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Topic: Siri

Facebook pushes 'Hey Facebook' voice recognition to Oculus Quest, Portal displays

02/25/2021, 06:02 pm

Facebook on Thursday announced a new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset and Portal smart display feature that enables owners to wake their devices with the phrase "Hey Facebook," closely following in the footsteps of virtual assistant software marketed by Apple, Google and Amazon.


Apple researching voice accessibility features for Siri like stutter detection

02/25/2021, 05:02 pm

Apple is working on making Siri and its other voice recognition technologies more accessible to users with atypical speech patterns.


Sensibo Air now supports Apple HomeKit, Siri voice commands

02/23/2021, 05:02 pm

Sensibo has added HomeKit and Siri voice command support to its family of Sensibo Air smart air conditioner controllers.


Judge tosses lawsuit claiming Siri recorded users without their consent

02/10/2021, 05:02 pm

A U.S. District Judge has handed a win to Apple by tossing out a lawsuit alleging that Siri records user conversations without their consent.


How to change Siri's voice on iPhone or Mac

02/10/2021, 09:02 am

Whether it's because you don't like Apple's default choice of Siri voice, or because you simply want a change, you can change Siri's language, accent, and gender. Here's how to do it.


How to change your default music player on iPhone and iPad to Spotify

02/09/2021, 01:02 pm

Here's how to change your default music player on iPhone and iPad to Spotify, Pandora, and others in iOS 14.5.


Siri offers default music app options in iOS 14.5 beta

02/08/2021, 08:02 am

Apple is making it easier for iPhone users to use a music service they subscribe to, with Siri in the iOS 14.5 public beta offering to set their preferred app as the default for vocal requests.


How to share your driving ETA on iPhone

01/21/2021, 11:01 am

As handy as it is being able to share your exact location with someone directly from your iPhone, that doesn't tell them how long it's going to take you to get home. Here's how to have your iPhone do that automatically.


Apple may use sound to identify people or objects, and where they are

01/21/2021, 08:01 am

New research shows Apple is investigating how HomePod, or other devices, can use audio to estimate the distance to a speaking user, and also to identify the sounds around it.


How to make Siri listen to you on the right device

01/20/2021, 11:01 am

It's common to have the "wrong" Siri answer. You can ask your Apple Watch to set an alarm, for instance, and find that it's your HomePod that does it. Here's how to make sure that Siri is listening to you on the device you intended.


Apple investigating ultrasonic sensors to authenticate user voices

01/14/2021, 08:01 am

New research reveals that Apple is looking at how to make Siri detect particular voices, and also determine their location, solely through vibrations.


Apple's Siri integrates sound clips including animals, musical instruments and vehicles

12/14/2020, 06:12 pm

Released in tandem with iOS 14.3, Apple on Monday introduced a new feature to Siri that enables the virtual assistant to play back short audio clips when queried about specific sounds.


Apple's AI and Siri chief John Giannandrea now overseeing Apple Car development

12/08/2020, 03:12 pm

Apple has moved its Project Titan self-driving car division to fall under the leadership of artificial intelligence chief John Giannandrea, who also leads Apple's Siri and machine learning teams.


How to deal with the Siri 'you'll have to unlock your iPhone first' bug

12/04/2020, 03:12 pm

Sometimes Siri will answer you, sometimes it will insist you unlock your iPhone first, and there isn't always a pattern. Here's how it should work and what little you can do when it doesn't.


Roku hires Apple Siri architect Brian Pinkerton to lead advanced technology development

12/01/2020, 02:12 pm

Roku has poached a senior Apple Siri executive to lead development of new technology for its own streaming software and platforms.


Microsoft Teams adding CarPlay integration, new features for calling

12/01/2020, 01:12 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of changes to the calling features on its Microsoft Teams app, including support for CarPlay and transferring calls between devices.


Review: Apple's HomePod mini is the speaker for the rest of us

11/25/2020, 11:11 am

The HomePod mini is perhaps the Siri smart speaker that Apple should have done sooner, but it's certainly the one you should buy now, even with some limitations.


Siri gets Election Day date wrong, Apple fixes issue

11/03/2020, 06:11 pm

Apple's Siri voice assistant on Tuesday returned incorrect information regarding the date of Election Day in the U.S., though the problem was quickly rectified.


Evidence mounting that Apple is preparing alternative to Google search

10/28/2020, 06:10 am

Industry sources, plus changes to how iOS 14 returns web search results, back up previous reports that Apple is working on its own universal search engine.


'Apple Glass' & iPhone combo may react to gestures like nodding and shaking your head

10/20/2020, 07:10 am

Where a user is wearing "Apple Glass" or other head-mounted device, their iPhone may be able to recognize and respond to head gestures.