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Hands On: Reeder 3.0 (iOS)

11/30, 9:06am

We think you should just go buy it. We'll wait for you to come back.

Sometimes you long for an app to be updated because it's got something wrong with it. Just occasionally, though, you long for it to be updated because you really like it, you spend hours using it and you want to see what the developer does next. That's the case for us with Reeder 3.0, the latest iOS version of the newsreading app.


Hands On: Reeder 3.0 (OS X)

10/02, 5:17pm

The newsreader to beat did just get better

Depending where you are in the world, iOS 9 may have just brought you Apple News: an app that gathers articles from your preferred news sources, and pops them into one handy app. It's good, we like it, and we like it so much that MacNN has been part of it since day one -- but it isn't for people who read hundreds of articles or thousands of words a day: Reeder 3.0 is. Actually, Reeder 2.0 was too, and even back in the Stone Age of Reeder 1.0, it was the newsreading app to beat.


Hands On: Wear Reader 1.1.0 (Apple Watch)

05/06, 8:06am

Read books on your Apple Watch, if necessary

You're going to end up reading more on your Apple Watch than you imagine. Yes, you're just supposed to glance at it to see who's sent that new email but, come on: you'll scroll through reading it all. The screen is more than good enough that you can do this, and you simply will. What you may resist more is the notion of reading an entire book this way. That's what Wear Reader wants you to do: one quick word at a time.


Hands On: Rapid Reader (iOS)

03/02, 11:26am

Speed-reading app promises to help users read internet content at up to 1200 words per minute

The human brain is an incredible organ. It's said that every human brain contains something comparable to 2.5 petrabytes (or about 2.5 million gigabytes) worth of "space" for knowledge and memories. That equals somewhere just over 300 million hours worth of video, which we find phenomenally impressive. What better way to start filling up that storage than with a little light reading? What if you could do a lot of light reading -- to the tune of 600 words a minute or more? That's why we checked out Rapid Reader by Wasdesign, an app that helps you speed read all of your favorite content on the Internet.


Amazon quietly increases storage in new Kindle Paperwhite model

08/17, 3:15pm

Listing added for new version, reportedly increased memory from 2 to 4 GB

It appears that Amazon recently began directing consumers looking for a Kindle Paperwhite to a new version of the popular e-reader. The listing modification had occurred with what appeared to be no changes in the e-reader. As it turns out, a minor change did take place in the amount of storage that is included in the unit.


Amazon begins taking preorders for new Paperwhite, shipping Sept 30

09/03, 2:29pm

Reader offers new display, faster processor

Amazon has formally introduced its new Paperwhite e-book reader, after the device was listed and quickly pulled from the company's inventory earlier today. Customers can place preorders for the basic model, which costs $119 with a September 30 shipping estimate, while the 3G edition jumps to $189 with expected availability in early November.


Briefly: Digg app reaches Android, Three removes roaming charges

08/30, 10:41am

Digg releases app on Android with Digg top stories, Digg Reader intact

Digg has launched the Android version of its mobile app on Google Play, following a successful launch on iOS. The new app brings with it the Digg Top Stories curated newsfeed, as well as the ability to Digg and share stores through social networks and other apps. Digg Reader, the RSS reader built to replace Google Reader, also makes an appearance in the app.


Briefly: Vanity Fair launches for iPhone, Adobe Reader app updated

08/08, 5:39pm

First magazine to release app with time-ordered table of contents

Vanity Fair has announced its launch of an iPhone app for its digital magazine subscription. Already implemented for iPad, Vanity Fair is the first publication to sort its mobile app's content by reading time. Users can now choose content to read based on length, and can select from "short", "medium", and "long" categories. Other sections include the "everything else" section, which comprises of miscellaneous short segments regularly featured in the magazine. Users can download the app from iTunes and access sample content for free. Subscriptions to Vogue's online publication are priced at $5 for individual issues, or $20 per year. Users who sign up for a one-year subscription are currently entitled to a 30-day free trial.


Briefly: Digg adds RSS reader to iOS app, Reeder development plans

06/28, 11:47am

RSS functionality comes to Digg iOS app

Digg has updated its iOS app, bringing the promised integration of its Google Reader replacement to the iPhone and iPad. Digg first announced that it would be adding an RSS reader to its app a month ago, promising similar functionality to Google Reader along with an API. The app also includes a Google Reader import feature that can automatically import all of a user's feeds and folders directly into the Digg app. Digg is a free download in the App Store and offers support for both the iPhone and iPad.


Sony trials 13.3-inch e-ink reader, stylus in Japanese universities

05/13, 7:51am

Aims to replace paper with touchscreen e-ink display for note taking

Sony has been working on a device for using e-ink as digital paper in an educational setting. Aimed at universities as a replacement for pen and paper-based notetaking by students, the prototype is a 13.3-inch, 1200x1600-resolution, 16-level gray scale e-ink display-as-tablet with touchscreen capabilities, as well as stylus input for drawing and writing.


Digg team to build Google Reader replacement, remake API

03/15, 7:43am

Pulls existing Reader plans for later in the year forward

Social news website Digg is intending to build its own RSS reader and API, following Google's announcement that it is shutting Google Reader down. The company will be moving plans to create its own online RSS feed reader forward, starting to build it now instead of in the second half of this year, and has asked for suggestions for potential features from existing Digg readers.


Sony launches web-based Reader store, updates Android app

06/06, 11:50am

Sony ebook store is now web-based while Android app gets detail update

Sony has just launched a web-based ebook store for its Reader e-book devices. It's accessible from any comptuers and web browser, giving users access to their Reader Store accounts. At the same time, Sony updated its Reader by Sony Android app (free, Google Play), which launched in January.


Adobe Reader desktop, iOS, Android get signature support

04/10, 2:20pm

Adobe Reader now takes digital signatures

Users of Adobe's free Reader apps got a major upgrade Tuesday through the ability to digitally sign PDF files. Both the desktop Reader X, as well as mobile apps for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play), can now sign either by hand-drawing or typing. Mobile users also now get much-requested support for filling out forms as well as annotating or commenting on documents.


Trick gives Sony Reader PRS-T1 fast refresh

01/16, 5:15pm

Sony PRS-T1 shown to enter partial refresh mode

Sony's Android-powered PRS-T1 e-reader has been found to enable a fast refresh rate, which makes the screen behave more like a touchscreen rather than a slowly refreshing e-paper screen. The eBook Reader's Nathan found a way to enter the device into a semi-permanent partial page refresh state, which makes scrolling through non-Sony apps like the Dropbox app and root explorer much easier. It's said to make Android apps work more fluidly as well.


Giveaway: Sony e-Reader

12/20, 9:15pm

Win a Sony e-Reader

For the holidays, MacNN is giving away one Sony e-Reader to one lucky winner. We know you've been busy shopping for everyone else, so now it's time to reward yourself. Read more to find out how you can win.


Sony Reader Wi-Fi drops permanently to $130

12/03, 2:00am

Sony Reader Wi-Fi price lower to fight with Kindle

Sony has quietly dropped the price of the Reader Wi-Fi to $130. The $20 drop came less than two months after the e-reader went on sale in mid-October. The Starter and Travel bundles keep their earlier $205 prices.


Adobe brings Reader to iPhone, iPad

10/17, 3:15pm

Extends beyond native PDF viewing functions

Adobe has released the first iOS version of Reader, its dedicated PDF viewer. While iOS can already open PDF files, Reader supports some additional features, such as the ability to load portfolios, packages, annotations and drawing markups. Users can open documents protected by passwords or Adobe LiveCycle, and launch files in other apps using an "Open In" command. Likewise, Reader becomes an option in any other iOS title that supports Open In.


Sony makes Reader Wi-Fi official with smartphone styling

08/31, 10:30am

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1 takes Xperia influence

Sony on Wednesday confirmed a long-expected update to its Reader e-book hardware. The Reader Wi-Fi, or PRS-T1, borrows much of its influence from the Xperia smartphone line, down to an 0.35-inch thickness and a lighter six-ounce weight dictated by a switch from aluminum to plastic. The design runs on a much newer, E Ink-made six-inch Pearl screen and now supports multi-touch for zoom as well as page turns through swipes.


New Sony Reader hits Dutch site early, shows Xperia cues

08/27, 6:05pm

Sony Reader PRS-T1 surfaces early

Sony's plans for a new Reader were prematurely confirmed Saturday after Dutch retailer bol posted a listing for the PRS-T1. The look shows a device with a six-inch E Ink Pearl screen and a look deliberately patterned after Sony Ericsson smartphones like the Xperia Play. The touchscreen is being upgraded to support multi-touch and would support pinch-to-zoom.


Sony S2 to become Tablet P, carry 4G and low price

08/26, 11:00pm

Sony S2 clamshell becomes Tablet P with new info

Sony's second tablet, the S2, was given some last-minute details Friday in a leak. The Android 3.1 clamshell is now known as the Tablet P, a direct tie back to the VAIO P it effectively replaces, and will support 4G along with Wi-FI. Whether that's LTE or pseudo-4G like AT&T's HSPA+ wasn't gleaned by Engadget tipsters.


Microsoft drops Reader after Amazon, Apple take over

08/15, 4:10pm

Microsoft Reader to shutter August 30 2012

Microsoft on Monday quietly said it would end its Reader app within a year. Stores carrying the LIT format will pull the format on November 8 of this year, while the app would no longer be available to download after August 30, 2012. The app and any downloaded books will continue to work after the cutoff point.


Sony touchscreen Reader with Wi-Fi reaches FCC

07/28, 11:35am

New Sony reader with Wi-Fi spotted at FCC

A new Sony e-book reader, the PRS-T1, has just appeared at the FCC. The documents reveal the device has an 802.11n Wi-Fi radio onboard, and the model number, specifically the T, hints the device will get a touchscreen, though this isn't guaranteed. The listing hints that the device may be out soon.


Sony bringing new Reader to US in August to undercut tablets

07/14, 9:40am

Sony hints Reader upgrades for August

Sony's digital reading VP Phil Lubell revealed late Wednesday that his company will have new Readers most likely shipping in August. He was silent on additions but promised Bloomberg there would be "hardware and software improvements." The plans were underway in spite of the e-reading as the devices still cost less than tablets, according to the executive.


Nook beats Kindle for first time in Consumer Reports ranks

06/17, 6:15pm

Nook touch trumps Kindle in Consumer Reports

Barnes & Noble scored a symbolic win on Friday as the new touchscreen Nook topped the Amazon Kindle in Consumer Reports' new e-reader ratings [sub. required]. The new Nook reached 78 points to the Kindle 3G's 77 owing to the simpler, much more focused design. Many features were equal, and the Nook just edge Amazon's reader in format support.


Panasonic, Sony, Rakuten team on e-books to fight US rivals

06/13, 3:15pm

Panasonic, Sony part of e-book alliance

Panasonic and Sony, as well as online shop operator Rakuten, agreed on Monday to work together on interoperable e-books. The step would see a joint system that would let e-books work across their devices as well as share a common platform for their stores. As portrayed by Nikkei, the common service would help keep track of e-book collections and have a web storefront.


Amazon to ship ad-backed Kindle for $114 to fight Nook, iPad

04/11, 6:20pm

Amazon plans ad-sponsored Kindle for 114

Amazon up-ended the e-reader market on Monday with word of an ad-sponsored version of the Kindle. Called just the Kindle with Special Offers, it will have ads both on the bottom of the home page and on its idle screens. The new reader would drop the price by $25 over a Wi-Fi version and should ship both online and through Best Buy and Target on May 3.


Kindle, Netflix updates go through despite iOS rules

03/15, 6:25pm

Kindle and Netflix clear iOS rules

Apple showed possible leniency on its in-app subscription and in-app purchase rules on Tuesday by allowing through new versions of the Amazon Kindle (free, App Store) and Netflix (free, App Store) iPhone and iPad apps. Despite Apple's rules banning links to outside purchasing systems and requiring the official iTunes in-app system when an outside one exists, the Kindle 2.6.1 app still takes users to the web-based Kindle Store. Netflix' 1.2 update also still hsa its existing set and lets users subscribe to the service on the web without also having an iTunes option.


IDC: iPad had 83% tablet share in 2010, to keep it in 2011

03/10, 11:20am

IDC says iPad had 83pc tablet share in 2010

Steve Jobs' claims of Apple having 90 percent of the tablet market in 2010 weren't far off, IDC found on Thursday. It gave the iPad 83 percent of the tablet market in 2010. Apple's share was down to 73 percent in the fall, but only because of the then-new Galaxy Tab carving out 17 percent during its initial run.


Sony finally entering tablets with 9.4in, Android 3.0 model

02/16, 9:45am

Sony S1 tablet to use Android 3, use Qriocity

A major leak on Wednesday has unearthed Sony's plans to finally join the mobile tablet space. So far only called the S1, the 9.4-inch tablet would run a customized version of Android 3.0. The device spotted by Engadget would be focused heavily on Sony's Qriocity media service and would come with games from the PS1 era likely using PlayStation Suite, the Bravia remote app and some form of PlayStation integration.


Sony Reader app hits Android Market

01/21, 5:05pm

Sony Reader for Android now ready

Posting somewhat behind schedule, Sony on Friday put up the Android version of its Reader app on Android Market. The app fits the pattern of other e-reader apps and lets readers buy, download and read ePub or PDF books. It will sync any downloads with Sony's other apps, such as the future iPhone version or with a Reader Daily Edition.


Barnes & Noble Nook servers crash again under Christmas load

12/29, 11:40am

Play the Grinch for second consecutive year

Servers for Barnes & Nobles' popular e-reader, the Nook, crashed on Christmas day. The most likely cause is heavy traffic from new customers. This is the second year in a row the Nook servers have crashed, despite clear indications that demand would be high. Sales of the Nook soared after cutting the price of the Nook Wi-Fi to $149 and Nook 3G to $199. The Nook Color, introduced late last month, has also been a success for the struggling bookseller.


Sony seeing Reader sellouts worldwide

12/18, 12:20pm

Sony Reader near dry worldwide

Sony in a pair of updates today said that its new Reader line was selling well enough that it was facing sellouts worldwide. The two higher end models, the Touch Edition and Daily Edition, are likely to run dry before Christmas. The company wouldn't give numbers but said to CNET it was selling in the "millions" much like Amazon's sales.


Sony demos 13-inch flexible e-paper

12/10, 5:40pm

Sony shows 13-inch flexible E Ink

Sony at a green technology expo has shown a 13-inch flexible e-paper display. The panel would use E Ink and, based on the demo, could show textbooks or other large publications. The company wouldn't tell Tech-On what resolution it used but suggested it could replace paper outright.


Sony returns to Japanese e-readers with iPad, Kindle looming

11/25, 2:00pm

Sony Reader returns to Japan despite iPad, Kindle

Sony Japan today said it would return to e-readers in Japan by launching the Reader in the country. The recently updated all-touch line will come to the country on December 10, starting at the equivalent of $239 for the five-inch Pocket Edition and moving to $299 for a six-inch Touch Edition. The 3G- and Wi-Fi-capable Daily Edition won't be part of the first round of models.


Sony puts Reader app for Android, iPhone in December

11/23, 7:25am

Sony Reader app due for Android and iOS next month

Sony in a teaser has provided some of the first details of its promised Android and iPhone apps. The mobile Reader app will give users a way to shop from Sony's e-book store, with featured titles getting book covers, and the book browser itself will initially be visual. Reading itself should be as full-featured as on current Reader hardware with bookmarks, highlights and notes.


Sony Reader Daily Edition now in SonyStyle stores, online

11/08, 4:10pm

Sony Reader Daily Edition now online, in stores

Sony has now made its Reader Daily Edition e-book reader available online and in Sony Style retail stores. The seven-inch device uses an e-paper touchscreen and gets Wi-Fi in addition to AT&T's 3G network access. Using either method, users can download e-books and magazines, while at the same time connect to Google, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and news sources.


iHome ships iB969 power station for iPad, more

11/02, 12:30pm

Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously

iHome has launched the iB969 Charging Station, a multi-device docking station and charger. The iB969G can sync one device with iTunes and charges up to four devices simultaneously. It includes dual iPhone/iPod docks and an integrated iPad stand. The iB969 also has a rubberized surface for placing other devices while they charge. The charger works with many popular electronic devices, including BlackBerry smartphones and the Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook.


PDF annotations in PDF Expert debut, added to GoodReader

10/04, 7:50pm

Annotations include text, drawing, highlighting

PDFs come into focus on the new update to GoodReader and the new Readdle App, PDF Expert for iPad. Good.iWare's GoodReader, available for both iPad and also iPhone -- as a separate app -- offers reading capabilities for PDFs, text files and Office and iWork files. It also focuses on reading extremely large PDF or text files, including those over 1GB in size.


Review: Third-generation Kindle

09/13, 3:35pm

New display, smaller form, longer battery life

As competition amongst e-book readers continues to heat up, Amazon has introduced the third iteration of its best-selling Kindle device. The revision offers a variety of refinements packed into a sleek housing. In our full review, we take a look at how the design tweaks stack up against the Kindle's peers and predecessors.


Amazon scores key deal to sell Kindle at Best Buy

09/09, 12:00pm

Amazon Kindle reaches Best Buy in fall

Amazon landed a major retail deal today that will let it sell the third-generation Kindle at Best Buy stores sometime in the fall. Both the Wi-Fi only and 3G versions will arrive at the same $139 and $189 prices as on Amazon's own pages. The costlier and larger DX isn't part of the plans.


Sony overhauls Readers with all-touch line, iOS/Android apps

09/01, 7:40am

Sony Reader refreshes to fight Amazon and Apple

Sony as expected today revamped its entire Reader lineup to hold on to its position in e-books. The five-inch Pocket Edition, six-inch Touch Edition and seven-inch Daily Edition all now use touchscreens and fix a common problem of glare with e-paper touchscreens: the new models have a single touch and display layer that should be easier to read without glare. They also use E Ink Pearl panels that update faster, produce a higher contrast and help extend the battery life.


Sony Reader Touch Edition marked as "discontinued"

08/23, 1:45pm

Retailer EOL hints at Sony Reader Touch update

Sony's plans for new Reader models were backed on Monday after well-known online retailer B&H posted that the Reader Touch Edition is now "discontinued." The label hints that Sony is near having cleared stock and ready to introduce new models. Other models might not yet be ready, as the 3G-aware Daily Edition is only listed as "temporarily out of stock" while the Pocket Edition is still in healthy supply.


New Sony Reader leak shows all-touch line, longer battery

08/20, 8:50am

Sony Reader 2010 to get much improved touchscreen

Sony's upcoming Reader overhaul has been leaked in a way that reveals a much improved display and a better lifespan. All of Sony's e-readers, including the Pocket Edition, will use touchscreens and, according to the marketing material Engadget obtained, should reduce the visibility problems that often plague touchscreen e-paper. Both the Pocket Edition and Touch Edition will use a new E Ink display which doesn't need an extra layer above the screen for touch, making for a look closer to paper.


Sony planning major Reader Pocket, Touch Edition upgrades

08/13, 10:35am

Sony Reader Pocket and Touch to get Wi-Fi, thinner

Sony is planning to step up its e-reader efforts today based on details from a new rumor. One of the most "trusted sources" for Sony Insider claimed both the Reader Pocket Edition and Touch Edition would get updates. Touch Edition upgrades would be the most dramatic; the new PRS-650 should add Wi-Fi and possibly 3G for the first time in a Sony device its size, while it and the Pocket Edition PRS-350 would be much more efficient and thinner; one could be less than 1cm (0.4 inches) thick.


Sony job post hints Android for future Readers, mobile apps

08/11, 6:20pm

Sony recruiting for books on Android devices

Sony may have slipped out plans for Android hardware and software through a job listing discovered on LinkedIn. The post for a Senior Staff Software Engineer focused on Android would have the programmer helping the Digital Reading group create "application software for digital reading and other consumer electronic devices." Specifics aren't mentioned, but the wording would allow both for a touchscreen Reader with Android as well as a stand-alone Android app.


Sony cuts Reader prices to fend off competition

07/05, 6:40pm

Sony follows Kindle, Nook with own cuts

Sony followed Amazon and Barnes & Noble into price cuts on its e-book readers. The Reader Daily Edition has seen the steepest cut, falling from $350 to $300. Both of the lower-end readers have also seen drops, as the Pocket Edition now matches the Nook Wi-Fi at $150 (down from $170) and the Touch Edition carries a slight premium at $170 versus its earlier $200.


Sony: e-books more popular than print in five years

06/03, 3:25pm

Sony sees digital reading inevitably taking over

E-books will be the dominant form of reading within five years, Sony's digital reading head Steve Haber predicted late Wednesday. He had estimated three years ago that it would take 10 years for e-readers to overtake print but now believes that was pessimistic and would take half as much time. Digital text has already passed a point of mainstream acceptance and can't help but get more important than paper, he said.


Amazon Kindle reaches all Target stores US-wide

06/02, 10:15am

Amazon Kindle to come to all Target stores soon

Amazon today said that the Kindle e-reader will be available at all Target retail stores starting June 6. The device has slowly been appearing at Target stores, but this will be an all-encompassing release and makes Target Amazon's full official retail partner. Thus far, Target has mostly been selling the Sony Reader, with prominent displays, accessories and book certificates.


Next Amazon Kindle thinner, lacks color or touch

05/29, 11:10am

Leak has new Kindle a cautious update

First details of the next-generation Kindle may have been given away in a rumor late Friday. A pair of sources claim it will be a safe update that will be thinner and carry a faster, higher-resolution E Ink display. It should ship in August but won't, however, have color or a touchscreen.


Sony Reader to finally reach Japan, other countries in 2010

05/27, 4:20pm

Sony to sell Reader in Japan, other new markets

Sony will bring its Reader to new countries later this year, including its home of Japan, the company announced on Thursday. While specific dates were not revealed, the devices will also arrive in China and Australia, along with Italy and Spain. Whether this expansion includes the 3G-connected Reader Daily Edition is not known.



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