozniak asks the FCC to fight for Internet freedom

12/21, 5:20pm

Apple co-founder argues against monopolization

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has sent an open letter to the FCC, arguing in support of extensive protections for net neutrality. The plea suggests the Commission is the only agency "still wearing a white hat," as few other government agencies are generally viewed as helping to protect the rights of the population.


Wozniak: I was wrong about Apple acquisition of Nuance

11/24, 4:55am

Nuance shares rise then fall slightly on report

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has said that he was “totally wrong” about an apparent acquisition of Nuance Communications by Apple according to a report. Nuance specializes in speech-recognition technology and could potentially be a target for acquisition by Apple as voice-to-text functionality has started to feature on competing handsets such as the LG Optimus 7. In an e-mail to Reuters Wozniak wrote “I thought I’d read about it but obviously got it all wrong”.


Wozniak: Android will catch up in quality, overtake iOS

11/18, 8:10am

Wozniak expects Android to match, outsell iOS

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak partly surprised the industry in a Dutch interview by arguing that Android would eventually overtake iOS in sales. He told De Telegraaf that there are "very few weaknesses" in the iPhone and there were no real complaints or problems, but it and iOS would eventually be matched in consistency, satisfaction and quality by Android. The sheer variety of devices will ultimately accommodate more people and is already seeing technical advantages emerge.


Briefly: vzaar adds Objective-C, Wozniak to speak at Hult

05/28, 1:15pm

Wozniak to address Hult Business School

vzaar has announced the release of a new Objective-C Framework, which allows iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X developers to quickly add video capabilities to their applications. The company's API, which has recently been used by Budweiser and MTV for online video competitions, also includes Ruby, Java, .NET, and PHP libraries. The new Objective-C library was designed by Daniel Kennet of Kennettnet, who claims that the framework has been created in a way that fits in with standard Cocoa design patterns. According to Stephen McCluskey, CEO of vzaar, “This is an exciting release for us at vzaar and credit to the vzaar development team whose idea it was to build this framework. We have a number of clients already using this library in development and we are eagerly awaiting the release of their applications.”


Wozniak iPad demo results in firing of Apple engineer

04/26, 9:40am

Showing wrong model may be to blame

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has admitted partial responsibility for a company engineer being fired sometime after April 3rd, the day of the iPad launch. Just after midnight on the 3rd, Wozniak says he was joined in a lineup by the engineer, "A.J.," who showed him a 3G iPad. A.J. claimed e-mail permission to use the tablet outside of secure areas beginning at midnight, and Wozniak says he took advantage of this to try the iPad version of Numbers for a few minutes.


Briefly: Wozniak to speak at MILCOM, The Missing Sync update

02/17, 6:20pm

Missing Sync update adds Bluetooth syncing

Earlier on Wednesday it was announced that Steve Wozniak will be giving the opening keynote address at MILCOM 2010. According to Linda Gooden, executive vice president of Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services and co-general chair of the conference, this year's MILCOM event will "focus on creating innovative solutions to meet the military's global communications needs in the next decade." The conference is set to feature keynote speeches from the nation's top military and government officials, panel presentations, tutorial sessions, and more than 60 exhibitors. MILCOM 2010 will take place in San Jose, California between October 31st and November 3rd.


Briefly: Bento 3 update, Wozniak deals with Toyota troubles

02/03, 7:00pm

Wozniak comments on Toyota recall

Apple's FileMaker has released the latest update to its personal database software, Bento 3. The utility allows users to organize their important information in one place, with tools for storing contact information, planning events, tracking projects, and more. In addition, users can further personalize the way information is organized by using customizable forms. The v3.0.3 update resolves two issues related to older events in the iCal Events Library, along with a synchronization bug. The update is a free download for existing customers, while new licences can be purchased online for $50.


Woz corrects: iPhone still his favorite

01/16, 12:35pm

Wozniak says Nexus One pick was wrong

Apple's co-creator, Steve Wozniak, corrected himself in a comment late Friday about his claimed preference for the Nexus One. He now says that he mistakenly thought the question referred to new devices he'd been using at the time and maintains that his two iPhones are still his favorites. Google's Android flagship is simply considered one of the better devices of recent memory.


Woz admits preferring Nexus One over iPhone

01/15, 11:00am

Woz makes unusual choice of Android

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak surprised onlookers in a newly-published interview (viewable below) with word that he prefers the Nexus One. While he still prefers the iPhone and carries two of them, he told NBC's Class Action that his favorite device is a "non-Apple product" that had just come out the day before the January 6th taping, leaving only Google's new Android phone as an option. He didn't explain his reasons behind his new tastes.



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