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Topic: Safari

Google Chrome to emulate Apple's Safari ad-tracking privacy ethos

03/03/2021, 10:03 am

Future versions of Google Chrome will stop supporting ad-tracking cookies, and instead, the company will implement privacy features in the browser similar to Apple's iOS 14 plans.


Chrome is still a memory hog on macOS compared to Safari

02/20/2021, 07:02 pm

Long been derided as a resource-consuming web browser, a recent test by a developer reveals Google Chrome to use multiple times the memory of Apple's Safari in macOS.


WebM video support has been added in macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 2

02/18/2021, 02:02 pm

After over a decade of availability, Apple has finally added support for Google's WebM video codec in Safari on macOS Big Sur 11.3.


Microsoft testing browser-based xCloud game streaming

02/15/2021, 08:02 am

Microsoft is working to bring its xCloud game-streaming service to iOS, and is testing a version that works entirely within a web browser.


Apple's iOS 14.5 redirects Google Safe Browsing traffic to protect privacy

02/11/2021, 06:02 am

Apple has confirmed that the new beta release of iOS 14 passes Google Safe Browsing requests through Apple's own servers to prevent user data being returned to Google.


How to clear search history on Safari on iPhone or Mac

01/08/2021, 11:01 am

You can remove your entire Safari browsing history, just yesterday's, or if you know exactly where to look, even one single item, too. Here's what you can do, where you can do it, and how.


Apple, other browser makers block certificate used for surveillance in Kazakhstan

12/18/2020, 05:12 pm

A number of browser makers, including Apple, have banned a root certificate that was being used by the Kazakhstan government to spy on its citizens.


How to block an email sender on macOS Big Sur and iOS 14

12/04/2020, 08:12 am

It's not obvious how to stop emails you don't want, but Apple Mail on iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur does let you block individual senders. Here's how to do it -- and what to do when it fails to work.


How to use Safari's new Privacy Report in macOS Big Sur

11/20/2020, 01:11 pm

There are few options in Apple's new Privacy Report feature in Safari on macOS Big Sur, but there is a lot of detail that can help you feel secure browsing.


How to use Safari's improved extensions in macOS Big Sur

11/20/2020, 09:11 am

Safari's extensions have not changed a great deal, but macOS Big Sur has made finding new ones easier -- and enables developers to bring even more.


Google Stadia will come to mobile Safari with official support in coming weeks

11/19/2020, 01:11 pm

More than a year after launch, Google Stadia will come to iPhone and iPad by way of a web app built for mobile Safari.


Nvidia GeForce Now launches on iOS & iPadOS Safari browser

11/19/2020, 09:11 am

Game streaming service Nvidia GeForce Now is coming to iPhone and iPad Safari with gamepad support and access to the world's most popular games.


How to use the new Safari Tabs in macOS 11 Big Sur

11/19/2020, 08:11 am

Apple has improved Safari in with a small but very useful change to how you work with tabs. Here's what's new, what's better, and all you can do with Safari tabs in macOS Big Sur.


How to use the new Safari Start Page in macOS 11 Big Sur

11/18/2020, 07:11 am

It's the smallest difference in macOS Big Sur, but Safari's new start page may be the improvement you see all the time -- and that you can customize the most.


How to use Safari Translation in macOS 11 Big Sur

11/16/2020, 12:11 pm

It has limitations, and it doesn't always work, but the new website translation feature in macOS Big Sur Safari is superb. Here's how to use it.


Safari translations in iOS 14 rolling out to more countries

11/05/2020, 07:11 pm

Apple is reportedly expanding access to a new iOS 14 feature that enables users to translate webpages in Safari.


DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google's search business

10/20/2020, 08:10 am

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, accusing the tech giant of abusing its position to become a "gatekeeper" to the Internet by working to ensure its search service is used instead of its competitors.


Apple releases macOS Mojave Supplemental Update, Safari 14 with bug fixes

10/02/2020, 05:10 pm

Apple on Friday released a macOS Mojave Supplemental Update with fixes for bugs introduced by a prior security update, as well as a re-release of Safari 14 for the operating system.


Apple pulls buggy macOS Mojave Security Update, Safari 14

10/01/2020, 04:10 pm

Apple appears to have pulled the latest macOS Mojave Security Update, as well as the Safari 14 download for macOS Mojave, after users ran into a slew of problems.


Mac with T2 Security Chip required to play 4K Netflix streams in macOS Big Sur

09/30/2020, 07:09 pm

Those looking forward to streaming Netflix content in 4K HDR with the upcoming macOS Big Sur operating system will need a Mac with Apple's T2 Security Chip, limiting the feature to recently released hardware.