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Briefly: New RapidWeaver themes, iPhone developer web portal

09/08, 8:55pm

Elixir launches new themes, Get Apps Done portal

In brief: Elixir has announced the immediate release of three new RapidWeaver themes along with three new bundle promotions. The Ultimate Bundle contains every theme available from Elixir at a price discounted by more than $250, while the Business and Blogger Bundles include eight themes each. Meanwhile, a new web portal has been launched with hopes of bringing companies and iPhone developers together. Get Apps Done provides a place where people with ideas for iPhone apps can come in search of a developer who can create the software.


CR3ATiV3 Ultimate theme boasts ExtraContent feature

05/24, 7:20pm

seyDesign ships new theme

seyDoggy has released its newest RapidWeaver website theme, CR3ATiV3 Ultimate. The theme aims to be more multifunctional than the basic RapidWeaver themes, through the incorporation of ExtraContent technology which allows usable content spaces to be extended beyond the regular limits. The system allows content, such as Twitter streams and images, to be placed outside the common parameters of a webpage.


Pipe Dream theme released for RapidWeaver

05/18, 2:35pm

Pipe Dream for R.Weaver

A new RapidWeaver theme, Pipe Dream, has been launched by elixir graphics. The theme concentrates on headers and menu bars, and is geared for both home and professional design of content like blogs, business sites and portfolios. Three sidebar settings are included, along with four sets of pipe-related graphics, 15 header options and three header alignments. Likewise present are 10 menu bar styles, a pair of webpage base styles, two breadcrumb bar options and four title/slogan font possibilities.


Stacks 1.0 brings page-layout editing to RapidWeaver

02/18, 11:40am

Stacks 1.0 launched

YourHead Software has launched Stacks 1.0, a page-style plugin for RapidWeaver. Stacks 1.0 brings layout editing to the website creation software, allowing for flexible web page design using a drag and drop interface. Stacks arrives with a library of simple building blocks for creating complex layouts. Users build web pages using Stacks by placing elements from the Stacks Library anywhere onto a web page layout. Each element can be moved, resized, styled, and nested, while pages built via Stacks are flexible and flow content to fit the dimensions of any RapidWeaver theme.


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