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Google wants united mobile, social gaming by 2013

03/07, 9:15am

Google Plus may unify games on mobile and web

Google+ group product manager Punit Soni gave a presentation at the Game Developers Conference on Tuesday that promised a completely unified game platform from his company. He expected "by next year" to see Android, Chrome Web Store, Chrome Native Client, and Google+ games to all be unified. He didn't explain how this would happen, VentureBeat said, although it's implied that Google+ would emphasize HTML5 games on mobile, not just the desktop, and wouldn't be locked into Android alone.


Hands-on with Facebook for iPad as Project Spartan reveals

10/10, 7:25pm

We demo Facebook's iPad app

Arguably one of the more important tablet apps released in recent memory, Facebook for iPad has launched and promises to fill a hole that many have said has existed since the iPad launched in April last year. It's a fundamental break from the earlier iPhone design, however, with new metaphors and some touches specific to the larger screen. We'll find out in a hands-on whether it's worth using over an alternative like Friendly as well as learn how the long-rumored Project Spartan fits in.


Facebook event said coming after iPhone 4S event no-show

10/04, 4:15pm

Facebook said still on Project Spartan, iPad news

Facebook's absence at the iPhone 4S event was owed to a last-minute but not fatal exit from the schedule. Insiders claimed that its portion, which was tentative to start, was cancelled "late last night." The TechCrunch contact instead expected invitations to a separate Facebook event to be sent "sometime very soon."


Facebook iPad app, Project Spartan may both see Apple event

09/29, 8:00am

Facebook may time iPad and Spartan for event

Facebook's reported plans to launch its iPad app next week might be joined by Project Spartan. New claims early Thursday had the social network planning to roll out both next week. The TechCrunch tip suggested Facebook could be on stage at Apple's October 4 event to show its app and Project Spartan's HTML5 features in iOS 5, but it was reportedly determined to unveil them on Monday if Apple couldn't them in the schedule.


Facebook f8 to skip Project Spartan, focus on music, video

09/19, 8:10pm

Facebook Project Spartan said too broad for f8

A pair of tips may have spoiled what will and won't show at Facebook's f8 conference this Thursday. The social network has supposedly pushed back Project Spartan, its HTML5 mobile app project, after repeated delays. The plan once identified by TechCrunch as iPhone-only is now thought to have expanded to include Android and the desktop.


Facebook recruits HTML5 app store man in hint of iOS plans

09/08, 11:40pm

Facebook hire may point to Project Spartan

Facebook's plan to make an iOS-oriented platform for HTML5 web apps, Project Spartan, may have been given a lift after new word that it has hired to boost its efforts. Teck Chia, the founder of HTML5 mobile app store OpenAppMkt, has reportedly been hired. Purposes of the hire were unknown, although TechCrunch noted that Chia had previously worked on Facebook apps and would be an ideal fit to help manage Facebook apps converted to HTML5.


Facebook rolls out Skype-based video chat, group chat

07/06, 1:55pm

Facebook and Skype confirm tie-in

Facebook at its special event Wednesday brought out Skype-based video chat. The approach lets Facebook members hold one-to-one video calls between each other without having to load a separate app; complete newcomers should be talking in 30 seconds, Facebook says. The platform should also work tightly with an updated desktop app and, eventually, mobile versions.


Facebook's Project Spartan for iOS to hit before August 1

07/06, 12:00am

Facebook Project Spartan gets spied before release

Facebook's Project Spartan web app platform for iOS has been spied in greater detail Tuesday night and given a tentative release date. The HTML5-based system is now known to have a "chrome" navigation page but to actually rely on outside hosting for the apps themselves. Games and other titles have to call on the central chrome not just to give users an easy way to stay in Facebook, TechCrunch says, but to get the social network's wrapper for alerts, automatically login, and carry in other common elements.


Facebook chief hints at 'awesome' iPad app due next week

06/30, 2:35pm

Facebook says awesome new launch next week

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped clues to the company's imminent native iPad app or possibly Project Spartan. The social network is due to "launch something awesome" next week developed entirely by its newer Seattle office. He wouldn't mention the iPad app by name but hinted it was for mobile and tablet plans.


Facebook's Zuckerberg looked up to Apple's Jobs early on

06/25, 7:25pm

Facebook CEO card tied to respect for Steve Jobs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's infamous early business card was actually an homage to Steve Jobs, the card's designer Bryan Veloso addressed on Quora. Although the actual "I'm CEO, Bitch" sentence was a tribute to the Dave Chappelle Show, it reportedly embodied Zuckerberg's attempt to emulate the Apple CEO at the late 2005 period when the card was made. The social network designer thought that the "aggressive" boardroom persona in meetings and elsewhere, and would hand out either a regular card or the legendary variant depending on the image he wanted to present.


Flurry: mobile app use outpacing the web

06/20, 10:45am

Flurry finds apps now preferred to web on phones

Use of mobile apps has grown to where they're now overtaking the web as the preferred format on phones, Flurry said in a new study on Monday. Where the web was still the most used in a given day a year ago at 64 minutes per day versus 43, the situation has now reversed. As of this month, phone owners spend about 81 minutes in apps per day and an increased but still lower 74 minutes on the web, marking the first time the web wasn't the main avenue.


Apple unafraid of, helping Facebook's Project Spartan

06/17, 8:45pm

Apple knows of Facebook HTML5 app plan

Apple is not only aware of Facebook's Project Spartan but may even be helping it out, fresh leaks uncovered on Friday. The iPhone maker is thought to be lending "minor support" to the HTML5 app project because it doesn't see the initiative as a threat to the App Store. This might be due to the quality of the apps themselves as the quality is "laughable" next to a native app, according to TechCrunch.


Facebook's Project Spartan to bring HTML5 apps to iOS

06/15, 10:10pm

Project Spartan ports Facebook apps to iOS

Facebook is hoping to bring its app platform to mobile through a massive effort targeting iOS users, details of which escaped Wednesday night. Project Spartan would bring the social network's apps to mobile Safari through an HTML5 wrapper that would replicate some of Facebook itself, such as Credits. About 80 developers were said by TechCrunch to be involved, including FarmVille's Zynga and the Huffington Post.



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