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Briefly: Geeksphone Revolution update, Atari 2600 cartridges excavated

04/28, 7:56am

Geeksphone cuts price of Revolution, updates to Android KitKat

The Geeksphone Revolution is receiving a software update, with the company adding Android 4.4 and CyanogenMod 11 to the dual-booting device in the coming days, and Firefox OS 2.0 set to be added in the future. The Revolution has also received a price drop to 199 euros ($275) from May 1st, with the mobile device also becoming available more widely in Europe through Amazon.


Geeksphone Revolution ships February 20 in Spain with dual-boot OS

02/11, 11:26am

Revolution boots to Android, Firefox OS, early-bird sale touted

Geeksphone will be launching its dual-booting smartphone in Spain on February 20th, the company has revealed. The Geeksphone Revolution, a smartphone the company teased earlier this year, will be able to switch between Android and Firefox OS, something the company has plenty of experience with through its existing Peak+, Peak, and Keon devices.


Geeksphone Revolution leaked with Firefox OS, Android dual-booting

01/16, 5:16am

Photographs of dual-boot Geeksphone smartphone leak

Geeksphone will supplement its Firefox OS and privacy-oriented devices with a dual-booting smartphone, according to a new rumor and leaked photographs. The Geeksphone Revolution is said to allow the user to choose between Firefox OS and Android at boot, and though its specifications have yet to leak, it appears to be taking cues from the Peak+, rather than the original Peak and Keon smartphones.


Nintendo rumored mulling a Wii U name change

01/27, 12:50pm

Wii U may launch under a different name: source

Nintendo is reportedly considering changing the name of its upcoming game console, the Wii U. The reason for this internal mulling, CVG heard, is supposedly due to the confusion with the 3D and 3DS, which Nintendo found to be too similar in the public eye. It supposedly fears the same would happen with the Wii U and its existing Wii.


Verizon may drop Droid 3, current 3G/4G hotspots this month

01/01, 11:55pm

Verizon may drop many phones, hotspots in January

Verizon may be on the edge of replacing a large swath of its device line if a rumor floated on New Year's Day is an indicator. Among other withdrawals, a lone source for The Verge had Verizon stopping shipments of the Motorola Droid 3 in January. The exit would likely be in prep for the delayed Droid 4 launch the following month.


Verizon to get red Droid Incredible 2, $200 Xoom, more

11/22, 11:25am

Verizon outlines Thanksgiving device deals

Verizon Wireless has just brought out holiday pricing and a number of new devices in time for Thanksgiving and the Black Friday holiday rish. It will get a new, red HTC Droid Incredible 2 and offer Motorola's 4G LTE-equipped Motorola Xoom tablet for $200 on contract. Both will be available online on November 24, 25, and 28, and in-store on November 25 only. The phone will be free with a new two-year contract, but only after a $50 mail-in rebate. The Xoom LTE will require a two-year contract with at least a $30 monthly plan for 2GB of data.


LG Spectrum pops in Verizon system, may not be Revolution 2

11/01, 5:05pm

LG Spectrum carries LTE but stays mysterious

LG's sighting in Verizon's internal system has shown Droid-Life a device called the Spectrum. Not much is known about it from Verizon's own details other than its inclusion of 4G on LTE.


LG Revolution gets Android 2.3

10/28, 3:25pm

Verizon pushes out Revolution Android 2.3 update

Verizon Wireless is now pushing out the Android 2.3 update for the LG Revolution. The over-the-air update is available both automatically in the next few days or by checking manually. All handsets should get the 87.8MB update by November 2.


LG Optimus LTE arrives with 720p screen and dual-core

10/04, 7:40am

LG Optimus LTE launches first in Korea

LG quickly confirmed leaks by launching the Optimus LTE as its new flagship. Apart from its 4G, the phone's focus is on its display: the 4.5-inch, 720p (1280x720) output matches that of the Galaxy S II LTE but uses an IPS-based LCD instead of AMOLED. LG claims better color accuracy and sharpness.


LG Revolution 2 shows up at FCC

08/29, 5:20pm

LG Revolution 2 shows at FCC, nears production

A handset being called the LG VS920 has shown up undergoing testing at the FCC. The handset is expected to be the successor to the LG Revolution, also known as the VS910. The new handset has also been seen in a Verizon roadmap.


HTC Vigor may be first Beats phone

08/11, 3:10pm

HTC Vigor spec leak make it first Beats phone

The upcoming HTC Vigor will be the first to sport Beats technology in phones, Droid-Life learned from its sources. The Beats by Dr. Dre device should be identified as such by a logo that appears during the boot-up sequence. Otherwise, the source claims the device will indeed sport a 4.3-inch touchscreen with a very high 1280x720 resolution and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor.


Verizon leak shows HTC Vigor, new LG Revolution

08/01, 8:25pm

Document points to forthcoming devices

HTC's rumored Vigor handset has appeared in yet another leak alongside several other upcoming handsets expected from Verizon. A screenshot posted by Droid-Life is claimed to show a memo related to minimum advertised pricing (MAP) for the Vigor, which is said to use the model number ADR 6425.


Verizon iPhone activations up to 2.3m, CEO steps down

07/22, 9:05am

Verizon sees more iPhone demand in spring

Verizon on Friday revealed that iPhone demand was actually up in spring despite a full push from Android. The carrier activated 2.3 million iPhone 4s in spring, up from 2.2 million in winter. The company added 2.2 million total cellphone customers, including 1.3 million of the retail subscribers core to the iPhone and 3G iPads; Apple's support meant Verizon had the best subscriber growth in 2.5 years.


LG Revolution finally dated, ships May 26 with Netflix

05/25, 9:10am

LG Revolution gets official release date and price

Verizon ended one of the longer waits for its 4G smartphones by committing to a launch date for the LG Revolution. True to leaks, the Android LTE phone will ship May 26 for $250. The production version will also be the first phone to ship with Netflix for Android preloaded for movie viewing.


Verizon to lean on Wi-Fi, sees 4G-only phones by 2013

05/20, 1:10pm

Verizon Wi-Fi to offset 3G, 4G in public areas

Verizon CTO Tony Melone in a speech at the TIA conference said Verizon would be using Wi-Fi to help offset heavy cellular demand. He was adamant that it wouldn't "cover up flaws and capacity limitations," a slam against AT&T's public hotspots often going up in areas where its 3G network is poor, but admitted it would be used to bolster performance. Rollouts would primarily center around homes using routers as well as at stadiums, where even the best networks can struggle coping with tens of thousands of simultaneous users in a small area.


Finished LG Revolution confirmed by first photos

05/17, 11:00pm

LG Revolution finished version seen live

Verizon's production-grade LG Revolution has been spotted on Tuesday and confirmed early details. The finished version sheds the silver we tried at CES for a matte black. Where the January version was running plain Android, the complete version seen by Droid-Life ships with the same custom interface as most of LG's other newer smartphones, like the Optimus Black.


Leak has LG Revolution shipping May 26 in all-black

05/17, 3:45pm

Leak shows LG Revolution due on May 26

A new leak shows LG's Revolution smartphone is due to arrive on May 26 at Verizon, making it the third 4G LTE-capable device at the carrier. That same Thursday should also see the launch of the Droid X2 and Xperia Play. The images below brought to us by Droid-Life also show some changes compared to the version of the handset seen last.


HTC Trophy for Verizon press photos leak out

05/10, 9:10am

Verizon HTC Trophy seen in first press images

Verizon's edition of the HTC Trophy has popped up in leaked press photos for the first time. The shots confirm its cosmetic similarity as well as the apps Verizon plans to preload, including Slacker Radio and My Verizon Mobile. PocketNow got little new information, though the official shots virtually confirm the Windows Phone 7 hardware is getting close.


Verizon may blitz May 12 with Droid X 2, LG Revolution, more

05/03, 9:50pm

Leak puts Droid X 2 and LG Revolution on May 12

Verizon could make May 12 one of the biggest phone launches in the carrier's non-iPhone history after a scoop showed three major phones all arriving at the same time. The Droid X 2, LG Revolution, and HTC Trophy have all reportedly been scheduled for the same date. Droid-Life's source was also told that last minute prep was under way as the original Droid X was being cleared out.


Verizon guide still shows BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC Trophy

05/01, 6:00pm

Verizon guide details Trophy and PlayBook

A publicly posted online guide from Verizon has shown at least two devices talked about for its network but so far never confirmed or even put into doubt. The BlackBerry PlayBook has shown up in its Wi-Fi form with a "coming soon" badge. Its mention is unusual given Verizon's sudden indecisiveness on the tablet in April even after RIM promised a Verizon model in March.


Verizon sheet proves LG Revolution getting Netflix

04/29, 4:30pm

LG Revolution gets Netflix in Verizon sheet

Beliefs that the LG Revolution will get Netflix were validated late Thursday after a Verizon guide gave away the plans. Along with showing just-shipping phones, it mentioned the Revolution would have "high-quality video streaming by Netflix" as a core feature. The Android Central forum poster's example omitted the date and price save for a "coming soon" promise, but it's already been narrowed through leaks to a May release for $250.


IDC: Apple past ZTE to be 4th-largest phone maker worldwide

04/29, 10:30am

IDC says iPhone passes ZTE for market share in Q1

IDC in a roundup of final phone market share saw Apple move faster than its rivals. Its 18.65 million iPhones shipped in the winter nearly doubled its market share form year to year to give it five percent of the total cellphone market. The growth was enough to push it past ZTE, which even with fast growth from low-end Android phones in China was overtaken at 15.1 million phones and 4.1 percent share.


Pricing outed for Droid Charge, Droid X 2, LG Revolution

04/14, 3:25pm

Prices for upcoming Verizon smartphones leaked

A newly leaked pricing sheet for a few upcoming smartphones at provider Verizon has shown up thanks to PhoneArena. Dates are also revealed, though they are the prices' effective dates and not release dates for the handsets. The sheet revealed that the 4G-capable Samsung Droid Charge will cost $300, for which buyers will get a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, a 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, and an eight-megapixel rear camera capable of recording 1080p video.


LG Revolution reaching testers

04/13, 12:30pm

LG Revolution nears launch as it ships to testers

The LG Revolution that showed up at CES is said to now be arriving for testing, indicating the release is close. A slip from AndroidCentral is believed to be welcome news to those who want to access Verizon's 4G data network on an alternative HTC Thunderbolt.


Fulton's Qi power backs, light-up boxes [hands-on]

03/24, 2:15pm

Fulton Qi power tech hands-on at CTIA

Fulton Innovation had a surprisingly deep presence at the just-wrapping CTIA show this week and showed off some new technology using the universal Qi wireless power standard. This included not just LG's new wireless charging station but a rumored similar back for the Thunderbolt. Read on for a first-hand look as well as a check on Fulton's unique light-up, Qi-powered product boxes.



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