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QuickerTek ships USB-C MacBook battery with eight hour boost

08/19, 10:26am

Two capacities of battery available -- 8 and 48 hours

Macintosh upgrade purveyor QuickerTek has announced the 2015 Type-C MacBook External Battery. The product featuring the USB 3.1 adaptor cable necessary to power and charge the 2015 Apple 12-inch MacBook and can give Apple's portable up to eight more hours of runtime on a single charge.


QuickerTek now shipping mCard for Wi-Fi speed updates in older Macs

07/13, 1:58pm

Internal card replacement for 'slightly older' MacBook Pros and Intel-based iMacs

After the release of the qCard 2, QuickerTek saw a need in other older Apple devices to be updated to the most recent Wi-Fi speeds. Issuing a card to update wireless in some "slightly older" MacBook Pros and Intel-based iMacs, the mCard aims to give a little more life to machines in future operating systems before consumers are forced to replace them.


Briefly: Antenna upgrade for Airport Extreme stations, DJ Player 7.1

02/17, 1:20pm

QuickerTek releases upgrade option for Apple Base Stations' wireless antenna

QuickerTek, a producer of antennas and RF products for Apple computers, has released an upgrade for the current Airport Extreme and Time Capsule base stations. The replacement wireless antenna offers dual-band 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz Wi-Fi, and triples the built-in range of the two devices. Users can arrange and use their Apple wireless device wherever desired, and easily position the upright and articulated antennas for optimal use. The upgrade is capable of boosting Apple TV as well as any other wireless networking task. The standard Airport Extreme base station does not have a built-in port to connect to the antennas, so QuickTek has a special attachment for its installation. Pricing starts at $400 for the Extreme Base Station antenna upgrade.


Briefly: acNano 802.11ac wireless transceiver, Next-Numbers for iOS

12/20, 1:32pm

QuickerTek's acNano wireless transceiver provides fast wireless to PowerBooks

QuickTek, a producer of antennas and RF products for Macs, has announced the release of a 802.11ac wireless transceiver, the acNano. Its size is comparable to an average flash memory stick, and plugs into a USB port. Upon installing the supplied driver, the acNano provides older Apple PowerBooks with 802.11ac high-speed wireless networking speeds.


QuickerTek ships external battery for iPad

06/09, 11:10pm

Case offers dual USB ports to power two devices

QuickerTek has expanded its line of external batteries with the new Apple Juicz for iPad. The 9400mAh lithium polymer battery is claimed to be rated for over 2000 charge cycles. The pack features advanced safety circuitry with failsafe protection, temperature and charge/discharge controls and automatic cell balancing. The Apple Juicz can fully recharge an iPad in three hours, while a second USB port can charge a second device such as an iPhone or iPod touch. It can power any USB-chargeable device, but has special circuitry guaranteeing compatibility with Apple's range of products.


QuickerTek intros carry handle for MacBook Air

03/31, 9:20pm

Handle connects to existing screws

QuickerTek has expanded its line of notebook accessories with a new carry handle designed for the MacBook Air. The handle runs across the back of the notebook, attaching below each hinge using existing holes for the case screws. The design elevates the keyboard while helping to cool the device by increasing airflow below the housing.


QuickerTek intros Wi-Fi antenna upgrade for MacBooks

12/15, 12:15am

New 5dBi Whip Antenna improves range

QuickerTek has introduced a Wi-Fi antenna upgrade claimed to offer up to three times the wireless range compared to the stock MacBook components. The antenna mounts to the LCD screen, while the cord attaches directly to the internal AirPort card by passing through either the security slot or ExpressCard slot of any unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro, including 13-, 15-, and 17-inch models. It requires no extra software and includes a detailed installation manual to assist with installation.


QuickerTek intros solar chargers for range of MacBooks

11/30, 6:15pm

Both 27W and 55W models are available

QuickerTek has expanded its line of solar chargers to include new models capable of supplying power to MacBooks. The Apple Juicz chargers feature a flexible solar cell that can be folded for storage while traveling. The 27 watt version unfolds to 41.5 x 30.5 inches and is claimed to recharge a MacBook or MacBook Pro in eight to 12 hours when used in optimum sunlight conditions. A 55 watt model is said to charge a notebook in as few as five hours.


QuickerTek intros 1 Watt Wi-Fi signal amplifier

09/08, 3:30pm

Wi-Fi USB transceiver claims 10x signal strength

QuickerTek has introduced its latest computer accessory, a USB transceiver designed for Macs. The device integrates a 1 Watt amplifier paired with a dipole antenna featuring 5dBi gain. Power is provided by a USB port, while the antenna connects to anything near the computer such as a notebook display. Users can also upgrade the detachable antenna later if needed.


QuickerTek releases Apple Juicz Lite MacBook battery

07/08, 11:15pm

Apple Juicz Lite battery

QuickerTek has released its newest external battery for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Apple Juicz Lite. Similar to the company’s original Apple Juicz, the new version still delivers 25 percent more power but in a lighter and smaller-sized battery. The external battery is capable of providing up-to five additional hours of battery power for the MacBook, and can also charge the internal laptops battery while plugged in. The current amount of battery power within the device can be read via its LCD charging status indicator.


QuickerTek launches Apple Juicz iPhone, iPod battery

07/02, 7:25pm

Apple Juicz battery ships

QuickerTek has launched a new external battery, the Apple Juicz, for iPhones, the iPod touch and other iPods. The 2200 mAh polymerized Lithium-ion battery measures 1.75- x 2.5- x .375-inch and connects through the data port and offers roughly three times the battery life of the iPhone internal battery. The Apple Juicz is rated for an additional 30 hours of music, six additional hours of video or three extra hours of talk time when used with an iPhone. the battery charges via the iPhone's USB charging cable, taking about three hours to fully charge. It has a built-in LED battery level indicator.


Quicky Jr. II extends WiFi range for recent Macs

06/29, 11:25pm

Quicky Jr. II ships

QuickerTek has launched its Quicky Jr. II, a wireless networking range extender that connects via USB to any recent Mac. Designed specifically for notebooks, the new extender is rated to triple the Mac's wireless range. It works without any external adapters, drawing power from the USB port, and uses a single driver for plug-and-play operation. The Quicky Jr. II weighs just half an ounce and is just six inches long for easy portability.


QuickerTek intros external battery for MacBook Pro

04/21, 7:20pm

QuickerTek MB Pro battery

QuickerTek has released an updated external battery/charger for the 17-inch aluminum-unibody MacBook Pro. The device powers and recharges the notebook, with a claimed battery life extension between 11.5 hours and 18 hours before the internal battery is used. The device is also designed for 1,000 full recharge cycles, according to the company.


QuickerTek releases new MacBook battery/charger

10/06, 3:35pm

QuickerTek MacBook battery

QuickerTek has announced a new external battery/charger for the MacBook and 15-inch MacBook Pro. The battery provides users between 8 and 10 extra hours of usage, on top of what a MacBook's internal battery already provides. The casing appears to be brushed aluminum, allowing it to blend in with other Apple products, and features an LED charging status indicator.


QuickerTek solar power/charger for MacBook Air

06/17, 5:00pm

Solar-powered MacBook Air

QuickerTek has introduced a pricey way for MacBook Air owners to show how green they really are. "Apple Juicz" is described by the company as a “major breakthrough” because it powers and charges the MacBook Air at the same time. The Juicz comes in three models, a 19-watt version for $500, 29-watt model for $600 and a 58-watt model for $1000. Each come with solar panels that fold into an included 10.5 inch carrying bag.


QuickerTek Antenna Array for Time Capsule

03/17, 5:45pm

QuickerTek Antenna Array

QuickerTek today unveiled the Time Capsule Antenna Array, a 3dBi tri-antenna which can be positioned anywhere to improve broadcast range and speed. The company advertises that the antenna boosts broadcast depth by up to 50-percent, allowing users to backup from a more distant location. The kit is available for both the 500GB and 1TB versions of Time Capsule, starting at $130 for a self-install kit, or $200 as installed by QuickerTek.


QuickerTek intros Dualy Extreme for Airport Extreme

02/19, 10:05am

QuickerTek Dualy Extreme

QuickerTek today unveiled the Dualy Extreme, a range extender for the Airport Extreme Base Station, which can help the device broadcast up to five times the standard wireless range. The Dualy Extreme features twin 3dBi antennas, coupled with either two 500mW receivers or two 1W receivers. When upgraded, the Base Station uses the full 2.4GHz range with high-speed MIMO capability. The Dualy Extreme is available starting from $350 for the user-installed, 500mW kit, with the 1W kit selling for $500.



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