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Hands On: DropZap 3.6 (iOS)

07/23, 5:36pm

Quirky puzzle game requires careful move planning to progress

Puzzle games are ubiquitous. Whether on Steam or on console, or even in the App Store, there's simply just a plethora of games for you to sort through. In an effort to help you find a puzzle game you might enjoy, we actually check out quite a few. Our offering today is DropZap, a quirky puzzle game with match-3 influences.


Hands On: To-Fu Fury 1.0 (iOS)

07/23, 1:40pm

Springy arcade puzzler has fun mechanics, falls a little short on execution

Easily the most booming game genre on the App Store is the humble arcade title. These simple, score-driven games are usually quick to pick up but difficult to master. We've checked out a lot of arcade games here, so if we weren't before, we're now becoming seasoned professionals when it comes to knowing what stands out above the rest. Today, we check out Amazon Game Studio's new-to-iOS arcade puzzle game, To-Fu Fury, to see how it stacks up against other games in the genre.


Hands On: Alphabear 01.01.00 (iOS)

07/21, 2:00pm

Adorable word puzzle game comes with tons of features and lots of fun

Whether you're a fan of Words with Friends, Bookworm, or Boggle, there's a lot of fun to be had playing word games. The juxtaposition of the challenge of finding words, and the relaxing low-stress gameplay, makes for a great way to pass the time and unwind after a long day. Today, we bring you Alphabear, a word puzzle that is so adorable you won't be able to stand it.


Hands On: Kiwanuka 1.2 (iOS)

07/20, 2:14pm

Adorable puzzle game has you rescuing wizards in space

We love relaxing puzzle games around here. There's something to be said for puzzle games that you can enjoy at your own pace, without needing to worry about high scores, or a clock that winds down too fast. One such relaxed puzzle game is Kiwanuka, a game that was designed just for the fun of it.


Hands On: Puzzle Cards 1.2 (iOS)

07/13, 10:42am

Solve fun, albeit challenging word puzzles with this casual puzzle game

Word games are a great way to help wake your brain up first thing in the morning, which would explain the immense popularity of newspaper crossword puzzles, as well as the plethora of word games available in the App Store. There's something that is both relaxing and energizing about working through word-based puzzles. We checked out Puzzle Cards, a fun little puzzler that we found quite enjoyable.


Hands On: OverColor Pro 1.0.1 (iOS)

07/10, 4:32pm

Improve your spacial reasoning with this layer-based puzzle game

One of the reasons we love puzzle games so much is that they make us feel like we're getting a real mental workout when we play them. We especially love lateral-thinking puzzles, as well as puzzles that require us to use our spacial-awareness reasoning. One such puzzle that gave us quite the mental workout was OverColor Pro, a geometric puzzle that forces you to rethink the way you solve puzzles.


Hands On: Last Voyage 2.0.0 (iOS)

07/10, 2:33pm

Explore the concept of space with this ethereal explorative puzzle game

Every so often, we find out about a game that is unlike most of the others that we've seen before. These games generally tend to fall outside of normal genre conventions, offering an experience that is hard to come by. We found one such game, Last Voyage, and we think that you should check it out.


Hands On: Shadowmatic 1.6.1 (iOS)

07/10, 7:32am

A 3D puzzler in two dimensions

Shadowmatic by TRIADA Studio is a puzzler with an elegant-in-its-simplicity mechanic that's beautifully executed in richly-detailed environments. The attention to detail in the visual elements and the beautiful soundtrack are great, even if it all melts away as we're trying to figure out if we're trying to make a race car or a tulip in a bud vase. The app won a design award this year at Apple's WWDC, and we certainly have to agree that this app was designed to the absolute gills.


Hands On: Harmony 3 1.0.2 (iOS)

06/25, 8:45am

Relax into two hours of music with this medatative puzzle

We've discovered lately that there are more and more meditation puzzle games popping up in the App Store, and we couldn't be happier. These friendly, low- and no-stress games are designed to help you unwind, rather than stress you out or overstimulate you. We checked out a new title, Harmony 3, the third in a line of games that offer zen-style visual puzzles working in tandem with relaxing music.


Hands On: Hue Ball 1.0 (iOS)

06/24, 5:00pm

Cute puzzle shooter seeks to make you lose your cool with weighted mechanics

If you grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, chances are you have spent some time playing puzzle shooters. We grew up playing Puzzle Bobble on the SNES, and some of our first memories were pumping quarters into an Arkanoid machine in a dimly-lit arcade. Hue Ball, a simple little game we checked out, seeks to emulate those feelings -- but puts an interesting twist on the whole experience.


Hands On: Threes 1.3 (iOS)

06/22, 1:49pm

Sliding number puzzle packs personality into game

We've been a big fan of games like 1024 and 2048, not just for their fast gameplay, but also because they give us a fun mental workout as we try to reach the highest number possible. If you're fans of these games, allow us to point you toward Threes, a number-based puzzler.


Hands On: Sapphire Cell: Escape 1.2.0 (iOS)

06/15, 7:15am

Deceptively simple sneaking game provides plenty of thrills

It takes a certain kind of person to enjoy high-stress games. They're the cool-headed gamers we wish we were, far better at quick-reflex puzzles, and they're probably far less prone to accidentally taking out a teammate who wanders into their line of sight in a competitive FPS. We might not be the best at managing all the stress, but that didn't stop us from checking out Sapphire Cell: Escape by Brytag Creative.


Hands On: Breezeblox 1.1 (iOS)

05/22, 10:26am

Test your spatial reasoning with this devilishly deceptive puzzle game

We know that spatial-awareness puzzles require a certain kind of person: a bold person, one who isn't afraid to get their mind tangled up in the puzzle. They've got to be a little pensive, too. After all, these puzzles often require a very specific solution, putting the wits of even the best lateral thinker to the test. One such puzzler is Breezeblox, a deceptively inviting puzzle game about a jiggly square.


Hands On: Hook 1.03 (iOS)

05/12, 8:01am

Lateral thinking puzzle offers a relaxing escape from your day.

There's a new type of puzzle game sweeping the app store, and I like the direction these games are headed. Instead of relying on fastest speed or fewest moves, these puzzles are designed to help a player unwind, not unlike meditation. Instead of feeling frantic or stressful, these games offer a calm experience to get wrapped up in. We found one of these gems, Hook, a simple puzzler that focuses on relaxation rather than frustration.


Hands On: Armadillo Gold Rush v1.0.9 (iOS)

05/08, 10:00am

Popular Latin American mobile puzzle game releases to the US iOS App Store

Turn-based puzzle games aren't new, and the genre offers a lot of different takes on game mechanics and content, covering everything from games with RPG elements to games that feel more like shooters. Today, however, we checked out Armadillo Gold Rush, a turn-based puzzler which has been a popular mobile title in Latin America for almost a decade now, and has finally made the leap to iOS.


Hands On: TapSlide v1.0 (iOS)

04/16, 1:26pm

Spacial reasoning puzzle may help you hone cognative ability

Puzzle games are considered casual gaming, requiring little skill to solve the problems presented. However, every so often we come across a game that poses an actual challenge, a game that is mind-meltingly difficult, and that's what we've discovered today. We took a look at Tapslide, a game that will give even the most battle-hardened puzzle players a mental workout.


Hands On: Rop (iOS)

03/17, 9:50am

Meet the new, fendishly simple lateral thinking puzzle ready to test your skill.

Sometimes the best games are the most simple. There's a lot to be said for games like Solitaire, classics that have clearly-defined rules and a simple win condition. We enjoy simple games, especially ones that are so simple that they seem to have emergent complex properties. We found one such puzzle game, Rop -- a game that will challenge your ability to recreate what you see.


Hands On: Zuki's Quest (iOS)

03/17, 7:40am

Puzzle combines turn-based action with platformer in this treasure hunting game!

We check out a lot of puzzle games here, and one quick glance at the App Store will tell you why. The sheer amount of puzzle games that are out there is staggering, and we feel a lot of them get lost in the crowd. However, every so often we stumble across a little gem of a game that we're genuinely glad we found. Today, that game is Zuki's Quest, by Arnold Rauers, who also made Card Crawl, another game we've recently enjoyed.


Hands On: Alice Trapped in Wonderland (iOS)

03/05, 3:17pm

Classic-style point and click adventure takes players to Wonderland

Point-and-click adventure games have been popular for quite some time, with titles such as Myst and Neverwood leading the pack. A big draw to the genre is the ability to force players to engage in lateral thinking by giving them cryptic puzzles to solve. One such title for iOS is Alice Trapped in Wonderland by MediaCity Games, a point-and-click adventure set in the classic children's book world.


Hands On: Sue Doku (iPad)

02/22, 11:18pm

Superb Sudoku app gets gets bug fix update

The bug was something to do with iOS 8 compatibility. We don't care. We just want to enthuse about a puzzle game that has kept us up nights with that 'just one more game' feeling. Plus, the bug's been fixed now, what are you waiting for? Sue Doku is on the App Store and it's $1.


Briefly: Castle of Illusion for Mac, iOS 8 keyboard beta

07/22, 12:23pm

Disney's Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse released for OS X July 24

Feral Interactive today announced the upcoming release of its fairytale platforming game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, a reworking of the SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive original. Players navigate the 3D game as Mickey, with the goal of rescuing Minnie Mouse from the evil witch Mizrabel. Players will run, jump, swing and swim through whimsical levels such as a haunted forest, and solve puzzles along the way.


Briefly: Side Tree's App Store sale, Spotify for iOS updated for iPad

12/01, 1:28pm

Side Tree Software's programs on Mac App Store $1 throughout December

Side Tree Software has announced that all of its programs available at the App Store will be $1 each through the month of December. Starting today, apps such as Abuzzle, Equal, Mymyry, SlidePuzzle and Tribbi are available for the $1 sale price.


Red Marble launches Dr Lynch: Grave Secrets for Mac

08/05, 3:00pm

Grave Secrets ships

Red Marble Games has released Dr Lynch: Grave Secrets, a hidden-object search and find game for the Mac. Gamers play as Dr. Ignatius Lynch, a paranormal investigator researching claims of ghost sightings at an archeological dig in England. Players seek clues from a cast of characters, looking to unearth hidden objects and solve bonus puzzles.


Azada: Ancient Magic features literary characters

10/23, 11:55pm

Azada sequel released

Big Fish Games has launched Azada: Ancient Magic, the sequel to Azada. The puzzle-adventure game expands on the original's one-page puzzles, with 20 books in the sequel, along with a secret book for players who completed the original game. New villains, heroes and legends from classic literature have been added as well.


Squaresville iPhone app features picture puzzles

10/21, 11:10pm

Squaresville iPhone app

Rusty Ross has released Squaresville, an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that features picture puzzles. The images are scrambled and then reassembled using the touch screen interface to move the tiles to the appropriate spots, using just the single empty space to slide a piece into. The app allows for the user's photos to be used, or one of the built-in game images that include a dog, ocean scene, geometric shapes, alphabet, and more.


Azada: Ancient Magic coming to the Mac soon

09/01, 7:35pm

Azada coming soon

Big Fish Games has announced the release of Azada: Ancient Magic, currently only available on the PC, with a Mac edition in the works that should be released within the next month. Azada: Ancient Magic is the sequel to Azada, which was the first puzzle adventure game to be released through online digital distribution. The game allows players to interact with some of the most famous characters from literary history including Dracula, Rapunzel and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. In Azadad: Ancient Magic players arrive via a mysterious transport to an enchanted mansion, in the library of Uncle Argus. Titus, the guide from the original Azada, explains that a deeper, darker magic threatens their survival, and only a Master Puzzler can break the powerful spell. Players are encouraged to explore the shelves and books that contain Argusís life work which includes more than 20 puzzle books containing classic tales.


Code Breaker logic game for iPhone

08/26, 4:50pm

iPhone gets logic game

Gala Factory has announced Code Breaker, a code-logic puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the game, colored dots form a scheme that has to be guessed in ten tries or less. The game hints that a player's guess is the right set of colors, but wrong order, or the correct position of a specific color. It supports saving the a game in progress when switching away for a phone call, and keeps track of high scores, wins and losses for multiple players.


StoneLoops! of Jurassica features prehistoric puzzles

08/05, 2:00am

New prehistoric game

Game studio Codeminion has released StoneLoops! of Jurassica, a dynamic-puzzle arcade-style game set in the prehistoric Jurassic period, for Mac OS X. The game-play features explorers smashing stones while avoiding meteors and pterodactyls, spread over 75 unique levels. Players pass to new levels by destroying sets of colorful stones while working to survive dinosaur attacks, with trophies and new abilities to be discovered while exploring different levels.


Balance public beta offers Labyrinth-like gaming

07/18, 10:45am

Balance goes Mac beta

Kampo Interactive has released a public beta of its new Balance Mac Beta, an accelerometer controlled puzzle game. The game, reminiscent of the wooden board game Labyrinth, tests users' mouse-control abilities. Gamers nudge playfields up and down to guide balls to targets and through obstacles. It offers over 75 levels, with community records available. Kampo has promised an iPhone version in the future. The Mac beta requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, with a 350MHz G3 or higher (including Intel), 128MB RAM and a 3D graphics card. After the beta period the software will be available for $20.


ByDesign release Make Bouncy Bouncy

07/01, 3:55am

Make Bouncy Bouncy

ByDesign games on Tuesday announced Make Bouncy Bouncy, a new puzzle game for casual gamers. Gameplay centers around players 'bouncing' their way through over 35 levels of 3D spacial mazes of increasing difficulty, collecting 'bouncy bouncys' a type of in-game credit. With easy-to-learn one-handed controls and fast game-play, ByDesign says "players do not need to quit their day job to enjoy playing... Jump in and out of the game with ease; after opening a level, pick any level to play, anytime. Players post their top scores online to see if they're amongst those who Make the most Bouncy Bouncy!". Available for any PowerPC G4-based Mac (867MHz) or later, the game requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 and has a price of $15.


PiddlePup Games unveils Crumb puzzle game

06/13, 1:55am

PiddlePup unveils Crumb

PiddlePup Games on Thursday unveiled Crumb, a colorful new adventure game where players must collect magical crumbs in a quest to unveil the mysteries of the Forest Mother. Players choose one of six playable characters to venture through 50 levels in the lush Enchanted Forest, solving puzzles to unlock the secrets of the forest. PiddlePup Games is currently selling Crumb for $20, and is available as a Universal Binary download from the company's site.


Endangered species game debuts

06/02, 8:00pm

Safari Sketch

Red Rover Games has announced the release of Safari Sketch a new match-three puzzler that uses exotic locales to view endangered species from around the world. Red Rover Games also announced a donation of US$2 for each sold copy of Safari Sketch to the nonprofit Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). In Safari Sketch, adventurers can gather hand-rendered likenesses of more than 50 exotic and endangered species of plants, animals and insects, including the Giant Panda, the Sumatran Rhinoceros, and the world's rarest insect, the Lord Howe Island Stick Insect. Players enter jungles, reefs, snowy mountains, archipelagoes, and other locales as they are challenged to find matches and clear the puzzle board before the "daylight" fades. The game keeps a journal of the illustrations the player has collected along with an entry containing interesting facts about each creature presented in Safari Sketch.

more Escape The Museum

03/13, 5:15pm

Escape The Museum

Gogii Games yesterday unveiled Escape The Museum on, a puzzle game from the creators of Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare. Players take the role of Susan Anderson, an employee at the National Museum of History, who brought her daughter Caitlin to work for the day. Suddenly, the museum suffers for a 7.6 magnitude earthquake, trapping both inside. Susan must solve a series of puzzles and search frantically for her daughter. Escape The Museum is available for $20.


Transgaming: Puzzle Quest arrives for Mac

03/12, 4:10pm

Puzzle Quest for Mac

Transgaming today announced the release of Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords for Mac, a puzzle-based open-ended RPG. In Puzzle Quest, players can either do puzzles directly, or play an RPG-themed version, where they must collect items and experience to progress farther in the game. In the puzzles, players match three of a kind of different objects which either gives them money, experience, mana, or the ability to attack the opposing creature. Puzzle Quest is available for $20.


Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze ships

02/25, 2:10pm

Dream Chronicles 2 ships

PlayFirst has launched Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze, the second game in the Dream Chronicles series that incorporates components from hidden object, adventure, and mystery genres. Developed by KatGames, Dream Chronicles 2 continues the story of Faye's adventure between the mortal and fairy world in search of her husband and daughter. With help from Faye's mother-in-law Aeval, players must solve puzzles to unravel the mystery and restore Faye's family. Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze is priced at $20 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.


Wheel of Fortune Deluxe availabe on

02/19, 12:05pm

Wheel of Fortune Deluxe today unveiled Encore's Wheel of Fortune Deluxe as a digital download, previously only offered in boxed format. As with the game show, users spin the wheel, earning the right to pick consonants or buy vowels, to solve over 2000 word puzzles created by the show's staff. Players can choose from three game modes: Road Trip, Group Pay, and Puzzle of the Day. Wheel of Fortune Deluxe is available from for $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 and a G4, or later.

more unveils Akzend puzzle game

01/25, 3:50pm

Akzend for Mac recently announced the release of Akzend, a Far East-themed puzzle game for the Mac. Players are tasked with matching tiles so that they can make their way to the Temple of Time in order to lift a curse from an ancient artifact. Eight magic talismans must be unlocked to unleash powers that allow the player to further their journey. Akzend features a full screen view mode that shows off vibrant scenery artwork, and two game modes which span many levels. Akzend is available from for $20, with a free demo for download.

more Rainbow Mystery, Hidden Relics

01/04, 6:50pm

New Macfun releases

Freeverse today added two new titles to its Macfun game portal: Rainbow Mystery, and Hidden Relics. Rainbow Mystery is a puzzle game where players must help Lily on her quest to break a curse that is turning her world into a tainted landscape. Lily must solve puzzles through 70 levels over three different game modes by swapping and matching different flowered tiles. Rainbow Mysteryís meager system requirements call for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, with any G3, G4, G5 or Intel-based Mac; The game is available from Macfun for $20.


Hidden Relics game for Mac released

12/20, 10:55am

Hidden Relics for Mac and Toybox Games have released Hidden Relics for Mac, a puzzle-based game challenging players to retrieve stolen antiques that are hidden throughout Europe. Hidden Relics for Mac features nine unique mini games, 40 secret hidden items, and high-resolution graphics. The title is priced at $20, requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, and runs natively as a Univesal Binary on Intel-based Macs.


Holiday Mac game update, new release

12/19, 6:00pm

Holiday Mac games today announced the release of Venice Mystery -- a unique puzzle game designed for all ages, and Frogames released an update to Penguins Arena with a Christmas theme. Created by Gamgo Games and published by Big Fish Games, Venice Mystery challenges players to travel through Venice to solve an ancient mystery before the city sinks into the water. Venice Mystery is priced at $20, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.


Macfun: Wedding Dash, Tiki Magic Mini Golf

11/30, 2:35pm

Wedding Dash, Tiki Magic

Freeverse Inc. today unveiled two news games through it's game portal, Wedding Dash and Tiki Magic Mini Golf, and announced that all visitors to the site are entitled to download Big Bang Reaction. Wedding Dash puts players in the shoes of Quinn, a hopeful wedding planner, where they attempt to help Quinn run her business. Following a similar game flow to Diner Dash, Wedding Dash adds in the extra challenge of keeping the bride and groom happy. Players must juggle tasks from helping the couple choose a cake and flowers, to ensuring that tipsy guests and catty bridesmaids don't ruin the reception. Diner Dash's Flo also makes a cameo appearance, standing by to help Quinn in a pinch. Wedding Dash is available now for $20, and also has a playable demo for users to try before they buy.



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