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Kootol targets Apple, more on patent it doesn't own yet

07/15, 5:25pm

Kootol sends notice to Apple on messaging patent

Unknown software house Kootol on Friday sent notice to many companies claiming that they allegedly violate a messaging patent. It targets a wide swath of the industry that includes Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Foursquare, Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, Twitter, and others all allegedly violate a patent for "Method and System for Communication, Advertising, Searching, Sharing and Dynamically Providing a Journal Feed." Unusually, Kootol doesn't actually have the patent and is instead acting on a Notice of Allowance that lets it act on the patent but still requires that it pay for the patent later.


Seesmic drops BlackBerry app due to lack of demand

06/20, 5:35pm

Seesmic gives up on BlackBerry app

Seesmic in a notice said it planned to drop all support for the BlackBerry version of its app. As of June 30, the company would swing its attention to the "most popular" platforms, including not just Android and iOS but even the much younger Windows Phone 7 platform. Company founder Loic Le Meur said on Twitter that there was no fallout with RIM.


TweetUp snaps up Twidroid, popurls in Android push

07/06, 11:25am

TweetUp gets Twidroid to help search results

TweetUp today said it had bought Twidroid, maker of what's touted as the most popular Twitter client for Android. It plans to rebadge the app as Twidroyd, purportedly to avoid conflicts with Lucasfilm over trademarks. The deal would let TweetUp better identify very popular Twitter users for its own search business.


Seesmic launches first iPhone app

05/21, 9:25am

Supports Twitter, Facebook

After an extended wait, Seesmic has released its first self-named Twitter client for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app supports multiple Twitter accounts, along with Facebook, and updating for several other social networks via Users can create, browse and save Twitter lists, searches and topics, and attach geotagging data to individual tweets.


Twitter plans official Android app

04/14, 9:40pm

Twitter may get edge on Google phones

Twitter as part of its first Chirp conference today said it would have an official Android app. When asked about the platform, chief Evan Williams was clear the company would take the same approach used for the BlackBerry and iPhone, where a Twitter-branded download would compete against third-party rivals. He stopped short of explaining whether this would involve buying another company or developing a new app entirely.


Windows Phone 7 development, marketplace detailed

03/15, 1:00pm

Microsoft shows WP7 dev features at MIX10

Microsoft at its MIX10 developer event detailed some of how app development and sales will work for Windows Phone 7. Confirming that it's based on Silverlight and XNA, the mobile OS will fence off third-party apps from true native code but will give them access to all the key features: it will recognize accelerometers, cameras and multi-touch gestures. WP7 will also mirror iPhone development by using background push notification for those not allowed to multitask and include a general location service that any app can use.


Twitter turns on geolocation feature

11/19, 5:55pm

Twitter apps get location awareness

Twitter today added its promised geolocation feature for tweets. The addition gives any app using the API, but not the Twitter site itself, the option of tagging posts with a location as well as to automatically draw on the location for position-based features, such as finding tweets in a certain area. It isn't exclusive to GPS-equipped devices and will work with Wi-Fi and other methods that can generate the relevant data.



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