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Topic: Starbucks

Starbucks bought 23,000 iPads for racial bias training day

06/19/2018, 11:06 am

The coffee giant, which closed all of its stores for an afternoon last month, bought multiple iPads for each of its more than 8,000 U.S. stores, and will use the devices for future training.


Starbucks' nationwide bias training will use iPads

05/26/2018, 04:05 pm

"Designated iPads" will be part of May 29 training at more than 8,000 Starbucks locations nationwide.


Starbucks app ahead of Apple Pay in U.S. mobile payment user adoption

05/22/2018, 11:05 am

Starbucks may be leading Apple in the U.S. mobile payments market with the coffee chain said to have more users who made a payment using its app than Apple Pay.


Apple holds onto decade-plus streak at top of Fortune's 'Most Admired Companies'

01/19/2018, 09:01 am

For the 11th year in a row, Apple on Friday took the top spot on Fortune's annual "World's Most Admired Companies" list, this time based on the opinions of some 3,900 executives, directors, analysts, and experts.


Starbucks offers $5 to customers sending gifts via iMessage app

04/11/2017, 04:04 pm

Starbucks has launched a promotion to try and encourage its customers in the United States to use its new iMessage app, with the coffee chain providing app users who send a digital gift card to their friends with a free $5 gift card of their own.


Starbucks gifts coming to Apple's Messages app with Apple Pay

03/22/2017, 04:03 pm

Starting in April, iPhone owners will be able to gift Starbucks purchases to others by way of the native iOS Messages app and Apple Pay, the coffee chain announced on Wednesday.


Starbucks voice recognition 'barista' beta starts on iPhone, prior to wide summer rollout

01/30/2017, 12:01 pm

Starbucks is allowing its customers to request drinks by voice using its iOS app, with the My Starbucks Barista digital assistant able to verbally accept coffee orders and confirm payment, before dispatching the order to the nearest store.


EU rulings against Fiat & Starbucks tax breaks could foretell Apple paying back taxes

10/21/2015, 11:10 am

The European Union has ruled that Fiat Chrysler and Starbucks must each pay up to 30 million euros, or about $34 million, in back taxes --a decision that could foreshadow similar findings against Apple and Amazon.


iPhone users can now reload their Starbucks Card with Apple Pay

02/11/2015, 02:02 pm

The official Starbucks application for iOS was updated on Wednesday to add support for Apple Pay, allowing users to quickly reload their Starbucks Card with the press of a fingertip.


Google to become official Starbucks ISP as critics claim net neutrality backpedal

08/01/2013, 02:08 pm

Starbucks is switching away from AT&T and instead going with Google for the provision of free Wi-Fi service throughout its popular chain of coffeeshops, but the search giant's latest move into Internet service provision comes as critics are crying foul and saying it is abandoning net neutrality principles.


Apple, Starbucks team up to give away free iPhone apps

08/16/2011, 06:08 pm

Apple and Starbucks have partnered to include giveaways of paid iPhone applications in the "Pick of the Week" promotional program, which previously offered iTunes music tracks to in-store customers of the coffee chain.


Starbucks partners with Apple, Yahoo to offer in-store digital content

10/20/2010, 01:10 am

Starbucks is partnering with Apple and Yahoo to roll out an in-store digital network Wednesday that will offer customers exclusive free e-books, movies and music in hopes of drawing customers to its stores.


AT&T announces free Wi-Fi access for iPhone users (again)

10/29/2008, 01:10 pm

After several false starts, AT&T on Wednesday began sending SMS messages to iPhone owners announcing that they can now access free of charge the carrier's nation-leading Wi-Fi network of more than 17,000 hotspots.


Apple Enterprise sending thousands of Macs into hotels, cruise ships

08/18/2008, 11:08 am

Apple's Enterprise Sales Group has been quietly installing thousands of iMacs, Mac minis, Mac Pros, and Xserves in hotels and cruise ships in a new push to bring the media rich experience of Apple's retail stores to the hospitality industry, where hoteliers are seeking to deliver personalized, unique experiences that will impress guests and bring them back for more.


iTunes France TV job; .Mac refresh rumor; NYC shortages return

05/09/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple is hiring for an iTunes TV show manager in France, confirming an upcoming rollout. Also, rumors have surfaced of a .Mac update to match new iPhone software; shortages of the device have returned to New York City; and mentions of free AT&T Wi-Fi have disappeared once again from the carrier's web pages.


iPhone redesign details; washed out MBP screens; free AT&T Wi-Fi

04/30/2008, 07:04 pm

One site claims to have the most detailed information on the new iPhone's redesign -- including an unknown sensor. Meanwhile, users are reporting washed-out screens on MacBook Pros after waking from sleep, Apple is seeking real estate for a business office in New York City, and AT&T is offering both a hard-of-hearing plan for the iPhone as well as free wireless access for iPhone owners.


8800 GT for 1st Mac Pros; iTunes/Starbucks giveaway; Wall St. store?

04/15/2008, 07:04 pm

Apple has released a GeForce 8800 GT card compatible with first-generation Mac Pro workstations. Also, Apple and Starbucks are giving away free songs, voice-over-Internet calling has come to iPhone through a third-party app, and Apple is reportedly setting up shop on Wall Street.