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Briefly: QuarkXPress 2015 ships, KeyCue 7.5 available

04/28, 9:26am

New QuarkXPress 2015 adds 64-bit, array of user-requested features

As expected, Quark Software has shipped QuarkXPress 2015. In version 2015 users will find fast 64-bit architecture, industry-verified PDF/X-4 output, fixed layout interactive (app-like) eBook production as well as an array of the most user-requested features. The software continues to be a perpetual license. QuarkXPress now offers dual activation, meaning it can be installed on up to two machines and across Mac and Windows platforms. QuarkXPress 2015 retails for $849, and discounted upgrades are available from versions of QuarkXPress back to version 3.


New QuarkXPress 2015 shipping on April 28

03/31, 4:18pm

Upgrade offer extended to previous owners for $249

Today Quark Software announced that QuarkXPress 2015, the next major version of Quark's design and layout tool for print and digital publishing, will be available on April 28. The company claims that QuarkXPress 2015 will deliver increased performance with a new 64-bit architecture, efficient print and digital production, and many of the most user-requested features. The new version of QuarkXPress will continue to be sold as a perpetual license.


QuarkXPress 10.2 adds rendering, notes features,bugfixes

07/30, 2:47pm

Limitations removed on nesting anchored boxes

Quark has released a v10.2 update for QuarkXPress, its flagship publishing software. The code makes significant feature additions, for instance letting people adjust rendering quality for different balances between performance and fidelity. Users can also add notes to projects that are separate from content and exportable as PDFs; redlines meanwhile show where changes have been made, and allow groups to approve or reject them.


QuarkXPress 10.1 adds 8,000X zoom, dynamic guides, HTML5 animations

03/03, 12:58pm

Mac owners get custom UI colors

Quark has released a major update to QuarkXPress, v10.1. The software adds several important features, such as 8,000X zoom, and dynamic guides. The latter appear automatically when objects align with others, have the same width and height, and/or have the same distance to several more objects.


Quark updates App Studio with iOS 7 support, new views

11/21, 3:08pm

Tool redesigned for more simplicity

Quark has released a new version of App Studio, a tool for converting InDesign and QuarkXPress layouts into web and mobile apps, including digital newspapers and magazines. The latest release has been redesigned with iOS 7 in mind, for instance incorporating a theming feature that controls colors throughout an app. It also integrates with iOS 7's native sharing functions for Facebook, Twitter, and email.


QuarkXPress 10.0.1 improves support for OS X Mavericks

11/11, 2:50pm

Also fixes problems with PDFs, performance

Quark has released a major update for QuarkXPress, v10.0.1. The patch chiefly improves compatibility with OS X Mavericks, including multi-monitor support. It also improves text input and layout performance, however, and solves a range of PDF bugs involving elements like Native Transparency, outlined text, OpenType font rendering, and Adobe Illustrator PDFs with transparent objects.


Intel teams with Arduino, offers Quark-based Galileo development board

10/03, 10:30am

Galileo compatible with Arduino shields

Intel has announced a partnership with Arduino to build new open-source hardware for the do-it-yourself development platform. As part of the collaboration agreement, the chip maker has introduced a new board, Galileo, that is powered by the company's new Quark SoC and compatible with Arduino shield modules.


Intel teases 'Quark' processors for wearable devices

09/10, 3:30pm

Chips focus on small size, efficiency

Following on the heels of smartwatch introductions by Qualcomm and Samsung, Intel has announced a new processor family for wearable devices and other small gadgets. Known as Quark, the chip lineup is designed to continue shrinking component size and lowering power consumption compared to the components used in smartphones and tablets.


QuarkXPress 10 to gain Xenon engine, Retina support, UI changes

07/24, 11:35am

Publishing software switches to Cocoa code base

Quark has formally unveiled QuarkXPress 10, the next edition of its design and layout software. The release incorporates a number of major improvements, such as a long-awaited switch to a Cocoa code base. The change should help boost performance, and make it easier for Quark to support future versions of OS X.


Quark updates DesignPad with improved interface, options

11/21, 5:16pm

Now supports Retina displays

Quark has released a significant update of DesignPad, its graphic design tool for the iPad. The app uses a grid-based system, and is meant mainly for simple or preliminary designs, pushing more complex work over to QuarkXPress. The v1.1.0 upgrade introduces Retina display support, and makes a number of additions and changes to interface options.


QuarkXPress 9.3.1 update brings Mountain Lion support

08/14, 1:31pm

Publishing suite adapts to Gatekeeper security

Quark has released an important update for QuarkXPress 9, its flagship publishing suite. The v9.3.1 release adds support for OS X Mountain Lion, which was launched last month. As a part of the upgrade, QuarkXPress has been made compatible with Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper technology, which normally blocks uncertified apps from being installed. The v9.3.1 code should now install properly under Gatekeeper's default security level.


QuarkXPress 9.2 extends support for ePUB, Apple platforms

01/05, 3:15pm

ePUB 3 compatibility allows audio, video

Quark has posted QuarkXPress 9.2, an update of the developer's flagship publishing suite. A central focus of the upgrade is on the ePUB format; new projects can now be created specifically for ePUB export, and the software supports ePUB 3, a new standard which allows audio, video, and links. Apple may soon be adding ePUB 3 compatibility to iBooks.


Quark Publishing System 9.1 updates for compatibility

09/22, 12:55pm

Supports QuarkXPress 9.1, App Studio

Quark has released an update to the Quark Publishing System, v9.1. The upgrade primarily implements support for QuarkXPress 9.1, and the matching App Studio, used to create and publish iPad publications for the iOS App Store. Audio and visual files stored within QPS can now be incorporated into Composition Zones and as shared material, which should allow multiple designers to use common and consistent sources.


Q2ID v5.5 converts Quark 9 files to InDesign CS4, CS5.5

09/12, 7:10pm

Buyers after June 1st get free upgrade

Santa Ana-based Markzware has announced an upgrade to its file utility that converts Quark Xpress documents to InDesign documents, Q2ID v5.5 -- now able to convert Quark files up to and including version 9 into Adobe InDesign (versions CS4, CS5 or CS5.5). The program is now fully compatible with Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) and can convert Quark documents from across platforms (Windows and Mac) as well as different versions of Quark Xpress.


QuarkXPress 9.1 brings App Studio, App Factory

09/01, 2:10pm

Accelerates publishing software's iPad focus

Quark has posted QuarkXPress 9.1, an update to the company's flagship publishing suite. The main addition is the App Studio, used to produce iPad publications and publish them to the App Store. The process begins with a new layout space inside QuarkXPress, which supports vertical and horizontal iPad orientations, and adding audio, images, slideshows and video. To actually produce the apps requires App Studio Factory, a bundled Mac-only program. Completing the workflow are the App Studio Issue Previewer and the App Studio Publishing Portal.


Equity firm buys out publishing software maker Quark

08/09, 11:50am

Search in progress for new owners

Quark, the developer of QuarkXPress, has been bought out by a private equity firm called Platinum Equity. While the latter is known to specialize in mergers and acquisitions, few other details on the transaction have been made public. What has been disclosed is that Platinum is already working to transition Quark to new ownership.


Quark Publishing System 9 intros Collections, ePub features

07/28, 1:40pm

Remote web interface gets major improvements

Quark has unveiled Quark Publishing System 9, an updated version of its automated publishing platform. Production houses can use QPS to aid work for various media types, including print, web, phones and tablets. The new platform is compatible with both QuarkXPress 9 and QuarkCopyDesk 9; through the latter software QPS now supports things like conditional styles, predefined bullet and numbering styles, and moving boxes and groups automatically alongside text.


Quark reveals ship date, 30-day trial for QuarkXPress 9

04/06, 11:20am

Trial to be unlockable with validation code

Quark has set an April 26th launch date for QuarkXPress 9, its flagship publishing suite. Although the software was first unveiled in February, Quark has until now held off on giving a date more precise than April. It will cost $799 new, or $299 as an upgrade from v7 or v8. Free upgrades are available for v8 purchases made between January 1st and April 30th.


QuarkXPress 9 to bring iPad, digital publishing focus

02/23, 1:05pm

Joined by assortment of new and improved tools

Developer Quark has formally announced QuarkXPress 9, a long-awaited upgrade of its flagship publishing suite. The software has traditionally been used to create layouts for print and web content, but in version 9 Quark is concentrating on smartphones and tablets, particularly the iPad. For the latter QuarkXPress now includes the App Studio, a component used to produce native iPad apps. Users can repackage existing content or create apps from whole cloth.


Page Director Ad Layout now updated for Adobe, Quark

12/22, 8:05pm

ALS for Magazines and Adforce also updated

Publishing industry trade developer MEI has announced that their family of ad layout programs, including Page Director, ALS for Magazines and AdForce have all now been updated to v5.6.1 for compatibility with the latest versions of Adobe's InDesign CS5 and Quark's Xpress 8.5, while retaining compatibility back to InDesign CS4 and QuarkXpress 8. The company has also updated its supporting plug-ins accordingly.


QuarkXPress 8.5 adds DOCX support, automatic updater

11/16, 1:30pm

PANTONE color libraries get updates

Quark is distributing QuarkXPress 8.5, an update to the company's professional-level publishing suite. The focus of the upgrade is on support for DOCX, the XML-based format enabled by recent versions of Microsoft Word. QuarkXPress users can both import and export DOCX files.


Briefly: Office 2008 for Mac discount, iMac repair guides

11/20, 12:15am for small businesses

In brief: To help U.S college and graduate students dealing with heavy educational-based costs, Microsoft's MacBU has announced a special deal for the Office 2008 for Mac, dropping the price by over 70 percent. Office 2008 Business Edition provides a series of different applications to help support all areas of education, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Entourage 2008, and Document Connection for Mac with SharePoint support.


Quark announces Automatic Services for Quark DPS

10/13, 11:40pm

Quark DPS update enhances productivity

Quark has announced an update to its Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution which delivers a series of improvements and the new Automation Services. The new features are designed to enhance productivity, as well as automate multi-channel publishing and lower publishing costs. The Automatic Services enable users to automate routine manual publishing tasks, and provides integration with the Drupal Web Content Management System to help automate print-to-web publishing.


QuarkXPress 8.1 intros Native Transparency mode

08/04, 10:15am

QuarkXPress 8.1 update

Quark is distributing a v8.1 update for QuarkXPress, its flagship publishing suite. The patch incorporates a new Native Transparency mode for generating PDFs, allowing items marked as transparent to remain unflattened during final output. The software has also been given a new key modifier, permitting more precise placement of images.


Quark's XML Author 3.0 adds support, improvements

03/28, 7:05pm

XML Author 3 update

Quark has announced XML Author 3, the latest version of its XML authoring tool that enables users to create XML content within Microsoft Word. Standing as a core component of Quark Dynamic Publishing software, the application provides both creation and editing tools for making XML content. Features in the update add support for Microsoft Word 2007 and Windows Vista, toolbar improvements, and new integration with Design Science’s Math Type Editor for equations.


Briefly: FileSociety website, MacPractice partnership

02/13, 5:30pm

Quark Publishing System

In brief: A new file transfer service has been launched that allows clients to transfer large files at speeds greater than standard FTP transfers. Alternativly, a new partnership has been announced between National Electronic Attachment and MacPractice. This partnership will bring new functions to MacPractice's software that will allow clients to submit documents such as x-rays electronically. On another note, a presentation earlier this month demonstrated the functionality of the new Cumulus/Quark Publishing System integration.


Quark Publishing System supports InDesign, InCopy

10/27, 4:15pm

QPS supports InDesign

Quark explains that it has expanded the support of Quark Publishing System, its workflow companion software for QuarkXPress. QPS should now support both QuarkCopyDesk and Adobe InDesign, and by consequence, Adobe InCopy. The newly-supported apps should thus be able to operate under the same workflow, for instance allowing check-in through the same software, and assignment of InCopy articles from within InDesign.


Quark readies sibling software for QuarkXPress 8

09/24, 4:30pm

QuarkXPress Server 8, more

Quark, the developer of QuarkXPress 8, has announced the upcoming release of several programs meant to support its flagship publishing tool. The first of these is Quark Publishing System 8, designed to manage the workflow associated with Quark files, specifically within the context of a corporate office. The updated software is said to include changes like support for native Illustrator file formats, and enhanced asset management through QPS Connect Client, which boasts functions like multi-page previews and multi-asset check-in.


Quark acquires for XML document handling

07/17, 7:10pm

Quark acquires Invision

Quark on Thursday announced its acquisition of Research, a Florida-based software firm that develops the Microsoft Word for XML authoring tool, allowing the two companies to tightly integrate XML document creation in QuarkXpress. Neither company mentioned how much the purchase cost Quark, but it is said to be a boon for the design software company, since's client base includes over 200 financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and several government-level clients.


QuarkXPress 8 offers refined interface, more

05/29, 8:05am

QuarkXPress 8 unveiled

Digital publishing giant Quark on Thursday unveiled QuarkXPress 8, the latest version of its page-layout and design software, which boasts a newly redesigned interface and simplified workflow. Quark says that the overall user experience has been refined, allowing users to quickly grab, rotate, and scale images in real time, without needing to type numbers or switch between tools, for example. QuarkXPress 8 also features an enhanced Bézier pen tool, which encourages illustration directly within the application.


QuarkXPress 8 to take dead aim at Adobe CS3?

05/13, 4:05pm

QuarkXPress 8 vs. CS3?

Quark is preparing a new version of QuarkXPress for this August, and is deliberately looking to one-up Adobe's Creative Suite, according to inside sources for AppleInsider. QuarkXPress 8 is, for instance, expected not only to take advantage of InDesign's continuing instability under Mac OS X Leopard, but to expand support for Illustrator and Photoshop files, and implement standardized Bézier pen tools that may reduce any need for Illustrator in publishing.


Quark Publishing System 7.4 goes Leopard

04/16, 2:15pm

QPS 7.4

Quark has announced Quark Publishing System 7.4, the second maintenance release of its industry leading collaborative workflow system. Based on Java, this release of QPS adds as support for Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, full text search and LDAP support. In addition, the new QPS Web Hub now runs with Apple's Safari browser as well as Firefox. QPS user names and passwords can now be managed through a company's active directory to consolidate user management. Full Text Search allows users to search document content within any assets that are stored in QPS. There is also the added ability for users to check in multiple assets at the same, and Russian and Polish interfaces are now available in QPS.


Quark launches new publishing solution

03/05, 2:55pm

Quark dynamic publishing

Quark has launched its new Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution (DPS), an enterprise-scale publishing system designed to combine flexible layout with automated publishing for accurate communications across multiple media types. The system distributes content via print, the Web, mobile, and electronic devices to address increasing multi-channel challenges faced by publishers, according to Quark. The company will showcase Quark Dynamic Publishing Solution at AIIM/OnDemand in booth no. 725.


Briefly: Time Capsule ready to ship

02/27, 7:55pm

Time Capsule ready to ship

In brief: MacNN has reviewed PDF2Office Professional, Daylite Productivity Suite, and a look back at Macworld part 2. Pre-orders of Apple's Time Capsule external storage device are "prepared for shipment," Quark has launched a community-based website for designers, Arizona's home listings are set to appear on Apple's iTunes Music Store & Homebuyer's iPods, and IK Multimedia is offering a two-for-one deal on qualifying IK plug-ins.


Quark: Flash tool for Leopard, new Quark Labs

01/16, 10:40am

Quark Interactive Designer

Quark on Tuesday announced that Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Quark Interactive Designer allows designers using QuarkXPress to create Flash (SWF) layouts for the Web without having to code. The release of Quark Interactive Designer 1.02 follows the November 2007 release of QuarkXPress 7.31, a maintenance release of the professional design software that is optimized for Mac OS X Leopard. QID users can create rich, interactive tours, online advertisements and design-driven presentations using QuarkXPress 7.



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