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Sorkin 'Steve Jobs' movie takes a dive at the US box office

11/09, 9:58am

Screens showing Steve Jobs film across United States cut down to 421

The latest adaptation of the life of Steve Jobs for the big screen has tanked at the box office, after many theaters decided to drop the movie over the last weekend. Box office figures suggest the film grossed less than $1 million in the last weekend, with the number of cinemas showing the Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin movie dropping to approximately a fifth of the previous weekend's number, down 2,072 screens to just 421 across the entire United States.


Warhol Apple painting to go on auction in New York

11/04, 3:37pm

Painting reflected Apple ads of 1985, expected to fetch $400K or more

A painting by Andy Warhol based on an early Macintosh ad from 1985 will go on auction at Sotheby's in New York City in just over a week, with an opening minimum of $280,000 and an expected estimate of between $400,000 and $600,000 for a final purchase price. Warhol, who once met Steve Jobs (and received a brief tutorial on how to draw on the original Macintosh) when the Apple co-founder was installing a machine at John Lennon's house, painted the six-color Apple logo as part of the illustration.


Sorkin 'Steve Jobs' biopic wavers at national release

10/27, 6:44am

Box office earnings of $7.3M a poor result for latest Steve Jobs movie

The national release of Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs is said to have flopped at the box office, based on the first weekend of national release. Despite an extremely promising start on its opening weekend and the wider release over the last two weekends, the biopic has seemingly failed to do well nationally, with the movie bringing in just $7.3 million over the weekend, though Universal executives are apparently upbeat about the film's future.


Universal's 'Steve Jobs' grosses $2.26M in 60 cinemas

10/19, 1:47pm

Release will widen this weekend, Sorkin has 'clear conscience' over artistic licenses

While the Danny Boyle/Aaron Sorkin helmed Steve Jobs has thus far racked up impressive critical acclaim for its tale of Apple's mercurial co-founder, it is -- like some earlier attempts to tell the story of the early days of Silicon Valley -- a creative summary of events rather than a literal retelling of what actually happened. The film has now grossed $2.26 million after slowly rolling out into 60 cinemas, with the full national rollout coming this weekend -- with screenwriter Sorkin saying that while the film takes artistic liberties, it is "fair" to the people involved.


Boyle 'Steve Jobs' movie earns over $520,000 in opening weekend

10/12, 9:54am

Per-Theater Average for Steve Jobs film highest for year so far

The opening weekend of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle's film Steve Jobs is being heralded as a success, based on initial takings reports. Despite launching in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles, the dramatic biopic allowed Boyle to achieve his best opening weekend average of all movies in his career so far, as well as having the highest Per-Theater Average (PTA) of any movie released this year.


'Steve Jobs' opens; Sorkin clarifies 'opportunistic' comments

10/09, 2:27pm

Film opens in New York, LA; wider release October 16, 23

On the eve of his film Steve Jobs opening in select theaters, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin appeared on the Conan O'Brien show to talk about the film, and got back into the brief dust-up between Cook and Sorkin, who took comments made by Apple CEO Tim Cook that biographical pictures about Jobs generally are "opportunistic." The Universal Pictures film, which has garnered strongly positive reviews, has opened in a handful of cinemas in New York and LA, and will roll out to a wider release throughout October.


Cook, Ive, Iovine speak out at different public events

10/08, 2:08pm

CEO accepts HRC award, Ive and Iovine speak at Vanity Fair conference

Three recent appearances by leading Apple executives have provided further insight into their views on a variety of topics, ranging from Tim Cook's desire to be a role model to Sir Jonathan Ive's remembrances of Steve Jobs to music executive Jimmy Iovine's dislike of "freemium" music services. Ive and Iovine were interviewed as part of a conference hosted by Vanity Fair, while Cook was honored by the Human Rights Campaign last week for his position as a role model for LGBT youth as well as his efforts to promote diversity and equality in general.


Briefly: Third beta of OS X 10.11.1, Director Danny Boyle on Apple

10/07, 2:32pm

Apple makes third beta of El Capitan available to developers, testers

The third beta of OS X El Capitan version 10.11.1 has been released to both developers and the public. The release, with build number 15B30a, comes six days after the last public build of the update. Not known is what is specifically changed from the last version of the beta software patch. As with previous versions, Apple advises that "it is not advisable to use this software on a production systemn with information on it that you depend on for your business." Also recommended is a complete data backup, and regular updates of same.


Tim Cook commemorates Steve Jobs' death with annual email to employees

10/05, 10:43am

Email from Apple CEO recalls leader, mentor, dear friend

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent out an email to the company's employees, commemorating the fourth anniversary of founder Steve Jobs' death. In addition to celebrating the co-founder's accomplishments and family, the email reminds everyone in the Apple community "that we share the privilege and responsibility of continuing the work Steve loved so much."


Hertzfeld: Jobs movie takes 'liberties,' but exposes 'greater truths'

10/02, 2:40pm

Another Apple Macintosh veteran endorses Sorkin-Boyle biopic

While the new movie from Universal Pictures, Steve Jobs, has won nearly universal raves from critics and a key endorsement from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (who worked as a consultant on the film), it is always interesting to see what other key team members from the early days of Apple think of this latest effort to capture the quixotic nature of both the company's late co-founder. Andy Hertzfeld, the chief architect of the original Mac OS, has weighed in with a qualified endorsement of the film, calling it a "fine" movie that "deviates from reality everywhere" but serves to "expose the deeper truths" about Jobs.


Follow-up: Sorkin apologizes for remarks against Cook

09/26, 9:00pm

Says both went too far, invites Apple CEO to see latest movie

On Friday, MacNN reported on remarks from Steve Jobs screenplay author Aaron Sorkin, who took umbrage to a comment Apple CEO Tim Cook made on last week's appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Night show addressing in a general manner the various movies that have tried to address or capture the life and personality of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs. Cook said he found such movies "opportunistic" and "not a great part of our world," though he had not yet seen the new film from Sorkin and director Danny Boyle. Sorkin, having accused Cook of hypocrisy in the "opportunistic" remark, has since apologized.


'Steve Jobs' screenwriter rebuffs 'opportunistic' remark by Cook

09/25, 6:52pm

Attack likely based on misunderstanding ahead of new biopic's debut

The Oscar- and Emmy-winner screenwriter of the latest biographical film about Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin, has responded with hostility to a stray remark Apple CEO Tim Cook made during an appearance on the Late Night TV show last week. Cook had said, in response to a question about all of the various movies portraying former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs' life, that he thought "a lot of people" were trying to be "opportunistic" and that "it's not a great part of our world." Sorkin, who was not likely the target of the remarks, appears to have taken them personally.


Editorial: All Stylus, No Surface

09/10, 4:37pm

Steve Jobs would've been fine with Apple Pencil

Of course you can't ever know what someone who has died would think of anything, but sometimes you can guess. This week, a lot of people are guessing that Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave, but we're going to say no to that. He wouldn't. We think he'd agree with the new Apple Pencil stylus -- and we know we do.


Critics, Wozniak hail 'Steve Jobs' film as 'brilliant,' 'must-see'

09/07, 12:12pm

Big-budget biopic stars Michael Fassbender, will open to public on October 9

(Warning: minor film spoilers are contained in this article) Early reviews of Steve Jobs, the two-hour Danny Boyle-Aaron Sorkin collaboration for Universal Pictures that stars offbeat casting choice Michael Fassbender in the title role, are in and are uniformly positive about the film. The movie presents Apple co-founder and former CEO Jobs as "both an iconic visionary and a monster with a silicon chip where his heart should be," but uses history, Jobs' daughter Lisa, and an ensemble cast to create an "astonishingly brilliant" film that even won raves from another co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak.


Briefly: 'Steve Jobs' at Telluride, News app grows to 50 publishers

09/03, 7:48pm

New biopic will be seen at Colorado film festival ahead of October release

Universal Pictures' Danny Boyle-directed, Aaron Sorkin-written, big-budget biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, titled eponymously after the mercurial former CEO, will have its debut with at least one screening at the Telluride Film Festival, which begins tomorrow. The timing of the screening or screenings hasn't been revealed, and will also be shown at the New York Film Festival on October 3, followed by a general US release on October 9.


Swatch awarded trademark on 'one more thing' in native Switzerland

08/20, 3:42pm

Steve Jobs common announcement phrase never trademarked by Apple

Watch manufacturer Swatch has applied for, and been granted a trademark on the term "one more thing." The company's application, filed in November of 2014 and granted by the Swiss regulators in May, covers products including watches, electronics, and other consumer goods and services.


Briefly: 'Steve Jobs' at NY film fest, Keith Richards' Apple Music vid

07/28, 6:57pm

Boyle-Sorkin teamup will be centerpiece film, said to 'defy expectations'

The forthcoming major-studio Steve Jobs biography movie, simply entitled Steve Jobs, will get an early debut at the New York Film Festival on October 3, a week ahead of its October 9 national debut. The film has been given the prestigious "centerpiece" slot on the evening, with the film festival's director, Kent Jones, saying the movie is taking an "unconventional approach" to tell the story of the mercurial Apple co-founder.


Universal issues first full 'Steve Jobs' movie trailer

07/02, 6:28pm

Features dialog, snatches of performance from star Michael Fassbender

Universal Studios has released a full-length, two-and-a-half-minute trailer for its upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, which is set to open on October 9 and features Michael Fassbender in the title role, along with Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, Jeff Daniels as John Sculley, Kate Winslet as Mac marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, and Katherine Waterston as Chrisann Brennan, the mother of Jobs' first child, Lisa.


The MacNN Podcast, episode eight: Steve Jobs, Windows 10, more

03/30, 11:15pm

Staffers discuss new book, new gaming column, new apps

We're now at episode eight of The MacNN Podcast, which this week welcomes our new Apple Gaming column, as well as reminding listeners about our weekly game news roundup. We also discuss the book Becoming Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook's latest honor from the business world. More confusion about Windows 10 pricing outside China has come to light, and tech companies are asking for changes in the Patriot Act.


Briefly: Jobs movie filming, Reno data center doubles

03/30, 11:45am

Universal movie films key iMac launch scenes in San Francisco

The Universal movie about Steve Jobs is continuing its principle photography, and over the weekend filmed scenes revolving around the May 6, 1998 original iMac unveiling. One of three key scenes in the film that cover product launches, the film used extras to show attendees of the keynote from 1998 holding signs and banners welcoming back Steve Jobs, and others to film interior scenes of the original presentation.


Review: Becoming Steve Jobs

03/24, 7:38am

Absorbing and informed new look at the man's life

Becoming Steve Jobs is an engrossing account of the Apple CEO's life, and very specifically on his journey to becoming a businessman with art and style. It's not as well written as Leander Kahney's Jony Ive book but it's significantly better than Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography.


Apple executives participate in, praise 'Becoming Steve Jobs' bio

03/23, 11:55am

Inner circle felt need to help provide more complete picture of complex leader

After a long period of refusing to participate, and following some "reflection" on how Jobs was portrayed in his own authorized biography, Apple executives reversed course and agreed to be interviewed for a new biography on the mercurial co-founder and twice-CEO of Apple. Due to go on sale tomorrow, Becoming Steve Jobs, by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli, includes statements made by CEO Tim Cook and numerous other Apple executives, a first for the company since Jobs' death in 2011.


Apple's Tim Cook interviewed: talks products, collaboration, Jobs

03/18, 2:39pm

CEO vows to improve quality, says collaboration is why Apple is better

Following an excerpt from the forthcoming biography called Becoming Steve Jobs about the mercurial co-founder and former CEO of Apple, the company's current leader Tim Cook was interviewed by Fast Company about what has changed -- and what has stayed the same -- since Jobs' untimely death in 2011. In the wide-ranging conversation, Cook owns up to some growing pains, but says the spirit of Jobs lives on.


New Jobs biopic arriving in cinemas; gets thumbs-down from Cue

03/17, 1:49pm

Unauthorized documentary focuses on ex-employees, ex-girlfriend

A previously little-known documentary on Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has debuted at SXSW, drawing mixed reviews for its pre-emptive effort to "counter" the positive image generally put forth in the media by focusing on disgruntled former employees and the ruthless, cruel, or angrier sides of Jobs' personality. Funded by the former legal chief of Gawker and Gizmodo, the film is directed by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney.


New biography 'Becoming Steve Jobs' due out March 24

03/02, 11:14pm

Jobs, Cook, Powell-Jobs, colleagues feature in tech-savvy portrait of former CEO

Although there is an official biography of Steve Jobs, made with Jobs' cooperation before he died in 2011, another tome on the life and thoughts of the mercurial Apple co-founder will be published later this month, titled Becoming Steve Jobs. The book is noteworthy due to Jobs' posthumous involvement, along with new interviews with Jobs' family, Apple CEO Tim Cook, design chief Sir Jonathan Ive, and former Apple and Pixar colleagues galore.


Cook visits Germany, tweets remembrance of Jobs' birthday

02/24, 3:51pm

Reason Cook is in Germany not clear, pays visit to Bild tabloid newspaper

Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted in Berlin, Germany on Tuesday, spending a portion of his day with the editors of the German tabloid paper Bild, though the reasons for the visit were not made clear. Cook may be in Germany for a variety of reasons, ranging from meetings with EU bankers to help forge European Apple Pay agreements, to overseeing the last of the glass panels for the Apple Campus 2, or on his way to Israel to help open the new Apple R&D center there. While in Germany, he tweeted a remembrance of what would have been Steve Jobs' 60th birthday.


Pictures from Jobs biopic shooting with stars emerge [U]

02/04, 2:00pm

Fassbender as Jobs, Rogen as Wozniak, Daniels as Sculley spotted

[Updated with October 9 release date] A few photos have emerged from the principle photography that is in progress for the Universal Studios biographical drama Steve Jobs, showing actors Michael Fassbender (as Jobs) and Seth Rogan (as Steve Wozniak), with another photo capturing actor Jeff Daniels portraying former Apple CEO John Sculley. The film, which saw numerous changes and drop-outs while still in pre-production, is filming in and around Cupertino.


Universal publishes full cast for upcoming Jobs biopic

01/28, 11:35am

Three actresses to assume role of Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Universal Studios has published the complete cast list for its upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, tentatively titled just Steve Jobs. Michael Fassbender has been confirmed as Jobs, while Seth Rogen will play Steve Wozniak. Jeff Daniels will assume the role of former Apple CEO John Sculley; Kate Winslet will be former Mac marketing head Joanna Hoffman, while Katherine Waterston will play Jobs' one-time girlfriend Chrisann Brennan. Michael Stuhlbarg will portray Mac programmer Andy Hertzfeld.


Principal filming on Universal Jobs biopic now underway

01/17, 12:17am

Crew sets up garage where Apple Computer was born in 1976

The long-planned and long-awaited "official" biographical movie on Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs is finally underway, now in the hands of a different studio, director and star than was originally envisioned. Crews began setting up the former Jobs family home in Los Altos, California to shoot scenes in the famous garage where Apple was officially born on April 1, 1976. Originally developed by Sony, Universal Studios is now in charge of the production.


Happy eighth birthday to the iPhone

01/09, 9:08pm

All modern smartphones owe Apple, Jobs a debt of gratitude

Tech memories, sometimes, are the shortest memories of all. Do you remember what "smartphones" were like before the iPhone? Unless you were fairly well-off, you may not have any clear recall of those hazy days of 2007, when the Palm Treo and the BlackBerry ruled the world. Maybe your dad has one in a drawer somewhere -- go find it, power it up, and take a trip back to the Dark Ages (comparatively speaking). Eight years ago today, Steve Jobs blew up Macworld West in San Francisco with an earth-changing announcement.


Perla Haney-Jardine cast as Lisa in Universal's Steve Jobs biopic

01/06, 11:29am

Relatively unknown actress takes role once linked to Natalie Portman

Actress Perla Haney-Jardine has been cast as Steve Jobs' first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, in the upcoming Universal biopic of the former Apple CEO. Haney-Jardine is just 17 years old and a relative unknown, having only held supporting roles in movies like Kill Bill Vol. 2, Dark Water, and Spiderman 3. Her spot in the Jobs biopic may potentially be a breakthrough role, since screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has described Lisa as the "heroine" of the movie. At one point, Natalie Portman was attached to the role, but she decided to pass.


Kate Winslet could take 'lead' role in Jobs biopic

12/19, 4:22pm

Specific character unidentified

Actress Kate Winslet is currently in negotiations for "the female lead" in Universal's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, Variety reports. Winslet is best known for movies like Titanic, The Reader, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It's not clear what the role will be, but top female characters in the film are thought to include Jobs' daughter Lisa, Jobs' wife Laurene Powell Jobs, and Katie Cotton, Apple's former PR head.


Jobs' deposition in Apple-Real trial to remain private

12/17, 6:32pm

Judge agreed video was witness testimony rather than evidence

As a postscript to Apple's unanimous win in a lawsuit brought by audio software company Real, Judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers on Wednesday turned down media requests to make public a videotaped deposition from Steve Jobs, in one of his final filmed appearances, that was presented during the trial. Jobs, who was quite ill at the time and just months from his resignation from Apple and later death, was videotaped answering questions about the case. Yesterday, a jury exonerated the iPhone maker from charges it had conspired to lock out competitors.


Original Apple I from 1976 sold for $365,000 at auction

12/11, 6:51pm

Only known surviving model sold directly by Steve Jobs to customer

A fully-functional Apple I original computer known as the "Ricketts Apple I" after the original owner, has sold at auction at Christie's for less than expected, fetching $365,000 rather than the estimated $400,000-600,000 range. The unit was the only known Apple I sold directly by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs to an individual from his Los Altos family home. Another working Apple I was recently sold to the Henry Ford foundation last October for $905,000. While there are thought to be some 50 surviving Apple I units, only six are known to be functional.


Apple fighting media request for 'pale, weak' Jobs video deposition

12/10, 8:36pm

Attorneys argue that video was entered as witness testimony, not evidence

Apple is opposing a media request to the court hearing the lawsuit between audio software maker Real and Apple that seeks to release a video deposition made by Steve Jobs, near the end of his life, on behalf of the case. The iPhone maker is opposing the request, saying that the video was part of witness testimony and not entered into evidence, and therefore can't be released as that would constitute a recording of a portion of the trial, which has not allowed cameras or video.


Jeff Daniels linked to Jobs biopic, Natalie Portman passes

12/09, 3:52pm

Daniels said to be top pick for one-time Apple CEO John Sculley

Although not officially cast yet, Jeff Daniels could soon be selected to play former Apple CEO John Sculley in Universal's Steve Jobs biopic, claims The Wrap. Daniels -- best known for Dumb and Dumber and The Newsroom -- is said to be the top pick of director Danny Boyle for the part, and may soon get the necessary paperwork. Sculley helmed Apple between 1983 and 1993, and famously battled with Jobs in a power struggle that ultimately led to Jobs resigning and founding NeXT.


Emails, video by Jobs may back plaintiffs in iPod antitrust case

12/01, 11:23am

Emails show Apple CEO wanted to keep other services off iPod

Evidence from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is likely to be central in an antitrust case against the company set to go to trial tomorrow, notes the New York Times. The plaintiffs charge that Apple's now-defunct DRM restrictions on iPods -- which limited people from copying purchased tracks to unauthorized devices, but had the side effect of limiting options music bought on the iTunes Store, obtained elsewhere in a DRM-free format, or ripped from a CD -- represented anti-competitive behavior, in turn leading to higher prices. Jobs recorded a video deposition prior to his death in 2011, which the plaintiffs' lawyers intend to use, alongside emails written by the CEO.


Natalie Portman in talks to join Universal's Steve Jobs biopic

11/26, 2:45pm

Would take on 'major' role

Actress Natalie Portman is in negotiations to join Universal's Steve Jobs biopic, according to Deadline. Who she might play is unmentioned, but the role is said to be a "major" one. Given Portman's age and the resemblance, that role is likely to be Lisa, Jobs' first daughter.


Universal officially takes over Jobs biopic, Fassbender to star

11/25, 2:00am

Buys rights from Sony for reported $30 million; Boyle still to direct

As a follow-up to a story we reported on last week, Universal Studios has officially bought the rights to the Steve Jobs biopic already in pre-production from Sony, which had placed the project in "turnaround" on Thursday. Universal is said to have paid Sony $30 million to transfer the picture to the latter's control, retaining director Danny Boyle and reportedly confirming actor Michael Fassbender to play the lead role. There is still no firm announcement on when shooting will commence.


Sony said to put Jobs movie in 'turnaround,' Universal may pick up

11/20, 1:58am

Project has seen original director, star, now studio drop out in pre-production

The Sony-backed Steve Jobs biographical movie, based in part on Walter Issacson's biography of the Apple co-founder, has proven to be nearly as mercurial as the reputation of its subject. In recent weeks, not one but two rumored stars of the project have dropped out, the original director was replaced with an Oscar-winning substitute, and now -- according to trade magazine Deadline -- Sony has put the film in "turnaround," offering it to sale to other studios, with Universal said to be making a play for it.


Sorkin talks Jobs: 'you could make another 10 movies about his life'

11/06, 10:44pm

Writer reveals small role in Jobs' Stanford commencement speech

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who has penned the screenplay for the forthcoming Sony-backed movie about Steve Jobs, was interviewed on the project by Emily Chang of Bloomberg and revealed that he had met and spoken on the phone to Jobs a few times, along with some minor details about the upcoming film. Sorkin told Chang that the movie will follow Jobs' interactions with a number of key people, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and former CEO John Sculley. He also detailed his encounters with Jobs.


Michael Fassbender in talks to take over lead in Steve Jobs biopic

11/05, 10:43am

Would be replacing Christian Bale

Actor Michael Fassbender is now in early negotiations for the lead role in Sony's Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell Variety. Christian Bale recently made a surprise departure from the project, even as names like Seth Rogen have become attached to supporting roles. In explaining the move, Bale said he came to the conclusion that he wasn't right for playing Jobs.


Christian Bale no longer starring in Sony Jobs biopic, sources say

11/03, 2:55pm

Actor allegedly decided he didn't match part

Actor Christian Bale has decided to drop out of Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The project was reportedly on schedule to start shooting this winter, and director Danny Boyle is said to be Los Angeles this week meeting with actors and actresses, including Seth Rogen, who could be playing Steve Wozniak. Bale, though, has allegedly decided he wasn't right for the lead role, and opted out of the movie.


Fully-functional Apple I worth $600,000 headed to auction

11/03, 1:15pm

Unique model known to have been sold by Jobs himself

An unusual Apple I -- estimated to be worth $600,000 -- will be put up for auction at Christie's on December 11, according to Reuters. While a number of Apple I models are still in existence, the system in question is not only fully-functional, but has documentation indicating that it was sold directly by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. It was originally purchased for $600 by a man named Charles Ricketts; on a canceled check made out to Apple Computer, he wrote "Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents' garage in Los Altos." A second check, for $193, reads "Software NA Programmed by Steve Jobs August 1976."


Seth Rogen tapped to play Steve Wozniak in upcoming Jobs biopic

10/30, 4:42pm

Jessica Chastain could take unidentified role

Actor Seth Rogen may have been cast to star as Steve Wozniak in Sony's upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, sources tell Variety. Rogen is best known for his comedy roles, starring in movies like Neighbors and This is the End, but he has also appeared in dramas such as 50/50. The sources add that Jessica Chastain is under consideration for the movie as well, but what role she might play is unknown.


Briefly: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs, MagSafe 2 Snuglet

10/23, 5:18pm

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in biopic, according to interview

Christian Bale is set to play the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs in the forthcoming biopic film written by Aaron Sorkin. Previously considered for Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Sorkin said in Bloomberg interview that there wasn't a need for Bale to audition for the role due to being a good fit. The latest screenplay is comprised of three thirty minute scenes of backstage goings on prior to three keynote presentations.


Christian Bale in talks to star in next Steve Jobs biopic

10/15, 4:05pm

DiCaprio passes on role

Actor Christian Bale is in talks to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin, sources tell Variety. The movie is based on Walter Isaacson's popular biography, which was released just weeks after Jobs died in 2011 and featured rare, previously-unheard information gleaned through Jobs' cooperation. Bale is best known for movies such as Empire of the Sun, The Dark Knight, and American Psycho.


Briefly: Jobs movie update, model hints at Apple Watch campaign

10/04, 1:18am

Leonardo DiCaprio drops out of consideration for Jobs role; Boyle on as new director

The Sony Pictures-produced, Aaron Sorkin-authored big-budget biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has undergone some changes recently, notes The Hollywood Reporter. Original director David Fincher who was previously reported to have left the project, has been replaced by Slumdog Millionaire's Danny Boyle. Boyle, who wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the title role in the movie, will have to pick another star, as DiCaprio has dropped out of the race for the part. Other actors possibly in the running include Ben Affleck, Christian Bale (Fincher's original choice), Bradley Cooper and Matt Damon.


Cook sends memo to employees on third anniversary of Jobs' death

10/03, 7:00pm

Says co-founder's influence is still present in every new product and service

As he has done each year since taking over as CEO, Tim Cook has written a memo to all Apple employees reflecting on the death of co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. In this latest note, Cook says he will be thinking of Jobs on Sunday, the third anniversary of his passing. He thanks employees for "helping carry Steve's legacy into the future," and notes that even projects that were begun after Jobs's death still carry his "unmistakeable" influence.


Bloomberg profiles Apple CEO Tim Cook, sheds light on modern Apple

09/18, 1:43am

Company is a 'very different place,' but changing market suits Cook's management style

A hit-and-miss profile on Apple CEO Tim Cook has brought some new details to light about changes made at Apple since Cook took over in late 2011. It also confirms that the Apple Watch project was started after former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs died, that the consolidation of hardware and software teams that led to Scott Forstall's ouster was a deliberate move by Cook, and that those who work with him have no doubts about the ability of the company to continue innovating.



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