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HP Envy 4 now available for pre-order in China

04/26, 3:05pm

Ultrabook starting at $871

The previously leaked HP Envy 4 is now available for pre-order in China, with international availability expected to follow soon. The Envy 4 is the lowest-priced option in HP's Envy ultrabook line.


Fujitsu brings Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs to two notebooks

04/19, 3:50pm

Fujitsu updates LifeBooks with Sandy Bridge CPUs

Fujitsu has refreshed two of its Lifebook notebooks with the last wave of Intel Sandy Bridge processors. The 15-inch AH532 and 14-inch LH532 are now powered by a 2.3GHz, dual-core Intel Core i3. It's paired with the onboard Intel 3000 HD for graphics.


Samsung Chromebook prototype spotted with Sandy Bridge, more

04/13, 10:30am

Samsung Chromebook sports SandyBridge chips

A new Samsung Chromebook prototype that looks to be based on the Series 5 we saw at CES but sporting some new changes was spotted at the Intel Developer Forum in Beijing. It runs on the current Sandy Bridge-series of Intel processors, unlike that dual-core Celeron-powered Chromebook from the Las Vegas trade show. It also gets the Linux-based Coreboot BIOS software that allows it to boot up in just five seconds.


Sony VAIO CA, CB 2012 models leak out

03/30, 1:15pm

Press images, early tech specs leak of new VAIO C

Sony will soon refresh its existing VAIO CA and CB notebooks, if the leaked images embedded below are any indication. Shared by NotebookReview forum members, the leaked press images are accompanied by some early specs from sources. The 14-inch (VAIO CA) models will get a choice of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors while the 15-inch (VAIO CB) versions will run on Intel's Sandy Bridge CPUs, at least initially.


ASUS to try to undercut Apple with $800 ultrabooks

03/12, 2:20pm

ASUS UX32A and UX32Vd to aim for budget ultrabooks

ASUS' ultrabook refreshes could include some of the first truly discounted, mainstream ultrabooks. New leaks stemming from the same source for The Verge had two 13.3-inch models, the UX32A and UX32Vd, coming in at under $800. Both would still get Intel's low voltage Ivy Bridge Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, but only sometime after they shipped; initial batches would use the outgoing Sandy Bridge generation, insiders said.


Intel Ivy Bridge benched early, shows huge leap in graphics

03/07, 11:55am

Intel Ivy Bridge gets pre-release test

An unofficial, pre-release benchmarking of Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge architecture has shown an overall speed up, but most of all in graphics. Testing at AnandTech of a 3.5GHz, quad Core i7-3770K desktop chip has shown that the Intel HD 4000 integrated video is about 20 to 40 percent faster than the 3000 video on a roughly comparable earlier Core i7 using the current Sandy Bridge architecture. While still trailing behind AMD's Fusion in an A8 chip, it's enough to make games playable that wouldn't have been practical otherwise, such as running Skyrim smoothly at 1680x1050 and medium detail.


Intel Ivy Bridge said still on track for late April

03/03, 2:25pm

Intel Ivy Bridge delay seen much shorter

Intel's own claims that its Ivy Bridge platform had been moved back to June might have been unintentionally conservative. New leaks on Saturday to Digitimes had the 22-nanometer processors shipping in late April, setting them back only by a few weeks. As expected, the initial supply would be higher-end Core i5 and i7 processors.


Intel pushes wider Ivy Bridge launch back to June

02/27, 1:25am

Intel supports rumors of Ivy Bridge delay

Repeated talk of Intel delayng Ivy Bridge to June was supported by a conversation with executive VP Sean Maloney. HE told the FT that it had been moved back eight to ten weeks, from April to June. Contrary to some claims, though, it wasn't due to low demand but rather out of time getting the 22-nanometer chip manufacturing process up to speed.


AMD said to have fluffed shot at Llano chips in MacBook Air

02/22, 7:00pm

Apple turned down AMD over Llano time rame

A potentially major rumor has asserted that Apple was at one point investingating using AMD's Llano architecture mobile processors in the MacBook Air. The company had the kind of power and performance Apple wanted, Forbes heard, but had trouble producing chips in time for the 2011 update. As its former manufacturing wing and now partner GlobalFoundries was adapting to make the Fusion-based chips, where the graphics core is part of the processor itself, it was having trouble generating useful test yields.


Intel may drop Ivy Bridge chip prices by $70 to drive sales

02/21, 11:15pm

Intel Ivy Bridge may get lower prices on average

Intel may make up for its Ivy Bridge processor delay by selling at substantially lower prices. New rumors from part suppliers claimed to Digitimes that processor prices would typically be $60 to $70 lower, presumably relative to the current-generation Sandy Bridge-era chips. The move could lead to faster processors at similar prices or, more likely, less expensive systems overall.


Intel Ivy Bridge delay said focused on dual-core mobile

02/20, 8:15am

Intel Ivy Bridge delay to June seen as partial

Intel's claimed delay of Ivy Bridge processors may have been limited and contextualized in a rumor on Sunday. The company still planned to ship desktop and quad-core mobile processors on time, VR-Zone heard, and was mostly keeping the June delays to dual-core mobile processors. Supporting the earlier rumor, the new tips cast it as a move to clear unsold stock of current-generation Sandy Bridge processors, both for raw chips and for unsold (primarily Windows-based) PCs.


Intel may push Ivy Bridge back to June

02/16, 5:35am

Intel rumored delaying Ivy Bridge production ramp

Intel may delay full scale production of its highly anticipated Ivy Bridge processors due to weak PC sales, a result of the slowdown in the global economy. According to Digitimes, Intel is giving PC makers more time to clear their stock, so that Intel in turn can clear its own inventories of Sandy Bridge-based second-generation Core i-series processors. Intel is said to have notified partners that it will delay its production ramp for Ivy Bridge to June, with shipments starting in early April.


AVADirect puts desktop Sandy Bridge-E in gaming notebook

02/07, 7:40pm

Desktop replacement sports 6-core Intel CPU

Cleveland-based AVADirect is accepting pre-orders for a new gaming portable that integrates one of the refreshed, Sandy Bridge-E Intel Core i7 desktop processors into a laptop form factor. The Clevo P270WM is a 17.3-inch desktop replacement that can come equipped with either a 3.2GHz or 3.3GHz Extreme Edition chip. It can also house dual NVIDIA mobile graphics chips in SLI.


Intel slips out seven Sandy Bridge processors

01/30, 6:40pm

May have dropped HD 3000 GPU from 3 new i5 CPUs

Intel has released seven new processors. All are based on its current Sandy Bridge 32nm architecture. The new CPUs include three desktop quad Core i5 processors as well as dual- and single-core Celeron processors for both the desktop and mobile.


Acer Aspire S5, Cloud hands-on: Apple may have a challenger

01/08, 6:10pm

Acer Aspire S5 gets our early test

We've had the opportunity to try Acer's Aspire S5, and we've come back pleasantly surprised so far. The magnesium and metal chassis, which is matte, feels good to the touch, is thin and light, and isn't cutting corners like some others. More importantly, the keyboard and trackpad are genuinely nice to use; it doesn't have the full suite of multi-touch gestures, but it's generally responsive, supports two-finger scrolling, and isn't too hard to properly right-click with the invisible buttons.


Core i7 overclocked to 5.6GHz with special cooling

01/03, 8:15pm

Sets record for overclocking multiplier

An Intel Core i7 processor has been paired with a Gigabyte motherboard to set a world record for overclocking multipliers. A six-core i7 3930K, which normally runs at 3.2GHz, was overclocked to 5.6GHz with a record multiplier of 57x. The Motherboard used with the i7-3930k was a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 with an Intel X79 chipset and showed the relative headroom the gaming-focused platform has.


Intel may have Ivy Bridge-based Xeons in spring

01/02, 10:20pm

Intel may fill out 2012 Xeons with mix of old, new

Intel's Xeon E5 launch early this year could be matched by a handful of Ivy Bridge-based models soon after based on a tentative roadmap. After releasing 18 E5 chips based on the current Sandy Bridge architecture, Intel would have 11 Xeons arrive in the spring based on the 2012 design, Digitimes heard. Billed as Ivy Bridge-H2, these would include Xeon E3 chips like the E3-1290v2 in bulk costs of $189 to $884 as well as E5s from $192 to $1,440, one of which would be the E5-2470.


Intel Ivy Bridge desktop chip specs, benchmarks leak

12/03, 10:40pm

Intel Core 3000 series chip details show early

The desktop versions of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors have most of their details outlined in full through a roadmap discovered this week. The X-Bit Labs copy shows all the chips falling under the 3000 series in the same Core i3, i5, and i7 tiers, with four cores still the maximum for non-Extreme chips. Clock speeds would have a higher baseline, starting with a 2.7GHz Core i5 (3.2GHz after Turbo Boost) and peaking at a 3.5GHz Core i7 (3.9GHz).


Intel Romley platform for Xeon may be delayed due to SAS

11/25, 8:30am

Intel Romley may have SAS storage issues

Intel may have moved its Xeon E5 launch for the mainstream due to issues with SAS drives, tipsters claimed Friday. The Romley chipset when combined with current, Sandy Bridge-based processors was said by Digitimes to have problems when using the high speed serial disks. Two of the first wave of Xeon E5 chips, the E5-1600 and E5-2600, had been moved to the first week of March.


Intel Haswell details leak, show 15W ultrabook chip

11/10, 9:05am

Intel Haswell to lower ultrabook power, up others

First details of Intel's Has well architecture has emerged through presentation slides leaked [reg. required] through ChipHell. The 22-nanometer design will focus most on Intel's promises of more advanced ultrabooks and will lower the peak power of a dual-core, low-voltage chip to 15W, helping battery life in systems like the MacBook Air. It should also support low-power DDR3 memory and get integrated GT3 graphics that, like on Sandy Bridge, are faster than on the desktop.


Verizon LTE, MacBook Air top PCWorld Best Products list

11/01, 4:55pm

iPad 2 sits just outside top five

Verizon's 4G LTE network has taken top place in a PCWorld list of the best products of 2011. LTE allows for much faster speeds than HSPA- or EVDO-based 3G networks, in some cases giving performance on par with wired connections. Second place in the list is occupied by the MacBook Air, Apple's ultraportable notebook. Its design has been copied by computers based on Intel's Ultrabook standard.


Intel Xeon E5 may be delayed to early 2012

10/21, 2:45pm

Intel Xeon E5 could be moved back one quarter

Newly uneatherd details from Intel's roadmap suggest that Intel's long-in-waiting mid-range Xeon replacement, the E5, might not ship until 2012. Previously on tap for late 2011, they're now "delayed by one quarter," CPU World claimed. No reason was given as to why, or whether or not it meant going to the same 22 nanometer process as Ivy Bridge.


Intel ships Ivy Bridge, may still not sell until spring 2012

10/20, 5:20pm

Intel Ivy Bridge ships en masse

Intel while discussing its banner summer results revealed that it had just started mass-producing Ivy Bridge processors. The first wave should be qualified for sale late in 2011 and ship to partners in late November or December. Like most Intel launches, it should include both desktop and notebook processors.


CinemaNow, Intel team to give 1080p video to 2011 Core users

10/07, 4:45pm

Embedded Intel CPU features allow secure streaming

CinemaNow is now offering 1080p HD movies for rental and purchase with the help of Intel. CinemaNow has added several hundred HD titles to their catalog. Previously, the division of Best Buy had only offered standard-definition media.


Intel demos Thunderbolt for Windows, anti-theft tech

09/14, 3:10pm

Intel shows Thunderbolt finally coming to Windows

Intel's day two Developer Forum keynote saw it introduce Thunderbolt for Windows systems for the first time. A prototype notebook running Windows 7 was shown using the port for the high-speed storage previously only available to Macs. The company had previously acknowledged that Apple had a year's headstart because of its early co-development of the standard.


Apple may have another 2011 MacBook Pro update in September

09/13, 5:35pm

Apple may use updated Sandy Bridge for late 2011

Apple may return to its once frequent pattern of updating computers more than once a year with a second 2011 MacBook Pro refresh, historically accurate tipsters suggested Tuesday. Taking advantage of Intel's recently refreshed Core i5 and i7 mobile processors, the refresh would just be a mild speed upgrade to keep the performance up. The revamp could happen before the end of September, AppleInsider heard.


HP Pavilion dm1 gets Beats Audio, fresh Launch Box UI

09/08, 12:00am

HP Pavilion dm1 gets mid-life Beats and new apps

HP put out its second PC revamp in as many days on Thursday with an update to the Pavilion dm1. Its 11.6-inch crossover notebook now has Beats Audio processing to get better sound from the speakers and headphones. Faster processors also back it up with AMD's Fusion-based, 1.65GHz E-350 and unspecified low-voltage Intel chips now making their way into the ultralight.


ASRock HTPC with Sandy Bridge power, Vision 3D shows up

09/06, 3:45pm

ASRock website shows off HTPC with Sandy Bridge

A newly-discovered web page for an HTPC from ASRock reveals the computer has quietly taken an update to Sandy Bridge-based Intel processors. The Vision 3D 2nd-gen Series computer can be had with Core i3, i5 or i7 CPUs and also sports switchable 1GB GeForce GT 540M graphics, 4GB of RAM and a HDMI 1.4a port, in addition to four USB 3.0 jacks.


Sony intros 15.5-inch Vaio S, adds new Core CPUs to rest

08/31, 12:10pm

Sony shows 15.5-inch Vaio S with 1080p display

Sony on Wednesday introduced a new addition to the Vaio S lineup with a 15.5-inch model. It sports a 1080p display and measures under one-inch thick while weighing in at 4.4lbs. Its magnesium and aluminum alloy case can be had in black or silver.


HP intros pro-minded Compaq 8200 all-in-one PC

08/22, 11:50am

HP Compaq first all-in-one with 2nd-gen Core CPUs

HP on Monday announced a new all-in-one desktop has joined its lineup. The Compaq 8200 Elite is the first of the company's enterprise desktops to offer Intel's Sandy Bridge-era Core processors with vPro technology for remote IT management. It centers on a 23-inch LED-lit display with an integrated webcam, microphone and speakers.


AMD adds budget, triple-core A6-3500 to Fusion chip family

08/17, 5:25pm

AMD A6-3500 costs just 95

AMD has added a new desktop processor to its A-Series Fusion processors. The A6-3500 runs three 2.1GHz cores along with a 444MHz Radeon HD 6530D for integrated graphics still fast enough to handle 1080p video and some games. Turbo technology bumps the speed of the main cores up to 2.4 GHz.


Dell adds Vostro V131 with Sandy Bridge, 9.5-hour battery

08/11, 1:20pm

Options for 4G LTE and WiMAX

Dell has launched a new Vostro notebook, the Vostro V131. The V131 uses second generation Core i3 and i5 CPUs with integrated graphics, and a 13.3-inch anti-glare 1366 x 768 HD LED display. It has a chiclet keyboard with with three programmable quick launch keys and optional backlight. The V131 also has a full HD camera, digital array mics and built-in Skype for teleconferencing. The chassis is 13 inches wide by 9.4 inches deep and inclines slightly, from 0.63in. at the front to 0.83in. at the rear.


Review: 2011 13-inch MacBook Air

07/24, 7:10pm

We review the greatly sped up 13-inch MacBook Air

The redesigned MacBook Air in October 2010 sparked a minor revolution in notebooks; after years of ultraportables (even Apple's) being relegated to the margins, they were suddenly the future of computing. Intel went so far as to coin a new notebook concept, the "ultrabook," to spur Windows PC builders to do what Apple was doing. But with stiff competition emerging from Samsung, Sony, and even ASUS, Apple has had to step up its game with a much faster processor and Thunderbolt for desktop-level external storage. We'll see in our review of the 2011 13-inch MacBook Air if it's enough to keep the lead -- and possibly to replace traditional notebooks.


MacBook Air (13-inch) 2011 hands-on and early speed tests

07/23, 7:55pm

MacBook Air 2011 gets our first look

We're just receiving our 2011, 13-inch MacBook Air systems and giving them our first dry run ahead of a review expected within the next few days. If you've seen our 2010 Air review, you'll know something of what to expect from the initial unpacking: it's the same extra-slim design, only with a Thunderbolt logo and a much, much appreciated backlit keyboard. Lion on a brand new Mac is as simple as ever to set up; if you're starting from scratch, you can be online in a few minutes.


New MacBook Air to revive backlit keyboards, show next week

07/12, 7:35am

MacBook Air should return backlit keyboard

The upcoming launch of new MacBook Airs should restore one of the more glaring omissions from the current generation, sources explained Tuesday. Backlit keyboards, which were present in the original versions of the Air but were pulled with the redesign, should make their return in the upcoming versions. Despite hopes for a launch this week, AppleInsider heard from its contacts that the release would be sometime next week.


Gateway ID, NV update with AMD Fusion and Sandy Bridge

07/07, 10:40am

14-in. models have edge to edge displays

Gateway has launched its new ID- and NV- series notebook computers. The new notebooks all feature USB 3.0, HDMI ports, and WiFi 802.11n. They have Windows 7 preloaded. The ID47 series uses an 14-inch, edge-to-edge panel where one might expect a 13.3-inch screen, and higher-end models also sport NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching. The new ID-series models use Intel Sandy Bridge processors, while the 15.6-inch NV55S05u uses an AMD Fusion processor.


New MacBook Air may use ultra-fast Toggle DDR 2-based SSD

07/04, 9:55am

MacBook Air rumored going Toggle DDR 2 for storage

Apple may push the MacBook Air's storage even further with its update by using a relatively new technology from Samsung. A part supplier source says Toggle DDR 2.0 flash is expected to be even faster than the upgraded SSDs used now and would peak at 400MBps. The Macotakara tip had it using brand new 19 nanometer memory to fit more in a given space and might even be built into the mainboard, not just on an add-in mSATA card.


New MacBook Air narrowed to mid-July

06/29, 8:05am

MacBook Air 2011 to be identical on outside

More leaks Wednesday have narrowed down the release schedule for new MacBook Air systems. The ultraportables are now expected to ship in mid-July and possibly on July 14. An extra 9to5 tip emphasized that the systems would be virtually identical in external design outside of the switch from Mini DisplayPort to Thunderbolt.


Best Buy halts online MacBook Air orders pre-update

06/26, 10:10pm

Best Buy no longer shipping MacBook Air via web

Best Buy gave one of the clearest signs yet on Sunday of a new MacBook Air about to launch. The retailer's listings for current-generation models now show all of them as "not available for shipping." Physical stores are still carrying the ultraportables, but the move may be just to consolidate supply where it's most needed.


Leak: lntel Ivy Bridge moved to March 2012 due to iPad

06/20, 11:05pm

Ivy Bridge delay to March 2012 owed to tablets

Intel's decision to move its Ivy Bridge platform to March 2012 was supported by a rumor late Monday that suggested the iPad may have played a role. It was to have started production in November this year but moved it to March or later in the wake of not just the 6 series chipset bug but notebook PC sales slumps owing to the iPad and other tablets, Digitimes said. The combination reportedly led Intel to "slow down its pace and re-organize its lineup" with the four-month span.


Intel ships ULV Sandy Bridge chips ideal for MacBook Air

06/20, 7:30pm

Intel delivers new ULV Core i5 and i7 chips

Intel has quietly begun shipping the faster ultra-low voltage processors in the Sandy Bridge family that may be destined for Apple. The 1.7GHz Core i5 2557M, the similarly clocked Core i7 2637M, and the 1.8GHz Core i7 2677M should all be reaching notebook manufacturers. The lone i5 carries 3MB of cache and will Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz, while the i7s have 4MB of cache and will turbo to 2.8GHz and 2.9GHz respectively.


Mac Pro may get special processor, Mac mini price may drop

06/20, 6:00pm

Mac Pro, Mac mini, AirPort rumors detailed

An unusual plethora of rumors Monday night provided possible details of the new Mac Pro and other near-term Apple updates. The pro tower will supposedly get a "unique CPU" along with its more rackmountable case. What that would entail wasn't said by MICGadget's purported informants, though it's more likely to involve early access to the Xeon E5 due this fall than a genuinely rare processor.


New MacBook Air may drop to $899, black cast in doubt

06/20, 5:05pm

MacBook Air may cost less but stay silver

More follow-ups have surfaced surrounding the upcoming MacBook Air. One anonymous source corroborated most of the earlier details but would have the price cut down to $899. Details weren't narrowed down by 9to5, though SSD costs if so would likely rule out more than the existing 64GB drive at that price.


New MacBook Air rumored going black aluminum

06/20, 2:20pm

MacBook Air may get black aluminum option

Various rumors Monday have raised the prospect of the new MacBook Air getting a rare black option. The tips are unconfirmed but would have it as an alternative to the regular silver hue. One MacRumors contact alleged that it might be reserved for the high-end Air, much as the black plastic MacBook was limited to a lone configuration.


Tip has new Mac minis, Mac Pros in late July or early August

06/19, 1:50pm

Mac mini and Mac Pro may get Sandy Bridge in month

Sources told Brian Tong Sunday afternoon that new Mac minis and redesigned Mac Pros should arrive either in late July or early August. The historically accurate CNET staffer was given only a few details but was told they would use both Sandy Bridge-era Intel processors and Thunderbolt ports. August was more likely for the two, he heard, and both would appropriately come preloaded with Lion.


Acer Predator G5910 gaming desktop launches in UK

06/17, 2:10pm

Uses Intel P67 chipset and LGA-1155 CPUs

Acer has launched a new desktop targeting gaming enthusiasts in the UK. The Predator G5910 incorporates the Intel P67 chipset and supports Core i5 and i7 Sandy Bridge CPUs in a new design. The PC also supports two hot swap hard drive bays.


Sony refreshes VAIO C, E notebooks with Sandy Bridge, Fusion

06/15, 11:15am

Sony VAIO C and E get spring 2011 remakes

Sony on Wednesday morning reworked the VAIO C and E for the summer. The 14-inch EG, 15.5-inch EH, and 17.3-inch EJ are the more radical breaks with new patterns and fingerprint-resistant shells. Buyers still have the pick of more recent Sandy Bridge-era Core i3 and i5 processors but can pick an AMD Fusion-based 1.6GHz E-350 in the EH to keep the price down but still get HD-capable video.


Suppliers put new MacBook Air in late June, made by Quanta

06/14, 7:40am

MacBook Air Sandy Bridge narrowed to late June

An industry supplier leak on Tuesday narrowed down the launch of the new MacBook Air to late June. Taiwan's Economic Daily News backed up word of there being 380,000 units shipping in the first wave, 90 percent of which would be made by Quanta. Total production for the month would hit 460,000 units.


Acer TimelineX ultraportables get US revamp, start at $599

06/07, 1:25am

Acer TimelineX 2011 redesign hits US shores

Acer early this morning brought its 2011 TimelineX redesign to the US. The newer versions keep the minimalist, lightweight designs from other countries as well as their upgrades to Sandy Bridge-era, low-power Core i3 and i5 chips, although the Core i7 is absent. Higher-end and mostly larger systems come with either GeForce GT 520M or 540M dedicated video to push gaming while keeping battery life intact using Optimus switching, at up to eight hours when the faster video is in place.


Sony VAIO Z21 ultralight shows early in Europe with 3D out

06/05, 5:00pm

Sony VAIO Z21 revealed in store listings

Four store listings at Italian online shop F2F (one, two, three, four) have slipped out Sony's plans for an upgraded VAIO Z in Europe. All of them will use Sandy Bridge-era Core processors, very fast SSD storage, fingerprint readers, and built-in 3G. The HDMI has been upgraded to put out 3D video, and the webcam has been given a lift to use the low-light Exmor sensor technology from other camera-equipped Sony gear.



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