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Quicken 2016 for Mac arrives in tandem with Windows version

11/18, 8:36pm

New version brings tighter OS X integration with bill payment, monitoring

Intuit has released the latest version of venerable home and small business accounting package Quicken. The updated Quicken 2016 includes new features for Mac and Windows users that are designed to further help users to track balances, conduct transactions, and manage their money.


Quicken 2015 for Mac brings new features, strips others

08/21, 10:04am

First major Mac update of Quicken in seven years

Intuit has officially released Quicken 2015 for Mac, a long-awaited update of its personal finance software. Some improvements include a new UI design, matched to OS X Yosemite, and support for syncing data with a companion iOS app, which can also be used to snap photos of receipts to record purchases. New investment tools update quotes continuously, and track factors like cost basis and capital gains.


Briefly: Gmail for iOS adds background mail fetch, CrossOver 13.1.0

03/05, 11:56am

Gmail update for iOS adds background mail retrieval, simplified sign-in

Google's email service Gmail has received an update for its iOS app. The newly redesigned app provides real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across one's entire inbox. In v3.0, Gmail now includes background app refreshing, meaning that email is fully downloaded and retrieved as it arrives in one's inbox, as opposed to syncing only when the app is opened. Sign-in has been simplified, with consolidated authorization with all Google apps now enabled. Gmail for iOS now requires iOS 7 for all features to function.


Intuit drops price for Quicken Essentials, promises updates

04/23, 11:55am

Passwords, speadsheet export due soon

Hoping to spur more sales, Intuit is dropping the price of Quicken Essentials for Mac. When the financial software launched in February, it was initially priced at $70. The cost has now been lowered to $50, and Intuit says it is offering $20 refunds to anyone who bought the program before April 19th. The money must be claimed by the end of May.


Intuit ships Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010

02/25, 11:25am

Overdue return of Quicken to Mac platform

Having had to delay the software multiple times, Intuit has finally released an updated Quicken for the Mac, Quicken Essentials for Mac 2010. The software does not fully replace Quicken for Mac 2007, as it strips out options such as direct bill payment or exporting to TurboTax. It instead concentrates on basic finances, such as accounts, debts and limited investment functions.


Intuit delays Quicken for Mac until 2010

07/09, 4:55pm

Quicken for Mac delayed

A long-delayed update for the Mac version of Quicken has been delayed yet again, says Quicken PR manager Scott Gulbransen. The software is now expected in February 2010, having originally been announced for sometime in 2008. As recently as the last Macworld Expo, the company was forecasting a 2009 launch.


First Look: Squirrel personal finance app

07/17, 5:20pm

Squirrel Personal Finance

Everyone makes money and spends it, but not everyone bothers to track their income and expenses. To make managing your money simple, you can choose from a variety of programs, including Intuit's standard Quicken. The problem with most of these applications is that they come loaded with so many features, few people take the time to learn them all. As a result many people ignore these programs, and those that do use them can only understand a fraction of the available options. If you find traditional budgeting programs too complicated, then you might appreciate the simplicity of Squirrel.


CrossOver 7.0 adds Office, Quicken, Adobe CS support

06/17, 1:45pm

CrossOver 7.0 ships

CodeWeavers has released v7.0 of CrossOver Mac, its utility which lets users install Windows software on Macs without creating a Boot Camp partition. Once installed, these programs can then be launched from inside of Mac OS X without a Windows license. New to v7.0 is support for a number of extra applications, specifically Microsoft's Office 2007 suite, and Adobe's first two Creative Suites. Also supported are "newer versions" of Quicken applications.


Intuit brings Quicken to iPhone

12/19, 5:00pm

Quicken for iPhone users

Intuit today announced that it will be providing Quicken as an online software service for iPhone and mobile users by January 8th for $3 per month, which it hopes will expand its constantly-growing 14 million user-strong base. Reuters reports that with yearly sales of 1.7 million copies, Quicken has gained 8-percent marketshare, putting it at 80-percent for 2007. The service will be accessible through web browsers on most mobile devices, using the same encryption techniques used for internet banking to keep a user's data safe. The iPhone version, while having a lighter feature loadout than for other devices, will be completely optimized for on-the-go financials on the iPhone's crisp screen.


Panorama 5.5 integrates with Quicken, Excel documents

12/18, 12:50am

Panorama 5.5 update

ProVUE Development recently unveiled Panorama 5.5, a new version to its high performance RAM-based database program. The new version brings a bevy of new features, such as the Enhanced Live Clairvoyance search wizard, which allows users to search through bookmarks and formulas, in a style similar to that of Spotlight. Panorama can now interface directly with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as Quicken QIF, OFX, and QFX formats, enabling the application to directly exchange data with the databases. New users can purchase Panorama 5.5 for $300, directly from ProVUE's web site.



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