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Sigma launches dp2 Quattro with vertical color separation sensor

02/10, 11:18am

Multi-layer sensor splits light bands for more accurate color representation

Sigma has unveiled the first of a trio of compact cameras with vertical color separation technology. The dp Quattro collection all use the Foveon X3 "Quattro" image sensor, one which uses three layers of photodiodes assigned to each RGB color, with the manufacturer claiming it allows the camera to capture the hue, value, and chroma for each pixel more accurately than the mosaic-style sensors used in other cameras.


Sigma drops price of SD1, adds two 46MP DP compacts

02/08, 4:35pm

Sigma adds Merrill suffix to 46MP cameras

Sigma on Wednesday both remade and added to its camera lineup. First off, the company's new CEO, Kazuto Yamaki, revealed that the high-end SD1 DSLR will be renamed to SD1 Merrill and get a very significant price drop, from $9,700 to $3,300. Yamaki said the reduction is due to the lower production costs of the 46-megapixel APS-C sensor, though no performance compromises have been made.


Sigma founder Michihiro Yamaki dies

01/27, 2:35pm

Sigma founder, CEO passes away at 78

CEO of camera and lens maker Sigma, sadly, has passed away. The 78-year-old Michihiro Yamaki succumbed in Tokyo, Japan on January 18 after a fight with liver cancer. Yamaki founded the company in 1961 and was heading up the company up to 2011, on its 50th anniversary.


Nikon sues Sigma over stabilized lenses

05/25, 1:40pm

Nikon seeks $154m from Sigma in patent suit

Digital camera maker Nikon announced on its website that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the Sigma Corporation in a Japanese court on Tuesday. At issue is Sigma's manufacture and sale of lenses for SLR cameras that have a vibration reduction feature built-in. Nikon hopes to get the Tokyo District Court to impose an injunction against Sigma, as well as about $154 million in damages.


Sigma preps 46-megapixel, $9,700 flagship SD1 DSLR

05/20, 10:10am

Sigma to ship 46MP, $9,700 SD1 in June

Sigma ended the week by officially unveiling its flagship medium-format DSLR, the SD1. First introduced late last summer, the camera now sports a 46-megapixel sensor thanks to the three layers, each rated at 15.4 megapixels. The SD1 is alone in using Foveon's 23.5x15.7mm APS-C X3 direct image sensor.


Linux Foundation launches MeeGo Smart TV Working Group

03/23, 3:10pm

MeeGo Smart TV working group formedl

At the IPTV World Forum, the Linux Foundation introduced the MeeGo Smart TV Working Group (pdf). Already, the group includes such high-profile members as Nokia, Siemens and Intel, along with Sigma Designs and MIPS Technologies, among others. These companies will work along with cable providers to create and grow out a system of developers and content providers for smart TVs.


Sigma teases new 14-megapixel DP2x digital camera

02/08, 3:25pm

Sigma shows upcoming DP2x camera with new AFE

Sigma has just introduced a new digital compact camera, the 14-megapixel DP2x. An evolution of the DP2 model, it sports the same Foveon X3 ASP-C sensor found in the SD14 DSLR. It gets a new AF algorithm for high-speed autofocus and has an Analog Front End that converts full color data into a digital signal.


QNAP intros NMP-1000P network HD multimedia player

09/30, 8:30am

QNAO updates NMP-1000 with support for 1080p

QNAP has refreshed its NMP-1000 with the new NMP-1000P adding 1080p support to its networked multimedia player. While there is little to cosmetically distinguish between the two models, the NMP-1000P has significantly upgraded internals and an improved user interface. Powering the new system is a Sigma Designs SMP8643 system-on-chip running at 667MHz. It offers better internet services, improved hardware and software decoding and can be integrated with home AV systems by USB, or eSATA connections to a user's PC or Mac.


Sigma brings 15.4-megapixel SD1 DSLR to Photokina

09/22, 8:25am

Sigma SD1 keeps Foveon X3 sensor, 11-point AF

Japanís Sigma Corp. has today taken the covers off its flagship Sigma SD1 15.4 megapixel DSLR at Photokina. It adopts a lightweight, weather-proof, solid magnesium alloy body to house its 1.5X crop Foveon X3 sensor. The technology enables the camera to capture all primary RGB colors at each pixel location rather than use a Bayer filter and leads Sigma to make a questionable claim to a 46-megapixel sensor.


Sigma's 14-megapixel SD15 DSLR shows up in stores

07/15, 1:30pm

Sigma SD15 bodies now in stores for $989

The delayed Sigma SD15 DSLR has finally began showing up in US stores. First shown in September of 2008, the camera sports the signature 14-megapixel Foveon X3 CMOS sensor along with a 3-inch LCD. There is otherwise a 5-point auto focus sensor that can shoot up to 21 continuous shots in RAW.


Sigma SD15 DSLR finally dated, priced

06/11, 9:55am

Long-awaited Sigma SD15 DSLR priced, dated

The long-delayed Sigma SD15 DSLR has finally received a release date and a final price. It will launch on June 25 in Europe and should cost the equivalent of $1,443. It will retain its 14-megapixel Foveon X3 direct image sensor that includes three 4.7-megapixel layers that each capture red, green and blue light.


Sigma plans Micro Four Thirds rival

02/23, 4:55pm

Sigma to out own Micro Four Thirds camera, lenses

Photography camera and lens maker Sigma has plans to produce a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses in the near future, according to COO Kazuto Yamaki. Speaking to DPReview, Yamaki revealed the camera will sport the company's own Foveon sensors. At the same time, indicated Sigma would consider producing lenses for the Micro Four Thirds cameras out on the market at this time. While prime lenses are currently popular for the category, Yamaki believes future demand will turn to zoom lenses.


Sigma adds DP1x and DP2s, re-launches SD15

02/21, 4:45pm

Sigma makes conservative updates at PMA

Sigma has kept itself in action at PMA by upgrading two models and reintroducing a third. The 14-megapixel DP1x gets the same True II imaging processor as the DP2 and has a faster autofocusing algorithm. Controls have been inherited from the DP2s and bring both easier menus as well as a quick-access button for frequently used presets.


Sigma adds DP1s with RAW-plus-JPEG shots

10/02, 7:25am

Sigma intros upgraded DP1s compact cam

Sigma this morning saw fit to upgrade its original Foveon-based camera with features borrowed from the DP2 as well as others. The DP1s gets the Quick Set shortcut function from the second-generation camera and assigns it to the digital zoom button found on the original DP1 controls. It also supports shooting RAW and JPEG images at the same time, much like DSLRs.


Sigma DP2 camera ships to the UK

05/14, 2:45pm

Sigma DP2 in UK

Sigma on Thursday acted on its word and launched the long-delayed DP2 in the UK. The 14-megapixel camera is a cross between regular compacts and digital SLRs and continues to hinge on its FOVEON sensor, which is significantly larger than in point-and-shoots and helps produce more professional images, particularly in RAW mode. It also gets full manual controls and, since it was first shown last year, now has light sensitivity up to ISO 3,200 as well as a quick-access button for some of the more common camera settings.


Sigma intros DP2 pseudo-DSLR

03/03, 11:20am

Sigma intros DP2 camera

On Tuesday at the PMA expo, Sigma has demonstrated the DP2 digital camera, a successor to the DP1. First seen back in September, the DP2 shares its 14-megapixel FOVEON X3 image sensor with the company's digital SLR, the SD14, which is much larger than the sensor in other digital cameras. Touted as a compact digital camera with most of the functionality of a DSLR, the DP2 also has an ISO sensitivity range that tops out at ISO 3,200.


Sigma buys 3-layer sensor developer Foveon

11/11, 9:25am

Sigma buys Foveon

Kawasaki, Japan-based digital camera maker Sigma Corporation has purchased all stock of Foveon Inc., a company that developed the original three-layer image sensor for digital cameras. Prior to this Tuesday announcement, the two companies have worked together on the Foveon X3 sensors used in all Sigma digital cameras, including the recently introduced SD15 and DP2.


Sigma reveals SD15 DSLR, DP2 compact

09/23, 12:55pm

Sigma SD15, DP2 cameras

Lens and camera maker Sigma has announced the existence of two new cameras hinted at earlier in the year, the SD15 and the DP2. The former is a DSLR, and a successor to the SD14, which originally premiered two years ago. The 15 makes use of a 14-megapixel Foveon X3 sensor, and a new image processing engine, TRUE II. Few other details available, though Sigma says it will have a three-inch LCD.


Sigma developing DP1 successors

03/03, 4:15pm

Sigma DP2, DP3, SD15

In an interview with the British publication Amateur Photographer, Sigma founder Michihiro Yamaki has revealed that his company is already working on successors to its yet-to-be-released DP1 compact camera (pictured right). Although no specifications have been published, the DP2 and DP3 are expected to be announced by the end of the year, and will presumably share in common the same sort of full-frame sensor that reduces noise while still increasing sensitivity. Most compacts and even DSLRs use cropped technology, which also artificially shifts the focal length of lenses.


Sigma firms up DP1 camera pricing

02/15, 10:10am

Sigma DP1 Pricing

Sigma today set pricing for its long-delayed DP1 high-end compact camera. Set to launch worldwide in the spring, the camera will now be priced in Sigma's UK home at a minimum £550 ($1,083) including tax for the standard version and £600 ($1,181) for a version that bundles a hot-shoe mounted digital viewfinder for photographers who prefer composing shots in a similar fashion to a digital SLR.


Sigma preps DP1 camera for spring launch

01/31, 9:20am

Sigma DP1 in Spring

Sigma at the PMA photo expo has committed to a release window for the DP1, its unusual crossover between compact cameras and digital SLRs. Now due sometime in spring, the final camera still maintains the 14-megapixel Foveon sensor that defines its shooting characteristics. The new three-layer silicon technology (also used in the SD14) captures each portion an RGB image in one pixel instead of three and allows the sensor to be several times larger than for other point-and-shoots this size; this provides both a major lift both to resolution as well as color response, Sigma says. The DP1 also comes with a custom-tailored 16.6mm f4 lens that can produce a shallow depth of field effect normally impossible with compact cameras.


Sigma DP1 resurfaces, nearing completion

11/30, 3:50pm

Sigma DP1 resurfaces

Sigma, best known as a maker of third-party lenses, has at last issued an explanation as to why its long-awaited DP1 camera has yet to go on sale. The compact was first revealed at Photokina 2006, and had actually reached the pre-beta stage by early this summer; testing revealed however that the image pipeline was badly optimized, reducing image quality in favor of speed. As such Sigma decided to completely re-engineer the pipeline, as well as other specifications. The revised camera has just recently entered alpha testing, and as such is still an unknown distance away from release.



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