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Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server hwmond bug consumes CPU power

06/27, 4:50pm

Bug appears to affect auto-restart on some Xserves

A bug discovered in the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server update is causing the hardware monitoring daemon, hwmond, to consume up to 95 percent of CPU power on a variety of Xserves, according to an Apple forum thread. Member Arminhempel reports a CPU load up to 70 percent after every reboot on several Xserves he manages; Jean-Serge Remy has an Xserve Xeon showing an 84 percent hit, while InfraredAD is experiencing a 95 percent load on a 2008 quad-core Xserve, essentially wiping out an entire core. Both the combo and delta versions of the update have generated errors and, so far, the only reliable way to fix the issue is a downgrade to Mac OS X 10.6.7.


Apple posts Mac OS X 10.6.8, Leopard security updates

06/23, 4:40pm

10.6.8 preps for Lion upgrade

Apple has posted Mac OS X 10.6.8, what may be the final major update of Snow Leopard. One of the key features of the code is in fact preparation of the Mac App Store for Mac OS X Lion, which will launch sometime in July. The update is also designed to close several security holes, scrub "known variants" of Mac Defender, and improve VPN reliability as well as support for IPv6 networking.


Mac OS X 10.6.6 makes few updates beyond App Store

01/06, 10:35am

Solves problem with external displays

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.6.6, an upgrade available through Snow Leopard's Software Update feature. The focus of the patch is almost entirely on adding the Mac App Store client, which lets users quickly buy, install and update Mac software while giving Apple a cut of the revenue. There are in fact few other recorded changes in v10.6.6, limited to one security and two bug fixes.


Apple unveils redesigned Mac mini with HDMI

06/15, 7:20am

Mac mini rises in price for speed, expansion

Apple in a surprise early morning update unveiled a completely redesigned Mac mini. The new version is shorter but wider and is targeted at home theaters: an HDMI output next to the Mini DisplayPort jack provides a single cable for audio and video to a TV. Upgrades are also easier, as a panel on the bottom lets owners swap memory without having to tear open the entire system.


Mail Services Update 1.0 fixes Snow Leopard Server issues

12/18, 8:55am

Performance, reliability problems addressed

Continuing a series of pre-Christmas updates, Apple has posted Mail Services Update 1.0, a release for Snow Leopard Server. The patch reduces memory consumption, and now allows Mail to recover from a disruption in Directory Services. The file is a 20.6MB download and requires Snow Leopard Server 10.6.2.


Apple updates Server Admin Tools, Boot Camp drivers

11/19, 10:55pm

Boot Camp download fixes optical audio issue

Apple on Thursday released an update to its Server Admin utility for Snow Leopard Server, as well as Boot Camp drivers for Windows. Server Admin tools 10.6.2 includes the latest releases of iCal Server Utility, Podcast Composer, Server Admin, Server Monitor, Server Preferences, System Image Utility, Workgroup Manager, and Xgrid Admin.


Review: VMware Fusion 3

10/31, 6:10pm

VMware's Win 7, Snow Leopard update tested

Virtualization on the Mac has had to move forward rapidly in the past several months: where it was once enough to run basic tasks in Windows XP, users increasingly expect an experience much like what they would have in Boot Camp. That's all the more true with the launch of Windows 7, where the visual effects are not only useful but often essential. Between this and the changes in the background brought about by Mac OS X Snow Leopard, VMware's Fusion 3 has much ground to cover. We hope to find out in our review whether it's an essential upgrade or simply nice to have.


Apple provides demo copies of Snow Leopard Server

09/02, 9:15am

Snow Leopard Server demo

In a bid to promote its new operating system, Apple is says it is now distributing free evaluation copies of Snow Leopard Server. To qualify, people must fill out a form on Apple's website, and represent a business, government agency, non-profit organization or some form of educational institution. Specifically excluded from the promotion are resellers, students, NPOs with less than 10 people and anyone under the age of 13.


Apple posts NRU 1.0, ODBC Admin Tool updates

08/28, 4:45pm

NRU 1.0, ODBC Admin Tool

Although the operating system has only just been released, Apple has already posted two networking-related updates for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The first, Network Registration Update 1.0, is specifically intended for Snow Leopard Server. It is a 24.8MB download, and fixes a problem with duplicate serial number alerts on servers using multiple interfaces.


New Leopard, Snow Leopard builds reach developers

07/13, 11:05am

Leopard, S. Leopard builds

New builds of Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6 Server have been seeded to developers, reports say. The v10.5.8 release, titled 9L25, is said to have no known problems, and correct only two: one with saving e-mails as individual documents, and another involving URL localization. Testing efforts are now shifting from narrow to broad focus, concentrating on some three dozen components previously examined in other builds.


Apple to slice WebObjects from Snow Leopard Server?

07/08, 12:35pm

WebObjects gone in S. Lep.

With the release of Snow Leopard Server, Apple will drop deployment support for the WebObjects web application server, sources claim. WebObjects is an enterprise framework for creating web apps, as well as deploying them through a related Java server. The technology was originally acquired by Apple in 1996, when it bought NeXT, headed by former (and now present) Apple CEO Steve Jobs.


ZFS not included with Snow Leopard Server?

06/10, 10:10am

Snow Leopard includes ZFS?

The long-expected addition of ZFS to Snow Leopard Server may have been silently dropped. Although Apple has previously indicated that the file management system would be a part of Server, ZFS was not mentioned in yesterday's keynote, and is not listed in the features on Apple's website.


Snow Leopard Server updates iCal, Podcast Producer

06/08, 5:15pm

Snow Leopard Server

Although the WWDC keynote on Monday focused primarily on the new iPhone 3GS and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Apple also introduced Snow Leopard Server. The operating system features updates to several included programs; iCal Server 2, Podcast Producer 2, Wiki Server 2, Address Book Server and Mobile Access Server. The company has integrated a new 64-bit kernel, enabling the use of more physical memory and increasing the number of simultaneous system processes, threads and network connections that can be handled by the server.


Snow Leopard Server to provide iPhone backend

04/24, 12:45pm

S. Lep Server and iPhone

Snow Leopard Server will provide corporate iPhone support previously only available through third-party software, investigation is said to show. The OS has been slated to receive a remote access feature for sometime, but details in a WWDC session preview appear to confirm that a component called the Mobile Access Server will give iPhones the ability to retrieve corporate e-mail, contacts, calendars and web services without a VPN connection. Currently, only Cisco and Microsoft VPN servers are supported for secure access.


iPhone push notification due with Snow Leopard?

02/11, 11:15am

Push with Snow Leopard?

Apple's long-delayed push notification technology may finally see the light of day with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, a new report suggests. The Push Notification Server software was originally scheduled to launch in September, primarily as a means of allowing iPhone apps to receive background updates without burdening the processor. Although developer tools were released at one point, push notification has yet to go live.



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